Three Times a Lady (MMF)

Hell's Delight 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,717
6 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, paddling, knife play, sex toys, HEA]
Autumn Chamberlain is falling in love with Noel Butler all over again after fourteen years—or was she ever out of love with the world-famous heartthrob rocker? Now they’re both back in Hell’s Delight, Autumn taking care of her father suffering from Alzheimer’s, and Noel with a secret from Autumn…and from his audience, the world.
Ewan Nash thought he’d hide away, running the Hardscrabble Ranch cattle operation after his son was kidnapped. But when Noel returned to his hometown to write songs, Ewan came out of his tragic shell. It’s more than a one-night hookup for the two men, but the successful, curvy attorney, Autumn, seems hell-bent to dash Ewan’s love onto the rocks.
The three unlikely lovers unite when a criminal Autumn has prosecuted comes out of the woodwork, murdering army veterans. The plot thickens when Autumn falls equally as hard for the cowboy, Ewan, but the solution might be right in front of her eyes.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Karen Mercury is a Siren-exclusive author.
Three Times a Lady (MMF)
6 Ratings (4.7)

Three Times a Lady (MMF)

Hell's Delight 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,717
6 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Autumn hadn’t been this giddy and nervous since her high school prom.

Walking onto George Tirebiter Field in downtown Hell’s Delight with a man on each arm was causing her greater anxiety than entering Sam Brannan’s gym with a date in a powder blue tux seventeen years ago.

Thank God it wasn’t an official game for the Hell’s Delight One Tree Hills. It was basically Noel’s tryout for the team, although it was already accepted that he’d be allowed to join. But in a little burg like Hell’s Delight, even baseball tryouts were a reason for a hammered picnic in the bleachers, and everywhere Autumn turned, someone she knew was staring at her, openmouthed.

And why shouldn’t they be stunned? Folks were flabbergasted mainly because Noel Butler was finally showing his face in town, casually and nonchalantly. Even people who had never known Noel when he lived there were whipping out their cellphones and snapping away. Gawker and TMZ would have the photos on their websites within the next ten minutes, which was why Autumn had dressed so carefully. They hadn’t even called Orlando to shadow Noel around. They wanted to project an image of casual confidence.

It was their coming-out party in more ways than one. Personally, Autumn was announcing that she was back, and back together with Noel Butler. The supercouple of the late nineties had a lot of history to live up to. Autumn knew they were confusing the issue by showing up with Ewan on her other arm. The other option, to leave him at the ranch, was unacceptable.

Autumn tried to look straight ahead at the coach’s box. JD Harmon, former star pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, was expecting them. Autumn surprised herself, how thrilled she was to see Hannah’s new husband wearing the official One Tree Hills uniform. Soon Noel would be strutting about hitting balls while wearing the tight-fitting pants. The One Tree Hills hadn’t opted for the new baggy pajama look that had been sweeping the major leagues. That was dumpy and sloppy. No, these minor leaguers were in the forefront of sexy swagger with the tight, mid-shin pants and the stirrup socks of the old days. And it showcased their butts just fine.

And the baseball diamond was a good choice for their coming out, because people weren’t allowed to crowd the field. Autumn even waved to a few of their old crowd, the crowd from Lars Lindstrom’s garage, but all they could do was stand up from their coolers full of Budweiser bottles and wave back. It was a much better atmosphere for coming out than the Pit o’ Dummies, where everyone was already halfway liquored up and in a party mood. Here at George Tirebiter, people had to behave, somewhat.

“You nervous?” Autumn asked Ewan from the corner of her mouth. Noel was too busy waving to strangers to talk.

“No. Are you?”


“There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“I’m afraid I’m going to get booed off the field for taking the two most desirable men in town. And I’m afraid they’re going to stampede to get Noel’s autograph.”

Indeed, younger people in the grandstands were pumping their fists and shouting out titles of The Friday Experience’s songs, like “Carry On!” and “My Other Half!” As though Noel was going to whip out a microphone and start singing.

JD and Devin were in the coach’s box to greet them.

“My man,” said high school buddy Devin, who owned the house where Noel had been staying until recently—where the body of the veteran had been found. Devin had taken all of the journalistic flak for that, keeping Noel’s name out of the papers. Alex Coldiron, of course, had covered it by leaving out Noel’s name from his story. A few reporters from the Sacramento Bee had covered the strange murder, but none had figured out that Noel Butler had been renting the house. “We’ve been needing a new third baseman.”

“Yeah,” said JD, “since Kenny went to rehab. I know you played first at Sam Brannan, but third’s all we’ve got open.”

“Until Brody goes to rehab,” said Devin.

Noel said smoothly, “I think I can get over my high school image hang-ups. I also have to confess I haven’t played much since then.”

“Played any,” corrected Ewan. “Played any baseball.”

Everyone laughed, and Ewan and Autumn left Noel with his teammates, heading toward the dreaded grandstands.

“It feels like we’re dropping him off at his first day of school,” Autumn observed.

“Did you tell any of your friends about us? Devin just looked confused to see you with us.”

