From Fairy Tales to Fantasy (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,187
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[Siren Allure: Erotic Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance, HEA]

A simple surgery takes Fae Adrian into the afterlife. Fae has always dreamed of being a warrior queen. Alar Adrian is a warlock who offers her new flesh in another woman’s body. It is her fantasy come true, with the man of her desires.

If only she was free to enjoy her new life.

There is a war in full swing on the planet blue, and Fae has no idea how to lead her men into battle. She soon discovers that the reality of her fantasy is a world where it seems that everything and everyone exists on lies and treachery. Illusion’s betrayal might spoil her happily ever after by sending her back into death, but Fae finds an ally in an unexpected form. Even as her life hangs in the balance, Fae’s greatest desire is to save Alar’s life.

A Siren Erotic Romance

From Fairy Tales to Fantasy (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

From Fairy Tales to Fantasy (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,187
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The horse nudged her back, releasing a loud, angered whinny. It stomped its large hoof, demanding her attention. Fae sighed. “What do you want?”

The huge creature spun, bumping her with its flank. “Leave me alone. If Alar is dead then I have no reason to live. I have the world’s worst timing. I realize that I’m in love with him, and now he’s dead. I didn’t even get a chance to tell him.”

The horse snorted, hitting her hard with its muzzle, and then shaking its mane. The steed knelt before her. “Okay. I suppose that I can find the lake I drowned in faster on your back. Maybe you will even do me the favor of throwing me.”

Pain flashed through her arms, ribs, and legs as she hauled herself onto the horse’s back. She had barely taken the reins before it rose, and began to gallop, building speed as it headed back to the mountain. “I don’t want to witness Alar’s death. Take me to the lake where my body died. Please.”

The horse either didn’t understand her or care, as it raced up the mountainside, and skidded to a stop, lowering its head so she was pitched into the air. Fae surprised herself by flipping and landing on her feet. She took two staggering steps, and almost collided with Balor. Fae spun, staring down the rocky mountainside and frowned deeply. The Rumon were gone, not a single one in sight. “What happened?”

“You were right. It would do no good to save the Blue if our race was no longer alive to enjoy it. Many of us have natural talent, and you inspired us to use it. So many of the Rumon ran out of lives that the remaining ones turned and disappeared. We can only hope that they will return to their flyers, and go back to where they came from.”

She spun in a desperate search for Alar, but didn’t see him. “Where is Alar?” she asked in terror.

“I’m not sure. I haven’t seen him. Why would Alar come to a battle?” Fae raced through the warriors, calling out to all, “Has anyone seen Alar?”

She received negative headshakes in reply, and walked back to Balor. “Was I gone?”

“I don’t know what you mean. You were hit in the head with a metal flyer and lost consciousness. I don’t think that you went anywhere. Why?”

Fae didn’t reply as she turned and ran for the horse, leaping onto the creatures back. “Take me to the castle. Now!” she growled, the pain in her body fading into her anger. Fae leaned into the horse’s back, holding on tightly as the horse bolted down the side of the mountain, and across the open terrain. The moment she neared the castle, Fae leapt into the air, coming down just outside the front door, she threw the wood open and raced up the stairs, her heart beating wildly. Sel was in his room, lying upon the bed. “Where is Aberdine?”

“I don’t know. I wasn’t feeling well and I came up here to lie down. What is wrong?”

“Was I here earlier?”

“Earlier when? You left for the battle just after sunrise.”

“Fuck!” Fae turned in a circle, and then raced back down the stairs, she headed across the foyer and to the back of the castle where Alar’s rooms were. The door was shut, and when she tried to open it, it didn’t budge. Fae inhaled deeply, her fingers clenching as she flowed power into and around her skin. She hauled back her arm and then used it as a battering ram, driving her fist through the thick wood of the door. It shattered, the splintering surface driven inward as the entire door crackled and split from the hinges, crashing to the floor. Time seemed to waver around her and when her head cleared, she stared at the opening, the intensity of the destruction amazing. When she stepped through and found the room empty, her elation faded. Fae hurried to the water pool, peering down into the perfectly smooth, black surface. “How do I use it? I need to find out where Alar is. Damn you, why didn’t you show me.” An image shimmered to life before her eyes.

A woman was tugging at a body as she tried to haul it from the wagon. The back wheels of cart were inches away from the edge of what appeared to be a drop off, a waterfall in the background reminding her of Niagara Falls. “No!” she howled, the sound reverberating around the empty room. The woman stopped, and Fae pulled the image closer seeing that it was Aberdine.

“She heard me. Aberdine,” she commanded in a stern tone. “I command thee to get into the wagon and return to the castle. You will be put to death, and your spirit will face eternal darkness if you complete the deed you are now contemplating.”

Aberdine turned in a circle, her expression puzzled. She looked up into the clouds, squinting at the brightness. “Who are you?”

Good question, wondered Fae. She glanced at the words scribed on the edge of the viewing pool. “I am the all-seeing keeper of knowledge and light.”

The contempt in Aberdine’s narrowed eyes seemed to consume her, and she shrugged, renewing her quest to tug Alar off the wagon. His body slid slightly, the dead weight obviously difficult for the small woman to move. “Do not do this, Aberdine,” Fae howled, but the woman was ignoring her. “Damn it.”

Fae had no idea how far away the cliff was.

