Uncontrollable Heat (MM)

Heat 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,698
1 Ratings (5.0)

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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HFN]

While out on what was supposed to be a run-of-the-mill drug sting operation, Officer Dirk Goodfellow runs into Gage Michaels, a hunky high school acquaintance who once dated his sister. Both now out to their friends and family and both recently single, Dirk takes the plunge and asks Gage for a night out at Siesta Key’s popular nightclub, Pulse.

After a turn on the dance floor and a few cocktails later, they fall into bed, making music of their very own. But unfortunately things quickly start to go south after Dirk accuses Gage’s stepmother of being a prostitute who has been recently arrested…and that’s only the beginning.

And just when both men believe there is the potential of a future together, bullets begin to fly and handcuffs are locked tight, dashing all hopes. But when it comes to the seemingly endless glare of the Sunshine State, one can get easily blinded, especially by love.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Uncontrollable Heat (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Uncontrollable Heat (MM)

Heat 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,698
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love love loved this!!!! My favorite series and it keeps getting better!!! Dirk and Gage were perfect together. Kind sweet sexy loving and sexy as sin!!! It was HOT! !!
This was fantastic
donna b buccella




Gage Michaels looked at the blue flashing lights illuminating the front of his house, or what appeared to be the front of his house. He wasn’t one-hundred percent sure. He was still too far to get a decent look. Police squad cars, some unmarked, were parked every which way. They blocked the road leading to his street, a gaggle of interested onlookers peered from behind crowd control barriers. Gage rolled down his window and waved to Mrs. Kravitz, his next-door neighbor who monitored the usually calm streets of the neighborhood, not out of a strong sense of community service but because she was a downright busy body. She sidled up to the car, a long brown cigarette clenched between her arthritic, tanned fingers.

“Hey babes,” she greeted, and then took a long drag from off her cigarette. Gage noticed her entire face wrinkle and pucker as she inhaled deeply.

“What’s happening?” he asked. “Bert’s gas grill explode again?”

Mrs. Kravitz chuckled, plumes of smoke exiting though her nostrils. “Drug bust.” She licked her front teeth and made a sucking noise. “I knew those renters where up to no good.”

“Renters?” Gage returned, genuinely perplexed. “We have new renters on our street?”

“Had.” She nodded. “Right by you matter of fact. Not that you’d ever noticed. You’re always at work.”

Gage tore his gaze from Mrs. Kravitz to watch the drama unfold through his windshield full of squashed bugs. He made a mental note to drive through the car wash tomorrow morning before heading into the office.


His neighbor with the incurable nicotine addiction was right. He was always at work. He even converted his third bedroom into an at home office. But after breaking off his latest disastrous relationship, Gage threw himself into work, swearing off men as long as his libido allowed…which he suspected wouldn’t be too much longer. But what did he expect? Meeting men from off a downloaded app for his smart phone wasn’t the smartest thing he’d ever done. He had discovered good sex with the help of the app, but that was all. No Mr. Right, only Mr. Right Now. He blew out an exasperated breath feeling even more exhausted than his usual level of exhaustion.

Snapping Gage out of his swirling thoughts, Mrs. Kravitz’s hacking cough jarred him back into reality. He stared at the elderly woman wondering if she was going to fall over dead in the street. She recovered with a flurry of her free hand. “Oh look,” she said. “I think the show is over.” Mrs. Kravitz nodded in the direction of an approaching man, his crystal blue eyes piercing the rapidly darkening sky. Gage squinted, his tired eyes registering the snug fit of the officer’s shirt across his ample chest and the even snugger fit of the attractive man’s trousers, displaying a generous package. He swallowed, his own trousers growing tight against his crotch. Gage shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

The cop waved and smiled tightly, his gait confident and purposeful. “It’ll be a few more minutes and you can have your peaceful community back.”

“Peaceful?” Mrs. Kravitz barked. “You call this peaceful? Drug dealers moving in, cops taking over. Ha! Total mayhem if you ask me.” She eyed the police officer and took a slow drag from her cigarette. She paused for only a second. “But if they all look like you, I can stand a little upheaval every once in a while.”




Stumbling through his front door, Gage reached for the light on the wall barely missing the switch, his balance thrown off by the man sealed to his lips.

“Bedroom?” Dirk mumbled, slamming the front door behind him with his foot, Dirk’s strong hands fully occupied by Gage’s ass.

Tearing at the buttons of Dirk’s shirt, fingers flying, Gage muttered through the most intense kiss he’d ever experienced. “This way.” Gage spun tearing himself away from Dirk’s lips to lead the way. He stopped abruptly, Dirk slamming into his back. “I thought you said you had two left feet?”

Reaching around and filling his fist with Gage’s hard cock still painfully absconded in his jeans, Dirk whispered, his voice hot and heavy, “I guess I needed the right partner to discover that I could dance after all.” Dirk squeezed Gage’s growing bulge. “I can’t wait to see how we do between the sheets.”

After watching Dirk shake, shimmy, and all out command the dance floor the entire evening, Gage couldn’t help but think the same thing. He picked up his pace and headed toward the bedroom unbuckling his belt and un-tucking the rest of his shirt that Dirk hadn’t manage to get to.

Once inside the bedroom, Gage turned just in time to receive another mouth crushing kiss as they fell onto the king size bed enveloped in each other’s arms. Fast and furious, Gage tore at Dirk’s clothes, eager to get a look of his fantasy man’s golden tanned torso. Now free of his shirt, and Dirk’s shirt tossed aside too, Gage unfastened his lover’s belt buckle and the button of his jeans. Gage tore himself away from Dirk’s heated kiss eager to see the cock he had only imagined until now. He rolled from under Dirk, pinning him to the mattress. “I’ve dreamed of this moment since the first time I laid eyes on you on the soccer field.”

Dirk squirmed under Gage’s touch as Gage unzipped and unfolded Dirk’s hard cock from his black designer underwear. An involuntary gasp spilled from Gage. It was the most beautiful cock he’d ever seen. It was long, thick, solid, and pulsing veins ran along the silken shaft. Gage grasped it with both hands and licked the pearly precum oozing from the impressive cockhead’s parting slit. His lover’s fluid was sweet and warm. He licked again, greedy for another taste. A shuddering breath sprang from Dirk. He convulsed from Gage’s urgent lapping. “God that feels incredible,” Dirk said, pumping his hips as Gage risked taking more of the red, swollen dick deep into his mouth. “Yes, baby, you’re so good.” Dirk cooed his appreciation.

Feeling the heft and weight of Dirk’s meat pushing down his throat, the handsome man’s cock almost too much for Gage to handle, Gage checked his gag reflex and accommodated the rigid, arching shaft. This is heaven, Gage thought, his fantasy coming true. He continued to suck and stealthily reached under Dirk’s firm buttocks and yanked, freeing his lover from his jeans. Yeah, they looked good on, but oh did they look even better off. Dirk aided in the chore by kicking off his pants the rest of the way after toeing off his shoes and socks.

Unable to withstand it any longer, Gage scrambled off Dirk to stand and undress, completely. Naked, Gage ran an approving gaze over Dirk’s sculpted lean body. His abs rippled below an athletic chest, two perfectly plump pink nipples budding into the air. Gage stroked his dripping cock, eager to possess the man spread out before him like a scrumptious meal. “You’re more beautiful than I imagined,” Gage said through a lump of passion stuck in his throat. “Truly magnificent.” And Gage meant every word.

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