Craving Candy (MFM)

The Callens 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,656
10 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Cowboy Romance, M/F/M, consensual BDSM, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Sophisticated Candace Jackson is desperate to leave her abusive ex-husband. When the FBI closes down the spa where she works, she decides to move to Intrigue, Wyoming, to start her own spa. When she meets security expert Daniel Callen, her best friend’s brother-in-law, and his totally hot construction manager roommate, Blade McGrath, things look up. Too bad someone doesn’t want her in town. Not only is she run off the road, but her borrowed car is smashed and keyed. The bank denies her loan and someone buys the property she wants right from under her.

Then things go from bad to worse. When the person desiring that she leave realizes nothing will thwart her, Candy’s life is threatened. How can Daniel and Blade convince her Intrigue is the place for her? With everything going on, how can she agree to a partnership that extends beyond sharing the business decisions?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Melody Snow Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Craving Candy (MFM)
10 Ratings (4.3)

Craving Candy (MFM)

The Callens 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,656
10 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I really, really enjoyed this book.
Craving Candy is a wonderful story of a woman who want give up her dream. After many bumps in the road, she gets her dream and her two HOT, SEXY men. A wonderful addition to the Callen series. I love this series and cant wait for more. BRAVO!!

Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

4 KISSES: "Craving Candy by Melody Snow Monroe is the tenth book in The Callens series. While it can be read as a standalone book, you will understand the characters and towns members by reading this series in order. Candice is looking forward to a new chapter in her life. She has been training to run her own spa and is focused on doing whatever is necessary to make her dream a reality, which also means she does not have time for relationships. Her decision to forego men takes a direct hit when she arrives in Intrigue for her friend’s wedding. She is paired with Daniel and finds herself attracted not only to him, but also his roommate Blade. Neither man is looking to settle down, but something about Candy speaks to them both. They watch as Candy is hit by setback after setback and fear she will leave them both and the town. However, they are determine to convince her to give them, and the town, a fighting chance. I enjoyed this tale by Ms. Monroe; she gives us a tale of strength, determination and compromise. Candy is a strong female character who refuses to allow her circumstances to get the best of her. She is intelligent and logical and willing to fight for what she wants. While both Blade and Daniel were equally strong, Blade has more emotional issues which makes Daniel a wonderful contrast to his brooding nature. I thought these characters were well developed and it was wonderful seeing them find their way to each other." -- Tangie, TwoLips Reviews

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“Stupid Craig Clairbourne.” Candace Jackson slammed her suitcase shut.

She’d been with the Indulgent Spa for four years, and thanks to her idiot boss and his stupid Ponzi scheme, the FBI locked down her workplace for good. To make matters worse, they told her her two-weeks’ paycheck would never come.

Candy plopped down on the sofa to regroup. She ran her fingers through her blonde hair to check for split ends. She’d been so busy ramping up for their new line of winter colors, she hadn’t had time to get her hair cut or have another manicure.

Now, with Clairbourne in jail and no job reference, she was basically screwed. Her future involved cutting her expenses instead of her hair. The only positive was her best friend, Mandy, who was also Clairbourne’s ex-wife, was now safe and happy in Wyoming, a place where Candy would soon be.

For the last three weeks, Candy had applied for jobs in Denver, but every potential employee had told her, “We’re sorry, Ms. Jackson, but we have no openings” or “I’m sorry, Ms. Jackson, without a letter of recommendation, we can’t afford to take the chance on a new hire.”

Bullshit. It didn’t seem to matter that she’d basically run Craig Clairborne’s spa for him for the last few years, but a little setback wasn’t going to be her undoing. If Mandy could run away with nothing but a car, some clothes, and a few pieces of jewelry, so could she.

The idea of opening her own spa had been spinning around in her head for the last two years, and she gone without to save a hefty down payment. Several times she’d even drawn up a business proposal and spoken with a few bankers about getting a loan, but then life got in the way and she’d never followed through—until now.

