The Virgin Sacrifice (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,235
2 Ratings (4.5)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Jewel of the Jaguar clan hoped to retire her life as a thief, but in order to save the life of her brother she is forced to pull off one last heist. It may as well be suicide but she has to try. The Troll King wants her to steal the red dragons' treasure, from their lair high in the Shatundra mountains, or he has promised to kill her brother.

Darius and Darryl Tarragon are fierce shape-shifting red dragons and have been sleeping for years. They awoke to find a thief in their midst and a powerful drug that stops them from shifting into their stronger dragon forms to fight. They corner the thief in their lair only to discover the fierce thief is a curvaceous virgin whose body drives them to possess her and her sharp tongue dares them to try and tame her. A challenge they are both too ready to accept. They demand nothing less than passionate obedience from their raven-haired beauty, but when they learn her brother’s life is in trouble, they must act or risk losing the woman that sparks passion in their souls and love in their hearts.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Virgin Sacrifice (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

The Virgin Sacrifice (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,235
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



He was so angry he could have killed her in a moment, but he needed her help. Although he was human, some parts of him were still dragon, and inside he was more at risk. He couldn’t be the one to remove the toxin or he could easily die as well as his brother. “I need your help to save him.”

His brother lay on the ground holding tightly to his arm, his teeth gritted tightly in pain.

“I am going to cut his wound open, and I need you to suck the toxins out.”

“Why can’t you do it? I can’t—” Her chest heaved at the thought of tasting Darryl’s blood.

“You can, and you will. We are brothers, and it is a toxin to my body as well as to his.”

She swallowed hard and took a step forward, until she was kneeling by Darryl’s side. “I’m not good at healing.”

“You don’t have to be trained as a healer.” Darius stalked angrily to his brother and used his knife to slice it open further and then pointed to the wound. “This is very simple, just suck and blow.”

He winced when he heard how sexual that came out and clarified. “You need to suck it into your mouth and then blow the poison out.”

She began to do something unusual. Speaking in the fairy language she called the earth spirits to her aid. The sprites lit up the grass around her like tiny dewdrops of light, weaving a spell of protection, of light and life and healing.

Did he smell her wrong? Was she half-human and half-fairy? She knew the spells that only fairy kind would know and yet… She had human blood pulsing inside her veins. He didn’t think she smelled like she had any fae in her. A sprite landed on Darryl’s arm and sank inside of his wound, searching out the toxins that made him ill.

Darius watched her as she did his bidding.

Her head tilted curiously forward, but she did as she was told. Her ebony hair swept forward, covering her face as she leant over his brother and put one hand on his shoulder and the other across his arm to hold it still. Darryl laced his fingers around her arm.

“Don’t worry, brother. She will help you. Try not to move much or the poison will enter your system.”

She slurped loudly as she sucked the poison, and then spat the blood and toxin to the side of him in the dirt. She did the same repetitive motion several times before Darius began to daydream about what it would have been like to have that wet tongue wrapped around his cock, and her eagerly sucking and blowing his hard dick.

He stroked himself through the thick material, and it did nothing to ease the growing tension. His cock wanted her to finish her work on him now that she was done with his brother.

She sat up suddenly and wiped the back of her arm across her mouth then turned her head to look at Darius. “Is that enough?” The sprites danced along Darryl’s arm and worked to close the wound.

Darius didn’t look at his brother. He knew instinctively the man was fine now and out of danger since his aura had turned blue. He was healing himself internally, and what little toxin was left he was pushing out of the wound. The sprites and the human had done their job. However, Darius wanted to watch her head dip low one more time for himself. He could only imagine what it would feel like to have those crimson lips wrap around his cock. “One more time ought to do it.”

She bent low and sucked the poison, and then she heard her apologize to his brother.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” She spoke to his brother Darryl, but followed Darius’s command. She stopped suddenly when she noticed the wound was healing. It was no longer possible to suck the blood or the toxin out. His flesh was already healing. In another second or two it would be as if the event had never happened. Her eyes narrowed cynically. “How are you doing that? You are almost healed, and it’s only been a minute since I struck you with my arrow. The sprites could not have healed you so quickly. Who—what are you?”

The sprites danced swiftly away from Darryl’s body as they disappeared back into the earth and behind the slim blades of grass at their feet. She scrambled to her feet, suddenly afraid of what she had witnessed.

