Ravyn's Mates (MMM)

Ravyn Warriors 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 60,757
5 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy/Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, demons, shape-shifters, HEA]

After years of waiting, Michel and Cord have finally found their third mate in the Ravyn warrior Druas. When a demon Prince sends them on a mission that will allow them to grow closer to the object of their mutual affection, both men jump at the offer. The demon’s easy acceptance of their unconventional relationship wasn’t something they were prepared for, but neither is willing to question it.

Druas never dreamed his next mission would result in finding he had not one but two shape-shifting mates. After the initial discomfort and aggression caused by Michel and Cord’s mating pheromones, Druas is happier than he ever thought possible.

But one fateful battle changes everything when Druas is kidnapped and his memories are erased. Can Michel and Cord open their mate’s eyes to the truth, or will the Ravyn be forced to face the loss of more than just his recollections?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Ravyn's Mates (MMM)
5 Ratings (4.0)

Ravyn's Mates (MMM)

Ravyn Warriors 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 60,757
5 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

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“What the hell is wrong with you guys? Get the fuck off me!” he screeched as the two shifters stared at him in bewilderment. Well, he couldn’t exactly see Michel’s expression from behind him, but he imagined it was the same one that Cord was wearing in the near-complete darkness. The liquid warmth he’d felt splash against him begin to cool and slide down his body. Oh my gods. His cheeks heated in embarrassment. They just came on me. The thought should not have given him a little thrill, but it did. Gods dammit! They were mated. Why the fuck would they want to include him in their sex? He didn’t want to be just a third wheel of a fuck fest.

“Calm down, Dru. We thought you were ready,” Michel snapped, wrapping his arm around Dru’s waist and squeezing until it was uncomfortable. “Get that fucking snarly look off of your face. You’re hurting Cord’s feelings.”

“Oh, my bad! Hate to hurt your mate’s feelings and all. I mean come on, really? You two just fucking molested me! And what the hell was the whole ‘we thought you were ready’ bullshit?” Druas demanded, struggling against the hold Michel had on him. Cord’s hands went to his chest, and he felt the instant warmth of his powers through their bond. Cord was a healer, and he had the unique ability to calm any of the Ravyns down almost instantly with a simple touch. It just served to piss Dru off at the moment. “Fuck you! Don’t pull that Jedi-mind shit on me, Cord. I mean it!”

“You climbed between us,” Cord said, deliberately ignoring Druas’s command and forcing his heart into a steadier, more relaxed rhythm. “We thought that meant you wanted us.”

“I was cold,” Dru murmured. “I was cold, and you were warm.” It made sense in his head. Why didn’t they understand? Was it a brain-dead shifter thing?

Cord sighed heavily. “Then we were mistaken. Forgive us. We thought you wanted our attention.” The arm around Dru’s waist tightened.

“What bullshit! You did want us. You don’t come apart in someone’s hands like that without wanting it.” Michel gave an animal noise of frustration and set his teeth on the point where Dru’s neck met his shoulder. The Ravyn had to resist the urge to moan as his teeth scraped over the imprint of a bite obviously given in the heat of the moment.

“S–Stop it,” Dru managed through clenched teeth. Even he wasn’t convinced at the sincerity in his tone.

“No one who moans like a five-dollar whore when I touch them can deny wanting it. Give me a damn break, Druas,” Michel rumbled.

“Don’t push him, Michel,” Cord cautioned, his hazel-and-gold eyes filled with a pain that was obvious even in the low light. “He’s not ready.”

Dru growled. “I was half asleep! Ready for what? What the hell? We’re on a mission, guys! What’s with the fucking hanky-panky? We’re brothers now. There can’t be any…” But there wasn’t really a rule against it, was there? He’d never viewed any of his other brothers sexually. Maybe it was because they were new Ravyns. He had certainly discovered the fact that the two of them were definitely male, and he’d obviously enjoyed the discovery if his sticky cock was any indication. Damn it.

“Druas, we need to tell you something,” Cord murmured. Oh shit. Really? He didn’t want to know.

