[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, sex toys, HEA]
Shakina Brown is one of the nine mail-order brides brought to Cooper’s Farm to marry a pair of bachelors. She’s determined to open her own beauty parlor. Yaro Cooper and Zoan Cooper are equally determined that she’s their mate. All they have to do is keep her safe from whatever evil is happening in town and get her to agree with them.
Somehow it’s not easy. Shakina can’t see any danger and is focused on making her dream come true. The two werewolf shape-shifters are happy to help her fulfill her dream as long as she’ll fulfill theirs by mating them.
But a trip to the BDSM club highlights to Zoan and Yaro that something really bad is happening there, and it might be about to spread through the town. How can they keep her safe when she’s so far away from them all day long and no one knows who’s behind all the evil in Coopersville?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Matched to the Wolves (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Good book. I really liked it.




“Get back in the car. You can’t open a beauty parlor here. It’s not a nice neighborhood.” Yaro Cooper urged Shakina Brown to return to the car.

“Who says it’s not a nice neighborhood? This little shopping strip is perfect. The stores here are exactly right to bring clients into my salon. It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. These are the kind of people who’ll want their hair and nails done.”

Yaro grabbed her arms and tried to push her back into the car. Shakina dug all her weight onto her heels and resisted him. She liked Yaro and Zoan. Liked them a lot. In fact, she would very likely date them if they asked her out. But not until her own life was organized first. The CEO of Cooper’s Farm had agreed to act as guarantor so she could set up her own business and that was her first priority. She’d spent hours trying to find the right place to open her store and this was it.

Zoan Cooper stood in front of her, right in her personal space, so close she could have kissed his nose. If she’d wanted to, that is. But right now she was feeling more inclined to slap the two men upside the head for trying to stop her achieving her dream.

“This is where those two men tried to capture Okapi. Right here in this parking lot,” said Zoan.

“So what? They drugged him at the Sheraton Hotel. Are you trying to say the Sheraton Hotel isn’t in a nice neighborhood either?”

“Don’t be obtuse, Shakina. This is where the men acted. They must have known they could safely attack him here without fear of reprisals. Get in the car, now,” ordered Yaro.

“Oh, fuck off, you two. They attacked Okapi here because it was nighttime and dark. Not for any other reason. It’s now day time and you’re making a spectacle of yourselves trying to boss me around. Here comes the realtor now. You two can fuck off back to the farm. I’ll catch a taxi home when I’m done here.” Shakina stepped away from them and marched over to the door of the vacant store.

She’d wanted to be a beautician for as long as she could remember. Even as a tiny little girl she’d sit for hours braiding the neighborhood kids’ hair, and inventing various hairstyles. She’d even hoped to manage her own store one day, had picked out a name for it and everything, but there was way too much unemployment and crime in her own hometown. She’d thought of moving to California. All those movie stars and up-and-coming starlets had to get their hair done every day so there was sure to be plenty of work.

Shakina had pondered for a very long time before replying to the advertisement for the mail-order brides. It pretty much meant being a wife instead of a businesswoman. But she would be accepted and appreciated. Her life would have purpose and hope. Finally she’d sent off the application and left the response in the hands of the gods. If she got the job, good. If she didn’t, she’d catch a bus toward California. When her money ran out she’d take any work she could get until she could finish her journey and once there, she should have no trouble finding a job.

She looked down at the sidewalk and hid a grin. Yaro and Zoan were standing right behind her, not touching her. But she could feel their body heat and their annoyance at her actions. However, they hadn’t done what they easily could have, which was to pick her up and physically put her back in the car. She was five foot six and average build, but they were both solid, muscular, and over six foot. Manhandling her would have been dead easy for them. So that proved they did care about her. They’d tried to make her change her mind, but they’d stopped short of forcing her. Which meant they truly cared about her. Yeah, that was interesting.

“Ms. Brown? I’m Gracie.”

“Hi, Gracie. I’m Shakina.”

The woman didn’t look a day over eighteen to Shakina. Maybe it was just that, at twenty-four herself, she was starting to get older. It was definitely time to get a move on and open her beauty parlor anyway.




Shakina looked around her beauty parlor, and then checked the door was locked and the blinds fully closed before she stripped out of her clothes. Zoan breathed a little easier. He hadn’t been sure she’d agree to make love here. But this place was an important part of her life and besides, the moment he’d seen that huge mirror it’d given him a lot of ideas.

He pulled the little stool across in front of the mirror. This was what Shakina sat on while she trimmed people’s hair. He had to change the setting to make it a little taller, but apart from that, it was perfect for what he had in mind. He handed Yaro a condom and said, “Sit on the stool, Yaro, and Shakina, you sit on his knee with your back to him and his cock in your pussy.”

“Will that even work?” she asked.

“Try it and see.”

The stool was on wheels, so it took them a little while to get organized, but just as he’d planned, it worked perfectly.

“Yaro, use your feet to hold her legs wide apart and put your hands on her breasts. While he fucks you, Shakina, I want you to watch him in the mirror. Don’t look away. Make sure you pay attention the entire time.”

Shakina gazed into the mirror and gasped as Yaro’s cock slid in and out of her cunt. Her juices on Yaro’s dick sparkled in the light reflected in the mirror, and her nipples pressed into Yaro’s hands. Zoan stood behind them and caught every little movement as he stared at them in the mirror. Just as he’d predicted, it was incredibly carnal.

“I can’t… I need to come.”

“Come then,” he ordered, and she did. Yaro pounded into her then he, too, came. It was an excellent start to Zoan’s plans for their evening.

They lay on the rug, talking quietly afterward.

“You know true BDSM isn’t at all like we saw at the club,” he said to Shakina.

“Yes I do know all about the safe, sane, and consensual rule. That beating was neither safe nor sane and it might only have been consensual because the blonde had no other options.”

“Has it made you dislike BDSM” asked Yaro.

She paused for a moment, obviously thinking, then shook her head. “No, because it wasn’t BDSM. It was abuse. I’m still interested in BDSM although maybe not just yet.”

Zoan was relieved. He’d been concerned the outing might have made her wary of the entire scene, but of course she was too wise to be misled like that.

He was certain enough time had passed since they’d fucked her that Shakina would be able to come again. His own dick was desperate for its turn inside her cunt, and he was ready to set that scene up.

First he went out into the back room where he knew there were a couple of solid, square cardboard boxes which had heavy bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and coloring dyes in them. They would be plenty sturdy enough for them to stand on. He placed two, one behind the other, in front of the mirror. By the time she stood on them she would be able to lean on the counter and her cunt would still be visible in the mirror. The previous scene had worked because they were a short distance back from the mirror. This scene required her to be right in front of it, so her body had to be higher off the ground.

“Go and stand on the front box, Shakina, with your legs as far apart as the box allows, and lean on the counter.”

He followed her across and climbed onto the box behind her. He’d already rolled a condom down his aching shaft. As Yaro had done, he took her from behind, but this time he said, “I want you to hold your pussy lips apart. I want you to touch my cock as I fuck you, and to stroke your own clit.”

Shakina gasped as she did as he’d ordered. He heard the soft hiss of Yaro’s indrawn breath as well. “Watch, Yaro. Neither you nor Shakina are to look away.”

“I don’t think I could look away. It was damn hot when I was doing the fucking, but this is even hotter,” said Yaro.

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