Love's Slow Burn (MFM)

Southern Heat 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,823
3 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, HEA]
When the confident, prim, and proper Casey Prentice returns to the Tar Heel state of North Carolina at the request of her Great Aunt, Jenna Hastings, she has every intention of swapping her fast-paced, New York City lifestyle in an effort to recapture the tranquil, unhurried, home-style flavor of her joyous childhood roots. What she didn't count on was running into a most sexy blast from her memorable past, Jake Martin. Along with his inviting, charming roommate, Dean Stark, the two irresistible, gorgeous, strapping firefighters give Casey a run for her money. They will stop at nothing to stake claim to Casey's heart and complete their dream of finding the perfect mate. What follows is a most scintillating journey into the world of ménage and a homecoming, the likes of which will ignite a tantalizing romance that is destined to blaze a smoking-hot trail straight through the county of Dalton.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Love's Slow Burn (MFM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

Love's Slow Burn (MFM)

Southern Heat 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,823
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Great book!
Really good point first: Alexa's erotic writing is splendidly no holds barred. She obviously enjoys describing two gorgeous men and a beautiful woman getting it on and, in both this and her first book, delights in being extremely explicit. It may be sexist but, as a man, that is worth the price of the book alone...

But ... both books have almost no story. Granted two men f*ck one woman repeatedly is a story of sorts, and it's sure as hell better than the desperately overused device of a crazed stalker/embittered business rival/jealous 'other' woman who throws the lovers together, but Casey, Jake and Dean do little *more* than meet and then f*ck and it's difficult to care about them as characters.

Of course I look forward to the next book - and will buy it eagerly - but I really want to care how the story turns out, not just take pleasure in the sex scenes... Deal, Alexa?
Alex Barton




The Dalton County Spring Fling celebration was held every year during the second Saturday in May. The community fair got under way around 1:00 p.m. and ran until 10:00 p.m. that evening. It was always one of the most anticipated events of the year, including amusement rides and games, local musical talent, a delicious bake-off sponsored by the Spouses of Local Veterans Committee, a livestock competition, and performances by schools from across the county. There was even a beauty contest to crown the new Miss Spring Fling.

It was the place where Casey Prentice would encounter Jake Martin and his coworker, Dean Stark, for the second time since she returned to town after a long absence. The headstrong Casey never believed in love at first sight, but would she soon discover that it was indeed real?

Jake was a local firefighter, born and raised in Dalton County, North Carolina. He was the first to spark a twinkle in Casey’s jade-green eyes. She had first reconnected with him on a cold afternoon five months before. He was tall, strapping, and incredibly sexy with dark hair and crystal-blue eyes. His good looks and strong demeanor were more than enough to capture her attention, but with him came his partner, Dean. Standing eye to eye with Jake, he was a chestnut-brown haired, dark-eyed, scrumptious hunk of a man, who hailed from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In no time at all, the two firefighters had charmed their way into Casey’s heart.

Like Jake, Casey was born in Dalton, but fourteen years ago, at the age of ten, she had moved with her parents and two older sisters to New York City.

Growing weary of the never-ending fast pace of city life, when Casey received an invitation from Jenna Hastings, her great aunt, to come back to her hometown and become her live-in assistant, she didn’t hesitate in leaving her job as a mortgage officer for a major financial institution. In no time at all, she abandoned the hustle-bustle lifestyle of the big city for the much slower pace of living in the Tar Heel State.

Since the death of her husband, Harold, the sixty-six-year-old Ms. Hastings had been a widow for the past five years. Harold Hastings left his wife well taken care of, but they never had any children. Now getting on in age, she needed someone to help her in maintaining her property and personal affairs. Of all her living relatives, she favored Casey the most. Jenna thought her choice would prove to be of mutual benefit for both herself and her young, restless grand-niece. Knowing just how independent Casey was and how strong-willed she could be, Jenna was sure she had made the right choice in seeking help from her quite capable relative. Casey had a knack for finance and an attention to detail, the likes of which Jenna was convinced her niece had directly inherited from her.


* * * *


Soon after Casey arrived, the town of Dalton was hit by a series of severe snow storms. It took five months for the powerful effects of the brutal winter to subside.

One bitterly cold afternoon in late February, while Casey was out grocery shopping, Aunt Jenna decided to carry in some lumber from the backyard woodshed and start up the fireplace. Forty-five minutes later, after taking a relaxing bath, Jenna sat down in her favorite recliner and fell asleep. Forgetting to secure the fireplace screen, a log rolled onto the antique Persian rug and ignited flames that quickly spread across the living room. Luckily, Casey walked through the front door in time to wake her aunt and get her out of the house safely. Afterwards, Casey dialed 9-1-1 for help.

Engine Company 65, located less than ten minutes away, answered the call. Though the damage was minimal, both Jenna and Casey were apparently shaken by the potential deadly event. More than that, it was the day the former New Yorker would ignite a spark of passion strong enough to set off a blazing trail through Dalton County.

After working with the other firefighters to put out the flames, Jake Martin and Dean Stark approached Casey and Jenna, who were being examined by the EMTs. Removing their fire hats, the two men looked stern but caring.

Jake Martin was the first to speak. “Ladies, I’m glad you both are OK, but you need to know this situation could have been a lot worse.”

