Claws and Fangs (MFMM)

Men of Passion, Colorado 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,326
24 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, vampires, bondage, spanking, food play, sex toys, HEA]

Kelly Sims wishes for love, but concentrates on her work as a freelance writer. Assigned to write about Passion, Colorado’s first art festival, she’s thinking it’ll be an easy assignment.

Damon Darrington and his brother, Jude, survived the Civil War, but they’re changed forever when a vampire and werewolf duo attack them. Losing control of their inner demons once was enough, and they’ve vowed to never put anyone’s safety at risk again. Years later, Riker Whitfield, the werewolf who changed Damon, finds him and asks his forgiveness. Since Riker was under the vampire’s spell, Damon forgives him, and the men forge a fast friendship.

When the trio meets Kelly, they know they’ve found the one woman they can all share. But a jealous female vampire is out to take Kelly’s place. They’ll fight with claws and fangs to save her, but will they reach her in time?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Claws and Fangs (MFMM)
24 Ratings (4.1)

Claws and Fangs (MFMM)

Men of Passion, Colorado 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,326
24 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I am hooked. Hot and steamy, a must read. A fantastic new series.
Barefoot Okie
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4.5 STARS: "Jane Jamison has once again developed a world where the norm is suggestive. After choosing to live in smaller more out of the way towns and commute into the larger cities to work all my adult life I may have to change my way of thinking if this is the true nature of small towns. Then again, I may be lucky enough to find my own Jude, Damon or Riker. After all if there is one good vampire or werewolf there must be more, right? Damon and his brother, Jude are returning home at the end of the long bitter Civil War. Injured and battle-scarred the pair are heading towards Atlanta, not knowing what they will find following Sherman and his army's passing and burning of the great southern city. They are unfortunate enough to come across a vampire and werewolf that change the course of their lives forever. Nearly a century later Riker Whitfield tracks the brothers down to apologize for his part in that fateful encounter. Over time the three become friends and business partners. Jude and Riker run a successful horse ranch, while Damon has become a renowned photographer. It is because of Damon's acclaim that Kelly Simms comes within their orbit. She is a freelance writer doing a piece on the first annual Passion Arts Festival. She stops by Damon's display to ask for an interview. She sets off a series of life and death events involving two vampires, two werewolves, two writers and a friend willing to die to save a friend. Who survives and who dies is up for grabs. This first book in the Claw and Fang series is intensive and labored in the first few chapters after the prologue. It is so well done you don't care if the pace slows as we are given an overview of the main characters. Additional tid-bits are dropped along the way." -- Delanna, Night Owl Reviews

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“Damn, Kelly, slow down. You’re acting like he’s a monster instead of a hot guy.”

Kelly tugged Lilly along with her, making her way through the afternoon crowd that had suddenly swollen in numbers. The first year of the festival was turning out to be a great hit among the town’s residents. She’d bet it would even draw people in from Denver and its satellite towns.

“No, I’m not. I just needed to get out of there and let the man work. I’ll get his information and give him a call later when he’s not tied up.”

Tied up? A flash of Damon tying her to her bed and then sliding his tongue over her in long, torturous strokes weakened her knees and almost sent her sprawling to the ground.

“What’s got into you?”

She couldn’t tell Lilly the whole truth. Not when she didn’t really understand it herself.

Damon Darrington had done something to her. He’d had an aura about him, an animallike presence that had sent her toes tingling and her pussy clenching with need. She’d never had such a visceral reaction to any other man. The man was pure sex in worn-out boots and faded jeans.

His dark eyes had latched onto her and had held her in a grip she never wanted to break. Just as in the picture of him on the Internet, he had a strong chin, the kind of chin that all Hollywood heroes had. But the draw from him was more than just his amazing appearance. He’d taken her breath away and made her want to drop to her knees and suck his cock. The man was like catnip to her. He oozed sex appeal.

Something, some invisible force, had erupted inside her compelling her to stay with him, to do anything with him, to know everything about him. Even now her insides were burning with an internal sexual flame.

“Kell, stop.” Lilly yanked her arm free and slammed to a stop. “I can’t go as fast as you. Besides, what’s the hurry?”

Kelly shoved her notepad and pen back into her purse, flung it over her shoulders, and put her hands on her hips. She dragged in huge gulps of air and wondered if her heart would ever be the same. “No hurry. I just felt like walking fast. Is there a law against that?”

“A law? You’re asking me about the law? Earth to Kelly? What happened between you and Mr. Gorgeous Photographer?”

She couldn’t look Lilly in the face. If she did, her friend would know as surely as if she’d come right out and told her. Instead, she pointed at one of the food booths. “Hey, let’s get a funnel cake. I’ve been dying for one of those all day.”

But Lilly wasn’t buying her diversionary tactic. “I dropped one because you hauled me away from Damon’s booth like a mad woman on crack. Wait a sec. Okay, now I know you’re trying to hide something. You hate funnel cakes. What happened in his tent?”

Kelly didn’t answer. Instead, she averted her gaze and tried to act like Lilly was off base. “Pfft. I told you. Nothing. Now can we forget about him and have some fun? I don’t want to waste the entire day on work.” Like I could ever forget him. I’ll remember him until the day I die.

But Lilly was like a bulldog with a new chew toy. She wasn’t about to give up. Lilly narrowed her eyes and put her face close to Kelly’s. “Oh, my God, you sucked face, didn’t you?”

“No, of course not. I’d never do such a thing, especially while I’m on the job.” She dropped her gaze to the ground.

“Kelly Sims, I know when you’re lying, and you’re lying up a storm right now. You sucked face with Damon Darrington.”

