Vulfen Alpha's Mate (MF)

Vulfen Cadre 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 33,701
83 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Paranormal Romance, werewolves]

After a disastrous blind date, Ellie Bradley enjoys dessert and hot kisses with a mysterious waiter, who turns out to be wealthy Russian businessman Rylek Sidarov.

Rylek, Alpha of three vulfen clans, was waiting tables as a favor to his chef uncle. He never thought he would find his fated mate in the human world, but there is no mistaking Ellie’s intoxicating scent. At the end of a blazing encounter, danger looms and Rylek goes against his strong vulfen instinct to send Ellie away unclaimed for her own safety. Unable to give her up, Rylek offers Ellie a choice to accept him and be his beloved mate—or never see him again.

Discovering a mate is a gift for Ellie and Rylek both, but human hunters, a vulfen traitor and the complications of navigating a new culture all conspire to threaten their new mating bond and their lives.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Vulfen Alpha's Mate (MF)
83 Ratings (4.4)

Vulfen Alpha's Mate (MF)

Vulfen Cadre 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 33,701
83 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
i loved ellie and rylek..what a very entertaining story. i intend to buy the next couple of books as the sage continues. the story line was very good. the characters lovable....i just did not want this book to end...thank you
Wow!!! I'm so glad that I discovered this series! I first found it through Ives then back tracked to this one & started at the beginning, totally loved it!
Professional Reviews

5 CHERRIES: "This story has the perfect balance of emotion, personal drama and delightful surprises to make this a romance worth spending time with. I really could get into this story because of the author’s voice. I liked her personable style of writing as well as how she blended the cultures of her world building. Some might say the conflict is kind of predictable because there are always traditionalists and prejudice that refuse change, but I liked how the author handled it by introducing surprise twists for the characters. It wasn’t that huge of a shock for me because I caught a few hints but I sure enjoyed suspecting something the heroine didn’t. Not only that but its revelation made the dramatic confrontation all the more entertaining and interesting because of how Ms. Kenney had the heroine react to it. Another thing I was impressed with was the author’s maximizing each chapter with just what I needed to make keep me committed to the story. Even though the hero and heroine fall in love fast, there were enough details and depth shared in every section to make each step believable. In addition, the ending of one chapter teased me with enough new information that I couldn’t help but keep reading so I could find out more. With momentum like that, it didn’t take me long to read this book at all. I adored the heroine, Ellie. She’s sweet and personable yet she’s lonely. Her heart is searching for it knows not what but it certainly knew it wasn’t the dweeb in the beginning of the book. I got the greatest kick out of how Ms. Kenney had Ellie meeting her future love. How I wish hunky waiters abounded at my local eateries. I also like the light resistance that she posed to the changes in her life. She didn’t let them overwhelm her or let them take on lives of their own. The heroine had her doubts, thought about them, tested the waters, adjusted and considered her options, and then stuck with what she believed was the right thing to do. All good qualities in a heroine. I also enjoyed her giving nature and how important that was to the story. In fact, her natural instincts are key in how the happily ever after gets played out. Rylek is way cool. Here’s this tough alpha shifter who basically holds the weight of the world on his shoulders and pretty much accepted he’d never find love, and in walks Ellie. Again, Ms. Kenney’s writing brought it all to life. I swooned over his growly nature, his viewpoints on the heroine’s Marilyn Monroe-like figure, and his view on the relationship of women and food. I thought his stilted and formal method of speech very old world and telling. It made his character unique and rounded because it was Rylek. No one else could pull it off as well as he could. It also showed me just how much he needed Ellie in his life. Nothing illustrated that best as when he reacted to whenever he thought his mate was in danger. His dialogue, his vows, his very being was oh, so romantic that I just melted. Rylek is a wonderful hero. Secondary characters abound and are really cool in and of themselves. I liked his cousins, all of them. I liked his aunt and uncle and how pivotal they were at one point. There’s one scene with hands that is powerful and beautiful and it gave me happy goose bumps. It worked for me. The villain acting out was expected but I didn’t know when or how. Ms. Kenney presented an interesting and diabolical plot against the heroine and hero and I was thrilled with how it was resolved. I sigh in satisfaction with well written growly heroes who bite, nibble and make a heroine nearly pass out from expert and enthusiastic love making and Rylek is all that and more. I liked every single one of those hot and passionate scenes and the author placed them at strategic positions throughout the book. There are well described emotions and sentiments that hook a reader as well, which enhanced my reading experience and kept me involved in the story. Vulfen Alpha’s Mate hit all my happy buttons by delivering a truly romantic story with characters I enjoyed watching fall in love. The overall sense of this story is upbeat and positive and when it ended, I was feeling relaxed and satisfied. I had a great time reading this book and thank Ms. Kenney for a charming experience. Okay, so I needed an ice cube or two – what’s a little melted water when the writing is that fun? Check out Vulfen Alpha’s Mate and see." -- Xeranthemum, Whipped Cream Reviews