Maybe Clairbourne had done her a service. It was the perfect time to live her dream, and she’d already picked the perfect spotWyoming. After the two-day adventure excursion Candy had taken with her two best friends, she decided Intrigue, Wyoming was as a great place to settle. Having Mandy nearby would be an added bonus.

A knock sounded on her front door. She checked the clock on the wall, one of the few items she hadn’t packed. It was only 9:00 a.m. The girls weren’t supposed to be here until 11:00 a.m. They were caravanning to Wyoming for Mandy’s wedding.


So pissed at life, Candy broke her golden rule of always checking the peephole. Instead, she yanked open the door. Big mistake. It was Rick, her ex-husband, persona non-grata. Panic clawed at her. “You can’t be here.” She leaned back to get away from the alcohol fumes. “In fact, you can’t get within five hundred feet of me.” Her jaw still occasionally throbbed from the two teeth he’d jarred loose, and unless she got surgery, her slightly crooked nose would remain a constant reminder of what a punch could do to a face.

The beating, along with his excessive drinking, led to the restraining order she’d had issued—it also helped with her decision to leave town. Candy slammed the door, but he stuck his foot in the jamb.

“Don’t be that way, baby. I don’t want you to move away.” He barged his way in.

She inhaled to bring her heartbeat under control. “Rick, leave this instant before I call the police.”

He reached out to her. “I want to wipe the slate clean. I was a jerk. Please, baby? I can change.”

She yanked out of his grasp, her blood pressure soaring. She pulled herself up to her full five-foot ten height and looked down at him. Too bad he outweighed her by fifty pounds or she might have been able to shove him out the door.

Why did he bother trying to convince her he could change? If he was that committed, he wouldn’t be drunk now. “If you hadn’t hit me and ignored me and belittled me, I might have tried to make our marriage work. It’s one reason why I’m leaving.” Stupid, Candy. Don’t incite him.

He smiled. Rick Jackson was one good-looking man, but she refused to give in to him. Quicker than a rattler could strike, he pulled her into an embrace and pressed his lips to her closed mouth. Uh-uh. She pushed him away with all her strength, but he didn’t budge.

She twisted her head. “Rick. Leave. Now.”

“Baby, you know we belong together.”

His hands slithered up her back, and chills scurried along her spine. So not in the mood to deal with him, she screamed at the same time she kneed him in the balls. Had he not been drunk, he would have blocked the thrust. He grunted and this time she was able to knock him off balance.

Good thing she lived in a condo instead of a house because her next-door neighbor slid to a stop inside her door. “You okay?”

She didn’t answer. No need to. The neighbor grabbed Rick by the shoulders, spun him around, and cocked back his arm. Rick held up his hands and avoided the impending blow to the face.

“Just get him out of here, okay?”

He tossed Rick into the hallway. “You sure he didn’t hurt you?”

She tugged down her shirt. “I’m good. Thanks.”

With trembling hands, she closed the door and locked it before planting her back against the frame. She gulped in mouthfuls of air. Her heart spiked so high, she feared it would burst. Shouts came from the hall, but she forced herself to ignore them.

Pack. Shower. Leave.




On purpose, she hadn’t worn a blouse with buttons. If she had, and Daniel had taken his time, she would climaxed three times before she was naked.

“How about we both take off your clothes? It’ll go faster.” Daniel winked.

“I’m all about speed.”

Blade stepped behind her and slipped his hands on her breasts. He tried to massage her nipples through her bra. It didn’t work. She wanted skin on skin.

“I thought you wanted to get me naked.”

Daniel dropped to his knees in front of her. “I want to savor this moment.” He wrapped his arms around her rear and placed his face on her belly. He inhaled deeply.

What was she doing wrong? “Do I need to help?”

Daniel looked up. “You touch one piece of clothing on your perfect body, and you’ll lose the use of your hands in a heartbeat.”

She liked when they restrained her, but only after she was naked. “Then hurry.”

Neither man accommodated her wish. They seemed determined to smell her perfume. Damn. This brand was too potent.

