[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, public exhibition, HEA]

Bevin simply wanted a breather away from his new job. Instead he stumbled onto a plot, learning information that can turn the tide in the war against the demons… He just has to get it to King Rylan.

Rian and Ronan are helping at the vineyard when they meet a kitty who turns out to be their mate. They’re shocked when they sense his fear and Bevin flees from them. Giving chase, they finally find him, naked, in the company of others.

Acting like scared, jealous idiots, the twins claim him in front of everyone… Only to have it go terribly wrong. Now all hell is breaking loose and lines are being drawn in the coven. Did they just blow the perfect alliance the three species had? And if that can be fixed how will they ever make up what they did to Bevin?

Did fate give Bevin two perfect mates, or two mates too many?

Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

A Bevin Hero (MMM)
90 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters
love this series.
kathy miller
Great book, I enjoyed these twins a lot.



I watched in shock as our mate raced away from us. “The little shite just ran from us.”

“The fuck he is,” Ronan snarled as he took off. I jumped to me feet and was right behind him.

Nothing like a good chase after the mate to get the blood pumping. Riiiight. We vamoosed like a flash, incredibly fast for vampires. Honestly we weren’t warriors… But we could have been. We were as tall as some warriors, six three apiece, but we weren’t as broad in the shoulders and didn’t bulk up like them.

But we were the speediest fuckers around. We’d raced Rory before and only been seconds behind him. That was crazy fast for vampires.

There was something more going on than just our mate running away though. Why say he’d come back if he just wanted to ditch us? I couldn’t help but try and figure it out as we raced along. Maybe someone was chasing him in the bad kind of way? Like they wanted to hurt him. I felt me hands shift into claws at the idea. We would fucking end anyone who would try for our mate.

God, there was so much adrenaline running through us. We were confused, giving in to the most basic need for our mate, chasing him which as predators appealed to us, and once we got him we’d be victorious. Hell, I was hard already.

“Freeze them!” Ronan called out as we got close to the palace. I knew what he meant. We both had the same gift, a form of telekinesis. We could move objects, keep people in place, or make them do the jig if we wanted. I focused as we kept moving while Ronan threw open the doors so we didn’t have to stop and open them ourselves.

“What the fuck?” one guard exclaimed as we darted past them. I took lead, having a better sense of smell than Ronan. Our mate’s scent traveled a few different paths as if he’d been looking for someone. I picked up the strongest route, turning left suddenly when Ronan was going straight and we crashed together and he knocked over a suit of armor.

“Well at least that can’t break,” he grumbled. I helped him back up and we were on our way… Except we did it again and this time I ended up hitting a sculpture that did break and looked very expensive.

“Shite. There goes our savings.” I shook me head. We could sort that all out later. When we got to the room our mate was in, I realized it was like a throne room where the King’s court was held or something. And there standing in the middle of it was our mate… Fucking naked.

Oh hell no! He ran from us to stand naked in front of all of these people? I was claiming what was mine! And I felt Ronan’s need and determination to do the same. But since we felt each other’s emotions, anytime we felt the same thing it was like our own sense was twice as strong. I was out of control with the drive and I knew it.

That didn’t mean I could have stopped meself if I wanted to. We were on him in a flash.

“Ya ran from us,” I snarled as I moved me arm around his waist. No way I was giving him the chance to sneak off again.

“Ours,” Ronan hissed as his arm went around our mate’s chest. We bit him together, each taking a side of his neck. I moved to cover his groin and brushed me brother’s hand. Great minds think alike. This was ours and no one else got to see it. Then I realized we’d do one better. He was ours to please and they could all find that out right fucking now.

Our mate cried out as I drank down his blood. I felt a rush of—I don’t even know what to call it. Power? Life? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, this was the greatest blood on the face of the earth. I never wanted to stop drinking. I kept stroking the cock in me hand, not really paying any attention to that anymore.

I just wanted more of the blood. Ronan wanted more. I could feel it and he could feel me need. It was like the more we drank the stronger I could feel his emotions because he became more powerful… As I’m sure mine did to him. But it was like a snowball effect. It just got bigger and bigger. What the fuck was going on? I couldn’t stop!

I stopped moving me hand, realizing our mate had come. Our mate. That meant something distantly in me brain. What I was doing was wrong to me mate. But what did that mean? Our mate was whispering something. I guess he liked the orgasm and us together on him. He’d better get used to it because we’d never let him go now.

