Teaching Angelo (MM)

Brac Village 14

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,597
53 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, ice play, HEA]

What if finding your mate isn’t all roses and sunshine? That is the question Angelo begins to wonder after meeting Bishop, a snow leopard with OCD. He thinks life will be better after finding his mate, but soon learns that just because two people are fated to be together doesn't mean they will get along.

Bishop Marshal loves the fact that he's found his mate. But living with the man is an entirely different thing. Angelo is the messiest man Bishop has ever met, and the fox shifter is his mate. Sex is great between them, but letting the man move in is a whole other ball game.

Can the two find common ground and work things out, or has fate made a mistake this time? Also, can Angelo find out who the three mysterious men are who have come to town? With Maverick gone and the paranormal world in chaos, Angelo decides to take the matter into his own hands.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Teaching Angelo (MM)
53 Ratings (4.8)

Teaching Angelo (MM)

Brac Village 14

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,597
53 Ratings (4.8)
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ABSOLUTELY MUST READ FOR BRAC FANS....Love Angelo and the 'Mates' are funny.....SPOILER ALERT: What series of 'Brac and Friends' will come next????
Professional Reviews

4 SWEET PEAS: "Angelo is a hard working and responsible, laid back and happy fox shifter who has finally met his mate. But there’s a slight problem. His mate, Bishop is an OCD snow leopard shifter who constantly finds reasons to push away the men he has dated in the past. And when I mean OCD, I’m talking about sleeping-with-the-enemy-towel-straightening OCD neat freak. Angelo is a little messy, but he’s not a total slob. That fact alone is enough to send the neat freak, buttoned up snow leopard shifter into a tizzy. I loved Angelo and liked Bishop later. Bishop didn’t realize that Angelo was just the type of mate he needed to loosen him up and make him release some of that rigid control he has over himself and his surroundings. What he fails to realize is that the Fates paired him with Angelo for a reason. When he finally does wise up and realize that, it’s almost too late; he has succeeded in pushing his mate away to the point that Angelo is a leery of moving forward with their mating. Things have calmed down a little now that Maverick (the town’s mayor/alpha) is back in town. The paranormal world is still in chaos, but one bright spot in this is that Maverick has finally found who he was searching for. Angelo and his crazy friends (Johnny, Spencer, and his new roommate Parker), decide to spy on the three mysterious men who are hanging around in Brac Village. Angelo takes it upon himself to find out as much as he possibly can about these men. What he plans on doing with the information is anyone’s guess because an alpha he is not. A life threatening attack on Bishop makes him realize just how valuable his mate is to him and maybe he should just open himself up a little more to what the Fates have been trying to tell him the entire time. The way Angelo stands by and takes care of Bishop (even though he is not sure of the mating) said quite a bit about the type of person Angelo is and Bishop finally saw that. Other than the incident with Bishop and Maverick getting back who he was searching for, it was kind of calm. No rabbits being pulled out of the hat this time around, but that’s okay. The situations with these characters in this book wash over you gently. I am really looking forward to see how Maverick interacts with at least one of the mysterious men that have arrived in his town, though. Maybe there is another series in the works? Not sure but I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m just wondering when this author find the time to rest in between all of the series that she has going. It’s amazing how she can come up with these wonderful characters and storylines, able to connect them and still maintain their individual series. I truly enjoy them. As always, these are not standalone books. They’re part of a series whose characters cross over from other series. In order to follow the story line and characters you should read: Brac Pack, Zeus’s Pack, Christian’s Coven, and the Demon Warriors." -- Kiwi, Mrs Condit and Friends Read Books

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“No,” Angelo said into the phone as he jumped up onto the counter and took a seat. “This is not a party pad, moron. Who taught you about living out on your own?” Angelo listened and then rolled his eyes. “Thanks for calling, but I’ll pass.”

Tossing the phone aside, Angelo wondered where some people got their mentality from. He was happy his friend Kiki had finally gotten his head out of his ass and moved in with his mate, Reese. But now Angelo had the daunting and frustrating job of finding another roommate.

Kiki hadn’t been inconsiderate about it either. The man had given him enough notice and said he would continue to help Angelo out with the bills until he could find someone to move in with him. But so far Angelo wasn’t having any luck finding a candidate who wasn’t an idiot.

He’d received countless calls from college-age guys wanting a place to party—which was not going to happen. He even got a call from some guy who sounded like he murdered kittens for a living, asking Angelo if being a roommate entailed paying bills and if he could put a padlock on his bedroom door.

