Believing in Mellie (LoveXtreme)

Men of McKenna Downs 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,883
12 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, with M/M elements, consensual BDSM elements, spanking, paddling, sensation play, gun play, sex toys, HEA]
Melanie Laurie flies to California with Emmett O'Neil and Diego Sanchez to make sure her sister is safe. Mellie knows that eventually she will be the wife of all five cowboys she works for, but she wonders if she can be the submissive that Greyson O'Neil and Diego need. She can’t resist Emmett’s suave charisma and his tell-it-like it-is honesty, but as she submits to his training, she realizes she wants more from the former player than any woman has ever had with him.
Emmet is skeptical at first that any one woman could be the one to satisfy the five of them, but as he introduces Mellie to BDSM and sees the sincerity of her compassionate nature, he can't protect the heart he swore to guard with his life.
The stalker learns of Mellie's love interests and decides it's time to punish her and make her aware of him, even if that means resorting to murder.
Note: Contains scenes of consensual gun play for sexual titillation.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Believing in Mellie (LoveXtreme)
12 Ratings (4.6)

Believing in Mellie (LoveXtreme)

Men of McKenna Downs 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,883
12 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A great book
Wow. This book was incredibly HOT! Truthfully, I'd rate the storytelling a 3, because, as in the previous books, the writing can be choppy at times and sometimes disjointed. But the heat level is off the charts and there are some really compelling aspects to the story that I was really drawn to, so overall, I gave it a 4. Emmett, Diego, and most importantly Greyson are AWESOME. So complex and dark. A warning to those that don't like dark characters or storylines---this book is not for you. Frankly the darkness of Greyson and to a lesser extent Emmett and Diego is what made this book for me. I LOVED their scenes and was kind of shocked in a few places. The other brothers--Hunter and Jake were fine, but so different. There is no darkness in them. That's OK and I appreciate that the author balances the light and the dark aspects in the book. I'm more intrigued by the dark side, which is why this is the 1st time I've given a book in this series a 4 rating. I can't wait to read the next installment!



Ah yes, their wager. Hunter had bet that Emmett would fall hard for Melanie, but Emmett was certain that he wouldn’t for as much as he liked the doll.

He smirked. “I’ll take your bet, Hunter. Unlike the two of you, I’m perfectly capable of bedding a woman without any feelings getting involved.”

“Well, so was I until Mellie. I mean, I was a good boy,” Jake said, sounding like he was grinning.

Emmett smiled. “Is Hunter giving you one of his ‘repent, heathen’ looks?”

Jake chuckled. “Yep.”

“This isn’t desperation or hormones on our part and you know it,” Hunter told him. “It’s the real deal.”

“I don’t doubt it.” A knock at the door told Emmett it was time to wrap up this pointless conversation with his two lovestruck brothers. “Diego is back with breakfast. Try to at least pretend you have thinking capabilities beyond your smitten hearts. Greyson doesn’t need another reason to be annoyed.”

Jake sounded amused. “Don’t worry about us. You just worry about protecting your heart from sweet Mellie. She’ll get you good, Emmett.”

“Good-bye, you fool.”

Emmett hung up and shook his head. The sappy stooge.

He opened the door of his hotel room, surprised and delighted to see Melanie standing there alone.

“Can I come in?” she asked meekly.

Something about her dulcet, soft-spoken voice calmed him and made him want to hurt anyone who wasn’t nice to her. He held the door open wider for her so she could enter.

“Of course. What’s on your mind?”

She faced him once the door was closed again. “I just wanted to thank you for coming with me and paying for my plane ticket here. I can’t thank you enough for that. I was so worried about my sister.”

He gave her a brief nod. “It was my pleasure.”

Speaking of pleasure, he’d never seen a woman look so good in shorts and a tank top before. Seriously, her enormous breasts were a brazen showcase from her low-cut white tank top, and the denim shorts hugged the curves of her plump ass and her meaty thighs. Her exposed legs were thick and tan, and her painted toenails made her look feminine and well-groomed.

