Third-Degree Burn (MFM)

Southern Heat 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,549
3 Ratings (3.7)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Kayla Somers, special segment reporter for the Georgia Sentinel, is on track to complete the focal point of her latest news segment by conducting an interview with the men of Firehouse 75. Upon arriving at the station, she bumps heads with Dakota Jennings and his partner, Shane McIntyre.
Drawn to the beautiful Kayla from the first moment they meet, Dakota and Shane decide to take matters into their own hands and teach her a most tantalizing lesson in submission. In doing so, they will unleash a smoldering, sexual desire buried deep within Kayla and find out that she has a few lessons of her own to teach them. The erotic chase that follows is so incredibly hot it is bound to burn out of control until it scorches the very earth beneath the city of Atlanta!   
Note: This book contains forced seduction.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Third-Degree Burn (MFM)
3 Ratings (3.7)

Third-Degree Burn (MFM)

Southern Heat 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,549
3 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This was a pretty good book. A little hard for me to get into but I still liked it.




Kayla Somers, special segment reporter for The Georgia Sentinel, arrived on time at exactly 9:00 a.m. sharp to conduct the interview she had been trying to arrange for over three months. Firehouse 75 was located in the heart of Atlanta’s burgeoning business district. It was the last remaining focal point of her next three-segment piece on the men and woman in uniform who made it their business to ensure the safety of the public at large.

Hailing from New Jersey, as a newcomer to the area, Kayla was like a kid in a candy store. Possessing a discriminating nose for the news, she was eager to discover all that the popular southern city had to offer. Her timing couldn’t be better. Leaving her old life and a string of failed relationships in The Garden State, she was ready to make a fresh start and put the past behind her.

On that balmy Friday afternoon in September, she walked into the station dressed in an olive-colored, two-piece linen suit and a white cotton-blend blouse. Crossing the floor with authority, she approached a tall, tanned, muscular fireman. He was in the middle of work, carrying two large buckets of water. She immediately noticed his thick dark hair, piercing hazel eyes, and sculptured face.

“Good afternoon, Miss, can I help you?” he asked in a distinct, smooth Southern voice.

“I hope so. I’m Kayla Somers. I’m here to see Chief Neal Stockton. Is he in?”

“Hey, you’re the reporter from the Sentinel. Am I right?”

“Yes, you are,” she answered somewhat sternly. “Can you show me to his office?” she requested.

“You mean will I?” he asked, looking quite serious for a moment before he broke into an incredibly white smile. Two deep dimples formed just below his cheeks. “I’m just kiddin’. Let me sit these buckets down, and I’ll show you upstairs.”

He caught her off guard. Usually being quick on her feet, suddenly Kayla was at a loss for words. In a matter of seconds, the very attractive fireman had rendered her speechless. His attitude seemed brash, a little off-putting but at the same time endearing for some reason. When he approached her again, she prepared herself for round two.

“May I ask your name?” she inquired, pushing her long, dark auburn hair to her back.

He stared intensely into her light-green eyes and at the delicate spray of freckles across her nose. “If you must know, I’m Dakota Jennings, but everybody around here calls me DJ.”

Tapping her right foot against the concrete floor, she said, “Well, Mr. Jennings, I’m kind of in a hurry. I have an appointment to keep.”

“No offense, but I can tell by the way you talk you’re not from around here,” he commented.

Forcing a pretentious smile onto her lips, she replied, “None taken, I’ve been in Atlanta for about two years. I guess I still carry my Northern Jersey twang. How perceptive of you. Now, if you don’t mind, can you point me in the direction of your chief? Deadlines have to be kept.”

“Deadlines and all, they sure can be a bitch,” Dakota commented with a smirk.

Kayla held her head up high as if her five-foot-seven-inch frame was a match for his six-foot-four-inch, towering physique. “I couldn’t agree with you more. I pride myself on being punctual, so again, if you don’t mind—”

“Follow me,” he said, walking toward the stairs, leading to the second floor landing.


* * * *


After Dakota escorted Kayla into Chief Stockton’s office, he returned to the main floor of the firehouse. Shane McIntyre, another company fireman with dark blond hair and striking blue eyes, jogged up to him with a wide grin on his face and patted him swiftly across the back.

“Who in the world was that?” Shane asked, standing eye-level to him.

“She’s the news reporter here to get a story on us,” Dakota answered.

Cupping his hands together, Shane commented, “I overheard your conversation with her. She’s hell on wheels, dude. That’s a real piece of work—gorgeous in spite of the fact that she’s probably one of those cosmopolitan, stuck-up snobs.”

“You’ve got that right,” Dakota confirmed. “I could actually feel icicles forming on my dick every time she opened her mouth.”

“She can’t get away with that snooty bullshit. We’ll just have to do something about it. If she’s gonna be here for a week, she’ll need to be taught a little lesson in humility,” Shane said, rubbing his hands together.

“I don’t know. Maybe we should drop it. Let Ms. Prissy go on about her business,” Dakota told him.

“Fuck no,” Shane protested. She just walked up in here and tried to take over like she owns the place. If you ask me, that sweet, little shrew needs to be brought down a couple of notches.”

“Leave her be for now. There’s more than one way to skin a pussy cat,” Dakota said.

