Option 3: Meet the Outsider (MM)

The Hot Outsiders 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,464
4 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, HEA]
Demons have invaded our world and taken over. Leonel Walters has fallen victim to demons that buy and sell humans for profit. In a warehouse, Leonel has to fight to survive. Before Leonel loses all hope, fire demon officials find the warehouse and save him, as well as the other fighters. He meets Trent, a higher-ranked demon that quickly draws Leonel's attention.
Trent Mihau is part of the administration of the higher-ranked demons. In this new world, his job is to rescue humans that have been abducted by other demons to be sold for various disturbing forms of entertainment. Trent encounters Leo during one of his rescue missions and realizes that they are mates. However, the other higher-ranked demons are against it, and Leo is struck with a dangerous poison. The queen's enemies have begun their attack, and one of them is part of the administration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Option 3: Meet the Outsider (MM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Option 3: Meet the Outsider (MM)

The Hot Outsiders 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,464
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




It had been over a year since he’d last spoken. He was surprised he still remembered how. He’d been fearful that a demon would've caught him talking and he would end up injured, or even dead. The last thing Leo had wanted was to lose a fight and have no food or water for most of the day.

Shawn smiled, which was something that Leo hadn’t seen in a long while. “It will all be fine now. Just know that not all demons are bad.”

Leo nodded. “Okay.” He looked to his left at a tall demon approaching them. He didn’t look like a doctor. The doctors that were rushing back and forth to help the fighters wore white smocks. A few of the fighters were trying to run away, so there was a lot of commotion. This demon wore a black jacket over a blue shirt, navy jeans, and had a gray beanie on his head. He looked indifferent to all that was going on around him.

“This is Trent. He’s a higher-ranked demon,” Shawn said. “His main job is to rescue humans from these kinds of situations. As you can see, demons can also help humans.”

The demon called Trent looked down at Leo. Even though Leo was tall himself, this demon made him feel short. “A doctor will be right with you,” Trent said, his voice deep and soothing. The demon switched his attention to Shawn. “You did a great job, yet again. Go home for today.”

Leo watched as Shawn lit up and made his way to the exit. He also wanted to go. As soon as Leo took a step toward the door, Trent rested his cold hand on his bare shoulder, making him jolt. He wasn’t used to being touched outside of a fight. It was uncomfortable.

“You can’t go anywhere,” Trent said, glancing at Shawn closing the door behind him. “Shawn must have told you what will happen now.”

No. He wanted to get out. Leo glanced up at Trent and back at the door. He didn’t want to stay in this building a second longer. “I have to go,” Leo mumbled. He took another step toward the exit, but Trent grabbed his wrist this time.

“I told you that you can’t,” Trent said firmly.

He didn’t care. Leo flailed his arm, releasing his wrist, and made his way toward the exit. He needed sunlight. He desired to see nature, the ocean, buildings—anything as long as it was outside.

Out of nowhere, Trent wrapped his arms around Leo’s torso. “I will not say it again, human.”

Leo froze in place. He looked down at Trent’s arms around him. They didn’t let him move, but they didn’t hurt him either. Leo pushed forward, and the more he tried to move, the closer Trent would pin him to his strong body. Leo turned around in the demon’s arms and put his hands against his strong chest, thrashing to get away. Their bodies were pressed against each other’s, and the demon tried to not step on Leo’s bare feet. Leo could feel Trent’s hands beginning to warm up. But he was tired, so he stopped fighting Trent, panting.

“Have you calmed down?” Trent asked, not one bit tired. “You’re not going to fight anymore. It’s over.”

“I just want to go outside,” Leo said. “Please.”

Trent stared at him. “That’s it?” he asked, and Leo nodded. “Well… Sure. Come on, then.”

Leo jolted when Trent held his wrist again. The demon led him toward the exit. The closer they got to the door, the harder his heart beat. As soon as Trent opened the door, Leo had to squint. The light was strong and warmed him up.

It was around noon. Leo gazed at the open space that led to the trees and houses far away. That had been why no one could hear the noises from the warehouse. The outside walls, as well as its foundation, were made of rusty, dark brown and black metal. It reminded him of those abandoned warehouses in movies with broken windows and ones you couldn’t see through.

When the metal door was shut behind them, Leo closed his eyes. His ears buzzed, adapting to the quiet chirps of the birds flying high up in the sky, and the cool breeze that surrounded him. He no longer heard the demons’ constant shouting and snarling, or the moans of pain from the other fighters.

Leo took a breath of fresh air and opened his eyes. It no longer smelled like blood and sweat, even though he knew that he himself had to smell awful. His whole body ached, but he had survived. He was glad that he hadn’t given up like many other fighters had. Leo looked to his side and noticed that Trent had been gazing at him. “What?”

“Nothing,” Trent mumbled.

