Book Two of the Seven Brides for Seven Bastards Series.

The seven bastard sons of Guillaume d'Anzeray are on a mission to find wives -- women to breed the next generation of a dark dynasty that many wish to see extinct.

It won't be easy to find brides from among the Norman nobility, for the d'Anzeray are upstarts, their family's fortunes raised through bloodshed and violence. As one holy man and chronicler of their times has written, "From the devil they came and to the devil they will return". But these brothers don't care much for holy men or for what is written about them. Now, with the future of their bloodline at stake these mercenary warriors need wives and they have no scruples when it comes to claiming the women they desire.
Warning: This 21,159 word highly erotic story contains ménage sex, spanking, shaving, cuckolding, double penetration, public exhibition, and branding.

Whorespawn (MFMMMMMM)
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A great book
Set back in time when conquerer's took what they wanted and while it came across as brutish it has this appealing sexy side, raw and primitive.

"Who the hell do you think you are?"

"I'm Sebastien d'Anzeray. And I'm going to fuck your wife."

At the mention of his name, color drained from the man's face. If he was wise he wouldn't argue with a d'Anzeray for where there was one there were often six more nearby and it was never good to pick a fight with one of his brothers, let alone all of them. But still the man grabbed a wooden stool and advanced, poised what exactly, Sebastien could not imagine.

The woman had not moved. Her back pressed to the wall again, her legs spread, she'd made no move to get away and her sexual musk was a potent fragrance in his nostrils. She was ready for him and more than willing. Her pussy creamed for him already. With each upward thrust of his fingers her voluptuous breasts jostled slightly, the nipples peaking for his attention. In his breeches his cock was rock hard and pulsing. He really did not want to delay by having to fight her foolish husband.

He wanted to be buried to the hilt in that satiny goodness very, very soon.

Fortunately—because he really didn't want to get out of breath yet—he was saved from having to turn his attention to the idiot who had just cracked a wooden stool across his back. The doorway suddenly filled with the tall, broad-shouldered shape of Alonso d'Anzeray, one of his brothers.

"There you are! I thought we were dining with the Baron? I saw your horse outside and I—"

The woman's husband had picked up one of the splintered, broken stool legs and was swiping it hard at Sebastien's shoulders and head, while shouting "Edwyn! Edwyn! Get in here."

Alonso, apparently summing the scene up in a few seconds and requiring no narrative, moved forward with his long, lithe stride, wrestled the stool leg from the man's hands and sent him across the cottage with one punch to his corpulent stomach.

"I might have known there was pussy involved," he muttered, looking over his shoulder and grinning.

Sebastien put his knife away and quickly unlaced his breeches with one hand. "Just keep an eye on the husband will you." Her cunt was so tight on his fingers, he couldn't wait another moment to have her. "Come here, my lovely." He dragged another stool over with his foot, let his breeches fall to his ankles and sat, making her stand astride his lap. "Look how wet she is, brother!" He took his fingers out of her and showed their gleaming stickiness in the gleam of dying sunset through the open cottage door.

Alonso exhaled a low whistle. "Looks like the beautiful lady is primed for a good rutting, Seb. Christ, look at those tits! Magnificent."

"Why do you think I chased her through a forest and across a meadow? Just keep your attention on the husband and let me get to work here."

Laughing, Alonso held the point of his sword to the cursing husband's belly. There was no sign of any other likely interruption. Whoever "Edwyn" was, he valued his own survival it seemed, and knew better than to come rushing to anyone's aid, especially against two d'Anzerays.

Sebastien, therefore, could take a little more time with this pretty treasure now. As his brother said, the Baron was expecting them for dinner tonight, but he could have a morsel of something extra first.

He opened her pussy lips with his wet fingers and then encouraged her to bring her hips forward. The woman was unusually quiet for one in her circumstances. He would have expected her to be ranting and raving, assuring her husband that she did this under protest. Or begging him to stop.

This fox did neither. She wasn't even looking at her husband, but her eyes had turned smoky and they were pinned to Sebastien's face. Her fingers held her skirt up to her slender waist, and he saw burn marks on her knuckles. He'd also noted more bruising on her skin and it angered him. Why would a man who had guardianship of a woman so beautiful treat her so badly? And he knew it must be her husband who caused those bruises. She would not confess it, but he read it easily on her face.

A slight flush heated her cheeks now and her bared breasts, but it did not compete with the glowing pink of her nipples and her cunt. Too enticing.

He laughed softly over his shoulder at her swearing, furious husband. "You don't mind if I sample your lovely young wife's wares, do you? It seems she's eager and generous. I can smell her musk and it's luring me in."

"You bastards! Don't you dare! I'll get my vengeance for this."

Alonso poked the man with the tip of his sword and chanted wearily, "Shut up, shut up, shut up. Don't do this. Don't do that...Bloody Saxons. Don't you know you're conquered?"

Amused, Sebastian leaned forward, pulling her to his face at the same time. He opened his mouth over her wet twat and suckled greedily, his hands holding her buttocks to help her keep her balance.

Damn, she was sweet and delicious, a perfect summer treat after a hot day and a long journey. He thrust his tongue up into her pussy and wriggled the tip over her clit. He felt her tremble, heard her gasp, and her hips began to move in a sensuous sway as her arousal seeped onto his tongue.

He was distantly aware of her husband still yelling and Alonso calmly replying that it was hardly the Norman race's fault if he'd never given his wife an orgasm before.

Sebastian curled his tongue around her dewy pink pearl and sucked so hard he made the woman cry out. She almost fell, but had the good sense to lift her right leg over his shoulder, leaning into his strength as he devoured her hot cunt and dug his fingers into her firm round arse cheeks.

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