You Get What You Pay For

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 17,200
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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes and explicit sex.

You Get What You Pay For by J Smith

Her husband has always fantasised about her being a slutty prostitute and getting paid for sex, so one night they role-play the fantasy. She dresses like a tart and he picks her up on a street corner. Then he decides he’d like her to play the part for real. She agrees to pick up a stranger in a bar and let him pay her for sex, but this is a tale with a twist.

Leave it to her, Beaver by Landon Dixon

Charlie stays with a friend’s quaintly old-fashioned parents in California, and on his last night he cleans out their garage to show appreciation for the free bed and board. Afterwards, his friend’s mother offers to give him a massage to relieve his aching muscles. And to Charlie’s amazement her approach to massage is far from quaint and old fashioned. She relieves a lot more than his aching arm muscles!

Appraising Tara by Poppy Drew

Tara has spent weeks fantasising about her strictly disciplinarian boss, Martin, giving her a good spanking. Then they go away to a conference together where she is to act as his PA. Little does she know that Martin has correctly interpreted that faraway look in her eyes and the next time she hears him say, ‘Do you need a good spanking, young lady?’ it’s for real.

Flexible by Sommer Marsden

Ellen is annoyed when her exercise bike breaks, she doesn’t like gyms, but husband, Rick persuades her to go and she meets his friend, Graham, who takes her breath away. When Rick suggests they invite Graham and Chandra for an evening of love-making and dinner, Ellen willingly accepts. She finds the beautiful Chandra just as sexy as Graham and the two couples have one of the most exciting evenings of their lives.

Politically Incorrect by Kate Dominic

No man likes to discover he can’t satisfy his wife. But this husband decides to do something about it. When Marcy tells him her very special fantasy he decides to do something about it. With the help of two willing friends, he arranges for her fantasy to become reality. After a night that exceeds their wildest expectations, this couple know that reality will never be the same again.

These stories have also been published in Indecent Proposals ISBN 9781907016585

You Get What You Pay For
0 Ratings (0.0)

You Get What You Pay For

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 17,200
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Elizabeth Ponting

