The Nanny and the Playboy (MF)

The Nannies 1

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,320
8 Ratings (4.3)

Wayne Myers is a playboy, and doesn’t have time in his life for children. When a little boy is handed to him with the claim to be his son, Wayne knows without a doubt that he’s not the father. Until he can prove it, though, what the hell is he to do with a damn kid?

Temperance Michaels has been a nanny for twelve years, and she’s tired of the constant heartache when she has to walk away. She knows she has to find something else to do with her life, so when she gets a call from Wayne, her first instinct is to turn him down. But after hearing about the young boy who has lost his mother, she caves.

Now that Wayne has a nanny, he intends to lead his own life again. But he didn’t anticipate being attracted to the raven-haired beauty. Temperance is not like any of the women he’s ever been with, and she’s getting under his skin. With Temperance and Timothy in his life, Wayne has the chance to find out what it’s like to have a family of his own, at least for a while. After temporarily enjoying having a woman and a kid, he intends to give them both up.

Will this playboy take a chance or return to his womanizing ways?

A brand-new series that will have the theme of men falling for their nanny.

The Nanny and the Playboy (MF)
8 Ratings (4.3)

The Nanny and the Playboy (MF)

The Nannies 1

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,320
8 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer
A great start to the new series. Well written with endearing characters. Good front cover.

Once Timothy was finished on the swings, it was time for lunch, and she set up their little picnic on the ground, on a small blanket. Handing out their small bags of goodies, she smiled at Timothy, who was talking a mile a minute. He wanted to be an astronaut, police officer, fireman, and even a pirate.

“Will I be allowed on your ship, oh Captain Timothy?” Wayne asked.

“Yes. You can help me run it.”

Temperance laughed. Leave it to a child to defuse any tension that might be building. The rest of the day they went shopping, looking for some fun games to play as the weather had forecast rain. They got several movies and then headed back to the apartment.

She left Wayne and Timothy watching movies as she looked in the fridge and figured out what to cook.

“He’s out for the count,” Wayne said five minutes later as she was putting everything together for a casserole.

“He’ll wake in a little while then.” She glanced over at him, offering him a smile.

“You’re not going to mock me?” he asked.

She stopped what she was doing, turning toward him and resting a hand on her hip. “Why would I mock you?” He was still her boss, and she had to remember to keep this barrier in place, even as she wanted to hug him.

“I wasn’t just saying a damn line either.” He stepped into the kitchen. “I don’t tell lies.”

She didn’t say anything as he came close. The tips of his toes touched hers.

“I had a lot of fun today.”

“You’re sure? You seemed to be in a bit of a mood.” Her heart began to race. He was so close, and right now she couldn’t seem to shut her body off. He was the boss; she was the employee.

She was a professional.

Never in all of her nannying life had she spent this much time with anyone, nor had she wanted to.

There was something about Wayne. He seemed to need something from her.

It was why she made sure to spend a little time with him at night even though all she wanted to do was fall into bed.

They talked, and she truly believed that in everything he was honest.

He reached out, taking a stray curl and wrapping it around his finger. She wondered if other women were wrapped around his finger as easily as her damn hair.

“I don’t like being reminded of everything I don’t have.”

Had his voice gotten sexier?

They were whispering now.

His gaze was on her lips, and she knew without a doubt that it was dangerous territory.

Before she could stop him, he’d cupped her face, and his thumb ran across her bottom lip. She swallowed a moan, refusing to let it escape.

“I’m your nanny, Wayne. This crosses so many lines.”

“Have you ever crossed any lines?”

She shook her head.

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