Was he serious?

When the phone rang again, Angelo was almost too afraid to pick it up. He didn’t want to sit there and answer any more dumbass questions. “Hello?”

“Hey!” Kiki said on the other end. Angelo smiled at his enthusiastic friend.

“What’s going on, Kiki?” Angelo tucked a leg under him and leaned back against the white cabinets, happy to hear the man’s voice.

“Great news! I know you’re looking for a roommate to replace me—which is going to be impossible since I’m irreplaceable. But how averse are you to moving in with someone else instead?”

Angelo hadn’t thought about that. His lease was up in a month and if he didn’t do anything, it would automatically renew. He had thought nothing of letting it renew, but he wanted to hear Kiki out. If this option was better, Angelo would consider it. “Go on.”

Grabbing Michael Douglas from beside him, Angelo plopped the stuffed rabbit in his lap and waited to hear what Kiki had to say.

“Reese has a friend who works as a high school shop teacher. He’s hardly ever home and said he would love to have a roommate.”

Angelo plucked at the rabbit’s grey fur as he listened. “Come on, Kiki. Did the guy really say he would love to have a roommate, or are you just trying to make me feel better about moving in with some stranger?”

He could practically see Kiki rolling his greyish-green eyes toward the ceiling. “Okay, that wasn’t exactly his response, but you’re interviewing strangers to move in with you. What’s the difference?”

He had a point. But this apartment was leased under Angelo’s name, so he could set the ground rules. Moving into someone else’s place meant the other person would have the upper hand. “I don’t know, Kiki.”

“He owns his own house so the bills would be reasonable,” Kiki said in a way that told Angelo he was trying to sweeten the pot.


“He has plenty of land where you can let your fox run free,” Kiki said as if he were dangling a carrot right in front of Angelo’s nose. “Why don’t you just talk to the guy? It couldn’t hurt, and if you don’t like him, you can always stay where you are.”

What Angelo wouldn’t give to be able to walk out the back door and go running through the woods. He hated the fact that he had to fit time in for his exercise. He could shift at home. That wasn’t a problem, but being able to run through the forest was a natural high he didn’t get to indulge in too often. “You drive a hard bargain, my friend.”

“So you’ll meet with him? Good, because I already told him you would and he’ll be at the market in a few hours.”

Angelo should have known that Kiki would be pushy about this. His friend cared and had stated on more than one occasion that he hated that he left Angelo high and dry. “What are you cooking for dinner?”

Kiki chuckled. “Come by after work and you can stuff your face.”

Angelo liked hanging out at the Manchester place. The guys were friendly and the house had plenty of food—something he could barely afford these days. “I’ll work my four-hour shift and then be over there. No promises on the roommate thing, though.”

“Just meet with the guy,” Kiki said. “His name is Bishop Marshall. He’s a snow leopard shifter and pretty laid back. He has dreamy indigo-blue eyes and a short cut to his chestnut-brown hair. He also has this shadow of a beard around his jaw that makes him look a bit rugged.”

Grinning, Angelo asked, “Are you going to tell me his sign?” It was starting to sound like Kiki was trying to hook Angelo up with a date rather than a roommate.

“Don’t be ridiculous. I went with Reese to talk with the guy and just wanted you to know who to look for. But, if you get a chance, he is so doable.”

Dating tips sounded odd coming from Kiki considering what the man had gone through while Reese was trying to mate the man. “You do not sleep with roommates, Kiki. It makes things awkward.”

“Fine.” Kiki sounded like he was pouting. “That was my first attempt at matchmaking.”

“You suck at it,” Angelo said and laughed. “But I’ll meet with this Bishop guy and talk with him. If he doesn’t turn out to be roommate material, I’ll consider giving him a go in the bedroom.”

Kiki laughed. “See you later tonight, Angelo.”




Bishop tangled his tongue around the cube as another purr rumbled in his throat. Since meeting Angelo, his snow leopard couldn’t stop making that noise. It was pleased beyond belief and so was Bishop. He shackled his mate’s wrists, pulling them above his head as Bishop pulled the ice cube back into his mouth.

“You have such a hot little mouth.” Bishop slid his tongue over Angelo’s bottom lip, the ice cube finally melting. He wanted to get another, but didn’t want to let Angelo’s wrists go. The man was so responsive, letting out soft moans as Bishop touched his smooth skin.

