The Seven Mazes (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,036
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, sex in partially shifted form, public exhibition, HEA]
Let the game begin! Drake Johnson, an incubus inexperienced in fighting, enters the Annual Grand Tournament. Even though he fears his competition against the strong shape-shifters, he is focused on going through the seven mazes. Drake meets Kai, a panther-shifter who is determined to not lose sight of him.
Kai McCross, a panther-shifter, falls for the incubus at first sight. Drake doesn't believe him at first, but their relationship evolves quickly. In order to keep Drake safe, he requests the help of a small group of unique creatures within the game. Along the way, the other contestants notice the couple and do what they can to stop Drake from being helped. But the incubus makes unexpected developments.
Once the game ends, Kai makes quick arrangements for Drake to become his mate officially. In a bizarre turn of events, the couple makes a mistake. A small surprise awaits them.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Seven Mazes (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Seven Mazes (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,036
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




He pressed his whole torso against the incubus, moving his hands to his crotch.

“T-This is going too far,” Drake shouted and opened his eyes. He panted, his forehead sweating profusely. It had all been a dream. “What a nightmare,” he said. He let his head fall on Kai’s shoulder. Drake opened and closed his eyes tiredly. The scenery seemed out of a cartoon. The sky had clouds of cotton-candy, the river was of apple juice by the smell, and the road made of gum. Kai’s feet were halfway buried in it. To resemble a town, there were small houses made of square-shaped cookies. And more candy.

Kai looked over his shoulder and said, “We’ve almost reached the core of the maze. Kamui has gone ahead to check for enemies. If he warns me, I’ll leave you here with the fur-balls and take care of the problem.” He patted the incubus’s ass. “We’re taking all the measures to keep you safe, okay?”

Drake nodded. He couldn’t hear Kai’s voice properly, though. Had he been getting worse? He could barely keep his arms around the shifter’s neck. All of a sudden, they came to a stop. “Kai?”

“Kamui is calling me. There’s an enemy ahead. Fur-balls, look after him until I return,” Kai said and sat the incubus beside a large gummy bear. “I’ll be right back.” He pressed a kiss to Drake’s lips and bolted through the spacious pathway.

Drake tried to keep his eyes open. The river made a relaxing sound on the other side, orange gummy fish jumping against the stream. He looked at Red gazing at him in concern. “Don’t look at me like that,” he said quietly. He felt cold, but his clothes stuck to his skin by how sweaty he’d gotten. “My back hurts.”

“I’ll try to help,” Brown said, leaned the incubus away from the gummy bear, and massaged his back. “Is this better?”

“Yes, much better,” Drake mumbled. He noticed a familiar pair of expensive-looking shoes. He looked up. “By any chance, is it time for our fight, Skylar?”

The angel shook his head. “I just came here to check up on you,” he said, kneeling in front of Drake. He grinned as the Balfurs shielded the incubus. “There’s no point in getting in my way, so step aside.” But they wouldn’t do it. “Are you sure that you want to face me?”

“Balfurs, stand behind me,” Drake told them. He regarded the other man. “Why would you care about me?” Skylar could intimidate anyone. The careless way he carried himself still proved it. Drake needed Kai and Kamui by his side as quickly as possible.

“It’s not fair.” Skylar pouted. “While everyone else is out there, you’re here because you’re sick. Even though I’m your opponent, we don’t have to fight yet.” He grabbed Drake’s wrist and pulled him onto his shoulder. “Let’s go for a walk.”

Drake’s heart pounded in his chest. “Where are you taking me?” He shook his head before the Balfurs attacked the angel. Panting, Drake put his hands on Skylar’s back, trying to get away. What a horrible time for a cold, especially if Kai couldn’t sense Skylar. “My back is killing me,” Drake whined. He punched the other man’s back weakly. “Please, let me go. I can’t...” he trailed off, feeling dizzy.

“You’ll be fine,” Skylar said. “You should be grateful that I like to play fair.”

Drake looked to the side. They were approaching the area where Kai and Kamui had been fighting a gummy spider the size of a small building. “Kai,” he called tiredly. Was Skylar going to attack them?

“Drake?” Kai said in disbelief. He managed to dodge the spider’s leg, and bolted toward his lover.

“Hey, I came here to help. You left your boyfriend back there,” Skylar said, putting the incubus down. He raised his hands once Kai wrapped his arms around Drake and dragged him away. “Relax. Now, let’s get to business. You’ll fall way behind if you stay here. Everyone else is at the challenge. After that it’s the last one, so I advise that you don’t waste time.”

