The Teacher's Wounded Heart (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,629
10 Ratings (3.9)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Drew Hamilton is happy living a quiet life. Becoming a teacher was all he ever wanted and up until a few months ago that was enough to keep him content, that was before Cal Saunders moved in next door and changed everything. Drew feels like his life is spinning out of control, but falling for the tattooed god isn’t in his plans.
Cal knows the well dressed and mild mannered teacher is slumming it to be with a man who makes his living as a tattoo artist. Where he’s rough around the edges, Drew is smooth and sweet, everything Cal’s ever wanted. No matter how much Drew pushes him away, Cal won’t turn his back on what’s happening between them.
Drew knows he needs to let go of his past and move forward but fear keeps him paralyzed to do anything about it. He needs to figure it out soon before the only man he’s ever truly loved walks away.
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Teacher's Wounded Heart (MM)
10 Ratings (3.9)

The Teacher's Wounded Heart (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,629
10 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




“Sweetie, are you spying on your neighbor again?”

Drew jumped at the sound of his best friend’s voice and banged his elbow on the kitchen faucet. “Crap!” he hissed in pain.

“That’s what you get for spying.” Chloe pointed a finger at him and her smug look annoyed him even further.

“I’m not spying. I’m—” Drew tried to think of a plausible explanation as to why once again she caught him staring out the window at his sexy new neighbor, but his mind drew a blank. “Fuck it. Yes, I was spying on the neighbor.” Drew threw his hands up in the air. “So sue me.”

“Ah, sweetie, I would never do that.” Chloe walked over and pinched his cheek. “I love you way too much for that and it’s because I love you that I’m going to give you some advice.” Drew motioned with his hand for her to get on with it. “You either walk over there and introduce yourself to that fine piece of ass or you seek professional help for your stalking problem.”

Drew rolled his eyes and turned back to the sink and washed out his coffee cup. The sight of a shirtless Cal passed back across the yard as he pushed his lawn mower from one side of the yard to the other. The smell of fresh-cut grass wafted through the window, causing his nose to twitch.

He rested his hip against the hard counter and watched as if hypnotized by the way the sun reflected off Cal’s sweat-covered chest. The man wore an old worn-out pair of jeans that hung loosely on his hips. He could tell Cal had worn them so many times because of the faded white creases in the material. Holes plagued the pants in spots and Drew tilted his head to get a better look.

When Cal reached the far end of his yard, he turned around and pushed back in the other direction. Drew’s eyes roamed upward, eating every inch of Cal’s muscled stomach. The hard planes, coated in a fine layer of sweat. The tan-colored nipples that stood out, a little darker than Cal’s golden skin tone. The V above his hip bone stood prominent against Cal’s skin. Damn, what he wouldn’t give to lick up the ridged valley of the other man’s abdomen.

The other thing that captivated Drew in regards to his handsome neighbor was all the tattoos he had on his arms. They were wrapped around his wrist all the way up to his thick biceps. There were a few on his back and down his flanks.

With Cal being a tattoo artist that had to be expected, Drew assumed. It made Cal look like a bad boy. Something Drew had never been. He was a clean-cut guy one would take home to meet their parents. Cal, on the other hand, was the one parents warned their kids to stay away from. From the dark spikey black hair, piercing light-blues, coupled with the body of a Greek god, Drew knew he didn’t stand a chance in hell of catching Drew’s attention. Guys like that didn’t look at guys like him.

“You’re doing it again,” Chloe sang out. “Dare I say you’re drooling.” Drew smacked her hand away when she touched his chin right under his lip. “Drew, listen, just go talk to him. You’d feel better if you did and you’d stop looking so freaking desperate.”

“I can’t go talk to him.” He folded his arms over his chest, gripping the underside hard, pinching the skin to keep himself from looking out the window again. “I don’t even know if he’s gay.”

“Oh, trust me, he’s a card-caring member of ‘I like to suck dick’ club. And I can’t blame him. I like a good dick in my mouth, too.” She winked at him over the rim of her mug.

“You’re disgusting.” Drew pursed his lips in thought. How does she know Cal’s gay? “Just out of curiosity, what makes you think Cal’s gay?”

“Because”—she drew out the word—“when he caught me sunbathing topless in your backyard he couldn’t have been less interested.”

“You did what?” Drew shouted.

“Hey, I do it all the time. How else do you think I get away without having tan lines?”

“Oh my god.” Drew pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger.