He wanted to hear Angelo’s screams of pleasure echoing in his ears. He loved how the man’s thick black lashes framed denim-blue eyes. His mate was so unbelievably gorgeous. Bishop couldn’t believe how lucky he’d gotten. Although his brother had a tormented past, Bishop saw the love in Kade’s eyes every time he looked at his mate, Keaton.

The man was truly happy.

Bishop wanted that. He wanted Angelo to wear that look and he wanted to find a slice of happiness. Dipping his head, Bishop circled his tongue around one of Angelo’s nipples, feeling a slow burn sizzle through his blood at the small cry of pleasure from his mate. He stroked and petted the little fox’s skin as Bishop tormented the small peak between his teeth.

“Please don’t tease me for much longer,” Angelo begged as he yanked at his arms, trying to free his wrists from Bishop’s hold. Bishop nipped the man’s skin with his teeth, his leopard approving of the small pleas coming from Angelo.

Rotating his hips in a slow circle, Bishop pressed his aroused cock into Angelo’s hard length. He was robbed of the full sensation because they were still dressed. The side of his mouth pulled back when he saw the wildness in Angelo’s blue eyes. He wanted that wildness to come out and play.

Stretching his body back, Bishop trailed his tongue along the skin just above the waistband of Angelo’s jeans, drawing a whimper from his mate. The man had no idea just how much Bishop loved to pet and purr, to please and play.

Bishop released Angelo’s hands and then ran his fingers over the man’s throat as he used his teeth to unsnap the guy’s jeans. He kept his eyes locked on the little fox, watching his every expression. The blue in Angelo’s eyes darkened and filled with heat. He could see the desperation for Bishop to keep going.

Oh, I plan to.

Using his tongue, he maneuvered the zipper between his teeth before he pulled the metal all the way down. Angelo’s breath hitched.

His fingers massaged his mate’s jaw as his other hand pulled at the waistband of Angelo’s pants. He could feel the slight tremor in the man’s body as Bishop closed his mouth over his mate’s navel and swirled his tongue over the tiny piercing before he pulled back.

He absolutely loved that Angelo had a navel piercing. The jewelry was small, a silver cross dangling from a rod. He planned on giving the piece some more attention but right now he needed to get the man’s pants off.

God, I feel just as desperate as my mate looks.

As he slipped the fabric from his mate’s body, Bishop groaned when he saw that Angelo had shaved his nether region. It was such a turn-on. The only thing more impressive was the thick cut of his mate’s cock. He gave a low, approving purr, watching as Angelo’s eyes widened and then hooded. The guy really did like to hear Bishop’s cat.

Tossing the pants aside, Bishop maneuvered his body until he had Angelo’s legs over his shoulders. He leaned in, inhaling deeply. Angelo’s scent rushed back into Bishop in a wave of intoxication. He wanted to devour the man, to eat him alive, to lick every damn inch of his body. The musky scent had his canines threatening to lengthen.

Reaching over to the bowl of half-melted ice cubes, Bishop slid one into his mouth before he sucked the head of Angelo’s cock between his lips.


Angelo nearly jackknifed, and probably would have, if not for Bishop’s hand on the man’s chest holding him down. He could definitely envision candle wax in their near future. His leopard curled on its side when Angelo ran his hands through Bishop’s hair. The touch wasn’t soft and gentle. It was a strangled hold that said Bishop wasn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

His throat muscles massaged Angelo’s cock, the ice cube slipping down the man’s shaft. He could feel Angelo trembling beneath him as Bishop spread his legs wider, planting his feet on the floor. A raw need swam over Bishop as his cock throbbed with his heartbeat. He took the shaft deeper, using his tongue to move the cube around.

Angelo bucked underneath him, sending his cock further down Bishop’s throat. The neediness in his mate was becoming frantic. Angelo’s lips parted, a low groan vibrating as his head turned. Bishop eased back, letting his mate’s cock slip from between his lips.

“Damn,” he cursed quietly. “I want you to touch me, Angelo.”

All he could think about was sliding his thick cock into his mate, thrusting hard and deep, Angelo’s ass milking it, caressing it deeper and tighter than Bishop’s hand had done days before. This feeling of wanting to sink his cock deep into Angelo was rioting through his system now. The sweet spice of Angelo’s scent wrapped around him, making his cock harden demandingly as he yanked his shirt over his head, stood, and shoved his jeans from his body.

He hated that he had to take time to remove his boots before he could pull the denim completely free. It felt like he was wasting precious time. There was no need to rush, but the way Angelo lay there watching him, his denim-blue eyes filled with need, had Bishop’s hands moving at a rapid pace.

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