Were Love Conquers All (MFMM)

Were Trilogy 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 70,301
100 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves]

Princess Charity Mossano of Milan is the Chosen One. She is forced to remain in hiding as a magical rogue wolf named Devlon continues to hunt her. He wants to mate her to gain her powers, destroy the circle of elders, and rule the world. She establishes Caliber, a security firm, to protect the last Royal were family, the Venificus triplets. Maximus, Luther, and Dante are individually powerful and dominant males. They get what they want and are superior in battle, in wealth, and in charm.

Fate leads Charity to the Royal Venificus estate. She realizes that the three handsome, powerful royal Alphas are her mates. While there, someone Devlon is working with attempts to kill Dante. She reveals herself and the battle of all times begins. With the help of her spirit sisters, Lexi and Antoinette, along with their Alpha mates, Charity must fight the evil villains and save the world.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Were Love Conquers All (MFMM)
100 Ratings (4.4)

Were Love Conquers All (MFMM)

Were Trilogy 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 70,301
100 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Love how this book tied things up. Great series
Couldn't put the book down & loved the ending
Professional Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "The final conflict in the ultimate paranormal battle royal is about to begin. It will bring together weres, Fae knights, vampires, a goddess, the last remaining royal were family, the Venificus triplets and at long last The Chosen One. Were Love Conquers All is the third in the Were Trilogy series. The stories began with Lexi discovering her own inner strength with the help of her mates Paul, Sabre and Andre in Were Love Found Her. Book two, Were She Belongs, joined Antoinette together with Luke, Brad, Jacob and Troy. Without giving away too much in case you haven't read the first two books, Lexi and Antoinette discover they have a connection that will only be complete when The Chosen One is revealed. Ms. Dwyer knows how to build suspense and anticipation! She teases just enough in the first two books to have readers impatiently waiting for the final installment. It did not disappoint. Princess Charity Massano has been in hiding since the fateful night her parents were viciously murdered. She has always known that she would one day have to face the evil that has tried to capture her and steal her powers. As with Lexi and Antoinette, Charity wasn't meant to do battle alone. With the help of her fated mates, the very powerful Venificus triplets Maximus, Luther and Dante, Charity learns that there is strength in numbers, help is only a thought away and when the battle seems lost love is more powerful than evil! Each book in the Were Trilogy is focused on the relationship of the heroine and her fated mates. They could be read as stand-alone stories because the plots are so detailed and engaging but I don't suggest it. The underlying evil makes a steady progression from book one right up to the end of book three. After having read all three in the series, the direction Ms. Dwyer chose to take the stories makes all the more sense. Lexi's story had to be first and then the introduction of Antoinette and finally the revealing of Charity to the were world. One of the hallmarks of Ms. Dwyer's writing is the strong female lead. They may be broken a bit but they refuse to be doormats. It's easy to understand why the men are completely devoted to their care and happiness. Charity's character was slightly different than Lexi or Antoinette. After meeting the Venificus men I understand why she had to be different. These men are the Alpha's Alpha and their mate had to be just as strong in spirit as they were. Charity has talents and skills that match her men but do not overshadow them. That ability to lead and be led is central to their relationship. One of my favorite scenes in the book is when Dante is pursuing Charity while giving her a tour of their house. The word that comes to mind is SENSUAL! I was every bit as breathless as Charity by the end of that scene!! I don't know if Ms. Dwyer plans to continue the series but there are some wonderful secondary characters that I would like to follow as well as some blessed events that give hope to the future of the were society. If you haven't read the prior two books in the trilogy then this is the perfect time to start at the beginning and read all three straight through. The stories are fast paced and the characters are wonderfully developed. If you like lots of exciting action as well as steamy romance check out Ms. Dwyer's Were Trilogy today." -- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Reviews

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In a flash, they laid her body on the table and spread her legs. Luther lifted her hips from the table, placed her thighs over his shoulders, and then plunged his tongue between her soft feminine folds. He licked her pussy lips and nibbled and pulled the sensitive flesh with his teeth while Dante focused on her breasts. She panted and twisted beneath their ministrations until Luther growled and rose higher. She heard his zipper and felt his movement before sensing his cock by her opening.

