Riverdale Avenue

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 79,600
0 Ratings (0.0)

Rhoann Callte, Rhoann Half-Royal, is an impossible Fae. Shape-shifter, he carries the blood of Fae water elementals and has a once-in-a-generation healing gift. Which is his blessing, or his curse, depending on how you look at it – his gift is needed among the exiled Fae of the Demesne of Purgatory, and he’s coerced from his beloved solitude and sent on a one-way trip to the human world.

Vietnam veteran Mac McAllan has been through hell in the last few months, and not just because his new C-leg isn’t performing up to spec. He and his partner of 34 years, stocky bald muscle bear Lucien de Winter, were working at Purgatory when what the owner said was a gas explosion collapsed the building – and put Lucien into a coma back in August. Now it’s October, and an impossibly handsome stranger says he can heal Lucien. But there’s always a price…

A Fae who wants only to be left alone, SoulShared with a human who’s already found the love of his life… and the Marfach testing their incomplete bond, seeking the key to its watery prison. What could go wrong?


The SoulShares series is a four-time finalist in the Rainbow Awards (Gay Erotic Romance and Gay Fantasy Romance) and is nominated again for MANTLED IN MIST and UNDERTOW.

0 Ratings (0.0)


Riverdale Avenue

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 79,600
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Insatiable Designs

Rhoann sank down into the water, shifting to salmon-form. Salmon were supposed to be creatures of great wisdom.

I need wisdom.

He spiraled down, into what passed for the depths of the Pool. Past strange items, discarded by humans, some overgrown with weeds or half buried in silt.

Fae did not love, other than near blood kin. He knew this from his mother’s tales, and from a Fae’s instincts. Yet Fae desired other Fae, or humans — again, a truth known more from the tales than from his own experience, though he had found physical pleasure at his own hand often enough.

So what was this, that he felt for Mac, if not love or a desire he had never known? This emotion so strong, he was determined to spend whatever of his own magick it might cost to heal a stranger, solely because doing so would make Mac’s heart sing?

Or was it only for Mac that he proposed to do this thing? He suspected his own heart might sing as well, were he to see Lucien’s eyes open. To learn their color, let them wake emotion in him.

But the cost of that song? Spending magick, irrevocably, for a stranger, the way his mother had once spent her magick for him.

No. Lucien’s healing would be Rhoann’s gift to Mac. That was all. That was enough strangeness, enough impossibility. More than enough.

A school of tiny fish swam past him; unthinking, he snapped, caught one, swallowed.

I have never felt this way. Never so determined to bring joy to another. Never so eager to feel a touch, to know pleasure in the body of another.

Sunlight gleamed in the water, a liquid touch.

Is this love?

The water was cool, comforting against his scales. It surrounded him, set him apart.

Is this… SoulShare?

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