Forever Her Loves (MFM)

Scottsdale, Montana 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 60,966
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, paddling, sex toys, HEA]
Forever is not long enough for the love that is shared by Esther and her men Chase and Drake. It was the summer of her eighteenth birthday when the three had shared more than just their bodies, misunderstanding a private conversation that reveals lies and deceit. Esther had been forced to flee the men she loved, her family, and friends.
Six years later, being older and wiser, she runs into the two men that had once been her entire world. This time when she flees she does not go far. She has a secret that she brought with her when she was forced to flee the first time, she cannot afford to flee again. It is time to stand and face the demons of the past if she is to find a happily ever after of her own. Secrets do have a way of forcing the truth to come forward. Will her secret pull the three of them together or forever keep them apart?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Forever Her Loves (MFM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Forever Her Loves (MFM)

Scottsdale, Montana 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 60,966
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




It was another long spring day for Esther. She had gotten up early for the twins, to get them off to school on time and do some chores around the ranch before she had to go in to work. They all loved to sleep in if the choice was given but life was not always about what you wanted but about what it made you choose. Like her and the kids living with her aunt and hiding from her family who had disowned her and her twins. Life was as good as it could be, though it could be better by having the twin’s father in the picture and her family as well. That was not what life was about, choices were never easy to make and hard to keep.

The twins had just started asking about their father. Little did they know that it was not just one of the two men, but rather both men who were the twin’s fathers, men whom she had loved and still did love if truth be told? There was a very strong chance that it could be both according to the doctor. The twins had been fraternal twins and the two sacks had slight changes in them. As the doctor said, only DNA would answer the question.

Life was getting harder. She had to tell the kids that their fathers were never going to be in the picture, especially since in the senior kindergarten program the kids had to show pictures of their families. They were encouraged to talk about their parents, grandparents and other family members. The boys did not understand why they only had an aunt and an uncle that had passed away the year before.

It was getting harder and harder to dodge the questions. Thank God she had her aunt Rachael helping her to answer some of the harder questions. She had had her uncle Jordan, Rachael’s husband of twenty-five plus years, but he had died from a bad fall while breaking a horse over a year ago. Her aunt still was getting over it and at times you would catch her at the kitchen window looking out almost as if she could see him riding up to the house on his black stallion.

The kids had always fought as to who would ride in front with Uncle Jordan. It never seemed to faze Uncle Jordan when the twins would yell and scream or fight. He would just separate the two and go on with whatever he was doing, always making sure that the boys would follow him and mind their manners. He would make sure they would do their chores around the ranch. He encouraged her to give them little things to do. It built character, he would say.

As her aunt would say, the day was getting older. Life had to go on, no more daydreaming, get things done that needed to be done. The boys had to get to school and she had to get to her part-time work at the rail yard.

Aunt Rachael was making breakfast when Esther walked into the kitchen with the boys following her every step of the way.

“Did you two make your beds correctly this morning?” Aunt Rachael had a very soft voice except when she was in pain due to her fibromyalgia or when she had been pushed to her limits.

Both boys responded in the affirmative and took their place at the kitchen table and reached for their glasses of milk. They were mirror images of each other and loved to be the other’s partner in everything they did. The school bus was going to be arriving in twenty minutes and they had to hurry up or miss it for the second time that week.

“Are you going to be late tonight, Esther, or the usual?” asked Aunt Rachael.

“I should be on time, given there are no unexpected things happening. It should be a quiet day. Why do you ask?”

“I had plans to go see Christine and help her with some quilting she has started and I don’t want to promise her anything if there is the slightest chance that you might be late. She doesn’t have a lot of people visiting her now that she’s a widow. Her step kids have taken their inheritance and moved on. Very sad state of affairs when a woman raises her husband’s kids as if they were her own and they just up and abandon her without a thought once their daddy died. Very sad indeed” Aunt Rachael said.

“Go ahead and make plans, I’ll make sure to be on time. Boys, hurry up or you’ll miss the bus again,” Esther said, starting to pick up the boy’s school bags and their coats. “Don’t you two go stepping in any puddles and get wet and ruin another set of boots. It is getting harder and harder to make these two listen, I wish that Uncle Jordan…” Esther spoke without thinking, but managed to catch herself in time.

“I am so sorry sometimes I speak without thinking…” Her voice trailed off. There was nothing that she could say that had not been said many times before. She no longer knew what to say.




It had been Drake taking her over his knees. He had proceeded to spank her for having called herself fat. He had stood there and watched his brother spank her just before he knelt beside her and helped him with the spanking. He knelt beside her, massaging her breasts. He remembered her saying they were tender, but he had put it down to her period making its presence known soon. He would never have thought for a moment that she could have been pregnant.

He had pulled on her nipples till her cries of pain had turned into cries of pleasure. She had begged for them to fuck her. Her pussy had been so wet that her juices had started running down her legs. Her scent had filled his nose as no floral bouquet ever had. He had dipped his fingers into her velvet softness. She had been so wet that even six years later he could scent her sweet honey.

He had stopped his brother and they had both laid her on her back so that they could continue to play with her.  He had had a clit clamp ready for her as his brother had kept her occupied with his mouth on her lips. She would have sat up if his brother had not had a good hold on her when he had placed the clit clamp on her. They had driven her mad with desire.

He had slowly kissed his way down her body, and when he reached her pussy the feast had been like no other. As his brother had moved her to lie on his chest he had continued to eat her pussy. It did not take long for her to come apart in their arms. She was placed on the inflatable mattress as Drake had lubed up his cock as he had lain on his back. He had turned to her to pull her on top of himself. She had let out a small moan claiming that they were going to kill her with pleasure.

He had taken a hold of her hips and impaled her with his cock. Drake had been applying lube to her rim when she had tried to sit up, he had gently pushed her to rest against Chase’s.

Chase had wrapped his arms around her so that Drake could start pushing first one finger into her ass followed by two till she was ready to take his cock. She had been pleading with them to hurry, that she needed to come.

Drake had taken his time. They did not want to hurt her. As he had gotten balls deep in her ass, he could feel his brother through the thin lining in her body. They had started moving, one going out and the other pushing in.

It had not taken long before they spewed their cum all over the inside of her. She had passed out from their desire, and they had not been that far off. They had withdrawn from her body, wrapped themselves with the blanket they had brought and waited for her to come to.

Once she had come, she had noticed that their dicks were hard again. They could never get enough of her.

They had gently cleaned her up while she had been out. It had been up to Drake to move her. He lay on his back and helped her to straddle him, once she was in place Chase had knelt between their legs and spread Esther’s legs further apart so that Drake could slip into her pussy without causing her pain.

Chase had become rock hard when he saw his brother slipping into her cunt. He had grabbed the lube to lube himself up and lube her rim to let him slide in. He had been as gentle as he could so they wouldn’t hurt her. He had taken his time but when he had finally entered her ass he had almost lost it. Esther had begged them to hurry up and move, she had been too close to coming without them doing more than sliding into her body. She had always said that just looking at them she would wet her panties.

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