Ever Decreasing Circles (MMM)

Spirit of Sage 15

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,734
7 Ratings (4.4)

[Menage Amour ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Menage a Trois Paranormal Romantic Adventure Romance, MMM, shape-shifter, HEA]

After months of keeping his mates at arm's length, Trash is ready to reel them in.  The two lion shifters, Brody and Tobias, former bikers, and now sheriff’s deputies, are double trouble. But if they promise to behave themselves, he's more than happy to accommodate that sexy glint in their eyes.  The pair are ecstatic that their little wolverine shifter has forgiven them for coming on too strong, and they don't want to ruin things. Trash is a treasure worth keeping.  Their nemesis, Flashpoint, led by a former presidential aide, cause carnage—again.  Sage finds itself under a multi-pronged attack, with the college, town, and ranch assaulted by an angry mob of shifter haters. Trash and his mates are caught right in the middle when a bomb is detonated right after Trash's cookery course at the college, trapping them. Sage is weary the unwarranted anger against them. When will it end?  Will love prevail?

Ever Decreasing Circles (MMM)
7 Ratings (4.4)

Ever Decreasing Circles (MMM)

Spirit of Sage 15

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,734
7 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Trash knew fine well he was being stalked. It didn’t concern him too much, since his stalkers were only dangerous to his libido. And he had no intention of letting that slip to them until he was good and ready. He glanced into the window of the electronics shop, spying the two big, horny feline shifters tailing him, and smirked as he primped his mane of fiery red hair, recently dyed to match his mood, pretending not to notice them. He’d dressed carefully, in a way designed to drive the kitties wild. Judging from their lustful expressions, he’d say it was working. Flared jeans, cinched at the waist, hugging his ass to perfection. Matched up with a sexy little top that bared his midriff. And cute little pumps in a shade the same as his hair color.

“Hi, Trash,” Alfie said cheerfully, stepping out of the salon. “We’re having bagels and gossip, if you’re interested. And you’re booked in with me, aren’t you, for a mani and pedi appointment?”

Trash grinned at his friend, a leopard shifter who worked as a stylist and nail technician at Kaden’s hair and beauty salon. “Hmmm, I’ve been looking forward to it,” he said, laughing as he meandered over, deliberately twitching his hips as he walked. He heard twin groans and met Alfie’s gaze, winking. “And those two will be in here soon, to make sure I don’t come to harm while I’m up to my ankles in the foot spa. They’ve been following me everywhere,” he added in a whisper, heading inside the shop.

Fly waved at him, a cheetah shifter who was a masseuse, and Kaden an ex-biker and hair stylist. They smiled at him, each working on clients, and he sat at the nail bar to select his colors.

“They’re drooling,” Fly hissed, grinning wickedly. “When are you going to cut them some slack?”

Trash giggled at his friend, choosing a pale pink gloss for his nails as Alfie prepared the foot spa. “I haven’t decided,” he admitted, catching his stalkers’ reflection in one of the mirrors. “They do look a little pitiful, don’t they?”

“Let them squirm a little longer,” Kaden suggested, smearing dye onto his client’s long locks. Mags was a regular customer, now, having moved to the town some weeks ago, after fleeing from a murder scene and a murderous ex-boss. “Those two deserve a little payback after years of bachelorhood. Chasing tail is what they’re good at. And both know this will be their last one. You’re it for them.”

Trash was delighted at Kaden’s assessment. “Really? They’re not just after me for sex?”

Kaden shot him a dry look. “If that was all they wanted, they’d be long gone, Trash. I’ve known them for years, remember? And they never spend this much time over anyone. Trust me, squirt, you’re the one, not just another piece of ass.”

Trash clutched the words to his heart and glanced in the mirror again. Perhaps it was time to reel them in. God knew he wanted to. They really were divine, in a dominant alpha kind of way. But fun, too. And they hadn’t pushed him when he’d protested that they were coming on too strong, frightened at his reaction to them. He smiled. They hadn’t needed to. He was just as smitten.

“Don’t wait too long,” Alfie said wryly. “Maybe you could give them a hint that their torment is almost over?”

Fly laughed at that, his strong fingers massaging his mate and the love of his life, Noah, who’d popped in for a session. “Like what? A neon sign saying ‘I’m ready for love’?” he drawled.

Noah chuckled drowsily at the sally. “I don’t think that’ll be needed,” he replied. “Those two kitties will probably trip over their tongues at one come-hither look from you, Trash.”

Trash met his suitors’ gaze in the mirror, saw the yearning there, and made a quick decision. He wasn’t ashamed of who he was and didn’t want Tobias and Brody to think he was ashamed of them. It had been fun making them wait, though.

He crooked his finger, beckoning them inside. And saw the yearning coalesce into something earthier, sexier, and totally turning him on. Oh, my. Those lions were hungry.

“You’re in for it, now,” Kaden murmured softly, smirking as his friends entered the salon. “What’s up, guys? Hair, beauty, or nails? We have a special on colonic irrigation if you’re interested? Might get rid of some of that nasty bullshit you carry around.”

The shifters grinned back, flipped him off, then sauntered to the couch in the waiting area.

“Not for me, thanks, boss,” one said. Trash saw the ravenous look on Tobias’s face as their gazes locked, his amber eyes sparkling with good humor. They were similar enough in size and features to be brothers, but weren’t. Just big, gorgeous, and all his, if Kaden was to be believed. Hoo-yah!

