[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Mobile app developer Henry moves into a town, hoping for a fresh start. His previous relationship left him with inner scars too deep to heal, but he’s willing to try his hand at love again with the right man. When an accident leads him to crossing paths with one grumpy but gorgeous werebear, he knows Spencer’s the one.
Werebear Spencer makes customized furniture for the company he and his brothers own, but he’s unsociable and avoids human contact as much as possible. When he catches wind of a familiar scent, he’s surprised to discover a tasty little human in his backyard. Spencer can’t stop thinking of Henry, but there’s a reason why he avoids relationships.
When the heat between them becomes too explosive to ignore, will Spencer let the chains of the past hold him down or will he be able to claim his mate in the end?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Hammering Henry (MM)
19 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Great story, again missing or wrong words in spots, sometimes who was speaking was not who was speaking which was confusing and distracting .




“Um, Spencer?” Henry ventured, and he realized he’d let the human talk without saying a word. 

Spencer stirred from his thoughts. He liked the sound of Henry’s voice. Despite telling Henry he disliked talking, he found Henry’s presence comforting. 

“What?” he finally asked.

“I asked why would I get hurt when you said a moment ago you’ll never harm me.” Henry’s stubborn, little, pointed chin and those tempting lips were so hard to resist. It would be all too easy for Spencer to jerk Henry close, claim those lips, until the little human had to go home with a kiss-swollen mouth. His.

Spencer wrenched himself away from those dangerous thoughts.

“I don’t mean physically,” he replied.

“I’m a big boy, Spencer. I can take care of myself just fine.”

“You nearly put your life in jeopardy, when you decided to masturbate on an unstable piece of crap furniture.”

Henry’s entire face turned red. “Can you, like, not bring that up all the time?”

He frowned. “Masturbation is a perfectly healthy habit.”

Henry looked like a human tomato. 

“What I mean to say—” Spencer said, trying again. He wondered why he was making so much of an effort. Although he was a title owner of Alpha Wreckers Inc., he let his brothers run the show, meet up with potential clients because he preferred being in the background. Interactions weren’t exactly his forte, so why was he trying to win this little human over? “—is that it seems you aren’t taking care of yourself all that well if you’re prone to accidents.”

“That was just one accident.” Henry let out a huff. “I don’t go giving myself a hand job on every piece of furniture, you know?”

Because Spencer had a feeling this would only continue to another argument, and he’d go on torturing himself about whether or not to pursue this human or leave Henry be, he took a different course of action. He fisted Henry’s shirt and dragged the little human close, until their chests touched.

Henry’s breathing changed, but the human didn’t exactly protest.

“What are you doing?” Henry whispered, looking up at him.

Spencer tipped Henry’s chin, grazing his thumb over the unshaven bits of stubble on Henry’s jaw. 

“I t-thought you didn’t want me,” Henry whispered.

“You deserve better than one broken werebear.”

“You’re not broken. If that’s true, then so am I. We’ll make quite a pair.”

Brave little human. He chuckled. No one had held his interest in a long time. Spencer could remember the first time he’d met the delightful little human. It had been in Henry’s apartment, which Wren had been using to make his cakes for his online business. 

Cole had asked him for his help to deliver twelve rush-order cakes. The first time he’d laid his eyes on the tired little human, covered in flour and chocolate frosting, it had felt like a sledgehammer smashed into him. Back then, Spencer hadn’t understood his reaction, why his bear, usually uninterested in anything else, had grown curious about Henry.

“I don’t date, do relationships,” he stated point-blank. Hurt briefly appeared on Henry’s face but quickly melted away to defiance.

“Good,” Henry stated. “Me either. After my last fuck-up of a relationship, a no-strings-attached arrangement works for me.”

“We understand each other perfectly then?”

“Crystal clear, grumpy bear.”

Smirking, Spencer took his first taste of heaven. He wasn’t disappointed at all. No longer restraining himself, he took Henry’s lips, all heat and bite. Spencer placed a hand over his left pectoral, right over his beating heart, nails digging down. Oh, he liked that. Could Henry possibly be a secret little wild cat underneath his nervous exterior?

When he’d told Henry to leave his property, Henry had all but smelled of fear, but that fear seemed to have disappeared altogether.

He nibbled on Henry’s upper lip, sucked on the lower half. Heat slammed right to his belly, his groin, making his cock dig against the zipper of his jeans. More. He wanted plenty of what Henry willingly offered. Spencer pushed his tongue between Henry’s lips, but the human let him deepen the kiss. 

Spencer moved his hand from his chest to his belt buckle.

He pulled away from the kiss, liking the dazed expression on the little human’s face.

“Eager little beaver, aren’t we?” 

“I haven’t been kissed like that before.”

Spencer banded one possessive arm around Henry, preventing escape, not that the human showed any indication he wanted to wiggle free.

“Oh? What else haven’t you done?” He nuzzled Henry’s neck, shutting his eyes at the sound of Henry’s racing pulse. Wouldn’t be hard to bite down, claim Henry as his own.

No. He’d never do that to Henry, chain the human to a broken bear. He settled for a little bite instead, hard enough to bruise but not break skin. 

Henry gulped and stared at him as he pulled back.

