The Mob Boss and His Companions (LoveXtreme)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,778
2 Ratings (4.0)

[LoveXtreme ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Menage Romance, MMMMMM, HEA]

Joseph 'The Phantom' Farron is frustrated in several ways. As a powerful mobster, he's always swamped with responsibilities. He can't rest properly or even enjoy a round or two of mind-blowing sex. He expects companionship and plenty of hot sex when he hires five men from "The Club" before sending them away. At least that's the original plan.

Sterling Clayton, Preston Anderson, Coleman Watts, Nolan Hopkins, and Trent Romero are some of the most sought-after companions at "The Club." No client has ever hired so many companions at the same time, and not for twenty-four hours. They're professionals, though. They know what's expected of them. Things turn out differently, especially with the appearance of those damn pesky feelings.

When they try dating one another, Joseph finds himself falling fast and hard. He isn't perfect, but he's protective of his lovers. When someone hurts two of his companions, he's determined to avenge them.

Is happily ever after too elusive after all?

The Mob Boss and His Companions (LoveXtreme)
2 Ratings (4.0)

The Mob Boss and His Companions (LoveXtreme)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,778
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“This is quite late at night, huh?”

Joseph wanted to face-palm himself, but he refrained from doing so. He had no idea why he had uttered such a lame-ass statement. He was probably exhausted after a long day of meetings with the men and women under his command, but that wasn’t a viable excuse. He had experienced worse days in the past, but he had never been so tongue-tied and tense before. The truth wasn’t any better, though. His cock was hard and throbbing inside his pants the second he laid eyes on the five companions earlier. It was a testament to how horny he was. He hadn’t had sex with anyone in months, so just the sight of five hunky men was more than adequate to make his dick rise to the occasion, and it was harder than a chunk of diamond. Or at least that was how it felt to him as it strained and pulsed inside his pants.

The dark blond, green-eyed man appeared to his right and nodded at him. “We’re used to the hours, sir.”

“Just call me Joseph. Or Joe. What’s your name? I’m sorry. I can’t remember. I had to browse through so many profiles on the website for the club. By the time I made up my mind and contacted Erica, the faces and names inside my head started to get blurry.”

“It’s fine, Joe. I’m Sterling Clayton, by the way.”

“Awesome. Nice to meet you.”

Sterling grinned. “The pleasure is all mine.”

Joseph chuckled. “Oh, I remember you now. I love your smile and those dimples. The website has photographs of you and some of the other employees during the Christmas parties and the New Year’s Eve celebration. I didn’t get the chance to see the other photos. There are too many of them.”

Joseph was equally stunned when a blue-eyed redhead stepped close to him on his left side. This man was as good-looking as Sterling. In fact, all five men were sinfully attractive. He was aware he was acting shallow, but he couldn’t care less. If he had to pay for their services, he was determined to get the best-looking ones.

“Hey, Joe. I’m Preston Anderson. You have an incredible house.”

“Thank you.”

“What’s with all the bodyguards all around the house, though? There are also plenty of them outside.”

Joseph shrugged. “It comes with the territory. Doesn’t Erica inform you who I am?”

Preston shook his head. “We trust Erica. She will never send us out on any assignments if the clients are dangerous or have criminal records.”

Joseph laughed. “I’m afraid my records aren’t exactly blemish-free. Erica is Camilla’s best friend. Camilla is my older sister. Anyway, I guess that’s how Camilla knows about the club. That must be the reason why Erica keeps hinting at me over the phone to hire all five of you. She’s aware of who I am and what my family stands for, but she knows I will never put any of you in harm’s way.”

Sterling chuckled. “You make it sound as if you’re a part of the mafia or something.”

Joseph didn’t respond, but the silence must have clued Sterling in. He noticed Sterling’s horrified expression, but a man with brown hair and amber eyes jumped into the conversation at that very moment.

“You’re a mobster?”

Joseph raised his left eyebrow. “I prefer to call myself a man of the world who has little to no reservation about the things I do in order to succeed. What’s your name?”

“Coleman Watts.”

Joseph was about to greet Coleman properly when a blue-eyed blonde approached him from behind. He was rather taken aback by the abrupt proximity, but he took it in stride and turned to smile at the fourth man, who beamed at him in return before introducing himself.

“Nolan Hopkins at your service.”