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4 CUPS: "Ellie thinks she is ordinary: not too tall, a little over the ideal weight, wild black curly hair, and nice blue eyes. Rylek is the alpha is three Vulfen clans. He has been their leader since he was a teenager and never dreamed that he would find his mate. He is strong, tall, handsome, as well as arrogant and a bit domineering. A terrible date leads to some hot love between Ellie and the hunky waiter who stood up for her. He is no ordinary waiter, but actually the owner of the restaurant and Alpha Vulfen. Ellie is his mate, but no alpha has ever had a human mate before. Someone is not happy about this and is determined to eliminate her as quickly as possible. Ellie, however, is full of surprises. I really enjoyed this werewolf story. Rylek is the perfect alpha wolf, strong, sexy, and a little too arrogant sometimes, but his second brings him back to earth when he needs it. Ellie lacks confidence in herself, but is warm, loving and empathetic. The plot is very fast moving with some really good action scenes. The love scenes are erotically charged and tender, and most readers will find themselves falling in love with Rylek just a little bit. This looks like the start of a really good series." -- Maura, Coffee Time Romance Reviews

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Ellie suppressed a sigh and sipped her wine. The restaurant, Sidarova, was beautifully appointed, the waiter polite and attentive, the dinner perfect. Even her hair was perfect for once, the thick black curls settling into the elaborate updo with no trouble. Her makeup was subtle, just enough to set off her clear blue eyes. With strappy heels and a new black silk cocktail dress, Ellie had been pleased by the woman in the mirror.

The only thing wrong was her date.

It could hardly get worse, she reflected. She wanted to trade in her date for the waiter. She would be willing to bet money that the gorgeous, broad-shouldered waiter never droned on and on about his healthy bank account and his vintage silver corvette. Dear Lord, with a body like a medieval warrior, hair and eyes as dark as midnight, the waiter wouldn’t have to speak at all for women to fall all over themselves trying to attract his attention. But when he did speak, that hint of a Russian accent would drive any woman wild.

 “—and then I had her reupholstered. All genuine leather,” Henry said proudly. “Dark red leather, and with the silver exterior, she’s a real showpiece—”

His high, nasal voice seemed to fade into the background again as Ellie spied their waiter coming toward them.

The waiter’s long, straight black hair was loose, and he had removed his tie at some point and left the top button undone, she noticed. His crisp white shirt was rolled up at the sleeves now to expose tanned forearms dusted with black hair. There was the tiniest hint of dark hair visible at his throat, and Ellie shivered at the thought of her large breasts with their sensitive nipples nestling in his chest hair. She did love a man with a hairy chest. There was just something so deliciously primitive about it.

She glanced across at Henry, still happily talking about his car. He didn’t even seem to notice that her attention had wandered. Nope, not the slightest hint of chest hair on Henry. His suit was perfectly tailored and obviously expensive, as befitted a junior account executive, but his shoulders could definitely not be called broad, and his forehead was becoming rather too prominent.

She looked back at the waiter and sighed longingly. She wanted a man like that to notice her for once. Thirty years of life, and the past fifteen spent with boring clones of Henry on boring dates like this one. She was more than ready to take a walk on the wild side.

Seeming to feel her appreciative regard, the waiter looked intently into her eyes as he walked smoothly up to their table. He moved with a kind of animal elegance, and she could easily imagine him stalking prey in the deep boreal forests of Russia. Holding her still with the power of his dark gaze, he smiled slowly. Ellie could feel her heart flutter at the palpable promise in that intimate smile. The sensation was breathtaking.

