The Queen's Pet (FF/MF)

Warriors of the World 5

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,490
0 Ratings (0.0)

Zaya Mars, queen of one of the last free worlds in all of the systems, has been exiled by her people. The only thing in her life that she has left is her job. That job means facing danger after danger as she helps the remaining, hunted humans to safety in the new Earth colony.

When one of those humans, the delicate and damaged Jenny James, is brought to Zaya, she is instantly intrigued. Zaya has been alone for a very long time, and Jenny not only soothes her loneliness, but stirs her blood.

Zaya is unable to stop herself from seducing the human. But what Zaya doesn’t realize is that loneliness and lust make a dangerous combination. Will Zaya be able to keep her head, or like many before her, will she want to keep her human not just for herself, but forever?

The Queen's Pet (FF/MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Queen's Pet (FF/MF)

Warriors of the World 5

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,490
0 Ratings (0.0)
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She pulled Jenny against her and placed a very light kiss on her lips. Jenny gave a small mew of pleasure. That noise was enough for Zaya to deepen the kiss. She took Jenny’s lips in her own, working them until Jenny’s tongue met hers. They swayed together as their lips danced. Zaya’s nipples hardened, her pussy moistened, and she ached to feel Jenny’s delicate little fingers on it. The human was all but a virgin where pleasuring another female was concerned. That thought made Zaya feel weak kneed.

“My people kiss me because it pleases them,” she whispered.

“I know.”

“I accept their kisses because I have always done so,” she added.

“I know.”

“Simply refusing to do so now would cause them concern.”

“I know.”

“But there is a way,” she continued. “A way to put myself in a position where I am only yours.”

Jenny pulled back, something like excitement danced in her eyes. “You would do that for me?”

“That and more,” Zaya said. “You have no comprehension of how much I want you. How much I ache for you.”

“Zaya,” Jenny sighed.

“But,” Zaya warned. “You will need to be part of this, and you must be willing to accept what happens.”

“What are you going to do?” Jenny asked.

“I am going to give my people a gift,” Zaya said, her mind racing though the possibilities. “And when I am done, they will know that you are only mine, and that I can only pleasure you from here on in.”

“You’re going to do it here?” Jenny asked.

Zaya nodded. “And if you want me as much as I want you, it will be hard to watch, but watch you must, it is necessary.”

Jenny frowned, her tiny body trembled. “You are going on to the dais aren’t you?”

“We are going on to the dais,” Zaya said.

She took Jenny’s hand and walked her through the crowd. Her people parted for them, reached out to touch them both. Looking at it from Jenny’s point of view, Zaya could see now why such actions might bother her, and she understood the jealousy and the feeling of possession that the human was experiencing.

But it was not as simple as that. On Sharda, when a male or female pledged themselves to only one, and that might be for a year, for ten, or even forever, there was a ritual they had to go through. Zaya herself had taken part in many of them, and enjoyed herself thoroughly. Once the ritual was complete all hands were stayed. Non one would kiss or fuck those that had undertaken it. That was an accepted part of their life here.

Zaya had never imagined undertaking the ritual herself. But for Jenny…for the golden-haired human…she was willing.

She walked on to the dais. Already a group of people were on there, kissing, stroking, touching. It was only a matter of time before they began to fuck. When they spotted Zaya they all quieted, all looked intrigued by what she was planning to do.

Silence settled in the crowd, all eyes were on her. Matt and Logan found their way to the front, A’rees too. That pleased Zaya, her closest friends should all be here.

“You know of my human,” Zaya began, gesturing to Jenny who stood on the edge of the dais. “Jenny.”

The crowd cheered.

“You must all know too how much I desire her.”

They cheered again.

“And I intend to make her mine.”

More cheering, happy smiles, grins of pleasure for their queen. Because in the end, and Zaya had always known this, they wanted her to be happy.

“But,” Zaya said, holding up a hand. “Jenny wants me to pledge myself to her. To promise that, for as long as we desire, she will be my only.”

The crowd murmured, shocked slightly by these words. Zaya waited to see what they would say, and felt her hearts burst with pleasure when they began to chant her name. A moment later and they began to chant Jenny’s too.

Tears pricked Zaya’s eyes. Her belly fluttered.

She had never doubted how lucky she was to have so many good people around her, but tonight it was simply confirmed.

“I am pledging to her tonight,” Zaya said. “And she is pledging to me. But she is new here, she will not take part in the pledging, only I will do that. But,” she held up a hand as the crowd groaned. “I will take one final male inside of me. My last. After this no one will do so again, not until Jenny allows it.”

The crowd stirred, excitement now dancing around them at the idea of their queen being fucked right in front of their eyes. They were looking at each other, wondering who the final person would be. Zaya wondered too…because the choice was not hers.

