The Medic Tames His Macho Plumbers (MMM)

Rescue for Hire West 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,446
39 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Publishing: The Bellann Summer ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Menage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/M/M, HEA]
Welcome to Rescue for Hire West. Meet a team of specialists, ready to take on America’s rugged west and rescue victims in trouble.
When the grandfather of one of the team passes away, the guys attend the funeral to pay their respects. Team medic, Parker Curry, meets brothers Seth and Cayman Kent. The big guys claim Parker is theirs. Smaller does not mean weaker and Parker lets them know his opinions on the matter of equality.
Plumbers Seth and Cayman try their best to understand Parker’s needs. Their efforts backfire. Trying to change results in resentment and injuries. Communication becomes the key for these three.
Of course, nothing in life is simple. We have thieves, monsters from the past, rescues, equine calamities, and hours of sweet, sweet love. In the end, we will see how the medic tames his macho plumbers.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Bellann Summer is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Medic Tames His Macho Plumbers (MMM)
39 Ratings (4.6)

The Medic Tames His Macho Plumbers (MMM)

Rescue for Hire West 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,446
39 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffet
I enjoyed this book and loved the characters and the storyline the author is brilliant and can make you laugh, cry and leave you wanting more another great book added to the series




The little guy turned toward Seth. The only visible features on his face were the startling whites of his big blue eyes. Black soot covered the rest of the man’s skin and clothes. Fatigue showed in his slumped shoulders and limp arms.

“I don’t have a problem with you being a plumber,” Parker denied, body swaying. “I just didn’t know you were one.”

“Well, now you know.” Seth uncrossed his arms and moved to Parker. He had a simple plan. Keep the smaller man off balance. That way he wouldn’t know he was being taken over by him and Cayman. “Let’s get you showered and in bed. You’re so tired you are about to fall on your tight ass.”

The little imp peeked sideways at Seth. “So, you noticed my ass?”

“I’ve noticed everything about you.” Seth wrapped his arm around Parker’s waist. Cayman moved to Parker’s other side and put his arm around the little guy’s shoulders.

Parker sighed. “I’m really not up to anything right now. I need a shower and then I think I’ll head to bed.” Parker looked up at Seth with a trembling smile. “Rhys gave me your cell number. If it’s okay, maybe I could call you tomorrow?”

“Baby, you can call me anytime you want to,” Seth said. He suppressed a chuckle at Parker’s exhausted confusion. “Your brain is fried. Relax, and let Cayman and I take care of you.”

With his brother’s help, they whisked Parker into the hacienda and down the hall to his bedroom. They were already staying in the two rooms adjacent to Parker’s, but planned to do their best at getting the invite to sleep with the little medic.

In the bathroom suite, Seth closed the toilet seat and lowered Parker onto it. Cayman knelt at the small man’s feet and started untying his boots.

“That must have been some rescue,” Cayman commented. “You are filthy from your head to your boots.”

“Fires are always dirty.” Parker wrinkled his nose. “They stink. Destructive fires don’t smell anything like campfires folks roast marshmallows on.”

“The rescue is over now,” Cayman stated. “Once we get you washed up, you’ll feel a lot better.”

With gentle fingers, Seth stripped Parker’s soot and sweat caked shirt over his head. Parker’s skin may be stained black with the remnants of the fire, but Seth would never tire of the lean physique he longed to explore.

“I hate it when I can’t smell anything but smoke,” Parker complained, letting his arms flop down to his sides.

Seth pulled Parker to his feet. “After a shower, your nose should be back in working order.”

Parker’s forehead landed on the middle of Seth’s chest. He encased the smaller man with his arms. His dreams of a partner, and Parker encircled in his embrace, collided. Seth’s hopes for the future blossomed into certainty.

“I want to know if you still smell like wintergreen,” the smaller man grumbled.

Surprised, Seth admitted, “I chew wintergreen mints most of the day.” He figured he could have a worse habit.

Parker tipped his head and looked up at Seth with one startling bright blue eye amid his blackened face.

“I like it,” Parker said.

Seth’s intentions of keeping Parker forever, strengthened. Parker liked his scent. Those three little words might not mean much to someone else, but for Seth, they melted through the tough exterior he presented to the world. If Seth wasn’t careful, he’d turn into a sap and sit at the man’s feet waiting for scraps of attention.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” Seth muttered, getting back to business.

Cayman moved behind Parker and opened his pants. The material landed around Parker’s feet. Seth lifted the smaller man, and Cayman pulled off the pants, boots and all.

Seth gathered the exhausted man tighter into his arms. Even stinking to high heaven and grimy as hell, a naked Parker had Seth’s cock taking serious notice.  Seth held him close and ignored the streaks of soot smearing his shirt. It could be washed or thrown away for all he cared. Parker, here with him, was all that mattered.  

Parker’s body relaxed, seeming to melt into Seth’s arms. Seth wished the smaller man wasn’t covered in stench so he could kiss him. He wondered if he could get away with demanding Parker’s touch anytime the man was near. Body against body might be close enough.

Cayman went over to the large walk-in shower and turned on the multiple shower heads. In his wake, his brother had left a trail of clothes.

A naked Cayman walked over and held out his hands, “Give him up.”

Anger swelled and Seth glared at Cayman. “Fuck off.”

“Hey, the sooner you lose your clothes, the sooner we can get him cleaned up,” Cayman pointed out.

Shit. Seth hated being stupid wrong. “Sorry,” he said and handed over Parker.

Seth yanked off his shirt and went to work on his pants and shoes. All the while he watched the tender smile on his brother’s face as he studied the small man he held.