I just couldn’t think past the blood. I heard shouting. I felt someone tugging at me. Fuck them. This was our mate and his blood was ours!

Someone hit me in the stomach and I finally focused. I saw a man taller than me mate but with similar features in front of us. “Get off of him! You’re going to kill him!”

Immediately I felt panic as Ronan did and we stopped. Just as I was pulling me fangs out, strong hands ripped me away from me mate and then tackled me to the ground. I fought for a second until I realized they were just trying to keep us from killing our mate and then I submitted. They were helping, not the enemy.

“What the fuck was that?” I whispered to Ronan as we were forced to kneel, our hands held behind our backs.

“I don’t know,” he whimpered. I looked to where he was and saw our mate in the other man’s lap, bleeding, pale, and looking like death. Oh god. What had we done?

He whispered something I couldn’t make out. No, please, he can’t die!




“Give me a second and I’ll take care of you both,” Bev panted as he sagged against Ronan. I shared a look at me twin and we smiled. What a kind, special mate we had. I turned him around so Ronan could get a chance to taste his sweet lips as I had.

“Not today, me heart,” I whispered in his ear. “We’re taking care of ya. Consider this our penance for acting like daft arse weeds.”

“How do you even make cussing sound so sexy?”

I chuckled as Ronan didn’t bother answering, kissing our mate instead. I reached for the shampoo and lathered up Bev’s gorgeous hair while they made out. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Black as the night sky with golden-blond streaks in it that went to the root so it had to be natural and so soft.

Then again, the King had had the same coloring so it had to be a margay thing. Just like the eyes. We normally got a lot of attention having silver eyes, but Bev had orange eyes. Not just regular orange but like the gem citrine. They were magical.

Once I was done with his hair, rinsed and all, they came up for air.

“Our mate has been so good to us, pleading with his King on our behalf, trying to let us in, allowing us into his suite, and giving us a taste of him, hasn’t he?” Ronan asked, knowing full well what me answer would be. I leaned in and kissed Bev’s right shoulder as Ronan did the same to the left.

“Aye. He be the most amazing mate ever.”

“I think we should give him a taste of his fantasy then, huh?”

“It’s our duty as his mates,” I agreed.

“It’s what any good mate would do,” he purred as he slowly kissed down Bev’s body. I did the same from behind, rubbing me hand between the cheeks of his firm little ass to make sure the soap was all gone.

“His skin is so soft,” I moaned. “I think he be the best pillow and blanket. I just want to wrap around him forever.”

“Aye. If he keeps making those pretty yowls we’re never going to let him out of bed.” Bev shivered and I smiled. Guess he liked the idea.

“I’m going to come,” he whimpered as he leaned one hand against the tile.

“Then we better get to work,” I growled. I dropped to me knees and buried me face in his ass. Dear god, his ass even tasted like heaven! I heard Ronan going to work on Bev’s cock as our mate kept making those pretty sounds before screaming that he was coming. We kept going until he was spent and his legs gave out. I caught him, smiling when he curled against me and started purring furiously.

“Fuck, that’s sexy. He purrs,” Ronan moaned. I nodded. I couldn’t agree more. “I think we’re close to our hour.”

“Fuck it,” Bev sighed. “That was awesome. I’ve waited for Rylan so many times while he got it on with his mates. I can be a little late.”

“Aye, but we’re not his favorite people,” I chuckled. “Let’s not give him another reason to be pissed at us.”

“Good point, but I don’t think I can stand just yet,” he giggled. He blinked up at me, smiling widely, and I felt me heart skip a beat. Damn, he was pretty.

“Just how I like me heart to feel after our loving,” I assured him. Ronan took him from me and I quickly showered while he helped Bev. Then we quickly switched. Okay, maybe not all that quickly because I got distracted when I saw Bev eyeing us over like his favorite meal. “Once more.”

“Once more what?” he asked and then yelped as I lifted him up.

“Once more tasting ya,” I growled. I picked him up easily and leaned him against the tiles, moving his thighs over me shoulders before swallowing down his cock.

“Oh fuck!” he screamed in pleasure as he grabbed me hair roughly. “Oh shit! So strong. So hot! Oh my god! Yes. Please!”

“Please what, Bev?” Ronan asked for me. I had me mouth full after all.

“Please finger me too! This is amazing,” he begged.

Ronan soaped up my hand and I pushed three fingers into Bev’s partially stretched hole. “Just remember we like the begging, me heart.”



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