[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, paddling, whipping, sex toys, HEA]
The moment werewolves Merek Hopwood and Benedict Shearer see Ebony Tainton they know she’s the woman for them. Only problem is, she and her sister Ivory are the dance teachers at the conference, with very little time to party and the need to treat all the men perfectly equally.
Merek, a Dom, and Ben set out to spend every available moment with Ebony, which means attending every class she teaches. Merek also takes the time to plan some special things she might agree to do, such as a picnic. They’re very happy when she agrees to have lunch with them, but frustrated by having to share her with the many other wolves who also want to dance with her and talk to her and her sister.
They only have a week. Will they ever get her alone to show her how much they love her and want to make her theirs?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
One Very Special Woman (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another good book by Cara Adams.




At the door, women lined up on one side and men the other, and security was checking the women and letting them in first. Only when no women were waiting were the men allowed in. Consequently even though they were early, the men’s line was long.

Once they were finally scanned inside it was no better. There was a bar at one side of the room, with a huge range of beverages and several wait staff, and a stage with a band on it. The band looked pretty normal to Merek, a keyboard player, several guitarists, a drummer, a couple of singers.

The rest of the room had a row of chairs against the wall, interspersed with little tables holding giant potted plants. Now he looked again, there was a line of equally large green plants in front of the stage, and more potted plants in the corners of the rooms, as well as by the doors where he’d entered and not noticed them as he passed. He was focused on looking for Ebony and Ivory, but he couldn’t see them.

Deciding he’d rushed too much, he looked at each woman more carefully but no one had butt-length black hair, or a whole lot of dark hair piled up on her head.

Well, likely that was a good thing. He only needed to watch the door and sooner or later she’d arrive. The band was playing, but it was background sort of music, not dance music.

“Shall we walk?” asked Ben softly.

He nodded. Yes indeed, it was important not to appear as stalkers. Not that they were stalkers precisely. It was just that they’d already chosen their woman. Merek wondered how many other men had found the woman they wanted already. And how many of them wanted Ebony? His major hope was that at least half the men who’d been talking to the women at lunchtime had their hearts set on Ivory, not Ebony. Ivory was very beautiful and seemed a lovely person. Merek would be more than happy to have her as a sister-in-law. But it was Ebony who made his cock stand up and who tugged at his heart strings with every smile and frown she made.

Very slowly they circled the large room, nodding and smiling to some of the people they’d already met, but nowhere did they see Ebony and Ivory. When they reached the bar, they both chose glasses of light ale. Now was not the time to get drunk. They stopped about halfway down the side of the room, where they had a good view of the doors.

He was startled when the music stopped and a woman welcomed them. She was quite a small woman with light brown hair and dressed in a white dress with some sort of ribbons tied up under her breasts.

“Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Second Desperate and Dateless Interspecies Week-Long House Party. My name is Dorothea and I’m your host this evening. I know some of you will be thinking how very formal and structured the week is and how many rules we’re imposing on you. The rules are there to ensure that all the women here are comfortable, and that the men all understand it is always the woman’s choice as to what happens here, including whether or not she dances with you. Just to show you what rules are really like, the first item this evening is going to be a formal dance from the days of Regency Britain. You will notice that everyone is wearing gloves, and that the only place anyone may touch a lady is on her gloved hand.”

Dorothea had been holding something in one hand, which turned out to be long white gloves. When she pulled them on they came up over her elbows. Merek barely had time to assimilate that fact when three men and two women came out from behind the stage and stood in two lines in the center of the dance floor. The women on one side and the men on the other. The three men were wearing tight pants that stopped just under their knees and long socks that vanished inside the knee breeches. They had tight coats with long tails. One of the two women was a blonde wearing a pale pink dress with a ruffled hem and pink ribbons on it and the other woman was dark and wearing pale lilac. Ebony! Ebony and Ivory! So that’s where they were, out back waiting for this dance.

Merek relaxed as he watched the six people dance. It was actually damn complicated and quite energetic. Certainly they never even brushed their bodies against each other in the twists and turns of the dance, as they ducked under joined hands, and twirled around each other. There were a lot of tricky little steps to the sides and backward and forward as well as the weaving in and out things they did. Merek was glad he hadn’t had to learn that and wondered who the three men were. Fitness instructors or personal trainers maybe? Those people in the olden days must have been damn fit to do dances like that all night long.

At the end of the dance the six dancers bowed and walked around back of the stage again, and the band began to play a modern dance.

