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The Gladiator's Bargain (MM)

Warriors of the World

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 22,914
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Book 2 in the Warriors of the World Series

Feted gladiator, Logan A’lars, subdued hundreds of men in the arena. One after the other they fell to their knees before him and he reveled in their submission. But Logan’s latest prize, the human, Matt James, is not submitting as easily as Logan expected.

Matt is searching for the legendary Earth and the people that are rumored to still live there. It’s been his mission for as long as he can remember and no matter how much Logan excites him, he cannot allow the alien to get in his way.

With no other option, Logan promises to help Matt find his way to Earth, but it comes at a cost… Logan wants to own Matt in every possible way, and if Matt wants to fulfill his mission, a mission that might just decide the fate of the entire human race, he might have no choice but to agree…

It is highly recommended that you read The Gladiator's Prize before reading The Gladiator's Bargain.

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He had agreed to the bargain, had he not? If not in actual words surely by default of his actions, and it was the right decision, Matt thought, as he pulled his top over his head. Even ignoring the way Logan made him feel, the fact that the bargain was more of a demand than anything else, or even the risks Logan had taken for him, there was one undeniable fact. Matt had more chance of completing his mission with Logan than without him. Logan had resources and contacts, not to mention a ship. The freedom of hundreds, maybe thousands, of humans was at stake. Matt could not afford to turn Logan’s help down.

And you want him.

Matt stepped out of his pants and sighed. Yes, there was no denying it. Logan stood before him, naked now, his powerful body glistening from the combined water and soap sluicing his body, his thick cock hanging low against his thigh.

Matt threw his clothing in the corner of the room, where there were no water jets, and joined Logan back in the middle of the space. He locked eyes with the alien, and then, because he could deny the urge no longer, and because the ‘bargain’ had given him almost an excuse to act on his desires, Matt fell to his knees.

The metal below him was wet with soap and water, but the water was warm so it wasn’t uncomfortable. Behind him the jets continued to pump more water so that it hit Matt’s back and washed along his body, both warming and cleansing him.

He placed a hand on each of Logan’s thick thighs and licked his lips. The alien’s cock jutted out in front of him, right next to Matt’s mouth, and it was so fucking big that Matt doubted he would be able to get more than three or four inches in. Regardless, he was going to try.

Tentatively, he wrapped a hand around the base and pumped slowly. Directly underneath his hand were Logan’s black curls, and above him the tanned length of his cock. Matt could see the veins pulsing, the cock head weeping pre-cum from the slit.

He wanted to lick that cum up and that surprised Matt. He’d sucked cock before, many years ago. But it had been Robbie’s cock, and significantly smaller. Logan’s was bigger, thicker and Matt had no idea what he would taste like.

Matt leaned forward and darted his tongue out to lick up the pre-cum. It hit the tip of his tongue and his taste buds went on high alert. Logan tasted of…almonds? Matt licked up some more, slowly continuing to pump as he did so. Yes, almonds, with a creamy aftertaste, nothing like the bitter taste of human cum.

He wanted more.

Matt wrapped his lips around Logan’s cock and took in as much as he could into his mouth. It was maybe two or three inches, and it stretched Matt’s mouth as wide as it would go.

Logan inhaled a sharp breath but did not move. Perhaps he sensed, just as Matt did, that this was a momentous moment between them. Matt was making the first move, he was the one initiating their sexual contact. It meant something. What exactly Matt wasn’t willing to explore or acknowledge, but something.

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