“Relax.” Chloe placed a hand on his shoulder and rubbed at the knotted muscles. “But back to what I was saying. I was lying out there and, due to the angle of the sun, I was lying facing his house. He came out to water his grass and I said hello. We talked for a few minutes then he went back inside. Now how many straight men do you know that see a naked woman, especially one that looks like this”—she motioned down the front of her body—“and don’t make a move?”

Drew looked down at his friend. Chloe had been voted prom queen and captain of the girls’ softball team. Her overly large blue eyes drew men in like bees to honey. Then from there her wavy blonde hair and lean, tall body with huge breasts had men coming back for seconds. She had the looks of an angel but underneath she was a devil. Had he been a girl he would have hated Chloe but he wasn’t and he loved her more than anything.

“That doesn’t mean anything. He could just be polite and didn’t want to make you feel stupid for wandering around naked.” But secretly he had his fingers crossed that the man was totally gay.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.” She nudged him toward the door. “Go talk to him.”




Drew opened under Cal’s probing tongue and Cal eased his way in. He breathed out a sigh of relief and plundered every corner of Drew’s hot, moist mouth. The smooth flesh sizzled against Cal’s tongue.

A car speeding past, honking its horn, had Cal pulling back from Drew. Cal looked over his shoulder and when he turned back around Drew stood staring up at him, his eyes wide and mouth partially opened.

“That was…”

“Perfect.” Cal took a step back and snatched Drew’s hand and hurried down the sidewalk. They reached the tattoo shop he worked out within minutes and Cal popped the locks on his jeep and opened the door for Drew.

The whole way home Cal got to see a side of Drew he had only ever dreamed of. Drew couldn’t keep his hands to himself and sucked hard kisses along Cal’s neck and collarbone. Cal nearly wrecked two different times before he pulled his jeep into his driveway. The thin, lithe fingers curled around the bulge in his jeans had him moaning like a teenager.

“Let’s take this inside, shall we.” Cal pulled Drew’s hand off his dick and climbed out of his car.

It took a moment of Drew fumbling to open his door before he stepped out. Cal chuckled as he grabbed Drew’s hand, pulling Drew toward him. Drew rushed forward so fast Cal barely had time to catch the man in his arms. Cal dropped his hands to grip Drew’s firm ass cheeks. He fell into the door as he tried to turn the knob while not losing his grip on Drew. After a few attempts, the door flew open and Cal stumbled inside, kicking it shut with his foot. With Drew in his arms, he made his way through the darkened house to his bedroom. He fell to the bed, trapping Drew beneath him.

“God, I want you so freaking bad.” Drew tugged at Cal’s shirt. “I get hard just thinking about having you in mouth and body.”

Cal’s hands were out of control as he yanked and pulled at Drew’s shirt, trying to expose more flesh to his greedy hands. His shoved his hand down the back of Drew’s jeans and his blunt nails scraped across the hard, lean muscles clenching tight with every thrust of Drew’s hips.

“Clothes,” Cal moaned into the kiss. “Off.” He sucked on Drew’s tongue as it invaded his mouth. “Now!”

Drew nipped Cal’s bottom lip then pushed against Cal’s chest so he could sit up. Drew gave him a flirty smile as he grabbed the hem of his shirt and tugged it free. Cal set about removing his own shirt, but as Drew’s smooth, hairless, golden chest became more revealed, Cal found himself struck still.

Cal tossed his shirt to the floor then pushed Drew gently on the shoulder until he lay flat on his back. He then bent over and stuck out his tongue, licking upward from Drew’s slightly furred treasure trail to the center of his chest, moving to tease his right nipple while he plucked at the left one with his fingers.

“So good,” Drew groaned as his fingers combed through Cal hair, clasping him to Drew’s chest.

Cal teased the dusty-rose-colored peaks for a few more minutes, then moved downward and fumbled with the fastening of Drew’s pants. He had to have a taste. He shoved the stiff material down to midthigh taking Drew’s underwear along with the pants. Cal bent over Drew to bury his nose in the short thatch of trimmed hair surrounding the base of his cock.

“Cal.” Drew arched his hips up off the bed, rubbing his leaking cock into the side of Cal’s face.

Cal grabbed the thick base and angled the flared crown toward his lips. At the first salty taste, Cal moaned out his pleasure. He bobbed his head up and down, taking Drew deeper and deeper with each stroke. The hot, silky flesh felt heavy on his tongue and every time Cal swallowed him down Drew’s dick pulsed.

“Cal, stop.” Drew tugged at his hair. “Please, I don’t want to come without you.”

He let the hardness slip from between his lips and worked his way back up Drew’s body. “Oh yeah.”

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