“We’re kinda balls-deep in a mission, Cord. Can it wait?” Can everything wait? I can’t handle anything else tonight, and if I make any more discoveries, I’m going to blow my fucking head off.

Cord shook his head, and Druas’s heart sank down into his churning stomach. “I think it’s time we told you. It’ll explain a lot.” He sighed softly as if he were gathering his courage. “You’re our mate.”





“I don’t bottom,” Dru found himself saying. He realized he was scared of that. He didn’t want to be hurt. Even the few tangles he’d had in the past with men had never had him giving up that sort of control.

“You will, and I promise you’ll enjoy it.” Michel growled, pressing his own half-hard length against Dru’s ass.

“O–Only if I get to do you, too.” Gods, had he really just said that? His cheeks heated again. He was losing his ever-loving mind.

Michel gave a low, slow chuckle. “You think I’m too much of a man to enjoy it? Fuck, pretty. I let Cord do me regularly even though he enjoys bottoming much more than I do. We’re mates. Everything feels good between us.” The mental picture of Michel and Cord fucking nearly had him unhinged. Damn. That was hot. Michel openly laughed. “Like that image, pretty?”

“Pretty?” Dru asked, trying to ignore the combined heat of his mates. Mates. Christ.

“First thing I ever said about you,” Michel said.

Cord nodded. “It’s true. The first thing he ever said was, ‘My gods, look at that pretty thing, Cord.’ I got pissed at first, but then I smelled you…” Dru was surprised when Cord pressed his lips to him. He probably shouldn’t have been, but he was. Mmm, he tasted good.

“My head’s spinning,” he murmured against Cord’s lips. He inhaled the scent of his two fellow Ravyns. Gods, they smelled like the perfect combination of fall and earth.

“It’s the pheromones, pretty.” Whatever. He didn’t even care. He was freaking buzzed.

“Want to fuck now,” Dru murmured. Whoa. Where had that come from? His thoughts were getting hazier by the second.


“Hmmmm, don’t take him yet. He’s still overwhelmed,” Cord answered. His hand snaked between them to cup Dru’s erection. Damn, that felt fantastic. “Use his mouth.” Mouth? Druas had never given a blow job either, that he could recall.

“Want him inside you?” Michel asked.

“Mm-hmm. Go grab the lube from my pack, please.” Cord kissed him hard, and Dru found his mouth opening to accept his tongue.

The next thing Dru knew, he was leaning over Cord, kneeling between the shifter’s spread thighs. A warm, lubricated hand was coating him, and he was panting for breath, trying not to come too soon. He speared Cord’s tight body with a vicious thrust forward. Cord’s head tilted back, exposing his throat. A hissed “Yes!” escaped the shifter as Dru’s hips began to work inside the clenching confines of his mate’s ass. He was tight as a fist, and his whole body vibrated with passion as he whimpered and cried out for Dru to give it to him harder. Still, something was missing.

Michel straddled Cord’s head so that his hard cock jutted over the space between them. Dru leaned forward and sucked the pre-cum-decorated tip into the hot cavern of his mouth. He moaned as the bitter taste slid over his tongue. Gods, yes. This was exactly where he belonged. He told them so with the inarticulate cries of happiness and want that came out of him. This was like coming home. At last.

“Gods, pretty. You look good with your lips around my dick,” Michel complimented in a rough tone. “Especially when you’re fucking Cord’s ass. He’s tight, isn’t he?” Dru’s eyes rolled. He’d always been one for dirty talk, and now was no exception. “Cord, how’s he feel, baby?”

“He fucks so good,” Cord managed to grunt out as Dru slammed into his body over and over with increasing urgency. “Gonna come soon.” He gasped. Dru understood the feeling. He was pretty close himself. The sensation of Cord’s tight buttocks wrapped snugly around his cock was making his balls draw up tight to his body in impending orgasm. 

“Go ahead, baby. Show him how much you like what he’s doing to you,” Michel said.


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