“We’ll just wait for our mate, thanks, boss,” the other added. That was Brody. Both were African lion shifters. His hair was a dark, golden brown, and he had milk chocolate eyes. Tobias wore his hair long, dark brown, almost black. Both built like tanks and both totally lickable. Trash couldn’t wait to find himself surrounded by them, in bed, as they fucked him into the mattress. He just hoped they’d be patient with him until he knew what he was doing. Being out and proud had been a deadly duo in his extended family while growing up. His parents hadn’t been too fussed about it, but his uncles and cousins had been horrified when they’d found out.




Trash jerked awake, frightened that he didn’t know where he was.

“Hey, baby,” a soft voice said, all growly and sexy. “We’re here, love.”

Heat infused him, scorching him on both sides, and he discovered himself sandwiched between two dicks, thick and hard and prodding him insistently. Their smooth lengths brushed his thigh, one wedged between his legs, the other trapped against his belly. Oh god. How did this happen? The last thing he remembered was falling asleep on the way back to Sage.

“Did they get all those baddies?” he asked huskily, inhaling his mates’ seductive, earthy scent.

“Yep,” Tobias said. “Feds picked them up. All but a couple, anyway.”

“You said you wanted to find out where their base was?” Trash moaned a little as a long, warm tongue swiped along his neck, then someone nibbled his shoulder. Strong hands caressed him all over, turning him into a pliant mound of dough willingly turning himself over to his lovers’ skillful touch.

“We have,” Brody confirmed, lifting Trash’s face to his, then dipping in for a scorching kiss. Opening for his lover, Trash lifted his leg, hooking it over Brody’s thick thigh, whimpering joyfully. This was heaven. Trash struggled to remember his own name, focusing on Brody’s rough voice. “They were traced back to the town next door. The one which has voiced its disapproval of Sage’s increasing economic growth. Apparently, its residents are irritated because they’re incapable of attracting business, and we’re getting all the tourist traffic.”

Trash bit his lip as he felt Tobias parting his butt cheeks. “Such a sweet little ass,” Tobias said approvingly. “Our downfall,” he added. Trash giggled at the amusement in the man’s voice, then sighed blissfully as Tobias kissed his way down Trash’s spine, nipping his butt teasingly. “Hmmm. Tasty, too.”

“I wanna bite,” Brody whined comically. Trash yelped as he was lifted onto hands and knees, then the pair took turns licking his ass thoroughly, delving into every crevice and exploring his undercarriage until he thought he would go insane. “Delicious,” Brody confirmed. Trash bucked, feeling something warm and moist probing at his tiny hole. He closed his eyes, clutching the sheets, his claws shredding the fine cotton as his lovers played with him.

Someone ducked beneath him, and he felt a strong, slow pull on his cock, sucking him steadily. “His cock’s gorgeous,” Tobias growled. “At least a seven-incher.” Trash forgot to breathe as his cock was devoured, his hips moving in time to the sultry pulling. “Hmmm. Come for me, baby. Let me taste you.”

Trash let out a sharp scream as he came without warning and deposited his first load into Tobias’s willing mouth. Brody stroked his ass gently. “First dibs on Trash’s butt,” he begged.

“Go for it,” Tobias replied huskily, lapping at Trash’s cock tenderly. “Are you okay, honey?”

Trash nodded helplessly, trembling in the aftermath, undone by the power of his release. And they’d only just started. “Thank you. That was incredible.”

“Beauty, you’re incredible,” Tobias corrected, kneeling in front of Trash, kissing him hungrily as Brody began to prepare Trash for entry. “We’re your willing sex slaves.”

Trash blinked at that. “Really? I can order you around?”

“Sure,” Tobias replied, winking. “In the bedroom, anyway.”

“Sweetheart, you’ve had us at your mercy from day one,” Brody cut in, laughing. “One twitch of that ass and that sexy smile of yours and we were goners.”

Trash smiled at that. “Yeah. You seemed to think that meant all systems go. You frightened me.”

The foreplay stopped, and they cuddled him close, peppering him with kisses. He giggled helplessly. These lion shifters were goofballs. “Are you frightened, now?” Tobias teased.

“No. I’m waiting for you to deliver,” Trash shot back, laughing again as they tickled him.

“He’s waiting for us,” Brody commented, grinning. “Well, let’s not disappoint.”

He nipped Trash’s neck, then lifted him onto his back, knees up near his chest, baring him to their avid gaze. “Now that’s a gorgeous sight,” Tobias said, licking his lips.

Trash groaned as they dove in, licking and nipping and sucking at him ruthlessly. Fingers probed his hole, his balls were assaulted on all sides, and his cock became their stress toy, pumped and licked and sucked endlessly.

“Oh god,” he moaned, arching his back as he felt a thick finger delve into his hole, shallow fucking him slowly. It burned a little, his muscles stretching to accommodate the invader, quivering in protest. “That feels amazing,” he sighed. “More, please.” Then he grinned and pointed to his lips. “More.”

Tobias moved up the bed, kissing him hungrily, leaving Trash’s ass to Brody. Trash tasted himself on Tobias, a heady flavor that added to the eroticism. Moaning, their kiss deepened, and Tobias grabbed for Trash’s hand, urging it around his cock. Trash held on, pumping the engorged rod tentatively, relaxing when he heard Tobias’s eager groans. He must be doing something right. A little twist at the top. Firm strokes. Strong and steady.

Tobias copied Trash, and they masturbated in tandem, their mouths fused together in kiss after kiss. Trash was fast becoming addicted to the taste of his lovers, and their scent intoxicated him, leaving him helpless with need.

“Are you okay, baby?” Brody asked, laughing when Trash gave a jerky nod. “Let me know if it gets too much.”

Trash whined as a second digit entered him, scissoring carefully, stretching him. He shuddered, needing more of the same. It was an unusual feeling. Brody found the little gland inside him, nailing it repeatedly until Trash was writhing on the bed, crying out fluidly.

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