Breaking Bethany (FF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,115
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Consensual BDSM Romance, F/F, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

"Looking to buy a slave? Looking to sell one? Come to the place where sex slaves are traded and purchased without fear of the law. We have men, women, and mutants available. There are shops with all the latest toys and devices for your property. Come to the Central Hub, a place of Darkness and Desire."

Bethany is on a mission to the Central Hub. She must save her sister, who is kidnapped by slavers. However, there’s a problem, two actually. One is Clarin, the woman who's going to break her into submission so they can get into the hub. The slave training is making her body hyperaware of the feeling she’s having for Clarin. The second is searching the huge spaceport filled with depraved and delicious masters while trying to pass for a submissive herself.

Can they find Bethany’s sister before she’s sold?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Breaking Bethany (FF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Breaking Bethany (FF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,115
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Professional Reviews

"I really liked Anna Keraleigh’s “Addicted to Adella” and I was delighted she has another book out. I was also tickled pink that this book has another “Four Five Two”, and lo and behold this cargo ship is another true hero to a couple of gals on the run…eventually. Anna has been a true artiste when it comes to futuristic stories with great space vehicles and amazingly hot women so far. Bethany has a sister in trouble. However, Bethany is going to need some serious training to be able to assist Clarin, her professional mercenary, to help find and retrieve her sister. She is dedicated to getting her sister back, but as the title states she has to be “broken” to play her part convincingly. Bethany is a sweet, beautiful young virgin. She will need to convince the ugly underbelly of the slave-trading world that she is a totally submissive piece of chattel. It is hard to believe that everyone won’t fall in love with Bethany…I think I did. Clarin is a cosmic mercenary with a multi-world reputation and plenty of supportive weaponry up her sleeve, in other parts of her clothing, and even in her hair. She is also adept as using a holographic whip (doesn’t leave scars but hurts like hell). This “breaking” process includes a good deal of brutalizing with that whip, sexual woman handling, and teaching Bethany to accept poking, prodding, and giving of pleasure to anyone her Master tells her to. This job is very important to Clarin as it comes with a very nice payday if successful. I have not read a great deal of BDSM and things do get rough in this book but not extreme from my perspective. These two women have to convince everyone that Clarin is the Master and Bethany is the submissive slave. Their lives and the rescue of Bethany’s sister depend on their playing their roles perfectly. I like that kind of tension. However, I like what happens to Clarin and Bethany best of all. Ms. Keraleigh is most definitely an author I will continue to follow." -- JJ, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Clarin walked away. Her heart beating so loud in her ears she could barely hear. Each footstep was agonizing. She was leaving Bethany and her sister at the mercy of those bastards. If one thing went wrong, Bethany would be under their control. She would be violated and sold. It made her chest ache to think such things. She couldn’t image someone taking that light behind Bethany’s eyes and crushing her until she was a hollow shell.

Clarin left the stage room, walking past the guard with a wink. The corridor seemed endless as she made her way down it. The people faceless and the acts of depravity around her unseen. Right now, the woman she’d grown to love was hanging out the porthole of a space hub, hanging on for dear life and waiting for rescue. This was a crazy plan. The only one Clarin thought would work. Doubts hit her like steel beams as she continued down the corridor. Why the hell was this path so long? It wasn’t this time-consuming before. Clarin walked a little faster, her breath hitching as she made her way to the entrance of the hub. Clarin blended with the crowd. Weaving in and out of master as well as slaves. She kept herself hidden from guards’ eyes and cameras. The door to the ports was open, and she inhaled stale air deeply when she was finally through the door frame.

Clarin fisted her hands, curling them as she walked to the ship. Her steps were even, unrushed, but she counted each one. Thinking of Bethany and her sister made her adrenaline pump wildly. Finally, Clarin saw her ship. There was Trouble, sitting undisturbed. Clarin made her way down the path and to the individual bubble that held her ship. The door opened upon her arrival, and she punched in the key code so the alarms wouldn’t blare. The ship felt empty and cold. It was so quiet as she shut the door. And then Clarin ran.

She hauled her ass so fast she nearly tripped as she made her way to the control room. Her body trembled as she plopped down into the pilot seat. Clarin turned the ship on and quickly uploaded the program. This virus would confuse the port system, and it would appear as if the ship was still docked despite the fact that the bubble was empty.

The screen before her flashed green, and the clamps holding the ship to this fucking hell hole opened. Clarin took a heavy breath as she eased her way free. She guiding Trouble low and left. The hub was still going about business as usual. She followed the curve and prayed no one was looking out the windows. It would be hard to explain why she was flying so close without permission and even harder to explain the virus and her lie on going shopping.

