[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves, bondage, spanking, HEA]

Maverick Danker’s been on the job for too long. Now that he has just celebrated his two thousandth birthday, he worries he may never find the mates he deserves after having spent his whole life serving others.

Tyler Gilroy, a werewolf who’s been beaten, tortured, and used, has long since given up hope of finding a mate. He’s sickened with himself for being willing to accept any sort of affection to feel wanted, but the alternative is too bleak to contemplate.

Asterio has never left the fae plane before. When he enters Earth, he must learn a new way of living, adjust to having two mates, and face his insecurities after a few hundred years’ dry spell.

Will Mav, Tyler, and Asterio fight to overcome the obstacles on their road to love? Or will they each choose the path of least resistance—and ultimately end up alone?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Maverick Danker (MMM)
60 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Big fan of Flynn the author. I enjoy the book very much, it's very erotically entertaining.
OMG What an amazing series. Love every book. I made sure I had the ebooks on every device so I could read read read no matter were I was, as soon as one ended I got the next. This is not a series to miss. 100% Recommended
Professional Reviews

4.5 STARS: " After two thousand years, Maverick Danker is not sure he will ever find his mate. He has devoted his life to keeping everyone safe and now he wants to take the time and find his mate. Little does he know his mate is right around the corner. Tyler Gilroy has also despaired of ever finding his mate. Abused and beaten, this werewolf is willing and needs to accept any attention, even if it is negative. Without that he feels he would have nothing. Asterio has never left the Fae plane of existence. Now forced to move, he is finding it difficult to adjust. Then he finds he has not one but two mates, making his adjustment that much more difficult. He has never met anyone quite like Mav and Tyler. Maverick, Tyler and Asterio have a lot of adjusting to do. Each comes from a different background and trying to mesh all three can lead to some complications and misunderstandings. They must be willing to compromise and work for each others’ needs. Maverick Danker was an intriguing addition to the world created by Joyee Flynn. We meet new residents and find them learning and adjusting to life outside the Fae plane. The new mating between the three men is stressed by this adjustment. The three of them are learning about each others’ needs and in the process tend to do the wrong thing. They do have their work cut out for them if they are to have a successful mating. Intriguingly hot, Maverick Danker by Joyee Flynn is a wonderful addition to this series." -- Sensual Reads

4.5 NYMPHS: "Maverick Danker is sent to America to help some of the Fae relocate to Greece. While the warrior is proud to be serving Caleb in such a manner, he is starting to wonder if he isn’t a little burned out. Tyler Gilroy gladly took the punishment meant for others in order to spare them pain. While he’d do it all over again to protect those he cares about, he is ashamed by some of the pleasure he received at the hands of his abusers. Asterio knows the Fae have no other choice but to relocate, yet the warrior fears what this change will mean for him. Maverick Danker is the latest addition to the Beyond the Marius Brothers series. This story was so full of angst, yet so easy to get into, that I had a hard time putting it down. Each of the men is wonderfully written and I loved how the author had each of them tell their side of the story. Even with the book being written in first person by each man’s point of view, it flows smoothly. Maverick, Tyler and Asterio are in desperate need of love and while that should mean their relationship will run smoothly, it doesn’t, as each man, especially Tyler, has some issues to overcome. The author threw in more than a few obstacles for the men to deal with and more than once, I wondered how things would be cleared up. I like the addition of the Fae into this storyline. Watching them learn things for the first time, that we take for granted, will make you laugh. While the books in this series could be considered stand-alone, the interaction between the various characters in the Beyond the Marius Brothers series as well as the Marius Brothers and The O’Hagan Way makes it wise to check out all the books." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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I was depressed… Plain and simple. I was two thousand years old and I was still alone, always alone. I’m always the man behind the position, keeping them safe and putting my life on the line to protect them. Don’t get me wrong, Caleb Kyros was a great guy, and I was proud to be his head of security. It’s just that I’d spent so long ensuring everyone else’s happiness and way of life I couldn’t help but wonder when I got my own.