My husband, Mark, had always been adventurous in bed, and I hadn’t been surprised by the fact he liked role play, I mean we all do but when he told me he had always fantasised about paying for sex with a slutty-looking pro I was a bit shocked. It wasn’t until I played along with it that I discovered that I fitted right into the role.
So here I was standing on the street corner, waiting. I was dressed in a T-shirt, too tight and no bra, and my leather mini skirt with no knickers, well it saved time. My leather boots finished the image and were the only things keeping me warm.
A few cars had slowed as they passed me, you knew what the men were wondering, how much and what I’d do, but I had a select client tonight and wasn’t open to the public. Even so, to know that they were thinking of me in a dirty little scenario up some back alley got my nipples stiffer than the evening breeze.
I took another drag on my cigarette as I looked up the road. I saw the car coming, Mark’s red BMW. I moved to the kerb, and pushed my chest out, my tits weren’t the biggest but they had the perfect shape, round with their own uplift, like a couple of cherry-topped buns.
The car pulled up and the window came down.
‘You looking for business?’ Mark said. He was attractive with his dark hair and designer stubble, straight from an office with his tie and jacket still on.
‘If you have the money,’ I replied and watched him look me up and down, his eyes feeling their way across my breasts and down my legs. It felt exciting, getting picked up in the street, sex for money. It was the fact that it was so sordid, taboo. I didn’t know what he was going to want me to do, but if he could afford it I was up for it. I always was.
He looked in his rear view mirror to see if anyone had spotted him and then he opened the passenger door and told me to get in. He tried to look up my skirt as I sat down and by the way his eyes widened I think he saw the parting of the waves. I could tell how desperate he was by the large bulge in his trousers, he must have been thinking about me all the way here. I flicked my cigarette out the window and we drove off.
He said nothing and we turned from the main road and into the deserted car park of a trading estate. He stopped the engine and turned to me.
‘So what’s it to be?’ I asked suggestively and breathed deep to push my bust out.
‘I don’t know.’ His mind was on my tight T-shirt and what it was struggling to hold in.
‘Well it’s the usual on offer. Hand job, blowjob, full sex or tricks if you feel really naughty.’ I slowly rubbed the head of the gear stick and he looked like a boy in a sweet shop, spoilt for choice. The telltale stain of pre-come darkening his trousers also told me he was desperate.
He looked at my painted lips, ‘Blowjob. Suck me off.’ He eagerly started to undo his flies.
‘Money first,’ I told him. ‘Twenty-five pounds.’ Not that I didn’t want to see his manhood but rules are rules. He fumbled for his wallet and handed over the notes which I scrunched up into a pocket.
He finished undoing his flies and thrust his hips up towards me.
‘I bet you’re quite big,’ I put my hand inside and started to draw him out. ‘Oh yes. You’re going to be quite a mouthful.’
I ran my hand up and down his shaft, letting it throb between my fingers.
‘Suck it. Suck it hard.’
Well what else could I do? He’d paid for it. I licked my lips, opened my mouth and lowered it over his exposed knob. He groaned as I sank around him, and he thrust himself deeper into the moist warmth of my mouth. He tasted so good and I felt so dirty sucking him in the front seat of his car. I wondered how many security cameras were zoomed in on me right now, how many eyes were watching. I could feel my pussy swell with juice.
He groaned some more and I had to control his cock with my hand as it gagged at the back of my throat. His length flashed in and out of me, my tongue flicking at it as I sucked it back in and he watched every second. His fingers felt for my stiff nips and began to squeeze them, stretch them out. He spasmed in my mouth, I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. I slowly opened my legs and let him see my scarlet slit, glistening with my love dew. As soon as he saw it, he came. His cock twitched in my mouth and he bit on his lip to stifle his cry. A stream of his warm come splashed against the back of my throat and I greedily swallowed it down, and then another, I sucked hard as if I was trying to get the last drop of juice from an orange and I didn’t stop until he’d been drained. Then I lifted my head from him and licked my lips.
He sat back and let his contented smile tell me how good I’d been.
‘How was that?’ I asked.
‘You were great, as usual.’
‘I know,’ I said. ‘Now let’s go home, I need a good fuck in my own bed. Oh and that’s five pounds for swallowing,’ I said jokingly.

Once home Mark was ready for action again, we didn’t make it to the bed. As soon as we got in he hitched my skirt up and took me against the hall wall, thrusting his length inside me with my legs tightly wrapped around his waist. It was fast but fantastic. For the time being he seemed satisfied and the orgasm that had shot through my body had left me more than happy.
We sat down, had a drink and started chatting about the day. I told him about the other men who had tried to pick me up on the street, about how some of them were good looking, I teased him by saying that if he hadn’t turned up I might have gone with them. What he said took me by surprise.
‘That’s not such a bad idea.’
‘What?’ I wasn’t sure I’d heard him.
‘Well, if you fancy them.’
‘You want me to pick some stranger up off the street and let them fuck me … for money.’
He smiled wickedly. ‘Yeah. That’s what I want.’
‘And you’ll get off on this how?’
‘I’ll be watching.’
I couldn’t believe he was asking me to do it. Dressing up for him was one thing but for real … with Mark watching, I mean it was just perverse, it was so grubby, it was so … turning me on.
‘Won’t this other man think it a bit weird you’re watching?’
‘No, I’ll be hiding or something.’
‘I’m not sure,’ but I could feel my pulse start to race.
‘You want to, don’t you?’ he said. ‘The way you were talking about those men I could see it written all over your face. I bet you wanted them to take you from behind over the bonnet. Any cock will do as long as it’s hard.’
‘That’s not the point … fantasy is one thing but … you actually want to watch me with another man?’
‘No. I want to see you get paid for sex.’
‘And he can do whatever I let him, no matter what?’
‘If he pays for extras the dirtier the better.’
I couldn’t believe I was actually contemplating it and I couldn’t believe the size Mark’s cock had got since talking about it. He was almost coming again just thinking about it.
‘Just do it once, for me,’ he pleaded. ‘Any trouble and I can stop it.’
‘I don’t know,’ I told him. ‘I’d have to think about it,’ and in explicit detail.
Within two days we had a plan.

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