“You bit me,” Henry stated, accusatory, and yet, did Spencer imagine the pleasure in the human’s words?

“We shifters do that. Looks good on you.”

Henry’s hand flew to his neck. The human blushed—an endearing color, he decided.

“Am I getting more than a kiss?” Henry eventually asked, squeaking when Spencer dragged his hand down Henry’s body and gave Henry’s dick a squeeze through the denim.




Henry shivered when Spencer referred to him as ‘my little human.’ He’d never truly belonged to anyone before, never trusted enough to surrender his body and eventually his heart, but those words sounded perfect when Spencer said them. He only hoped—no. Spencer—heck, he, too—had made it clear this arrangement included no strings attached.

“Let’s get you out of those clothes,” Spencer suggested when he hadn’t budged, too shocked this was all actually happening.

“Okay,” he whispered.

Spencer edged closer until his lips touched Henry’s lobe. “Tell me if you want to stop anytime.”

“Go.” It was all he could say at that moment, especially with Spencer’s big warm hands touching him, but Spencer didn’t seem to mind he was verbally challenged at that moment. He lifted his hands and let Spencer tug his shirt away. His pants came off next, and with Spencer’s help, he managed to get out of his bottoms soon enough. Wanting to speed up the process, he kicked his shoes away and reached for Spencer’s belt buckle again.

The werebear let out a low, sexy laugh, which made his cock pulse. He moaned when Spencer took his lips again, and he was surprised the kiss was slow, tender, as if they had all the time in the world. Spencer pulled away and he moaned, wanting more of what this gorgeous, rough werebear had to offer.

He continued undoing Spencer’s belt, a hundred percent focused on his task. Finally, he unzipped Spencer and let out a ragged breath. Henry pulled out Spencer’s prick.

“My, Mr. Bear, what a big dick you have.”

Spencer smiled. “Why? Scared?”

“Not at all.” In fact, hadn’t he daydreamed of this moment often enough? 

Spencer nudged him backward, until his feet touched soft, thick carpeting. The comfy, luxurious red rug he’d spied earlier, which was located in front of the fireplace. Oh, it would be wonderful to have sex here on a cold winter’s night—if their affair lasted that long.

Shit. Henry couldn’t, wouldn’t dare dream that far, because what was happening between Spencer and him was temporary. Any human with sense would back off now, but not him. He wanted this too much, and it had been so long since another man, this man especially, had taken interest in a mediocre-looking nerd like him.

“Lie down,” Spencer instructed, helping him until he lay on his back.

He sighed at the luxurious feeling of the thick threads tickling his back, his ass. Spencer positioned himself between his legs and didn’t raise them instantly, but blanketed his body with his. The werebear kissed him again, short-circuiting his senses. He responded with equal passion. Tongues and teeth dueled for dominance. Heat kindled in his belly, spread to his hardening dick.

Spencer left a trail of kisses down his body, alternating them with nips and bites, leaving him groaning. The werebear took his nipple into his mouth, sucking hard until his entire body buckled. Spencer then swiped a finger around his tip, flicking at the pre-cum gathered there, before working his dick, stroking it back and forth. The pressure inside him continued to mount.

Henry moaned, under the werebear’s complete mercy and loving every moment of it.

Spencer bit on the bud, leaving his teeth marks there. Oh, he didn’t forget the little fact Spencer had left another on his side of his neck. It was as if Spencer wanted to tell the entire world who he belonged to. He shuddered, anticipation rising. 

“I want you to come for me, little human. Do it now.” Spencer’s words were definitely a command. 

Spencer gave his balls a squeeze, and that did the trick. With a cry, he gripped Spencer’s biceps and came, coating the werebear’s stomach and abs with his cum. Spencer gathered his seed on his fingers and gave them a lick. He blushed, mind still in post-orgasm haze.

“Don’t go to sleep yet, little human. We still haven’t gotten to the best part yet.” Spencer rose to his feet. Henry heard the slam of a drawer somewhere, and Spencer returned with lube in hand.

“Condoms?” Spencer asked.

He shook his head. “I don’t have anything, and shifters can’t catch anything either way, right?” 

Spencer raised an eyebrow. “You’ve done your research.”

Of course he neglected to mention that his curiosity about shifters had piqued after deciding if he ever started dating shifters, Spencer would be first…and hopefully his last. Well, he pushed those silly thoughts aside, focusing on the gorgeous male specimen in front of him. 

Spencer knelt once more, raised Henry’s legs above those broad shoulders, until his legs were slightly bent in the air. Like this, Henry was completely exposed, vulnerable. His dick twitched, already wanting another round of action. 

“The next time I take you, you’ll be on your knees, begging me to fuck you.”

He gulped, tried to come up with a witty and sexy comeback. “Next time?”

Henry winced at the hope in his voice.

Spencer didn’t answer instantly. The werebear uncapped the lube and worked a generous amount into his hole and fingers. Spencer pushed one slick digit inside his puckered entrance. At his whimper, Spencer added a second and began prepping him for his access. Spencer was hung like a horse. 

Could that prick really fit in him? Time they found out.

“I’m ready,” he breathed, and Spencer took out his fingers.


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