“The dessert I recommend for you this evening is a dark chocolate mousse, a specialty of the chef, accompanied by a Russian coffee,” the waiter intoned in his deep, warm voice. His slight accent gave his words a darker resonance. He leaned a little closer to Ellie as he said, “The mousse is luscious and creamy with a hint of spice, and melts on the tongue.” His eyes never left hers as he spoke, and it seemed to Ellie as if he was delivering a deeper message. Her heart thudded once and her pussy clenched deliciously.




He was hungry, starving for the taste of her. He bent his head to her pink entrance and lapped through the soft glistening folds, searching out her spicy flavor. Pink would soon be his favorite color.

His mate was intoxicating. Her scent, her delicious taste, her feminine desire for him, all contributed to his excitement. His cock was jumping with every beat of his pulse. He took a long, savoring lick and the muscles in her stomach bunched. He plucked with his lips and swirled his tongue inside to steal her cream.

Her tiny cries inflamed him, made him harder and thicker than he had ever been, made him feel masculine, powerful. He wanted her love, her adoration, her acceptance of his wild vulfen nature. But he didn’t want to take. He wanted her to offer herself to him. He wanted to be everything to her.

She was his own personal playground, laid out for his enjoyment. He watched her beautiful face as he flicked his tongue over her tiny button.

Her eyelids fluttered and her red lips opened on a sigh. He redoubled his illicit caresses, speeding up and slowing down, torturing her with contrasting sensations. Her hips began to rock subtly.

He fitted his mouth to her feminine flesh and sucked, using lips, tongue, and teeth to bring her to a new and greater level of arousal. With a subtle nip, he pushed her over the precipice and started the climb again.


* * * *


Ellie whimpered and twisted against his carnal mouth. He teased and tasted until she wanted to scream, but she couldn’t find the breath for it. He was dragging her higher and higher into a dazzling world of bold excitement. He stole her sense of self and made her a creature enslaved by his hands and his mouth. She would do anything for him. She was his for the taking, but he wanted to give.

It was blowing her mind.

Ellie gasped as he plunged his stiff tongue inside over and over. Her pussy clung to every silken blow. He praised her with a deep edge of awe in his voice. The vibrations against her soaked flesh flung her up and over for the second time. She squealed at the fiery intensity of the orgasm as it blasted through her system. Her legs trembled uncontrollably, and she curled her fingers in his hair to pull his greedy mouth away from her core.

“Rylek,” she panted. “Please, I need you. Don’t tease me.”

It was too much and never enough. He was holding back from her. She was ravenous. If he continued playing with her body like this, she would go mad. She needed more of what he was giving. She needed everything she knew he could give.

With a final feathery kiss on her swollen folds, Rylek rose from the water to stand between her thighs. Little runnels streamed down his wide chest, drawing her appreciative gaze. His roped muscles rippled and shone with wetness in the dim light. Her pussy cramped and spasmed around its own emptiness.

He tugged her into the water to press her against his chest. Holding her eyes with the strength of his gaze, he settled the broad wet head of his cock at her pulsing gate and waited until she was writhing and trying to capture him. He lowered her weight and impaled her on his hard penis in one mind-stealing slow-motion plunge. Her inner muscles twitched and rippled as her body struggled to accommodate his size. Ellie screamed once and then again, clutching his shoulders for support as he set up a brutal surging rhythm.

He was burning her, searing his presence into her soul. He built the urgency between them until they were both striving for the same goal, until she couldn’t tell his desperate need from her own.

The force of his thrusts made her breasts bounce and rub against his hairy chest, tormenting her sensitive nipples unbearably. The water rocked around them. Waves splashed and sloshed against the sides of the pool and all the while he held her captive with his glowing regard. He was nothing human, but he was hers in a way that no one ever had been.

He increased the tempo, slamming into her with shattering force. Her tight muscles clamped around him, and he snarled. His gleaming fangs descended and he pulled out.

Ellie cried out at the loss and fought to recapture him, but he turned her in his arms and bent her over the side of the pool. Her fevered cheek pressed against the cool marble tiles and heavy curls fell over her gasping mouth.

He pushed into her in a firm slide, his thick cock rasping over tender tissues with every savage penetration. He hit spots no one had touched inside her. His chest rubbed all along her back. The level of sensation was devastating.

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