Wooing the Lighthouse Keeper

Tales of the Briny Nix 1

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 20,920
2 Ratings (4.5)

Wayne needs a place to hide when an angry ex-boyfriend sends questionable pictures to several board members at the school where he teaches. Substituting as a lighthouse keeper for his buddy’s father, he finds stark beauty in how the waves crash on the rocks and solace in their sound. His buddy, Easton, drops by with pizza and wine to buoy his spirits, and together they find a naked man on the beach. Bringing the injured man inside his temporary home, Wayne learns the stranger’s name is Zarek, and he doesn’t want to be taken to the hospital. Against his better judgment, maybe because the sexy, black-haired man kissed like a God, Wayne agrees…even though he knows the man’s story is bogus. When Wayne learns the truth, can he wrap his mind around everything and accept his new reality? Or will he wipe his hands of the sexy Zarek at his earliest opportunity?

Wooing the Lighthouse Keeper
2 Ratings (4.5)

Wooing the Lighthouse Keeper

Tales of the Briny Nix 1

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 20,920
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Angela Waters

“Hey, I think he’s waking up!”

Wayne grabbed a couple of hand towels and the pot and returned to the bedroom. Seeing the guy shifting restlessly on the sheet and towel, he quickly put everything on the dresser. He spread one of the hand towels over the stranger’s groin. Next, he placed his hand on the man’s shoulder and, impulsively brushed his hair out of his face.

“Hey, man,” Wayne murmured. “Come on. Wake up for me. I’d love to know your name before I call the police.” He rubbed the man’s brow before he continued, “You should really go to the hospital.”

Finally, the man’s eyelids fluttered and opened. Deep green eyes, reminding him of the sea during a storm, peered up at him. The guy blinked once, twice, then his brows furrowed.

“Where am I?”

Hearing the man’s deep voice caused the hairs at Wayne’s nape to stand on end. He suddenly wondered what that voice would sound like in passion as opposed to pain. Would it deepen or turn raspy?

Wayne gave himself a mental smack upside the head. He should not be thinking about such things. Those thoughts only made it more difficult to ignore his stubbornly hard cock.

“You’re in my lighthouse,” Wayne told the man. “My friend and I found you on the beach at the base of the cliff. Do you remember how you got there?” While he hated bombarding the injured man with questions, he realized he should ask one more thing. “I’m Wayne Thorpe. This is my friend Easton. What’s your name?”

“I’m Zarek. Zarek Rudiman,” the black-haired man whispered. “Swam to the beach.” He paused, glancing from Wayne to Easton and back again. Licking his lips, he cleared his throat. “Too tired to get up the steps.” He glanced between them again. “You guys a couple?”

Shocked at the blunt question, Wayne’s brows shot up.

Easton actually chuckled and answered. “Naw, man,” he stated. “Been buddies since we were thirteen. He’s like a brother to me.”

Zarek actually smiled and looked relieved. “Fantastic.”

Reaching for Wayne, Zarek grabbed his upper arms in a surprisingly strong grip and pulled him down. Not expecting the move, he didn’t struggle. Wayne placed his hands on either side of the man’s head and allowed him to pull him close.

When Zarek’s lips landed on his own, Wayne gasped in surprise. The other man took complete advantage. Zarek thrust his tongue into Wayne’s mouth. Lapping at Wayne’s appendage, he plundered his mouth aggressively.

Wayne’s body responded eagerly. His blood heated in his veins. His prick twitched in his slacks.

Moaning softly, Wayne shivered.

Zarek ended the kiss, but didn’t release him. He slid one hand up his arm to his neck and his fingers began to gently massage the knobs of his spine. Grinning, he hummed in obvious appreciation.

“Thank you for aiding me, Wayne Thorpe,” Zarek whispered. His voice had deepened a little, just as Wayne had wondered. “I owe you much.”

Easton’s chuckle broke through Wayne’s confused, aroused haze.

Clearing his throat, Wayne pushed away from him. For an instant, Zarek resisted, then let him go. Straightening, Wayne looked toward his friend.

Easton grinned widely. “Don’t worry. I won’t ask him to kiss me like that, even though I carried him,” he teased. “You want help with his wounds?”

Wayne felt his face heat. He ran a hand over his jaw. “Uh, Zarek. I’m flattered, but, uh—” Furrowing his brows, he paused, realizing he had no idea what he should say.

“Sorry if I came on a little strong,” Zarek offered huskily. “I just felt an undeniable need to taste you.”

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