Buried Treasure (MMM)

Spirit of Sage 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,565
7 Ratings (4.6)

[Menage Amour ManLove: Alternative Romantic Adventure Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Love has been right under Drew's nose, and he couldn't be happier.  Until shit happens, and he finds he has two mates.  Callahan, working at Cafe Anglais for years, punches his way into Drew's heart after saving Drew from Vince Smith, only for them both to realize that Vince could just be their mate, too.

Drew is a computer geek, a member of Sage's Warrior's Brigade, and has secretly hidden a stash of money in cyberspace from arch enemies, Flashpoint. And they want it back.  Hatching a plan, directed by none other than Drew’s father, Flashpoint send Vince to get the money, but Vince realizes he's been played, and tries to make amends for his stupidity.  Tragedy has hit Vince already, and he'd be a fool to throw away his second chance at happiness.  Can the trio resolve their differences?  Or will Vince's ghosts continue to hinder? 

Buried Treasure (MMM)
7 Ratings (4.6)

Buried Treasure (MMM)

Spirit of Sage 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,565
7 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Hey, Callahan,” Drew called to his friend, who was manning the espresso machine at Café Anglais. The man was a little older than Drew, in his late-twenties now, compared to Drew being only just twenty-two. Blond, green eyes, and a mountain lion shifter, Callahan was a fixture of Sage and had been since rescued from a bunker in Idaho. That had been about the time when Ethan and the wolverine shifters at Two Spirit Ink had been discovered beneath the town of Sage, nearly starved to death. He’d been in Sage for years.

“Hi, Drew,” Callahan greeted, his gorgeous eyes sparkling with good humor. His expression turned serious as he viewed the black eye the younger man sported. “Who did that to you?”

“I’m clumsy.” Drew shrugged, flushing when Callahan came around the counter and cupped his face, staring into Drew’s eyes.

“No, sweetie, that looks like a knuckle imprint,” Callahan responded, narrowing his focus. “Who did this?” he asked firmly.

“I was attacked at the college last night,” Drew admitted, his flush deepening when he saw John and Ethan, working in the back, pay attention.

“You didn’t report it,” John said in a dangerously quiet voice. “Why not?”

Drew met John’s gaze, frowning. “I had help,” he retorted. “Maizie was there. The guy ran off. I got his license plate, but haven’t had a chance to run it, yet,” he lied. It had been the first thing he’d done the night before, once he’d fended off concerned questions from his mother and brothers. Admitting that, however, would be a mistake. Hacking the DMV and FBI database was illegal. Who knew?

John snorted, eyeing him with amusement now. “Sure,” he said dryly, obviously not believing him. “Who hit you, Drew? Tell me, or I’ll get Pace in here…or pull your ears, whichever works best.”

Drew rolled his eyes. “His name is Vince Smith,” Drew finally said, sighing. “He’s a mercenary. I couldn’t get much more than his name, and where he used to live. Kansas.”

“Like that’s ever stopped you,” Callahan drawled, grinning, but his eyes showed his concern as he brushed a thumb over the dark bruise on Drew’s cheek. Drew met the man’s jade stare and felt his world shudder to a stop, seeing something he’d never witnessed in Callahan’s gaze before now. Probably because he’d never stood so close to him. He scented sugar, coffee, cinnamon, and something else that caught Drew’s attention in a vise-like grip. And his pulse began to thud back into renewed life, vigorous and overwhelming.

“I…er,” Drew stammered, swallowing hard. He tried to focus on the diamond stud glinting in Callahan’s earlobe, the hint of stubble on his firm jaw but kept admiring the plump softness of the man’s lips. Oh, boy. He’d thought he must be straight since he’d never had such a strong reaction to a guy before. But Callahan was sending his libido into orbit.

“Why would anyone attack you?” Ethan asked, leaning on the counter after placing a tray of freshly baked croissants in a large basket atop the display cabinet.

“Drew’s been playing with fire,” John interjected. “And someone isn’t happy about it.”

Drew grimaced. “Vince mentioned my sperm donor,” he said morosely. “Apparently, Daniel thinks I know where all the money is that was stolen from Flashpoint and wants it back.” He glared at John. “That money was my mother’s, not his. She earned it painting works of art. He’s not getting his grubby mitts anywhere near it so he can harm people.”

John eyed him with some sympathy. “If Daniel’s involved, he won’t stop. You know that, don’t you? And he’s already managed to get to Flint and Moe. If he can’t get what he wants from you, he’ll target your brothers…or Kathleen.”

Drew blanched, feeling sick. “He needs to be stopped.”

“Yes,” John agreed. “The question is, how many others has he gotten to in town? Daniel’s been active for years now and has his claws embedded deeply. That’s the only reason he’s still alive. We need to track his network of informers and allies. And he’s proving a tricky feline to pin down. He’s clever, resourceful, and perfectly aware of how vulnerable you all are. Look at what happened at the school. Flashpoint has friends in all kinds of useful places.”

“Then let’s declaw him,” Callahan suggested sharply, his thumb still caressing Drew’s face. “He’s been allowed to control his little corner of Wyoming for far too long. Thinks he’s invincible. Let’s disillusion him.”

John grinned at that, a wicked glint in his eye. “Perhaps I’ll pay the bastard a visit. Take Sherman with me. That might put the fear of Sage back into him.”

Drew smiled slowly at that, implicitly aware of Callahan’s soft touch. He tried to focus on the conversation. “Yeah, my brother will give him something else to think about. Sherman won’t be happy that Daniel’s still playing games.”