When I turned two thousand a few weeks ago, everything in my life seemed to change focus. It’s not like I got lax in my work. I just got fed up with it all and most of the people around me. Everyone always came to me with any problem, personal or professional, and looked to me to magically solve it. But who did I have to go to? No one. There was no one I could open up with and be myself. There was no one to love me.

And it sucked huge monkey balls.

It was always Mav, what do we do? Or Mav, I need this fixed. And Mav, I need your help. Constantly. All day, every day, and I was just tired. It wasn’t like I didn’t like helping or being in charge. It was just I was tired of it. Caleb threw me a huge birthday bash, his mates’ brothers even flying in. I had gotten so excited, already having decided in my mind that after having met one set of twins that weren’t my mates, the last single ones would be.

Nope. Not my mates. It didn’t seem like I deserved mates and wouldn’t ever find any. But why? Why didn’t I? I’d spent my whole life in the service of others for the greater good. Why couldn’t I be happy, too?

Part of me just wanted to resign. Most warriors didn’t retire until after they were mated or took teaching jobs to train the next generation of warriors. But after one thousand nine hundred and eighty-four years of service, I thought I’d given enough.

I think Caleb realized I was close to quitting, so that’s why he sent me on this trip—for a change of scenery and to clear my head. I know I’d become a bear with everyone. People who would always ask my advice or help were now giving me a wide berth at the palace. Which actually made me fall into this depression. If I had any real friends, wouldn’t they be making sure I was okay and trying to help me for once? I guess I didn’t have any friends.

Yeah, that helped my midlife crisis. Or late-life crisis? What was it called when you could live forever? Fine, my life crisis.

So now I was on a borrowed Boeing 787 Dreamliner to pick up a few hundred displaced fae. It was an eleven-hour flight, but I didn’t mind. I was alone with no one to pester me or give me funny looks or ask me for anything. And the plane was luxurious even though it was huge. We’d moved things around because while we had a lot of passengers coming, extra room was needed for all their belongings. I just hoped we could fit it all. A lot of people equaled a lot of stuff.

Either way I was being sent to be Caleb’s ambassador and get everything handled so the fae could make the transition into our world as easily as possible. I’d do him proud and welcome them. But when I got home, I was pretty sure I was going to talk to him and then our Council about stepping down. It was time to live my own life… Even if it was alone.


* * * *




I was a freak. There was no way around it. I was completely, totally, and utterly a freak. I’d been tortured by my Alpha, beaten several times within an inch of my life, and used for years as a blood whore. But I didn’t hate all that happened to me. That’s why I never let Ayden, our Kappa and trauma healer, help me. I didn’t want him to see what was going on in my head.

Granted, I didn’t like the beatings or being tortured. But I did love being used and treated like a slut when those demons were all hopped up on my blood. To a vampire or demon, shifter blood was like Viagra, speed, and an injection of testosterone. Once they had it in their system, they had wanted me so badly that it just flipped my switch.

Okay, I hated the way they would hit me or bite me savagely to where it hurt and left me bruised. But I missed all those men wanting me so badly, pounding into me until I passed out from the pleasure. Hell, they used to drink from some of the other shifters they held captive and then come to find me because I wanted to be their slut. Yeah, I was a freak and totally fucked in the head.

Even when I was back with my old Alpha after I’d been rescued, I was his slut. He’d fuck me over and over again and so would the other enforcers. I was a joke to them. I knew that, but the only reason they didn’t screw with me is because I’m built and very strong. Even more so than regular werewolves. I could kick any of their asses besides the Alpha. The sick part? I hated the man. He was pure evil and the way he ran the pack made me sick.

But when he found me at night, it was like none of that mattered because someone wanted me. I’d long since given up any hope of being loved for who I was and was willing to take any scraps of affection just so I felt, even for a moment, I was special to someone.




“I know what you need, cub,” I growled as I reached down and fondled his hole. “And I will give it to you as soon as you pledge yourself to me and accept our mating.”

“Yes,” he whispered in awe as if he’d just met Santa Claus.

“We need someplace private,” I said to Barnabas, not even taking my eyes off my mate.

