An Outlaw Wedding (MF)

The Grizzly MC 7

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,710
7 Ratings (4.1)

Nico Landon, son of The Grizzly MC President, Jagger, has wanted Alexis Stein for as long as he can remember. But Alexis is the daughter of the hardcore Sergeant at Arms for the club, Brick. The scarred biker protects his daughter like no other could, but Nico is a patched in Grizzly member, too, and he will go up against anything and anyone to make Alexis his.

The MC is all that Alexis knows, but she wouldn’t change the rough and tough lifestyle for anything. She loves Nico and has since she was a little girl, so she isn’t about to let anyone stop her from being with him, even if her dad and all of the Grizzly members are overprotective.

In the end, though, Nico gets his girl, and even has his outlaw wedding filled with bikers and Harleys, because nothing stops a Grizzly from getting what he wants.

An Outlaw Wedding (MF)
7 Ratings (4.1)

An Outlaw Wedding (MF)

The Grizzly MC 7

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,710
7 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
I wish there was a rating higher than a 5 because I would give it a 10 or more. I loved this book and was excited when Jenika said she was going to write about the Grizzly's kids. I loved that Nico knew from the time he was a kid that he was going to marry Alexis and I'm glad we got to see them grow up. Now I can't wait for some of the others kids stories!!! Awesome book Jenika. Keep it up!

Nico pulled back and cupped her face with both of his hands. “You trust me?” He said it fiercely, and his pupils dilated as his bear came forth.

“I trust you with my life, but club pussy?” She shook her head and wrinkled her nose. “Not as far as I can kick their skanky asses out the door.”

He grinned and shook his head. “I fucking love you and your jealous, stubborn ass.” He leaned in and kissed her hard, but pulled away just as quickly as he had pressed his lips to hers. “Forget about her. She’s not what I want, not what I’ll ever want, baby.”

“Oh yeah?” Alexis grinned at Nico and pressed her breasts to his hard chest. “What is it that you want?” She was teasing because she liked Nico telling her how much he wanted her. It turned her on and made her hot and delirious for whatever he had planned.

“How about I show you?” He didn’t let her respond, because right after he spoke he had his hand up and under her skirt and placed it right between her thighs. “You’re fucking soaked for me, baby.” He started rubbing his fingers back and forth along her underwear. “You wore the silk panties that I love.” He rubbed her clit harder and faster. “They are the ones that make my cock rock-hard, and make me want to fill you with my cum so you smell like me, Alexis.”

She gasped at his heated words and let her head fall back against the door.

“I want to fill you up so much that it comes out of your tight little pussy and slips down your thighs.”

“God, Nico, you say the filthiest things.” She breathed out the words and closed her eyes.

“You like my dirty mouth because you’re a dirty fucking girl, Alexis. You’re my fucking dirty girl that likes me to do disgusting things to her, don’t you?”

She nodded, not able to answer him verbally.

“Say my name, Alexis.” He lowered his gaze down to her lips, and waited for her to do what he asked it seemed. “I want to hear my name fall from your lips as I rub your pussy until you come for me.”

“Nico, God, Nico.” She breathed out his name slowly, softly. The satisfied sound that left him after she spoke had shivers working throughout her whole body.

“You don’t even know how fucking good it makes me feel to hear you say my name.” He ground his very hard erection into her belly. “If I wasn’t already pretty fucking hard, and able to drill holes in steel with my cock, hearing you say my name would have done the trick, baby.”

She arched her neck, wanting this night to end in only one way: with his big body over hers and that thick, long shaft between his thighs buried deep inside of her.

“You don’t have to tell me you want me, that you want my bear to fuck you, because I can smell how wet your pussy is—can fucking feel it soaking through your little panties.” He emphasized his words by rubbing her clit even harder. “And I know you ache for me, don’t you, Alexis baby?” He went back to lapping at the side of her neck like he was making sure his scent covered her.

But Alexis wanted that, wanted to leave this room with the dark, spicy smell of Nico and his bear washed over her like a protective coat. A low moan left her, because having this big male on top of her, making her feel like she was so small in comparison, had all common sense leaving her. “Nico.” She said his name softly again.

He didn’t stop licking her throat, and in fact started pressing his hips into her and making sure she knew his hard-on wasn’t going anywhere. He made a low hum against her damp flesh, and she turned her head to the side to allow him better access.

“You make me so fucking hot, baby. Your body, your scent, just you drives me fucking wild.” He ground himself against her again and again until she couldn’t think straight. Before she knew what was happening he was moving away from her.

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