Her soft brown hair made a silken halo for the angelic softness of her baby face. The blue in her eyes was faint and pure, a kind of baby blue, he supposed, with just a hint of gray that spoke of the internal storm that haunted this stunning, benevolent creature.

The alluring fragrance of her floral perfume titillated him, but the essence of jasmine wasn’t satisfied with merely flirting with his nose. The cool scent of nocturnal flowers touched his balls, awakening every primitive desire from within him.

There was a silence between them that Melanie seemed to find awkward, but Emmett found sexual and enticing.

She took a nervous gulp that sounded wet and seductive, though she probably didn’t even realize the effect it had on him.

“It was also really nice of you to…comfort me in the bathroom…on the plane.”

The delicate hue of pink in her cheeks gave him a sense of masculine pride and naughty amusement.

“That was also my pleasure.”

She blushed more obviously this time and he found it endearing.

“Well, I’ll let you do your thing.” She headed for the door, flinching and losing her breath when he put his hand on her arm.


“Yeah?” she whispered, wetting her lips with her tongue.

The slick gesture made him instantly hard. “Hunter and Jake are fine with us being alone together.”

“I know.”

“Have you ever deep throated anyone before?”

She blinked at him in shock. “No.”

“My older brother likes to deep throat women occasionally.”

The older brother was Greyson, though she probably thought he meant Hunter. His not-at-all-identical twin, Hunter, was only about two minutes older and only because Emmett had been a gentleman as a baby and let the eager, wiggly bastard pop out first.

“Is that something you would be willing to learn for him?”

Melanie swallowed and nodded.

“You’re a good woman, Melanie,” Emmett murmured gently as he stepped closer and drew her near.

He really shouldn’t be kissing her. He’d kissed plenty of women and kept it about the physical, but if he was honest with himself there was something different about kissing Melanie. He craved it for the obvious lust reasons, but there seemed to be a deeper, more powerful connection they shared whenever he put his mouth on her.

A part of him really wanted to explore their chemistry further and find out what sort of unnamed bond it was that united them.

Another part of him was scared to death of what he might find there.

Ignoring his better judgment, Emmett wrapped his arms around Melanie and put his lips on her. The innocent little thing let out a breathy sound that made his cock twitch in his pants and had his nuts locked and loaded.

Her lips were so soft, so full and kissable he didn’t know how he could pry himself away from the heaven. The woman’s lips parted receptively at the first insistent knock of his tongue. He swept the slick muscle into her mouth and kissed her slowly, deeply. He tasted purity and heat in her mouth, like a steamy mingling of innocence and hot passion.

His hands went to cup her ass and pull her curvaceous body against his. Her feeble moan did him in. One of his hands remained on her rump while the other skimmed upward to palm her left breast. Her needy squeal turned the kiss feral. If he didn’t break the kiss immediately, Diego would be walking back into the hotel room to find Emmett plowing his cock deep into Melanie’s cunt.

Emmett ended the kiss and pushed the woman to her knees. She went breathless as she clawed at his pants to get them open.




“You don’t really want to deny me, do you?” He kissed a sweltering path of sin up her left inner thigh. “I’m your prince, baby. You told me I was.”

A flood of slick heat poured into her folds. Her pulsating cunt decided it definitely needed his mouth on her. A subdued cry wrung from her throat when Jake’s lips covered her pussy with featherlight kisses.

“Don’t you want my mouth on you, Mellie?” His smoking whisper inflamed her slit.

“I do. Please.”

She arched her hips a bit in invitation, knowing he would let her get away with taking control from time to time. The freedom of a vanilla lover was as addicting as the helpless feeling of being controlled by a kinky partner.

Jake went down on her, making her writhe and moan.

Emmett was on her left side, tweaking the clamp in a far more aggressive manner than Jake had. It caused a slight edge of pain, but nothing intolerable.

Hunter was on her right caressing the side of her breast with the backs of his fingers. He occasionally wiggled the clip for stimulation, but the discomfort the clamp caused was minimal.