“Of course he knows you’ve been banging Noel,” Autumn said saucily. She loved giving the men shit about that. It was fun.

“Of course. But you? I don’t think anyone saw that coming.”

“I haven’t told my friends yet. I’ve been with you all of the time. But judging from their choice in roommates, I think they’ll be receptive.”

“Yes,” said Ewan in a low voice. Alex, a few bleachers up from them, was waving, preparing to clamber down and greet them. Katrina was with him, and she was coming with her Bud in her hand. “And judging from the cocksucking I’ve personally witnessed over at the Lay-Z-Boy, I’d say Hannah is happy with her two men.”

“What?” Autumn stopped cold in the middle of putting her Playmate cooler onto the bleacher. “Hannah’s married to JD. Who’s the other guy?”

“Autumn!” Katrina grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her so wildly Autumn nearly lost her footing. Then Katrina jammed her butt down onto the bleacher and even opened the Playmate to find Autumn a beer. She whispered in a loud voice. “What’s the deal with Mr. Gaucho here?”




Men were such douches. They fell for tits every time.

So now, although he was being jacked and mouthed by the sinewy cowboy who sported a hard-on equally, if not more impressive than Noel’s, Noel fell upon Autumn’s chest. He yanked her shirt up and in a flash had his face buried in her cleavage. That fat oyster tongue now came in handy as it snaked between her globes. Autumn found if she pressed her upper arms to her side boob, they squished more exquisitely out of the lacey bra cups. This apparently drove Noel even wilder, and when his wily tongue dipped under a cup and circled her nipple, it was Autumn’s turn to cry aloud and clap a hand to the back of Noel’s head to keep him there.

But Ewan wouldn’t hear of it. He sucked and bit his half-naked partner so wildly Autumn was sure he was breaking Noel’s skin, but the men must have liked it rough.

Abruptly Ewan dropped Noel’s cock and reached around to unbutton Autumn’s jeans. “You’re going to show Autumn how much you care for her, buddy. You’re going to service her, and service her good. Come on, Autumn. Don’t you want to feel his face between your legs again?”

“Of course,” she breathed, eagerly squirming out of her jeans. What a way to break in her new apartment! Ewan held the empty shell of her Wranglers as Noel lustfully fingered her pulpy pussy lips that squished on either side of her thin thong panty. Ewan was turning out to be quite the dominant one as he whipped Autumn’s belt out of the belt loops and stepped aside to yank her wrist. Seeing what was expected of her, she willingly allowed Ewan to bind her wrists at the small of her back, so at least she could lean against her palms and keep her thighs spread for Noel.

“Do you remember how to do it?” she asked coyly.

Noel took the teasing in good stride. “Just like riding a bike.” He dropped to his knees and, pulling the strip of panty aside, he admired Autumn’s pussy for a few split seconds. She knew it was slick with her juices, that’s how horny she was. Never in a million years would she have imagined she was about to be licked by one of the best vocalists in the world. Her inner cunt quivered so powerfully when Noel touched his tongue tip to her clit, she thought she might spontaneously combust.

Oh God!” she shrieked unexpectedly. “Oh Jesus, Noel, you’ve got to—got to—aiiiii!

No vibrator had ever ripped this intense of a reaction from her.

No man had ever, not even Noel Butler himself back in his youthful heyday.

Autumn jammed one slipper right next to a burner, the better to give Noel’s questing tongue easy access. She knew she wasn’t playing hard to get in the slightest, but she knew her jutting tits and rosy peaked nipples were turning Ewan on, too. That erection cradled in those 501s wasn’t just for Noel. Ewan seemed fascinated with her tits, but he was keeping his word to Noel and only looking, not touching. Autumn jiggled her boobs so they sloshed from side to side in their cage. Thank God for push-up bras.

She was sliding off the stovetop, just standing on tiptoe to keep herself upright, Noel working like a slave between her thighs.

“You look beautiful, Autumn,” Ewan allowed. This filled her with such intense pride she nearly came again on the next nibble of Noel’s teeth. But Ewan had bigger plans in store. “You wanted to watch.”

“Oh God, yes. I want to watch you perform, Ewan. I’ll bet you’re good. I’ll bet you’re real good.” When Autumn said “real good” one massive shiver raced up and down her spine. It was Ewan’s diabolical grin that got to her. He must know how good he is.

“You bet.” He dropped to his hands and knees so that Autumn had to lean forward, precariously close to toppling over. She could see the back of Ewan’s head, the rubber band holding the top layer of hair out of his face. His profile was exquisitely aristocratic when he tilted his head a certain way, and then he just sucked Noel’s fat dick into his mouth.

Autumn’s jaw hung low as Ewan’s head bobbed back and forth. How could Noel concentrate on her pussy when he had such a talented man giving him head? But when Noel groaned against her pussy, it sent vibrations reverberating through her entire pelvis, and it was all she could do to hang onto one of the burners with her bound hands. Kicking off one slipper, she curled her toes around the broiler handle and prayed for dear life.

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