The Last Werewolf (MMF)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 60,550
3 Ratings (4.0)

Summer Harrison has lost her father and believes she is the last werewolf in the world. Going through his papers, however, she discovers an old letter from Finland suggesting there’s more to the story.

Taking the initiative, Summer travels to Finland. She meets Rikhard Linna, and the two are drawn together like magnets. Even though Rik confesses to still having feelings for his ex-boyfriend, Leevi Valo, their passion burns hot. But could one man alone satisfy a ravenous wolf like Summer?

During her journey through rural Finland, Summer discovers that uncovering the truth about her wolf heritage is fraught with peril. Abducted by a group of violent separatists and imprisoned in an old fort in the wilderness, Summer learns that it might have been safer for her to stay in England as the last werewolf.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, m/m sex

The Last Werewolf (MMF)
3 Ratings (4.0)

The Last Werewolf (MMF)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 60,550
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
a wonderful story but I felt like there should have been more to tell, so looking forward to having my questioned answered hopefully in the next book.
Barefoot Okie

Holding her breath in anticipation of Rik’s creativity, Summer bit her lower lip. She couldn’t wait to find out what he had in mind for the three of them.

With a mischievous chuckle, Rik quickly began moving both Summer and Leevi on the bed to fit his plan, whatever it was. Soon it unfolded before their eyes.

Summer was positioned to straddle Rik, who was sitting on the bed, his legs straight in front of him, while Leevi stood on his knees behind her, so that she remained sandwiched between the two men. Her breath quickened, and she found herself out of words, quips, and smartass retorts when one cock nudged against her pussy and another slid between her ass cheeks. She could not express with words how badly she wanted to do this with Rik and Leevi, to become the object of desire and sexual plaything for these two gorgeous men. Her pussy pulsed, turning hotter and wetter by the second.

“Leevi, I’ll take her pussy. You take her ass.”

Gasping, she felt like her eyes widened to such a size they might pop out. Imagining something was not quite the same as knowing it was definitely going to happen.

Rik studied her face carefully, both excitement and hesitation coloring his expression. “Say no, Summer, if you don’t want to do this. There are plenty of other positions—”

“No really,” she interjected, her pitch a tad higher than normal, feeling both determination and trepidation. “I want to.” She had never been ass-fucked by any man. But then again she had never had sex with two men at a time, not before Rik and Leevi. And now her wild imagination was giving her no rest, but instead had her mind twirling with wonder about how many holes there were in the female body to utilize at once. Her mind was moving in leaps and bounces, and everything was moving so fast, spinning.

Her pussy throbbed as Rik fell backward on the bedspread, taking her along for the ride. At first she wondered what Rik was up to, but soon she realized she should have taken more notice of Leevi because when he spread her buttocks with his hands and began to lick all over, she just knew she was going to cream herself before they got any further. She jolted at the intimate touch as Leevi lapped her from pussy to anus, up and down in long wet furrows, until his tongue just circled her opening, undoubtedly twitching like crazy.

“You love what Leevi’s doing to you, don’t you?” Rik teased her, swaying her back and forth on top of him, their sweaty skin gliding against each other smoothly. Every move made Rik’s cock slide against her pussy, and every swing back brought her backside against Leevi’s hot probing tongue. It was pleasurable torment to be aroused so, unable to do a thing to stop it, as Rik held her body tight, his hands roaming up and down her back, but never yielding enough to allow her to move off. “Yes, you adore what he’s doing to you. How he’s opening you up and pushing that tongue of his deep inside. Jesus, how you’re going to moan.”

And then Leevi’s tongue did enter her. Summer shuddered, her body a mass of nerves all fired up. So hot, so soft. She could not fathom why no other man had ever done this to her if it felt so amazing. Her fingers dug into Rik’s chest and muscles, and she wanted to just rest her head on her lover and let the other one ravish her nether regions till she would come on the spot. But Rik craned his neck up and began kissing her and any residual doubts flew right out of her head.

Against her lips, Rik mumbled, “Oh, baby, you look so good at the mercy of two men. I think we’re going to have to do this to you every day. To just hold you down and have our way with you. With your beautiful pussy, with your delectable ass, your whole body. God, how you’re shaking. I love it when you tremble like this, like you can’t get enough.”

Summer did quake then. In the short time she had known Rik she knew he could be playful and teasing and even vocal during sex, but this was more than ever before. As one man pleasured her with words and the other with deeds, they complemented each other to perfection.

And constantly Leevi’s tongue did wicked, wicked things to her backside, stretching her wide open with a firmness of fingers, softness of tongue, suction of lips, and determination of experience. Oh, so good.

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