She turned to Jenny, who was watching wide-eyed. “Come here,” she said.

Jenny walked across the dais, her lips slightly parted…and her nipples thick through her top. The idea of a male or female fucking Zaya aroused her, that much was obvious. Zaya understood it. She hated the idea of Jenny being touched, but at the same time watching a thick cock penetrating her would get Zaya wet too. It didn’t make much sense, but then desire never did.

“You must choose who,” she said once Jenny was stood next to her.


“If this is what you want,” Zaya said. “Then, yes.”

Hands shot up in the crowd. Voices called out. Males stepped forward, females with them.

“Is this what you want?” Zaya asked.

Their eyes locked. Jenny’s were wide, confused…and aroused. “And after,” she said. “After they won’t keep kissing you, touching you?”

“I’ll be for you only,” Zaya said.

Jenny nodded slowly. “Then who should I pick?”

“Whoever you desire.”

Jenny looked out on to the crowd, her body trembling, her nipples stiff through the fabric of her top. A male stood at the very front of the crowd, he was thickly muscled, tanned, and he wore the biggest grin.


Jenny pointed her finger at him.

The crowd sighed. Those who had wanted to be picked frowned. Their frowns did not last long though. They looked around them, grabbed someone who they liked, and soon clothes were being discarded, cocks taken out, pussies rubbed. This was Zaya’s gift to her people. Tonight all would partake in her pleasure, and then her pleasure would be for Jenny alone.

A’rees stepped on to the dais, his grin wide, his cock already in his hand. He was nice and long, nice and thick, Zaya had no issue with feeling his length inside of her. She was already wet, Jenny had done that to her many minutes ago.

“This is a deep honor,” he said.

Zaya smiled at him and gestured for Jenny to begin undressing her. “You must take everything off,” she said.


Zaya nodded and locked eyes with her female. “You must undress me and then you must watch.”

“Just watch?” Jenny asked.

“You would rather do more?”

“I want…” Jenny gestured with her hands. “He’s going to pleasure you.”


“And I’m not.”

“No,” Zaya agreed. “But after this no one will ever pleasure me again, not until you allow it. That is what I must do to have you. This is what you must do the have me.”

Jenny frowned, clearly struggling with this choice, but it was all Zaya could do. She lived by the rules of her people, she would not put herself outside of them. She was in fact lucky that Jenny had only just arrived, or she would be required to take part too.

“Okay,” Jenny finally said. “Okay.”

She unclasped the top of Zaya’s dress. It fell to the floor around her feet. She was naked then but for the jewels that decorated both her pussy and her nipples.

The crowd screamed their appreciation.

“Thank you,” Zaya said and then she kissed Jenny.




And then she nudged her away, pointing to the spot directly in front of her. Jenny stumbled off, found her place at the bottom of the dais, right where Zaya could see her.

“Eyes on me,” Zaya whispered. Jenny nodded.

Zaya looked around the crowd, smiled at her people, and then she lowered herself until she was on her hands and knees. She felt, rather than saw, A’rees come up behind her. He too lowered himself to his knees. He reached out palmed her ass, stroked her pussy lips, rubbed her bud.

Zaya moaned. Her eyes found Jenny’s. The human was breathing rapidly. Her breasts trembling through her top. She lifted a hand towards them, paused. Zaya nodded.

“Do it,” she mouthed, but Jenny did not, she simply stood still, watching.

A’rees parted Zaya’s ass cheeks, opening her up to him. “Gods,” he growled. “You are beautiful.”

He entered her in one quick thrust, his length filling Zaya up. She let out a cry, pushed back until her ass was on his pelvis.

“So tight…” A’rees groaned. “So fucking wet.”

He pulled back, thrust in, back out, and then in again. From there the rhythm was set, and he fucked Zaya hard. As her people watched, as Jenny watched, A’rees plumbed Zaya’s pussy until she drenched him with her juices. Back and forth he went, harder and harder, groaning behind her as Zaya moaned with pleasure.

Her people fucked each other. Cocks were deep in throats, pussy lips being nibbled, nipples caressed. Only Jenny stood alone from it all. Only Jenny’s gaze remained steady.

When Zaya felt her orgasm begin to arrive, she mouthed to Jenny how much she wanted her, how she wanted this to be her behind her, her fingers deep inside…and then Jenny did something that Zaya could never have expected, something that she could never have imagined.

As Zaya’s orgasm took hold of her Jenny was in front of her, her hands in her hair, her beautiful face filling Zaya’s gaze. Their lips met, Jenny’s tongue filled her, mimicking the action of A’rees cock…and Zaya came with her human’s mouth locked on hers.

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