She knew where they were because they all smelled different, but all four men’s colognes were intoxicating.

It felt like Diego rubbed her feet.

There were so many sensations coming from all different angles. It was difficult to focus on any one stimulation at a time, but they all worked together to create a sexual feeling that was out of this world. The warm, protected feeling that came over her felt like an Eden where she was cared for.

Simultaneously the fever pitch they subjected her to felt like a playgirl fantasy come true. Having four men at once was sheer bliss, but to have three of them love her back as much as they wanted her body felt like heaven on earth.

A tattered cry skated from Mellie when Jake brought her to orgasm with his mouth. The other men’s hands on her body only added to the sinful pleasure. While the shockwaves of ecstasy still rippled through her Emmett removed both clamps from her nipples. She made a face as the blood rushed back into her formerly constricted breast tips.

Hunter soothed away the discomfort with his hand. Emmett roughly squished her other tit to get the blood flowing back into the area.

Jake licked his lips like he found her tasty and then wiped his mouth off on the back of his arm from what she could see through the blindfold that had moved slightly. “I’ll never get tired of that. You taste so good, baby. I love seeing you come.”

She smiled. “Well, I love coming for you.”

Hunter winked at her and readjusted the blindfold. “I see you peeking there. Let me just fix this.”

She went blind again. “Can I take the blindfold off now?”

“No,” Emmett said curtly. “Jake, move.”

Jake made a cat hiss at his brother. The way the mattress rose slightly from where he’d been and the subtle sound of joints cracking with movement told her he got up and moved.

Someone, probably Emmett, flipped her over onto her stomach. The linen sheets felt wonderful against her bare skin. She liked that they’d thrown back the covers so she could feel the exquisite linens against her naked body, but she didn’t want to make a mess on the sheets of whichever man’s bed this was.

“Shouldn’t you put a towel down?” she asked.

“No, Melanie,” Diego replied. “We want you to make a mess…all over Greyson’s sheets.”

“What?” she shrieked.

A hand pushed her back down when she tried to get up in panic. Emmett’s voice hovered over her. “That’s right, gorgeous. You’re lying naked in Greyson’s bed.”

“Is he in here?”

“No. He’s taking care of business in town,” Hunter informed her.

“Oh god, he’ll be so mad if he walks in here.”

Emmett pressed her down harder into the mattress when she tried again to rise. “You’re not going anywhere, Melanie. Not until you’ve come hard all over his sheets and we’ve fucked all the strength out of you in his bed.”

She gasped trying to sound scandalized by their intentions, but for as shocked as she was, the thought of fooling around in a forbidden bed made her wetter.

“It’s no use pretending you don’t want him,” Emmett taunted, sliding his hand under her to cup her weeping pussy. “I can see plainly that you do.”

“I don’t want him.”

She cringed, already knowing he would spank her for the lie. Two spanks surprised her.

“That’s for lying and the other one is for forgetting to call me something.”

“I’m sorry, Sir. I don’t like Greyson.”

“But you’re attracted to him.” It wasn’t a question.

“Maybe a little, Sir.” She went breathless when his finger swiped through her dampness.

“More than a little. I’m going to rub this little clit to orgasm and you’re going to imagine he’s here with you. Keep your face buried in his pillow.”

An unexpected spark of fear and desire shot through her when he pressed her head down into the pillow, practically smothering her. Greyson’s scent flooded her lungs. The clean fragrance of his shampooed and conditioned hair lingered on the pillowcase. She turned her face when Emmett let go of her head so she could breathe better.

Greyson’s cologne was faint but unmistakable as was his clean soap and good leather scent. He smelled manly and amazing. Too bad he was an overbearing asshole who didn’t want her to be with his brothers.

“Can you smell him, Melanie?” Emmett asked as he fingered her genitals.

“Yeah,” she said shyly.

“Pretend it’s him with you in this bed touching you. Mmm, you got wetter when I said that.”

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