Still wearing her lavender terrycloth housecoat, Jenna said, “Thank you for all your help. My niece was out running errands. I’m afraid this was my fault. The fire was so comforting. I fell asleep before I set the screen in place.”

“You should always remember to do that. It’s been a bad winter, Ms. Hastings. That being said, you have got to be careful. This time it was just your living room, but the next time, it could be you,” Dean Stark told her.

“We are thankful for your help and your quick response,” Casey said, prefacing her statement, speaking up quickly with a slight toss of her long, thick blonde hair. “My aunt realizes she made a mistake, but we’re no worse for wear. We’re OK. Why don’t we just leave it at that?”




Jake took his time, stripping out of his clothes while Dean climbed onto the bed and spread Casey’s legs wide.

Propping herself up against the king-sized pillows, she watched as he sucked on her bare labia, forcing her clitoris to the surface. “Oh, my God!” she hollered as he spread her open and applied deliberate licks to her exposed bud.

“I knew I’d love the taste of your hot, sweet pussy,” Dean said. “I’m gonna suck your juicy cunt and lick your clit. I want to make you come so hard, you’re gonna cream my face with your sex.”

Listening to the words Dean spoke to her engulfed Casey in sexual heat. She was no longer in control of herself. Her heart beat wildly, and her passion was peaked, ready for whatever her two lovers had in store for her.

Jake stood at the side of the bed and watched Dean eat Casey’s pussy as she tried to remain still, her big titties shaking with each thrust of his partner’s tongue inside her wet cunt. Stroking his stiff dick, pre-cum oozed from his helmet. They looked so good naked, writhing atop his bed, enjoying the sensual foreplay. It was too much for him to bear. A moment later, Jake climbed onto the bed and straddled Casey.

“Open your mouth, and lick my cockhead,” he said, smoothing his pre-cum onto her lips. “Oh, I want to fuck your mouth so bad. I wanna watch you suck on as much of my big dick as you can.”

Casey applied several licks to the head of his prick, swirling her tongue around the sensitive head. She looked up at him, her emerald-green eyes drunk with passion. Teasing his cock with her lips even gently nibbling on his cockhead forced his shaft to pulsate in her hand. Cupping his big, smooth balls, she massaged them while licking the sensitive v under his helmet before sucking six inches of his pole into her mouth.

It made Jake’s dick so hard he pushed the rest of his cock into her mouth until the head touched the back of her throat. He pumped himself into her faster and faster until his cum shot forth and she began to swallow his load.

“Ah! Suck my dick, baby. I want you to swallow every drop of my sweet cum!” he cried out, gritting his teeth, squeezing his butt cheeks together tightly.

Casey obeyed him, sucking on his throbbing cock until it was dry. When she was done, he pulled his semi-soft dick from her mouth and lay beside her, licking her aroused, pink nipples. Dean spread her inner lips, flicking his tongue against her engorged bud.

“Ooh, ooh, yes it feels so good when you lick my tits and clit at the same time. Oh, you’re going to make me come!” she screamed, her body burning with carnal desire.

“You’re so fuckin’ hot, Casey. You can’t get enough. That’s good because we’re gonna do things to you that you can’t even imagine. You’re pussy is so wet  down there, but Dean won’t stop flicking his tongue against your clit until you come in his face,” Jake whispered before pinching and licking her pink nubs again.

“Oh, I’m coming. I’m coming!” she screamed, spraying her pussy juice into Dean’s mouth.

Dean licked her pussy until her orgasm subsided. Lying beside her, he kissed her mouth, allowing her to lick the juice from his lips.

“You taste good, don’t you?” Dean asked.

“Uh huh, especially on you,” Casey said.

“Are you all right?” Jake asked her, stroking his cock again.

“I feel amazing,” she responded, basking in the last sensations of her orgasm.

“Good because I need to be inside of you, girl. You’re about to take a ride on my dick,” he explained, rolling her on top of him.

Casey started slow, grinding her pussy against his rigid shaft, glazing it with her juices. Grabbing hold of his cock, she pushed his bulbous helmet into her vagina. Resting her weight against his shaft, she slid down the length of it until he filled her completely. His manhood stuffed her pussy, and each time she pumped herself along his prick, it rubbed against her clit, making her bud throb again. No man had ever felt so good inside of her before, and now she had two.

Dean watched Casey’s seamless movements, the way her body accepted Jake’s cock inside, like it couldn’t get enough. Watching his best friend’s cock moving in and out of her wet cunt at that moment, he wanted to penetrate her too, and it was going to be electrifying.

“Lean forward and let Jake suck on your big tits. I wanna lick your tight, little asshole,” he said.

As soon as Casey turned her firm, round bottom up to him, he spread her ass cheeks and revealed her pink, puckered rim. He licked around it and kissed her bottom several times before he pushed his tongue deep inside.

With Jake slowly stroking her cunt and Dean tonguing her asshole at the same time, Casey became sexually overwhelmed. She had never before allowed anyone to explore her ass with anything, but she discovered Dean’s tongue poking her back there heightened the pleasure she gained from Jake’s cock fucking her eager pussy.

“This is sooo good. I like this,” she told them. Reaching behind her, grabbing a handful of Dean’s thick hair, she proclaimed, “I want your big cock in my ass.”

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