“It shouldn’t matter what we are, but have you figured out what you are yet?” Darius kept his voice even and very low.

“Lunch?” she quizzed. Her eyes scanned between them for weapons or a possible avenue of retreat. She had to be feeling like a mouse about to be devoured by a hungry snake. Darius felt his body tense for a possible chase. He wanted her, and now that he understood why she was sent here, he couldn’t resist the bait. He knew he had to have her, no matter what the cost.

“No, even better.” Darius stood and his lips curved in a half smile. “The sacrificial virgin.”




“Are you planning to kill me?” She shivered against her will. She didn’t understand the torn emotions she felt. She wanted to be strong enough to want to leave. She should be fighting harder, but the attraction she was feeling for Darryl and Darius was undeniable. She didn’t know whether she should be feeling fear or desire, but if Darryl was suddenly to let her go from his viselike grip on her body, she wasn’t sure she would run.

“No, just the opposite, Jewel.” Darius knelt beside her, and she froze. He was so close—inches away from her face. She closed her eyes just as she felt the brush of his lips on hers. It wasn’t the soft kiss she expected but demanding and conquering. He invaded her senses, and lust took over.

She moaned against his mouth, his tongue sought entrance to her lips until she opened, and after that all resistance was futile. She was his—theirs to command. She ached deep inside her body. Darius’s fierce kiss was demanding nothing less than complete submission. The kiss was lighting her senses on fire and serving to chase away all thoughts but one.

She needed their touch to feel complete.

“That’s it, girl. Trust us, and we will take you to the heavens and back again. Ride your desire and set your lust free.” Darryl was kissing her neck, and with Darius on her mouth she could barely think, barely handle the emotions she felt. The primitive needs of her body were taking over, and she wanted to be filled by these two men, completely consumed by her desire.

When Darius broke the kiss, it was like he released her from his thrall.

“My head is swimming.” She felt dizzy from that kiss and breathless at the same time, but her senses were on fire. He could give her more pleasure if she would only ask.

Darius’s fingers cupped her chin while Darryl had his working just below her breast, creeping higher with every heartbeat. The long nimble fingers swept across her ribcage and worked their way under her tunic, teasing her bare flesh. “You can feel pleasure in our arms today. Pleasure you would never experience by any ordinary mortal.”

“Both of you?” Damn, she was so tempted to say yes. The reasoning was beginning to stack up against her. She wanted them—they both wanted her. So why should she say no? There was only one reason not to. She was a virgin. She was saving herself for her husband who one day would want to marry her. “I shouldn’t.”

“It would be our greatest pleasure.” Darryl purred as he nuzzled her ear.

Darius chuckled, his perfect teeth bared by a devilishly handsome smile. His thumb kneaded her flesh, driving her to distraction and making it easy to forget how to think. “And it could also be your greatest pleasure. Think of the stories you can tell your grandchildren.”

“I shouldn’t.” Her voice cracked as she felt Darryl’s hand creep closer to her aching pussy. She closed her eyes and her body stiffened as she felt his hand cup her mound. She ached to feel him inside of her, filled with a throbbing intense desire to have them use her body to satisfy their lust and to be used like an animal, fucked by them both. She had never felt this way with anyone before, especially not two men. It had to be some kind of spell they wove around her, but she was so driven by her own lust she didn’t care anymore.

“Tell us what you need, Jewel.”

“Oh my god, please just—” She gasped as Darryl seemed to find the perfect spot on her pussy. She wanted to have him fuck her. She threw her head back, biting her bottom lip so she wouldn’t scream out the request.

Resistance was futile.

There was no holding back the demands of her body. In another second she would be begging.

“Please what?” Darius cocked his head sideways as if he had no idea how much she ached to be fucked just then. She needed sex to put out the fire they had started. “There has to be something we can do—to help you.”

“Fuck me. I need you to fuck me.” She was panting by the time she finally admitted her deepest desire. It was sexual and came out in the very basest of requests, but it seemed to be just what Darius and Darryl needed to hear from her lips.

“I love it when they beg so sweetly.” Darryl chuckled beneath her, and it made her wonder how many others there had been. How many women before her had melted at their touch? She burned inside beneath her dragon lovers, knowing her only release was through their touch and to be consumed by them. Her body wanted only to be filled by theirs, and the throbbing between her legs was growing stronger by the second. It was worse than needing air or food, and only their cocks would do to stave off this terrible hunger deep inside her.


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