Clarin turned the corner. Her eyes scanned the rooms, and then she saw them. Clarin cried out in the silent ship. There she was. Bethany held on tight to the window. She was naked and only feet away from bare space. One slip and she would be pulled into the harsh blackness, and Clarin feared her heart would die with Bethany. Clarin eased the ship forward and inched toward them. They had one chance for this.

One attempt.

Clarin hit the control for the hangar door to ease open. The plank was wide enough for them to jump on. Then Clarin shifted forward into the bubble. The timer started, and she quickly pressed forward so the hangar was below their feet. Bethany let go. Her hands simply opened, and Clarin jumped to her feet as Bethany’s body fell.




Clarin tried not to show how excited she was. Her core was creaming. Her nipples had hardened long ago. “Take off your panties.” Clarin held her breath, taking in the sight of Bethany bending over, pulling the white fabric down, and stepping from them. “Stand.” Bethany spread her legs, and Clarin nearly keeled over from yearning. There Bethany was, so totally naked, vulnerable, and looking like a freaking Goddess. She was beautiful. Beyond that no word could describe Bethany. She had a small landing strip of blonde hair and two pouty lower lips. It looked like they were wet. Was she excited by the training? Clarin dragged her hand down Bethany’s torso, stopping to circle her belly button. Her hand eased between Bethany’s legs. Clarin clenched her own thighs as her fingertips touched Bethany’s flesh. The virgin was indeed wet. Clarin slipped a finger into Bethany’s slit and eased a single finger inside her core. Delightful. Clarin pulled her finger out and brought it to her lips. “Clean it.”

Bethany opened her eyes, glanced at the finger, and then proceeded to lick Clarin’s finger. She hadn’t hesitated much. “Good. No waiting, no taking a breath. When an order is given, you obey.”

Bethany nodded and licked her bottom lip.

“Did you like the taste of yourself?”

She nodded slowly.

Clarin took the whip and placed the end against her nipple. One little flick of her wrist and the bright whip rasped across Bethany’s nipple. She cried out, although she didn’t back away. Clarin did the same to her other nipple, and this time she groaned. “Sit on the box.”

Bethany hurried to abide.

“Arms under breasts, legs spread wide, and ass on the edge.” As Clarin gave instructions, Bethany adjusted her position, and when she was done, she looked perfect. “Well, well. Don’t you look like a well-trained slave.” Clarin walked up to Bethany, flicking her hard nipple and caressing her cheek. Bethany was creaming. Clarin could see the moisture seep from between her legs, and it made her own core clench. Clarin took the whip to her thigh, quick and hard.

Bethany jerked, her lips parted to gasp, but she did not make a single sound.

“Excellent.” Clarin stroked her thigh, and her hand slid lower. She couldn’t seem to resist those pretty nether lips. Bethany’s eyes were wide, watching as Clarin pushed her finger inside. She jerked slightly when Clarin added another finger. Two digits piercing Bethany’s core. What Clarin wouldn’t give to have her tongue there, but a master did not please a slave. Such thoughts and actions would blow their cover on the mission. Clarin stood straight, pulled her shirt off, and revealed her breasts. They were about the same size as Bethany’s but slightly tanner. Clarin did have artificial sun on the ship. “I want you to suck my nipple.”

Bethany leaned forward, and without hesitation, she took the hard peak into her mouth.

Oh. My. Clarin couldn’t think as Bethany began to handle the sensitive skin. She started out timid, light, and then she began to suckle Clarin’s nipple in earnest. It felt wonderful, and Clarin closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation. “The other one.” Bethany switched, giving her breasts gratification and her body a boost in lust. Clarin opened her eyes to look at Bethany. The whip cracked down on her shoulder, and she cried out against Clarin’s nipple, but she continued sucking. Clarin took the sting to her thigh, right across the meaty part, and Bethany hissed out a breath. Clarin pulled away, her nipple tightening at the sudden lack of warmth. Her shoes were toed off instantly, and Clarin unbelted her pants. She used the whip again. First across Bethany’s torso then her breasts and finally her thighs. Each strike made Bethany jerk, and she seemed to cream more. Perhaps she was meant to be a submissive. Bethany sure as hell was good at it.

Clarin pulled her pants down, shrugging out of them until all she wore was a pair of black panties and a whip. This time Clarin moved closer, spread her legs slightly. “Lick me.”

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