[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, HEA]
Jessica Bright came to Divine, Texas seeking refuge for her and her unborn child from the man who had held her captive. With time she’s overcome the trauma, but in her eyes she isn’t just a hot mess, she’s the hot mess.
Tank Drummond and Troy Burnett have watched patiently as Jessica has gotten her life on track—perhaps too patiently. When a bit of innocent online matchmaking help from Tank’s mother goes viral, they’re pushed into pursuing Jessica even though they risk scaring her off completely.
Enter one scary dude doing the bidding of her original captor from his permanent prison cell. Four Bits owes Trevor Dornan a big favor and he always pays his debts.
Right or wrong, the ladies of Divine and Lusty, Tank’s mother, and even little Bella take matters into their own hands and pull off an adventure that will go down in Divine history as…Operation Ginger Avenger. 
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Heather Rainier is a Siren-exclusive author.


Operation Ginger Avenger (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I laughed, I cried, my heart was full and clenching and cheering for Jessica and her #gingerhotties. The latest visit to Divine is fantastic. Thank you for the Grandma Kate visit. And Hank's fanclub? Oh I'm so there. Thank Ms Rainier for another superb book. Can't wait for the next one.. Geri Inama
Ms. Heather Rainier out did herself on this addition to her Divine Series. Jessica, Troy, and Tank's story was beautifully written. I was so focused on the exchanges between them that the darkness from Jessica's past was not overwhelming. I can't talk about this story without telling you that Ms. Bella will still the show. That little girl is something else with her mom and daddies. I can't wait to see more of her as she grows up, and the man who steals her heart will have to be something else. I enjoyed along with the story of these 3 the look at some of the other couples from Divine, and a visit from other great friends.

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Tank and Troy’s attention was trained on her as she slipped into the waiting room and they stood from their seats. Impatience with herself grew when they were slow to approach, as though they were handling a skittish horse. Tank and Troy had been there for her in so many ways. They deserved to not have to treat her with kid gloves.

“Sorry to surprise you like this,” Troy murmured as he held open the door that led out into the medical building’s lobby.

Their combined scents, the starch in Tank’s button down shirt, and the hint of a clean woodsy smelling body wash or shaving gel they used was nice as she slipped past them. Nice? That was how she knew something was wrong with her. That scent alone, besides their buff good looks, was enough to set any woman’s panties on fire. But to her, it was nice. And safe. Almost comforting. Most men made her nervous, but Tank and Troy were two that she knew she could trust.

She didn’t know why they still bothered with her. Two such hunky beefcakes had to have women lusting after them by the dozen. She knew she should be one of them.

“Could we take you to lunch? We need to talk to you.” Tank said, a half-smile on his face when she looked up and realized she’d been caught sniffing him.

“I’m due to pick Bella up from her babysitter in just a few minutes.” She almost wished she had time.

“Okay, what if we just sat on that bench in the corner? We need to show you something.” The look of concern on Tank’s face perked up her curiosity.

“I can do that. What’s the matter?”

Instead of sitting on either side of her, she noticed that Troy perched on the edge of the bench with at least a foot between them, and Tank squatted down in front of her, rather than closing her in on the other side, or standing over her. The consideration didn’t surprise her but it annoyed her that she needed it.

Even on one knee in front of her, he was still at eye level. Her curiosity grew as he activated the screen on his tablet and clicked an app. He hesitated to place it so she could see it, and lifted troubled hazel eyes her. “Please don’t be upset. We had no idea she was doing this. It’s already gone viral, otherwise we’d ask her to take it down—”

“--but it’s already been copied and shared so many times even if she took it down it would still be out there,” Troy finished for him as he rubbed his palms on his thighs in a nervous gesture. Troy rarely showed nerves like that.

“What?” She reached for the tablet, trying to imagine what could inspire the worry on their faces and the red tips of Tank’s ears. Compassion filled her because she knew how much they both hated that they were freckled with fair skin and turned red in the face so easily.

“This.” He turned the tablet to her. “Click play.”

Focusing on the frozen image onscreen, Jessica thought the lady looked familiar. When the video was done buffering, the pretty woman, probably in her sixties, brushed her long white hair over her shoulder and blinked as she smiled into the camera lens. “Is it on now? Are you recording? Oh-okay. Hi there. My name is Maryetta—”

Jessica paused the video. “This is your mom, isn’t it, Tank? I remember you mentioning her name.”

“Yeah,” he said with a nod. “Keep watching.”

She clicked play and Maryetta continued. “I’m making this video for my boys, Tank Drummond and Troy Burnett. Well, one of them isn’t actually my biological son but I count him as one. And going by their fair coloring, freckles, and red hair, and all that brawn, you’d think they were related, wouldn’t you?” She held a picture of Tank and Troy steady for the cameraman.

“Anyway, my boys are still single and they deserve a woman who can see how kind, smart, and compassionate they are, and love them for more than their big muscles, handsome faces, and cute butts.”

Troy groaned miserably and rubbed his forehead as he glanced at her and then looked at the screen. The shot of Maryetta faded and was replaced by a still image of both men at a younger age, maybe early twenties, standing on a boat deck partially clad in scuba gear.

Holy hot flashes, Batman!