She wiggled her butt and stuck out her chest, hoping for some action. Daniel gave in first. He unzipped her skirt in back and dragged the slinky material down her hips.

“I love a tall woman. Everything is at the perfect height.”

She guessed that meant she’d be wearing her heels for a little longer.

He let go of her skirt and it pooled at her feet.

Blade stepped back and whistled. He must like her thong. “Daniel, you gotta see this. No wait. Don’t. If you do, you won’t be able to control yourself.”

Now they were being ridiculous, though the idea of Daniel in her ass excited her.

Daniel cupped her ass cheeks. “Holy shit, sugar. You came armed with fully loaded guns.”

She laughed. “I’m not naked yet. I must not be exciting enough for you boys.”

Blade grunted. “We’ll see about that.”

He picked up the bottom on her shirt and lifted it over her head in one fluid motion. Her push-up bra showed off her attributes.

Daniel stood. “Holy hell. You’re grown since I’ve been gone.” He cupped her breasts and lifted them.

Surely they understood how these bras worked. With lust pooling in his eyes, he guided her straps down her arms then rubbed her bare shoulders. From behind, Blade slid a hand over her belly and edged his fingers closer to her sweet spot. She willed him to go lower, but he seemed content to massage her pussy lips.

Heat from his touch scorched her. Blade wore no cologne, but Daniel had put on a touch of something musky and spicy. The aromas blended and excited her.

Daniel guided the straps to her wrists, and when she exhaled, the bra dropped to her waist.

“You are so divine. I’m been craving you for so long.”

Thinking about his tongue on her nipples made them pucker. Daniel leaned over and took one in his mouth. Instead of plucking it, he swirled his tongue around in a maddening circle, avoiding touching the tip.

“Please, Daniel.”

He lifted his head. “I think our woman is asking for a little pressure.”

“Yes. Pressure would be divine.”

He grinned and stepped over to the side table. Only then did she remember her request for nipple clamps. Would they hurt? Or would they start out as an intense ache then streak pleasure down her breasts. Her heart rate increased. She wanted this.

Daniel ripped open the package and extracted two plastic alligator clips attached to a metal chain. The contraption looked almost barbaric.


Blade slipped a finger over her clit and rubbed, making her forget all about any discomfort that might occur. He then unhooked her bra, and it tumbled to her feet on top of her skirt.

Daniel leaned over and kissed her throat, her chin, and then her lips. “You’re going to love this. Your pussy will juice up so much, you’ll be dripping and begging us to fuck you.”

His words alone accomplished that goal. “Okay.”

He picked up the device, opened the clamp, and placed one clip on her nipple. The moment he let go, the pressure sent shards of pointed pain straight to her heart. She inhaled and nodded. The moment of ecstasy would follow. She trusted them. Daniel clamped on the other one. This one didn’t seem as bad.

“Just breathe, sugar. Let them do their work.”

He dropped to his knees and lowered her panties. His tongue licked her clit so fast, the pain in her nipples disappeared. She spread her legs as far as she could, but her panties prevented her.

Blade rubbed her rear. “Let’s put her on the bed. I need some loving, too.”

Daniel grabbed hold of her panties and dragged them down. “Lift your leg.”

She stepped out of them in a second. Instead of moving out of the way so she could get on the bed, he muscled her legs open wide and slipped two fingers into her wet hole. She inhaled, and that action reminded her of the clamps. Daniel reached up and tugged on the chain connecting them.


“Too much, sugar?”

Total bliss slammed against the streaking ache. Bliss won. “No. I’m good.”

He grinned, stood, and lifted her in his arms. He placed her on the bed and straddled her. “It’s been so long.”

He cupped her face and kissed her with an intensity that outstripped the initial ache in her breasts. His chest pressed against the clips and reignited the burn. But that burn shot streaks of unimaginable glory straight to her pussy.

Their tongues touched, and she was lost. She threaded her fingers through his hair and fisted her hands. Everything about Daniel Callen thrilled her.

He broke the kiss. “I need to get naked.”

“About time.”


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