“Okay then,” he drawled. “Up the stairs, to your right, third door on your left.”

“Thank you, your honor.” I stood, my mate still wrapped around me. I gave them a quick nod, smiling as I saw their matching looks of shock. Then I raced up the stairs and found the room he had offered.

“I can’t believe you still want me after what you saw,” Tyler whispered into my neck. I kicked the door closed and rubbed my hands over his back.

“You think you’re sick because you liked parts of being captive, Tyler. It wasn’t the captivity or the abuse you liked. You just needed to find the right person who understands your desires.”

“And you’re that man?”

“Oh yeah,” I moaned as I pulled him off of me. He looked at me funny, but I was too busy taking in my fill of my mate. “Stand very still as I check out what belongs to me.” He shivered and nodded. Always a good sign. “Do you really want to be my slut?”

“Yes,” he whimpered.

“Good. Then bend over and show me what is mine. I want to see the tight hole I’m going to fuck all night.”

I knew I was going to because I was feeling the effects of his blood, and I was so damn horny already that I would hump the wall if it gave me relief. He did as I wanted, and I thought it was time to reward him. I focused on Tyler and let my gift flow. He cried out as he came and would have fallen over if I hadn’t grabbed him around the waist.

“Oh, cub, you are perfect.”

“I’m not a cub anymore,” he gasped, shaking from the force of his orgasm.

“You are to me. You’re thirty-two, and I just turned two thousand. That makes you a cub and I find that hot.”

“Then I’m your cub,” he groaned. I fondled his sac before throwing him onto the bed. I got undressed as quickly as possible as he stared at me. “You’re really hot.”

“The feeling is mutual,” I purred. “I saw in your mind that I don’t need to stretch you or find slick to fuck you because I’m your mate, right?”

“Yes, that’s true.” He nodded as his cock leaked at the idea. Good, because it turned me on, too.

“Spread your legs wide and act like a proper slut, begging for my attention,” I ordered with a feral grin.

“Please fuck me hard and fast,” he pleaded, giving me the show of a lifetime as he practically did the splits with his legs in the air. Nice to know he was that flexible as well. “Pound your huge meat into me until I pass out. Use me as you see fit.”

“Good cub,” I praised as I crawled into bed with him and moved my body over him. I placed my cock at his hole and pushed in just a bit, allowing his body to adjust. I’d seen in his mind that wolves produced a natural wetness when coupling with their mates, and his body would stretch itself out to prepare for me. “Hands over your head.”

“Are you going to pin me down and fuck me?” The lust shining in his beautiful bright blue eyes let me know just how much he liked it.

“Yes, until we get some restraints and chains, that will have to do.” I didn’t wait for an answer, shoving my cock into him fully. God, he felt like heaven! “Oh cub, I’m going to fuck you so good. My horny, slutty cub is perfect.”

“Thank you,” he whispered, the emotions he was struggling with coming to the surface.

“My pleasure.” I covered his wrists with one hand, holding him down as I moved one of his legs around my waist. I started a punishing pace, loving the little wolf howls he made as I fucked him exactly how he wanted. “Are you going to be my personal slut, Tyler? Will you cater to my every desire and give yourself to me always?”

“Yes, yes I’m yours, sir!” I hated that sir shit.

“Maverick,” I grunted, wanting to smack myself in the head when I realized I’d not even told him my name. “My name is Maverick, but everyone calls me Mav.”

“I like it.” He leaned up and licked my neck. “Can I claim you, Mav?”

“You better,” I snarled. I felt his teeth sink into my flesh and our bond snap into place. “You’re mine now, Tyler, and I will take care of you from now on, cub.”

“Will you love me, too, one day?” I could hear the fear in his voice and feel his emotions. Tyler knew he was a good slut and wild in bed but didn’t think anyone could love him because of it.

“Yes, cub. I will love my mate as much as his body,” I pledged. “Now come for me.”

He pulled his teeth out of my neck and screamed out my name. I felt his body clamp down on me as he filled the space between us with his seed. I followed him right over, filling him up as I kept thrusting into him.

Once didn’t seem to be enough.




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