Drake held on to Kai’s shirt. He stared at Skylar spreading his black wings. The angel formed a ball of fire in his hand, and threw it at the spider. The creature began to melt all over the ground. “We’re no match for him,” Drake said. The more he got to know Skylar, the less he wanted to be around him. As it was, he had one day to rest before the last battle. What should he do?




“How adorable,” Kai said. He held Drake’s tail, pulling him closer. “Come back to bed. I want to make love to you.”

Drake gulped and looked over his shoulder. “This is not the time...” he was cut off once Kai stroked his sensitive tail. His legs gave out. “Stop teasing me.” He moaned and clenched his hands. “Don’t look at me,” he told Kamui, but the lizard wouldn’t move.

Kai wrapped his arms around the incubus’s torso and scooped him onto the bed. “You’re an incubus, so you must be up for a round of hot sex whenever you can, right?” he said, sliding his hand around Drake’s hip, and groped his crotch from behind. “I can feel it.” Kai nibbled Drake’s shoulder, all the while pinching the incubus’s covered nipple. He then pressed his chest against Drake’s back, making him arch so Kamui could see him perfectly.

Turning around, Drake shook his head. “You’ll see what happens to you if you stop touching my tail,” he whined. Without a second to lose, Kai slid his hips between Drake’s thighs. He closed his eyes as the shifter pressed several kisses to his neck, cheeks, and lips.

“You’re in the mood now,” Kai whispered into his ear, yanking his lover’s pants off. “You can rest as much as you want after this.” He took out a condom from his pocket, as if he’d prepared for the occasion.

Drake opened his eyes to Kai peeling his shirt off. “Wait, Kamui is watching,” he said. But he couldn’t push Kai away. He wanted the shifter to take him right then and there. Just the sight of these muscles flexing right in front of him drove him insane in desire. In the current circumstances, he couldn’t bring himself to care if anyone watched them.

Kai nuzzled Drake’s neck. “Your musky scent is so...torturing. Yes, that’s the right word,” he said faintly. From the looks of it, his mind was far gone into lust. He could only see who he clearly wanted to make love to.

“Look who’s talking,” Drake said, resting his hand on the shifter’s cheek. He tilted his head and pressed a kiss to Kai’s lips.

Kamui stared at Kai stuffing the incubus’s entrance with his cock. “I can’t look away,” he mumbled.

Kai stroked his cock in and out swiftly. Drake looked up into the shifter’s eyes. The bed began to creak, causing the Balfurs to protest. But the room soon became quiet. Only the sounds coming from their lovemaking reverberated within the walls of the rest house. Drake wrapped his hands around Kai’s wrists. He needed leverage so he could meet with the shifter’s thrusts. He wanted to feel more.

With a tilt of his hips, Kai brushed his shaft against Drake’s prostate. He watched the incubus groan and arch against him. “If you keep making these sounds, this will turn from loving to fucking,” he said, snapping his cock into Drake’s entrance.

Drake’s mouth fell open. He could feel Kai thrusting deeper and in shorter strokes. He loved the way the shifter’s big hands held his thighs to curve his back up. Without thinking, Drake spread his legs further apart. Once he realized that Kamui had been watching the whole time, he used his tail to cover his cock. However, that made him want to switch his wild side on. He wanted to show Kamui that Kai was his.

“You’re so good. Your blue skin tone is beautiful,” Kai managed to say. He squeezed Drake’s thighs and pulled him closer, burying his cock into his entrance. “It’s all the way in now.”

Swallowing drily, Drake opened and closed his eyes slowly. Kai hadn’t gotten this deep in there the first time. If the shifter’s cock was any larger, he wouldn’t be able to take it. Kai’s hips began to slap against his ass. Every time the shifter thrust forward, he’d pull Drake toward him. All he could do was moan at how passionately Kai made love to him.

Kai leaned down and shoved his tongue into his lover’s mouth. He explored it thoroughly, but stopped mostly on its sensitive top. He slid his hands back and forth on Drake’s sides. And, when he moved away, he looked between them. Drake had been stroking his shaft with his tail.

Drake protested when Kai unwrapped his tail. But he wanted to come. As payback, he surrounded the shifter’s waist with his legs, making him stop moving. “You had no right to interrupt my flow,” he complained playfully. “What are you going to do now to make it up to me, huh?”

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