Tank’s curly red hair was longer, down around his shoulders, and his already beefy pecs and arms were well defined within the partially zipped wet suit. Troy wore a wetsuit, too, but his upper torso was completely bared. The sun shone on his fair skin, defining his lanky musculature and his chest hair which tapered to a happy trail that disappeared behind the wetsuit hugging his hips. The picture faded as Maryetta continued speaking and Jessica wanted to back the video up so she could stare just a little longer, but didn’t give in to the urge.

“A friend told me gingers are hot these days, thanks to Outlander and whatever Jamie’s ginger fuzz is. That has to be a good thing, right? I love a fuzzy man, myself. Anyway, Tank and Troy assured me they’re not gay.”

“Kill me now,” Troy whispered behind his hands, his ears turning bright red. Under normal circumstances—if there was such a thing in their friendship—Jessica might’ve been amused, but she was beginning to understand what the video was about.




“You’re very warm,” she said, her voice trembling a little as she glanced at their joined hands.

He kissed her as he moved to hover over her, wrapping an arm around her and drawing her to the center of the bed, so her head rested on a pillow. “I’ll warm you.” His levity faded as he spread kisses across her chest and he listened to the soft hitch in her breathing. Everything about her was beautiful, even the husky sound of her panting when he crouched over her, cupped her breasts, and spread kisses over her velvety skin.

She caught her breath when he paid attention to her nipple, sucking that tight peak into his mouth, and he growled with enjoyment as she arched her back, getting as close to him as she could and slid her fingers into his hair. Her fingernails sent rivers of sensation down his spine as she grazed them over his scalp and he nearly lost it when she spread her legs and wrapped them loosely around his hips, grinding her warm center against his abs. A little shift of his hips and he’d be there, but he wouldn’t rush her, much as it hurt to wait for her signal.

He practically swallowed his tongue when the signal came a second later. She arched again when he shifted to pay attention to her other nipple and the head of his cock brushed against her hot, saturated cunt.

“Baby,” he murmured, hardly able to do more than growl it. “Let me—fuck, that feels so good.”

“I want you,” she whispered as she writhed beneath him, rubbing her pussy against his cock. Her panting increased as he sucked strongly on her nipple, his resolve failing him. A wave of tingling heat lit up every nerve ending in his body as the head of his cock met with the taut, swollen resistance of her pussy. That smooth, hot easing deserved its due and he pumped in tiny strokes, teasing her as her arms tightened around his neck and she flung back her head, her jaw dropping in a silent cry as her body tightened up beneath him.

A shudder rippled through her and she whispered over and over, “Oh God, Oh God.” A wave of emotion engulfed him as he listened to her panting reach its peak. In a strangled, almost shocked voice, she said, “I’m coming.”

“Yes,” he moaned as he met each contraction of her cunt, each undulation of her hips with measured thrusts, easing the motions as she took him within her. Every muscle seemed to buzz with tension as he held back his orgasm by a thin thread, allowing her to ride out her release.

As her quaking eased, she sniffled. Worry filled him and then she said, “I’m sorry.”


* * * *


Jessica held tightly to Troy’s neck, panting against his shoulder, afraid to let go for fear of seeing his reaction.

In a strident, breathless tone, he said, “Why would you be sorry?”

“Because I came so fast?” she replied, her querying tone mirroring her shock and confusion.

He tugged at her arms to loosen her hold and she flopped her head onto the pillow. He’d think she was some kind of novice. “Honey, coming is the whole idea when I’m making love to you.”

“Yeah, but who comes before you’ve really even gotten started.”

A sexy, confident smile spread across is his lips. “Someone who’s really really turned on. Speaking of getting started, you’re gonna come a whole lot more because I’m just getting started.” He gave a gentle thrust of his hips and she gasped as his huge cock moved inside her, exciting every nerve ending she had. “Come all you want, baby, and don’t ever apologize for it again. Consider that a small aperitif,” he growled against her neck as he thrust again. “Because I’m gonna eat you aliiiive.”

Stifling her giggle, she lost herself in the rocking of their joined bodies, every doubt receding about whether her climax had led to a plateau. The soaring sensation returned, her body tightening as she bucked against him.

“That’s it, baby. Hold on to me because I’m gonna fuck you good.”

“Yes, oh yes, please.” Her throat was so tight she doubted he heard the words but merciful heavens she sure meant them. A climax burst through her and she lost control, fucking him stroke for stroke as the pressure kept mounting, her body asking for more and more of him. Pleasure exploded over and over but she still held tight, demanding more.

His deep chuckle was off-the-charts sexy as he rose above her and held her gaze, thrusting over and over. Looking down at where their bodies were joined, his face grew flushed. Grasping her hips, he stared down at their joined bodies. “That’s right. Take it, baby. Here it comes.” His thrusts became erratic as he rolled his head back and he groaned. “Oh, yes.”

Gratitude engulfed her and made her heart pound even harder as she watched his expression change from passion to vulnerability. Her orgasm crested as she realized she’d never even had time to be afraid of sex.

Breathing shakily, his eyes half closed, Troy went limp against her, resting his heated cheek against her shoulder as he panted. Overwhelmed by emotion, she held him close, inhaling his scent, memorizing how it felt to be filled by him, body, heart and soul.

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