Corralling the City Girl (MFMM)

Ride 'em Hard 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,476
44 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, public exhibition, light Consensual BDSM, figging, sex toys]

Jane's just inherited her late uncle's estate. But there's a catch. She has to ride along in a two-week-long cattle drive or she'll forfeit the ranch and money. The city girl doesn't have a clue where to start, so she advertises for three cowboys to assist her.

Chase, Brad and Dawson are hired to drive five thousand head of cattle across the prairies of Alberta. They expect their boss to be some spoiled rich boy looking for adventure, not a stunning woman with legs to die for. She's unlike any cowgirl—complaining, cursing, and driving them nuts with her forked tongue. It'll take some tying up and rough cowboy handling to teach the little siren how to behave.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Corralling the City Girl (MFMM)
44 Ratings (4.2)

Corralling the City Girl (MFMM)

Ride 'em Hard 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,476
44 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Great Story!
I loved Corralling the City Girl. The way Stacey Espino morphs the raw lust into true emotions that pull the four together is fantastic. It all evolves as the cowboys lead the city girl along the cattle drive. This page turner is definitely worth a read and even will be one to keep and reread.
Francis Anderson



“Roll her over.” Brad tugged her his way until she met her stomach.

“She has such a cute little ass,” said Brad. “I can’t wait to fuck it again.”

“You had it last time while I watched. This time it’s my turn.” Dawson’s tone didn’t leave room for argument and it made her hot. Her pussy pulsed and she clamped down, only to feel the gingerroot release in her ass in a painful wave. She squealed. “Relax.”

Chase pulled the rope taut, stretching her arms so she couldn’t fidget or fight to get free. “What are you doing to me?”

“This punishment has been a long time coming, darlin’. I put up with your forked tongue for nearly a week.” He pulled her panties down to her thighs. Dawson’s hand came down on her ass, the fleshy sound filling the campsite. She tightened, only to regret it. His big, rough hand came down several times on each ass cheek, and every time she squeezed her muscles, earning her a sharp burn from the gingerroot.

“Get it out!” A hand smoothed up and down her back, attempting to placate her. She wouldn’t admit that this wicked night didn’t make her cunt hungry and mind drift to every debased desire she’d ever imagined.

“Once you relax through these spanks, I’ll know you’re learning.” Dawson smacked her ass, harder, and she fought for control this time. She didn’t clamp down and the vibrations traveled all the way to her engorged clit. It was an eye-opening moment, and she knew things would only get better.

“Learning what?”

He switched positions with Chase, who answered for him. “You’ll learn you belong to us, that we love you, and that we’re in control when we fuck.”

“It’s all for your pleasure, darlin’.” Brad brushed the hair off her forehead. “If you stop fighting, I promise you’ll like it.”

“You’ve done this before, too?” She was shocked that all the men seemed to know another use for ginger. Never in her life had sex been like this for her. It had always been vanilla and unsatisfying. Her greatest thrills came from her toy, and it couldn’t compare to what these men offered her.

“I think every cowboy of age has. You’ve been in the city too long, Jane.”

Chase spanked her, not as hard as Dawson had. After each spank, he trailed his fingers between her legs and teased her clit. Every sequence taught her more, and she relaxed as they suggested and truly began to enjoy the sting of each spank. Pleasure and pain combined, beginning the buildup of a monumental orgasm. But this was only a prelude and she wanted their cocks, not just their sex games.

“I want cock,” she said. Her cheeks heated after the words escaped her lips. It sounded so dirty and she hadn’t meant to say it aloud.

“Bring her to her knees,” said Dawson. Chase’s strong arm slipped under her belly and hoisted to her knees, doggy-style. Brad continued to hold her rope, so she couldn’t rear up to her knees. “That’s better. You look lovely like this, baby doll.” He took the rope from Brad and tugged it up so her face was near his groin. She sat on her knees, her panties below her ass, and the ginger still penetrating her. He unbuckled and unzipped, only releasing his erection. She didn’t have to be asked, she wanted to taste him, to please him. Jane sucked in the thick head, twirling her tongue around the spongy surface, flicking the firm nub on the underside.

“That’s enough. I need to be inside you. Right now.” His sudden urgency made her stomach flutter.

He pressed her back down until her breasts hit the grass, her ass still kissing the night air. Dawson plucked the root from her anus, and she sighed in relief. She could feel the moisture from the ginger and fat drip down after it was released. He didn’t wait, didn’t let her stretch, just forced his big cock into her ass, and he was big. She moaned, savoring the fullness, the sweet relief and the rawness of the act.

“Do you like my dick in your ass, little one?”

She nodded, unable to speak, only focusing on the rhythm of each delicious stroke. Jane wanted it harder, faster, and to be honest, she wanted another cock to fill her body. “More!”

Chase didn’t let her down. He dropped to his back beside her, gloriously naked, his cock jutting up, virile and proud. “Come straddle me, sweetheart.”

Dawson assisted her, shuffling them over without pulling out of her body. She rested her bound hands on Chase’s chest, and he reached down to tear her thin panties clear off her body. “More,” she repeated, feeling more savage than human.

“Sit on my dick. I’m gonna fuck you until you’re screaming my name.”

She sank into relief, enjoying the tug and tightness as the second hard erection fought for space in her body. Jane loved it—the naughtiness, the grit, the untamed desire. She rode him hard, and Dawson rode her. They were one pass of flesh and fucking. The only missing element was her sweet Brad. She searched for him. He was standing a few feet away, holding the slack end of the rope, watching.

“Brad, I need you.”

He dropped the rope and followed her voice, crouched beside Chase’s prone body. She licked her lips, an invitation which he took. They kissed as the other men worked her body. Deeply, passionately—enough to create their own bubble of space within the foursome.

“I don’t want you just watching, Brad. Give me your cock so I can suck it.” 

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