Shane nodded in agreement. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. We should let her relax a bit, settle in before we start ruffling her fur.”




When they both climbed into bed with her, they hit Kayla with another round of tantalizing foreplay. Their skilled hands caressed her healthy breasts and massaged her pussy until it burned with undeniable hunger.

Out of nowhere Dakota produced a tiny vibrator. Shane opened Kayla’s legs, allowing him a perfect position to launch his attack.

“You’re gonna love this,” Dakota told her before placing his finger to her wet pussy.

As he stimulated her juicy cunt, Shane cupped her breasts and licked her nipples with intensity.

“Oh, yes!” she screamed, trying to remain as still as possible.

“Are you enjoying what I’m doing to you?” Shane inquired, studying her pleasurable reaction.

“Yes, yes, I am,” she replied, stretching her arms above her head.

“What if I do this?” he asked, pushing another small, lubricated vibrator against the tight rim of her asshole.

“Ooh, it feels so fucking good. Push it inside me,” she moaned.

“Are you sure?” Shane questioned, poking the vibrator into her rectum.

“What if I do this at the same time?” Dakota asked, pressing the other vibrator directly against her clit while he flicked her nipples with his tongue.

For a moment, Kayla thought her mind would shut down from the massive assault of pleasure her two men were delivering to her body. She wanted to come so badly, but she was determined to hold out until the last mind-numbing second.

“Do you want more?” Shane wondered.

“Yes, give it to me,” Kayla said.

“You know what you are? You’re addicted to our love, baby,” Dakota explained.

“We’re playing with your big, swollen clit and your sweet, tight asshole because we want you to lose control and come so hard that you beg us for more. It’ll feel real good. All you need to do is relax and let us make it happen,” Shane told her.

“You can try to fight it, but we’ll just keep on doing what we do best—playing with your deliciously wet pussy and your super tight ass until you explode,” Dakota promised before he sucked and licked her nipples again.

From deep within, a tremor of intense sexual sensations erupted through Kayla’s pelvis and shot through to her limbs.

“I’m coming so hard, fuck!” she screamed, tensing her body, convulsing atop the mattress.

When Dakota and Shane stopped manipulating Kayla sexually, she collapsed back to the bed. They were kind enough to allow her a few moments to recover. It didn’t take long before Dakota, who was wearing a playful smile, pushed the head of his cock to her lips.

“Open up wide, baby. Nothing would make me happier right now than for you to suck my dick,” he said.

Following his instruction, Kayla first concentrated attention on his large helmet. She swirled her tongue around its smooth skin, licking the underside.

“Yeah, that’s it. Now suck on it slowly, inch by inch. Uh, huh, that’s nice,” Dakota commented.

Shane stretched out next to Kayla, stroking his manhood, watching her suck on Dakota’s prick. He had a bird’s-eye view of the action. It excited him to watch.

Realizing that she had an audience, Kayla became aroused again. She slurped on Dakota’s shaft like it was a big, sweet lollipop.

“Oh, Kayla, you look so good with his big dick stuffed in your mouth. Suck on it, baby. Show him how good you are at giving head,” Shane told her.

She increased the pressure on his cock and allowed Dakota to thrust more of his manhood beyond her lips. She wanted Shane to clearly see every move he made in fucking her mouth. It was making her pussy juices flow again.

“You are such an adorable tease, Kayla,” Shane said, pleasuring himself as he watched. Is this what you look like when you suck on my dick?”

“Mmm,” she uttered before opening her mouth so he could see Dakota pumping his rigid cock down her throat.

“Damn, that looks so good. Dude, it’s got to feel like heaven,” he told Dakota.

“I want to come in her mouth so bad right now,” Dakota told him while fingering Kayla’s nipples.

“Who’s stopping you, DJ?” Shane asked. You know she can’t get enough of us. She’s gonna keep teasing you until you shoot your load. I say go for it.”

Looking down at Kayla, Dakota asked, “You’re gonna make me come, aren’t you?”

She nodded her head and smiled. Sucking on him even harder, she heard Shane’s breaths quicken. He was stroking his cock with fury, turned on by watching her give head to his best friend. They both talked about control, but she knew that she was the one holding all the cards. She could make them do whatever she wanted. In return she was determined to satisfy their sexual needs in all ways possible.

“Oh, I’m coming! Ooh, it’s so good!” Dakota shouted, pumping her mouth.

Shane watched Kayla suck Dakota’s pulsating dick, his cum spurting into her mouth until his muscle relaxed. When she pulled it out, semen shot across her lips. She slowly licked it away as Dakota dropped to the bed next to her.

“That was a wonder to watch,” Shane told them.

“Your cock is rock hard, Shane. Have you been playing with it all this time?” Kayla asked.

“I can’t help it. You’re so beautiful and sexy. You make me want to jerk off.”

“My pussy is pulsating right now. Sucking on Dakota’s big dick made me really horny. I was thinking maybe you could find a place in me to put that huge thing?”

“You know I want to stick my cock in you. Why are you teasing me like this?” he asked.

“I want you to enjoy me every time you get in your mind to make love to me. I’ve decided I want to please you and Dakota in every way possible. It’s gentlemen’s choice,” she replied.

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