“Urgh. I wish you wouldn’t call it that.” She took in a deep breath. “But yeah, I did.”

Lilly’s mouth dropped open. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“You’re the one who guessed.” Do I tell her the whole truth about how I let Damon go a lot farther than a kiss?

She still couldn’t believe what she’d done in public, but another side of her was floating on air. She’d loved the way he’d made her feel, the unparalleled longing he’d given her. The thrill, the possibility of getting caught had only added to the exhilaration. She didn’t regret what she’d done with him one bit. And if someone hadn’t interrupted them, who knew how far she’d have let him go?

“You and Damon Darrington kissed?”

“What’s so incredible about that? Do you think he’s too good for me? Too hot?”

Lilly scoffed. “Of course not. But you don’t do that kind of thing, especially with a man you just met. When did you turn into a slut like me?”




The demure dress was buttoned in the front, and he made quick work of the first four buttons. He pushed the material aside to expose the virginal white bra. She could’ve worn the ugliest garment in the world, and he would’ve thought her beautiful.

His heart fell like a rock only to soar again when she pushed him back, paused, then unhooked the clasps of her bra. Her breasts spilled out of their restraints, and he moaned, unable to remember when he’d seen a more amazing sight.

She tracked her hand in his hair and pulled his mouth to her nipple. The peak was already hard as he lashed his tongue over and around it. He sucked, nibbled, and sucked again as she arched, telling him how much she loved his touch. Making the low mewling sound deep in her throat again, she pushed her breasts together, and he took both nipples into his mouth. He held them, dragging them in and holding them as he watched her throw back her head, her mouth opened in an ecstatic cry.

His cock pressed against the confines of his slacks and he shifted, placing himself on top of her without letting her take his full weight. He fingered the edge of her panties then slid under them. She was hot, wet, and just waiting for him.

She inhaled a sharp breath, held it, then released it as he pushed his fingers into the seam of her pussy. His middle finger found her clit and rubbed it as he turned her nipples loose and feathered kisses up to her neck. He paused, his mind flashing forward to the moment when he’d sink his teeth into her to claim her, but she wasn’t ready yet. Even if she never was, he would accept her decision.

He massaged her clit, swiping over the hard nub to sink his finger into her sheath. The sounds she moaned could’ve made any man come, but he held on, intent on giving her satisfaction first. She bucked against his hand and clutched one hand over her breast and another against his chest. By feel alone, she worked her hand under his shirt and twisted his nipple. He laughed as the tiny sting of pain zipped into him.

She rocked against his hand, pushing her pussy toward him as hard as she could. She locked her gaze with his. He could see the buildup of her climax in the glitter of her eyes and in the wetness on his hand.

“Come for me, Kelly.” His cock ached, but he wouldn’t give in until she’d had her pleasure first. “Fuck my fingers like you’ll fuck my cock.” He added a second then a third finger to thrust into her pussy as he used the ball of his hand to torture her clit.

He heard a knock on the door but ignored it. Nothing would stop him. Nothing could stop her. She squirmed under his attention, and he worked his hand faster, reaching for her sweet spot to send her over the precipice. He hit it, and she tensed, readying her body for the final push.

Still, she kept her eyes on his. Yet when she started to scream her release, he clapped a hand over her mouth and muffled the sound. Her climax broke free to send tremors rolling through her body. Smaller orgasms ushered after the first burst of release, like aftershocks following a major earthquake. She closed her eyes, her breathing slowed, and her body relaxed.

He kissed her lightly on the cheeks, happy to have given her what she needed. But his cock ached so much he doubted he could stand.


* * * *


Kelly closed her eyes and let the final rush of her orgasm drift away. She sighed then opened her eyes to find Riker watching her. Although he tried to hide it, she could feel the hardness of his erection against her leg.


The flecks of amber in his eyes fascinated her. Why hadn’t she noticed them at dinner? “Yeah?”

“Sit down.” She pushed on his chest, moving him back beside her. Standing, she unbuttoned more of her dress and let it slide to the carpet. She let her bra slide off along with it.

Riker’s jaw worked as though he were gritting his teeth. She could see his arousal not only in the tent of his slacks but in his lust-filled gaze. Fondling her breasts, she went to her knees then reached for his slacks. She undid them as he watched her, his tongue peeking from between his lips. He helped her get his slacks and underwear to his ankles. His fully erect cock stood outward, almost touching his stomach.

“Kelly, you don’t have to,” he said in a rush of air.

She chuckled, brushed her hair over one shoulder, then pushed his legs apart. “I know I don’t. I want to.” She tried to hold back her smile but couldn’t. “Besides, you look like you’re about to die.”

His relief was palpable. “That is one hell of an understatement.”

Keeping her gaze locked to his as he’d done to her, she bent and brushed her tongue over the tip of his cock. “Mmm. You taste good. Musky and hot.”

He dragged a breath through his clenched teeth. “Are you planning on torturing me? Because if you are, you’re doing a damn fine job of it.”

She answered with another flick over the bulbous end. Pushing her breasts against his balls, she placed the end of his cock inside her mouth then slowly slid her mouth along its length. He groaned, closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them again.

She dragged her mouth back up his cock and pushed her breasts to make them jiggle against his balls. He reached out for her and tunneled his fingers through her hair. Down she went again, drawing him inside her mouth. He tried to keep her mouth on him, but she released his cock with a small pop.

“Watch me, Riker. I want to see your face when I drink in your cum.”

“Oh, shit.” He licked his lips, his eyes fixed to hers.

She ran her tongue down the side of his cock then over the top and on to the other side. But she could tell that he was too ready to explode to take much more. Fondling her tit with one hand and clutching her hair in the other, he held her to his cock.


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