“We will fill your body with our scent, mark you ours, and there will be no need for a formal announcement. You belong to Venificus.” He growled his words then shoved forward, sending her body into immediate combustion. His long, thick shaft penetrated her vaginal walls, sending tiny vibrations of lust through to her soul. Her vaginal muscles gripped his hard cock with such need and desire she lost her breath. She felt every sensation, every bit of need Luther desired with each of his thrusts. He needed to possess her when and where he wanted to. He was her Alpha, her lover and mate for life.

In and out he rocked his hips, thrusting his cock deeper into Charity’s core. His brothers cheered him on and helped to intensify the love making. A lick to her right breast, a tug on her left nipple. She was too caught up in the depth of Luther’s thrust to distinguish what mate did what action.

She felt Luther’s claws at her hips and his cock elongate inside of her just as Dante pinched her nipples. The sharp, hard claws somehow didn’t break the skin and instead soaked her pussy and caused Luther to somehow penetrate deeper. She moaned her release as Luther pumped two more times before exploding his seed into her womb as his balls slapped against her ass. He fell against her, biting into her shoulder next to his brother’s mark.

Before she could completely recover, Luther pulled from her body then moved to the side as Dante took his place. She panted before him, eyes heavy but her body ready for round two. She had an overwhelming desire to be everything these three men wanted and needed in a mate.

Dante stared at her breasts and then her face while he caressed her needy breasts. Her bosom somehow tingled with need to be touched, licked, nipped at, or just devoured by him. It felt as if she could lose her mind if they didn’t touch her there. When Dante caressed his thumbs across each sensitive nipple then rolled it between his fingers, she moaned a small release. He bent down and licked between his fingers, taking her right nipple between his teeth and teased her. After a few licks, nibbles, and fondling, he moved to her other breast and did the same. Charity moaned and arched her hips off the table. Dante removed a hand from her breast and pressed her back down. His large hand encompassed almost her entire stomach as he began to press his large body forward. She wiggled with need.

“Dante, please. I need you,” she panted, and he smiled while his long, thick erection pressed against her wet folds. She felt her body tingle with desire. Her vaginal muscles gripped him tight as he pressed against her sensitive spot. She closed her eyes and moaned while she tilted her pelvis upward. He leaned forward, pulling her thighs over his shoulder, while he licked her breasts and then her belly. It was amazing, and she was compelled to touch him anywhere she could reach.

He pulled from her body, and she whimpered from the loss of him being inside of her. When she looked at him, she saw the intensity of his facial expression.

Then her focus shifted to the feel of his tongue trailing a pathway to her pussy. He licked between her wet folds then nibbled the delicate flesh. He was filling her with more desire and need.

“Please, Dante. Please.” She begged for more.

He growled at her. “I needed to taste my princess’s cream. It’s too delicious to ignore.”

He squeezed her inner thighs, and she thrust her pelvis toward his hands in desperation for more.

Dante smiled then lined his cock up to her swollen pussy and slowly pressed into her. It was torture as she moaned and pushed her pelvis toward his, trying to get quicker penetration.

“On my command, I am in control. You belong to Venificus.” He ground his teeth then shoved forward, forcing her breathless and open to his desires.

In and out he thrust his cock through her tight vaginal muscles, trying to find release and to fully claim his mate.

She lifted her arms up, leaning on her forearms, shoving her pelvis toward him, trying to meet him thrust for thrust. Each time his cock massaged against her inner muscles, the deep ache she felt seemed to settle down. She wanted more and needed more from him.

Dante reached to her neck and hair then leaned forward, covering her mouth in a voracious kiss while he thrust against her. She felt his balls slap against the crack of her ass, and the table creaked as she panted in this sensitive position.

She could hardly stand it any longer. Her body was about to explode with lust for her men, her mates, her protectors. 

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