Instead of joining the people crowding onto the dance floor, Merek moved smoothly up the side of the room, wanting to see Ebony. But the dancers had completely disappeared. Well, fuck!




Ben handed her another condom and she sat up straight over his hips as Merek wiggled closer to her so she could sheathe his cock, too. Merek’s erection was just as long and thick as Ben’s. It was nestled in a crop of neat, dark brown curls, very different from the floppy, shaggy hair on his head.

Ebony couldn’t resist stroking up and down his cock several times, feeling his big vein pulse under her hand. Then she laid down over Ben and spread her legs wider, so Merek could penetrate her ass.

He teased her with the butt plug a few more times, wiggling it, then withdrawing it only to push it back inside her. Every time he did it reminded her of how full she was, and how soon she’d be even fuller with him inside her as well as Ben. She didn’t have to put the butt plug alongside his cock and measure them to know that he was definitely bigger than the plastic toy.

Finally she felt the real thing penetrate her ass. Merek pushed straight and hard inside her, but the plug had done its work opening her up, and he drove in easily, with just the slightest feeling of burning in her tissues. Now she was really full, her body stretched to the ultimate, and so full of cock she was almost afraid to move.

And yet she wanted, needed them to move. She needed more. She needed action. Possession and fullness were good, but the coil of desire in her belly demanded another climax. One caused by Ben’s and Merek’s cocks this time, not by mouths, fingers, or toys.

When they both pulled out of her together, Ebony was consumed by rage. “Nooo,” she wailed. And then her brain caught up to her mouth. Of course they had to pull out so they could push back in.

“I have a ball gag in my toy box. I’ll let you wear it tomorrow,” Merek said.

Cream poured out of Ebony as he spoke. She’d never been gagged, although she’d seen pictures of ball gags. Immediately she wondered what it would feel like to have one in her mouth. What would it taste like? Were they made of plastic? Or something else. Then she realized that Merek had intended to make her think about it. He knew her so well already. He knew putting the thought in her mind would make her curious and ready to accept it, whereas if he’d wanted to gag her in the bathroom she mightn’t have agreed. Damn, the man was smart. How had he learned so much about her so quickly?

The men were working together now, pumping into her in unison, and then pulling out together, only to push back in. The steady rhythm ought to have been soothing, but instead it kept making her want more. And faster. Ebony stopped trying to touch the men with her toes and rested both hands on Ben’s chest under her own body. All three of them were sweating freely, and the soft slither of bodies one against the other had a strangely erotic sound all of its own. The slick movement of their bodies was also carnal, mirroring the movement of the cocks in and out of her ass and her cunt.

The steady pounding of Ben’s heart under her hands also raised her desire. He was so close to her. They were skin to skin, yet he was inside her as well, as close as a man and a woman could ever be. In this moment he was hers and she was his. Yet Merek was inside her as well. His heart was thumping against her back. She was his as well. It was all enormously erotic and mind boggling. Deep inside her the orgasm was building faster and harder, coiling tighter as she came closer and closer to the point of combustion.

She began to wiggle between the men trying to force their cocks deeper, to make them pound faster and harder. “I need to come,” she moaned.

“The longer you wait, the harder you’ll come,” said Merek, sounding very much the Dom, and in control.

“Well fuck that for a plan,” she replied, forcing herself back onto his cock, only to find herself gripped so tightly she couldn’t move at all. Two hands held her hips so hard likely she’d have bruises there in the morning, and two more hands controlled her at her waist.

However she had to hide a grin because they were moving faster now, and pumping harder as they pounded into her, still in complete unison. Ebony waited until both cocks were deep inside her and then she clenched her inner muscles as tightly as she could. This time it was Ben who groaned, but it felt so good to hold them like that. Merek might be a Dom—in fact she was certain he was a Dom even though he hadn’t actually come out and said so—but she still had some power over them.

A hand left her waist and swatted her ass, but it was a half-hearted reproach. Besides, her skin was so slippery with their combined sweat it would be rather difficult for anyone to get a grip on her there right now.

Ebony became aware of the scent of men and sex. The air was heavy with the smell and they hadn’t even come yet. But they would soon. Her own orgasm was very near and she guessed from the men’s actions that they were close, too. For a moment she wondered if they were waiting for her, but Merek had said he wanted her to hold off, so maybe not. But she couldn’t think now. It was all about feeling and she reveled in the feeling of two cocks slamming into her, possessing her, filling her so full, and then withdrawing and leaving her empty and needy.

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