She watched in silent horror as Aberdine doubled her efforts, bracing herself against the wagon wheel as she strained to slide the body toward herself. She slammed her fists on Alar’s chest, and then grabbed his shirt, throwing her entire body weight into the pull. He slid, his upper body slipping off the wagon. Aberdine was unbalanced and the sudden movement threw her back, leaving her grasping Alar’s shirt as she scrambled to catch her balance on the rocky ledge.

Fae stood wide-eyed and helpless, willing Alar to stay put, as Aberdine slid, everything but her arms disappearing over the side of the mountain.




Alar began to sweep her around the room in an elegant display of swirls and dips. His mastery of dance was remarkable, and even though she had no idea what she was doing, he led her in step, her mind and body reacting perfectly to his lead. It was extremely romantic, the room filling with the scent of flowers as they moved around it. His eyes were intense, flickering in the firelight as he gazed at her, never taking his amazing orange and yellow eyes from hers. Every ounce of resistance was swept from her mind, and she leaned into him, kissing him tentatively.

Alar slowed the dance, releasing her hand and slipping his fingers into her hair. He held the back of her head, his lips soft upon hers as he gently slid his tongue into her mouth. Fae met the touch eagerly. Kissing him with the desire that had been building within her since he had given her new life. Alar stopped completely, his hands sliding to her lower back as he held her tightly to his body. His tongue was a flame in her mouth, enveloping hers with true lust. He walked her backward, and then lifted her onto the desk between the books.

Fae leaned back, staring at him as she took swallows of air through her open mouth. She wanted him, and she reached forward, tugging free the tie that kept his robe closed. Alar did the same to her, pushing back the fabric with a leisurely brush of his palms. His skin touching hers was spectacular, his warmth causing goose bumps to rise on her back. Fae shivered as the final piece of fabric slid from her hands, and he grabbed her underwear, tearing it from her body. Alar shoved his pants over his hips, allowing them to drop to the floor so he could kick them aside. Fae smiled as the she got a view of the stunning package that was her dream. His body was superb, his legs nicely accented with muscle, his abdomen taut and toned. He tilted his head in question, his blond hair catching in the firelight as it drifted over his shoulder. “Like?”

“Very much.” Her voice came out in an unexpectedly high pitch, and she felt herself blushing. He had a very enticing dick, and she leaned forward, taking it softly with her hands. The flesh hardened quickly, her body responding to his palms upon her breasts. Fae had no qualms about taking his dick into her mouth, but she would have to slide to the floor to do so. As it was, the desk was the perfect height for more intimate things.

Alar pushed her arms apart with his hands, stepping forward to stand between her bent knees. Fae felt a rush of heat flare up from her pussy as his aroused dick brushed against the hair of her outer cunt lips. She wanted the feel of his body within her, the rush of hard flesh pushing open her aching pussy. Her inner muscles were flickering with unabated eagerness, as Alar grabbed her hair, kissing her hard. His lips were crushed against hers, his tongue floating in her mouth like a furious serpent.

Fae met his caress, returning the demanding thrust of his tongue as she slipped her fingers around to the tautness of his back. The muscles were like silk coated steel, flexing under her touch. She urged him forward, sliding her feet up the back of his legs to capture him with her calves. Alar  took the final step, urging her to tilt back slightly as he filled her with his cock. The feel of him was overwhelming, his hard, heavily veined dick causing her pussy to throb with sensation. His thrusts were solid and slow, the slippery friction of skin against sensitive skin overwhelming. She wasn’t sure if it was Fae’s body or her mental desire, but the feel of his cock was intense. Each shift of his hips caused the nerves in her cunt to shiver in a way she had never experienced before. The muscles were grabbing at his flesh, the inner pulse stronger than she had ever known it to be. It was wondrous, enthralling, and Fae rocked her hips to meet him in faultless rhythm. Their bodies were synchronized to perfection, and Alar grabbed her waist with his hands, taking up the pace of his motions. The muscles in his arms rippled in a visually arousing display. His cock was a viable force, parting her, reaching to the bottom of her pussy to make her muscles roll with ecstasy.

 An animalistic growl radiated from deep within his throat, as Alar grabbed her hands and pulled her upward. His lips crushed against hers as he again quickened his motions, pumping his ass with a slight sway of his hips. Fae was overwhelmed by the feel of his stiff cock within her cunt, the muscle shuddering around his hard flesh. She was overheated, panting for air as his unrelenting thrusts brought her to the heights of orgasm and then sent her freefalling into climax. Her cries were met with a growl as he threw his head back, inhaling sharply through his clenched teeth.

Fae was quivering with tiny shattering bolts of slowly ebbing sensation, as Alar relaxed slightly, and then blew out a breath. He offered her his hand and pulled her upright against his body. Fae draped her arms across his shoulders, leaning forward to kiss him with tiny, repeated touches of her lips against his. Alar responded perfectly and then tilted his head, giving her a thoughtful smile. “I am truly humbled. That was inconceivable.”

She smiled at his chagrined expression. “I agree, but this is the first time for me.”

“It is the first time for me also. Your counterpart was very different in bed. I’d rather not make a comparison, but let me say that it was much better with you.”

She wanted to ask him why she was different when she was in the same body that he was accustomed to having sex with, but wasn’t sure if she really wanted to know.

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