“Games?” Callahan asked, turning Drew’s gaze to meet his. “This is no game, sweetie. The man’s vicious and has no qualms about attacking his own sons. Don’t overestimate blood ties. Sometimes they’re as thin as air,” he added, looking sad. He seemed to catch himself and moved back a step, smiling ruefully. “Now, what’s your preference this morning? Coffee or hot chocolate?” he asked, returning to his station, leaving Drew feeling bereft for some reason. His gaze kept lowering to Callahan’s ass, snugly encased in blue denim, with a rip just below one buttock, baring flesh. Drew swallowed hard. Damn.




Callahan seduced his lover tenderly, using every bit of skill he had to bring his mate closer to the edge. He watched Drew’s changing expressions, observing the myriad of emotions flashing across Drew’s gorgeous face. Drew’s golden eyes were slitted with pleasure, his face a deep pink, his forehead dewy with sweat. His lips were swollen from kissing, his face contorted in ecstasy. Callahan thought his mate looked sexy as hell but needed to witness the moment Drew tumbled into orgasm. He explained what he wanted to happen. In detail.

“I want this to be so good for both of us,” Callahan murmured. “And I want you to claim me first. You’ll sink your fangs into me as your dick sinks into my ass, over and over.  I need that fat cock of yours inside me, fucking me hard, making me forget everyone else but you. When you come, I want to taste it. You’ll come so hard you’ll shoot right up into my mouth…from the inside.” He nipped Drew’s lower lip sharply, then sucked erotically on the plump pillow. “I want to feel you for days.”

Drew gasped aloud, then came with a shrill cry, painting their abs with cream. The scent of his climax edged Callahan closer to his own, then he cried out, closing his eyes against the intensity of his orgasm, and kissed Drew’s moans of pleasure, drinking from the man’s sweet lips over and over, never sated.

“Darling, you’re incredible,” Callahan said, gathering his mate closer, content to just hold his lover as they lingered in the aftermath.

“This is our night, Cally,” Drew said, using his mother’s nickname, which Callahan liked immensely. It was a nice touch. He’d never had his name shortened before. “I’d be proud to claim you.” He grinned “You’ll have to show me how, though. I know the semantics, just never, you know, done it before.”

Callahan tugged his lover’s hands down so they covered his ass. “Anal sex 101, coming right up,” he teased. “Lots of lube, be gentle at first since it’s been a loooong time for me, and prepare me well.” He sniggered. “Just do what you’d like me to do to you.”

Drew eased away slightly, the look on his face one of wonder. “You humble me,” he said. “I can’t believe you’re trusting me like this.” He grinned suddenly. “Where’s the lube?”

Callahan laughed at the question and reached beneath his pillow. “Been dreaming of this for a while,” he said, laughing at Drew’s surprise.

“Yeah, I have to make do with a quick wank in the shower…and not make any noise. Little ears, big mouths, way too much sass.” Drew chuckled, smearing lube over his fingers and cock. “Assume the position, dude,” he commanded teasingly.

“Oh yeah,” Callahan drawled, lying on his back and dragging his knees up to his chin, baring his ass for Drew’s perusal. He actually felt nervous. This mattered. So much. Almost too much, considering his experience. He was so grateful that Drew hadn’t batted an eyelid over his past. Drew’s easy acceptance had done more for Callahan’s self-esteem than any therapist ever could.

“Just slide one finger in first,” he said, groaning as Drew obeyed willingly, inserting one thick finger just inside Callahan’s hole, to the first knuckle. “So good,” he moaned.

“Is that okay?” Drew asked worriedly. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Not hurting me,” Callahan gasped. “Now wiggle around a little, start stretching me slowly.” He dragged Drew down for another kiss, needing the succulence of Drew’s lips again like he needed air. Drew was a quick study, getting the drift easily, and soon had Callahan on the edge of a precipice, fighting not to come again.

“Now?” Drew asked after inserting a second, and then a third finger, loosening Callahan with so much care, Callahan thought he’d cry. This was making love. It was an incredible feeling, knowing that Drew’s feelings matched his own.

“Now, baby,” Callahan begged, whimpering as he felt the slick slide of Drew punching past his clenching sphincter, then thrusting deep, bottoming out in one, smooth stroke. “Oh, god, that’s amazing.”

Clinging on, Callahan felt Drew begin to surge, stroking in and out of him almost languidly, his thick cock caressing Callahan’s walls, a velvet-clad rod that drove him crazy with need. This was no quick, mindless fuck in some dingy back room. It was everything he’d ever dreamed of when finding his mate. He melted, feeling so connected to Drew. Just then, he didn’t know where he ended and Drew began. Magical.

“I love you,” Drew murmured, thrusting over and over, his eyes almost closed in bliss. “I’ve never felt anything like this. Thank you for trusting me, Cally.”

He built up the tempo, surging faster now, his balls bouncing against Cally’s ass as Drew’s passion raged tempestuously. Callahan hung on, the power of his lover’s thrusts moving him up the bed, the feel of Drew deep inside him enough to have him crying out with each masterful stroke. Over and over, different angles, differing depths. Callahan lost all sense of time and space, focusing only on the man in his arms. The man who was already the center of Callahan’s world.

“Cally!” Drew cried, arching his back, fangs bared as he came, sinking his gnashers deep as he unloaded about a gallon of cum. Callahan moaned softly, grinding against his mate, then exploded as well, spattering seed, then marking Drew with his fangs as well as his scent, needing to make Drew his in every way.

Still joined, their breathing slowed finally, and they shared languid kisses, the afterglow soothing after the intensity of the passionate inferno.

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