Joseph nodded at both Coleman and Nolan before stopping in his track for a moment and facing the final man, the one whose hair and eyes are as black as his own. “I’m guessing you must be Trent Romero. Am I right?”

“You got it. I’ve heard of you, as well. Now I know why your face seems rather familiar to me. The last time I glimpsed at a few photographs of you, you must have been in your early twenties.”


Trent bobbed his head up and down slowly. “You’re Joseph ‘The Phantom’ Farron. You’re the current head of the most powerful mobster family in the world.”




The moment they entered the cabin that was reserved for him, Joseph yelped in shock when Sterling pinned him against one of the walls while Coleman tugged his trunks all the way down to his ankles. Then he shouted out in surprise for the second time when Preston easily lifted him up and threw him all the way onto the bed. Being manhandled shouldn’t have been so arousing, but it made his dick throb even harder. He lay down on his back and observed as his five lovers stripped themselves naked. He had seen them naked before, but the feeling was different this time around. They were about to have sex, and that thought made his cock strain even harder up against his stomach. However, that was nothing compared to the sight of Nolan climbing onto the bed and crawling toward him. He gulped and stared at Nolan’s bulging muscles.

“What…what are you doing?”

Nolan smirked and straddled Joseph’s chest. “Be a good boy. Open your mouth.”

Joseph obliged, and he groaned deep in his throat when Nolan thrust his leaking cock deep into his mouth. He reacted immediately by relaxing his throat and swallowing Nolan’s generous length all the way down his throat. He gripped tightly onto Nolan’s butt cheeks and pushed the man even closer to him. He could feel his own cock pulsing repeatedly when he managed to press his nose right against Nolan’s bushy mound of blond pubes and inhaled the musky aroma. He was certain nothing could be better than having one of his lovers’ cocks pumping in and out from his mouth, but he was grossly mistaken. He almost bucked his hips off the bed when he felt a warm, moist mouth engulfing all seven inches of his dick in one smooth stroke. That was quickly followed by someone else’s tongue licking and lapping at his balls. He moaned and sucked on Nolan’s dick with even more gusto when Trent appeared next to him and caressed his hair.

“I don’t know who I’m more envious of,” Trent said while rubbing his cock on Joseph’s right cheek all the way across the bridge of his nose. “Sterling seems to enjoy the taste of your cock. He’s sucking on it like a starving man. Then there’s Cole, suckling on your balls.”

Joseph was about to inquire about Preston when someone’s hands were grabbing roughly onto his thighs and picking them up mere seconds before he felt cool air against his exposed hole. Then he whimpered with Nolan’s cock sawing in and out of his mouth when his hole was licked by the most skillful tongue ever.

Nolan snickered above him. “Are you feeling that, stud?”

Joseph nodded, but he couldn’t form any words, not when he had Nolan’s dick in his mouth. Trent’s cockhead was jabbing against his upper lip, too. He was on a sensation overload at the moment. Trent grabbed his hair and laughed, which aroused him even further.

“Preston gives the best rimjob ever. You’ll be begging to get fucked soon enough.”

Joseph was going to refute Trent’s assertion, but he had his doubts. He had never been so turned on in the past. Trent might be right. Joseph had a strong feeling he wouldn’t mind giving up control that night. He would most likely end up being fucked by Preston within the next minute or so. He was that desperate to be filled by his lover’s cock. However, he was determined to enjoy the various sensations he was experiencing at the moment. He would hold out until he couldn’t take it anymore, which wouldn’t be for much longer. Hence, it took him by surprise when all of his lovers abruptly stepped away from him.

“Wha…what’s going on?”

Nolan approached him again and leaned down to kiss him on the lips before pulling back. “Will you get me ready to take your cock?”

Joseph could feel his heart beating so hard, it was almost as if it was going to burst through his chest. He bobbed his head up and down eagerly, groaning in satisfaction when he finally got to taste Nolan’s ass with his tongue. He ate Nolan out with all the enthusiasm he could muster. It was difficult for him to concentrate, though. Preston, Sterling, Coleman, and Trent seemed to make it a game of torturing him. They took turns sucking on his dick, or licking on his balls over and over again. Sometimes, they would swallow his cock all the way to the base. At other times, they would suckle lightly on his cock head. It was driving him insane with even more lust and desperation.

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