His small burst of possessiveness surprised Seth. They had shared men and women before. Never had Seth turned on Cayman for giving their third attention. Seth’s gut tightened, thinking how wrong things could get if he couldn’t come to terms with whatever was aggravating the hell out of him.

Cayman looked up and locked gazes with Seth. Deep love and respect passed between them and the world righted itself.

“It’s because you’ve never cared this much before,” Cayman explained.

“You think so?” Confusion had Seth seeking his brother’s wisdom.

“With others, you only wanted to scratch an itch.” Cayman looked down at Parker who had fallen asleep. “This time it means something.”

Seth frowned. The need to hold Parker made his arms ache.

Cayman chuckled and handed Parker over. “You’ll figure it out.”




“I’m worried,” Parker admitted.

“Don’t be worried,” Cayman said. “Whatever problems come up, we’ll work them out together.”

“I can’t handle you two double teaming me outside the bedroom,” Parker stated.

Seth hugged Parker close, resting his chin on the top of Parker’s head. “You have an equal say in everything we do. If we forget, you can retaliate however you want to get our attention.”

“I might take you up on that offer.” Parker snuggled closer to Seth and reached out to Cayman.

Taking his hand, Cayman kissed Parker’s palm. Their gazes met and the connection between them locked into place. Peace and happiness settled in his soul.

“I’m sorry,” Seth’s quiet words grabbed their attention.

“You’re forgiven.” Parker brushed his lips against Seth’s chin. “I have to admit that I thought things weren’t going to work out between us.”

“Never doubt us again, baby,” Seth said.

“We’re committed to making us work,” Cayman added.

“Okay.” Parker’s smile lit up the room.

“Do you want to explain how Cayman and I can double-team you in the bedroom?” Seth asked.

Just like that the air around them began to sizzle. Parker’s nipples peaked and Cayman’s dick plumped.

Seth cupped Parker’s face and captured the smaller man’s mouth. Tongue showed between the corners of their lips.

Cayman couldn’t resist and opened Parker’s pants. The man wore no underwear. Cayman winced, his cock’s sensitive skin pressing against a sharp seam next to his zipper.

Seth’s hand slid over Parker’s belly, appearing over large against the slim man’s body. The tips of his brother’s fingers found the line of Parker’s treasure trail and traced the path down to their soon-to-be-lover’s neatly-trimmed bush.

Cayman leaned down and pulled off Parker’s pants. Parker’s naked glory greeted him, showing him lean muscles under warm golden skin. He ran his hand over Parker’s smooth chest, ripped tight belly, and down his lightly hair-covered, slender legs. Parker’s body trembled.

Seth ended the kiss, and glanced around the room, before looking down at Parker.

“Someone could come in here, baby,” he warned. “If you want, we can move this to one of our rooms.”

“No.” Parker thrust his hips, sending his hard prick bobbing against his belly. “We’re hidden. I need you inside of me.”

Seth looked at Cayman. He could see want and need simmering in Seth’s green depths.

“Go ahead,” Cayman instructed. “I want to tap that sweet mouth of his.”

“Halleluiah.” Parker scrambled off of Seth’s lap.

On his hands and knees, Parker turned until he faced Cayman.


Cayman’s heart lurched at that pretty smile directed at him.

“Hi yourself.” He grinned back.

“If you lift up on your knees a little higher and open your pants,” Parker said. “I can promise to make you a very happy man.”

Nobody could call Cayman a fool. Seconds later his pants were lowered to mid-thigh and he held his throbbing dick against Parker’s waiting lips. Those lips spread. The tip of a wet tongue pressed into the eye of Cayman’s cock, before exploring the cap of the rounded head.

Cayman let his lids close halfway, basking in the tight wetness of Parker’s mouth closing over his dick. A hand cupped his ball sack. Cayman’s eyes opened all the way when a finger rubbed his perineum. He swore he saw stars.

Blinking to bring the world back into focus, Cayman watched Seth kneel between Parker’s feet and spread his ass cheeks.

“Shit, no supplies,” Seth muttered.

Parker’s mouth abandoned Cayman’s dick and the man looked over his shoulder.

“Improvise,” Parker bitched.

That talented mouth clamped back onto his cock. Cayman thought the top of his head was going to explode. Parker’s body began to sway back and forth. A firm tongue stroked down Cayman’s shaft and spine-tingling suction pulled his cockhead down Parker’s tight throat.

Adding to his excitement, Cayman watched Seth lean down and let his spit pool around the two fingers he had buried inside Parker’s ass.

“He’s squeezing my fingers so tight,” Seth said. “I can’t wait to split him open with my cock.”

Parker grabbed the base of Cayman’s cock and pulled his mouth off.

“Then fucking put it in,” Parker urged.

Cayman took Parker’s face between his hands and made the man look him in the face. Blood red, wet, swollen lips almost distracted Cayman from what he had to say.

“Honey, suck my cock,” he said. “I want to come down your throat.”

“It’s been a while,” Parker whispered. “I need him inside. I’m about to blow.”

“Condom,” Seth called out. “I’m not carrying any.”

Cayman reached down to his pants pocket and pulled out his wallet. Inside he found the lubricated condom he always carried. He flicked the small foil packet at Seth, who caught it and ripped it open.

Parker’s demanding mouth gained back his attention. Cayman’s hips moved forward. Parker swallowed around his cock and then swallowed it down.

“Shit,” Cayman breathed out. Fiery zings of need burned in his lower belly.

Parker groaned, the vibration making Cayman’s hair stand on end.

“I’m in.” Seth’s voice shook. “Here we go.”

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