A doctor came out of the van that was parked away from the entrance of the building and approached them. “Come to the van. You’re going to need treatment.”

“Go now,” Trent said.

Leo nodded and followed the female demon to the van. When he glanced over his shoulder, Trent was looking at him intently.




Leo looked down at the wooden flooring. He realized that what had caught his attention about Trent had been the demon’s eyes. Trent had a predatory gaze that could devour Leo at any moment. It was as if that look hypnotized him. On top of that, Trent’s way of moving was smooth and confident. The demon knew very well which strings to pull to make Leo notice his intense presence.

With a sigh, Leo picked Lima up and laid her on his lap. He slid his hand on her side and she purred adorably, letting her head rest limp next to his thigh. “Seems like I have a pet now,” Leo mumbled, smiling. He was starting to get quite hungry, but he didn’t feel like talking with Trent.

Trent wanted to tease Leo even more. That was if Leo asked for the demon to do something to him. Leo felt his cheeks heating up. No. There was no way he would have the guts to ask Trent to kiss him again or to touch him. As Leo thought about it, a shiver ran down his back. It had been a long time since he’d touched himself or allowed someone to pleasure him.

Leo swallowed dryly. Just great, now his body was hot and he had a hard-on forming. He carefully moved Lima away from his thighs and left the room. “Trent,” he called as he went to the kitchen. Good thing the clothes they’d given him at the Human Services hid his erection.

“What, are you going to ask me now? I’m preparing dinner,” Trent said as he stirred whatever food was boiling in the pan.

“No,” Leo said. “Can you tell me where the bathroom is?”

Trent grumbled. “And here I thought that you wanted something more,” he said dramatically and tasted the sauce that almost dripped from the wooden spoon. “There are two, one on this floor and one on the second. The smaller bathroom is upstairs, the first door to the right. My bedroom is next to it.”

“Thanks.” Leo went back upstairs and entered the bathroom. It had a shower to the left, the toilet next to it, and the sink to the right. The flooring was gray tile, so he already knew that his feet were going to freeze. At least the whole room gave off a clean and fresh, citric scent. This was the best spot.

Leo closed the door before he jumped onto the navy-blue rug in front of the toilet. He closed the lid and got on his knees on the rug, sitting on his heels. The lid had a small, soft cloth of the same color as the one on the floor.

There was no other option. He needed to get off somehow or he would burst. He pulled his shaft out and stroked it vigorously, his pants sliding halfway to his buttocks. Lust filled his body and he rested his head on the soft lid. He put his hand over his lips to remind himself that he couldn’t make any noises.

On and on, Leo moved his hand up and down on his cock. He thrust his hips. It had been too long. Leo let out a moan as soon as he rubbed the head. “Damn it,” he uttered, his throat dry. It was as if he’d never done this before. His hips shook and tensed. A bit more and he would release.

Out of nowhere, a big, warm hand surrounded Leo’s. “Do you need a hand?” Trent whispered into Leo’s ear.

Leo arched his back, and jolted when his ass pressed against Trent’s crotch. “I don’t,” Leo managed to say as he panted.

The demon took Leo’s wrists and locked them behind his back. “I can sense that you do,” Trent said seductively. Holding Leo’s forearms in place with one hand, he reached around Leo’s hip and wrapped his other hand on his shaft.

Leo jerked as Trent stroked his cock at a quick pace. Leo threw his head back and came hard. He thrust his shaft against the demon’s palm. It was too good. He came for what felt like forever, Trent never stopping. The demon’s wet hand ground slowly on his shaft, from the base to the tip. Trent’s hand was so big.

Moments later, Trent moved away. “Wow, you came quite a lot.”

“Don’t say that,” Leo mumbled lazily, panting. He looked up at Trent as the demon washed his hands in the sink. “How did you know…?”

Trent dried his hands on a small towel. “When you came to the kitchen, I could sense that you were horny. All I had to do was pinpoint when the higher amount of pheromones would fill my house. There’s nothing else to it. I’m a higher-ranked demon, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve.”

“Why did you do it, though?” Leo mumbled. He sat on his heels and used some toilet paper to wipe his hard shaft. He was up for more, but he didn’t want to do it after Trent told him that he could see through everything.

“No reason in particular,” Trent said. He went to the door and opened it. “Dinner is almost ready. Come downstairs when you’re done.”

Leo nodded and the door closed. This is so embarrassing. Leo stood on shaky legs and washed his hands and face. He would have to take a shower later. “I won’t ask him anything,” he told himself as he went to the kitchen. How could Trent not have a reason? It wasn’t that he hadn’t enjoyed Trent’s touch, but the demon’s goal was to tease him. Leo didn’t want to give in.

Trent glanced at Leo as he served the food. “Are you done? I can sense that you’re still horny.”

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