[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Running from his destiny… One kiss was all it took for Kade Rogers to fall in love with his best friend, but convincing Aaron Ludden they belong together is going to be a lot harder, especially when Aaron refuses to talk about what happened during that kiss. Aaron’s attraction to Kade is strong, but the kiss they shared the night of their high school graduation sparked terrifying visions. Aaron doesn’t understand why he saw them shifting into a bear, or why a future of loving Kade will lead to his own death. The powerful kiss drives Aaron to try to recreate that high without Kade through erotic asphyxiation. Aaron finds a man who indulges his kink, but he also puts Aaron’s life in jeopardy. Kade can’t tolerate the bruises around Aaron’s neck anymore. Determined to save his best friend, Kade convinces Aaron to give him a chance to show him just how good they can be. When they come together, the results are more electrifying than anyone can imagine. Now that their legacy with the Twin Pines Grizzlies is revealed, will the brotherhood be able to handle the changes this new pair brings?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Strong Alpha (MM)
22 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love this series great story



“Are you sure?”

He nodded.

Ever so slowly Kade pulled down his sweats. Since Aaron was going commando, he had nothing on below. His cock was hard, standing up in a tidy forest of black hair. Aaron’s cock was almost as wide as it was tall. Kind of like a fireplug in shape. Kade took his time kissing his way between Aaron’s strong legs. He teased his hands over the sparse, dark body hair that covered him from ankle to just below his hips. By the time Kade got near Aaron’s sac, he was moaning in earnest.

Teasing him with his hot, moist breath caused Aaron to moan, but he held himself steady, waiting for the first contact. Kade reveled in his frantic groans, and then when Aaron was surely convinced contact would never come, Kade extended his tongue and licked Aaron’s sac.

“Finally. Fuck!”

Kade chuckled. “Anticipation is the best aphrodisiac.”

“You’re making me crazy for you.”


Aaron leaned up so he could see Kade between his legs. “I thought you didn’t want to do this to a crazy person.”

Kade rose up as if he would debate the point, but instead, he dipped his head and took the tip of Aaron’s cock into his mouth while holding his gaze.

Aaron’s eyes went wide then rolled up as he fell back on the bed. Nonsense and gibberish were all the sounds that came from Aaron’s lips as Kade sucked his cock in and out of his mouth with excruciating slowness.

When Aaron tried to rock his hips to help him along, Kade pinned him down.

“Get up on the bed. I want to suck you. I want to…”

Aaron’s voice faded into a curiously high-pitched, breathy moan when Kade slipped his finger under his sac and teased around his pucker. It was the same slow, circular motion he’d made with his tongue on his palm.

Lifting his legs, angling them back, Aaron spread himself wide for Kade.

Every erotic dream he’d ever had led him to this moment. Finally, after years of lust and longing, Kade had the man he loved writhing in ecstasy. From the duffel Kade made a point of tucking by the bed, Kade withdrew a bottle of lube, slicked up his finger, and then teased the now-slick digit around and around the snug entrance to Aaron’s passage.

Uttering more gibberish, Aaron lifted his legs higher up his chest, offering up every hidden spot on his body.

Into Kade’s head came a veritable chorus of words that screamed possession. Kade felt the need to conquer, claim, and command Aaron. Greedy as an invader to plush territory, Kade wanted to plant his cock in Aaron almost as if he were symbolically planting a flag in his soil. All this is mine. Even in the confines of his own mind he was stunned by his audacity. That was not what this was supposed to be about. This was supposed to show Aaron that they were good together, that they belonged together. Gentle lovemaking was supposed to show Aaron that he deserved a man who appreciated him in every way.

Try as he might, Kade could not quiet the clamoring voice. The more he considered claiming Aaron, the stronger that flush of electricity became. As he eased his finger within the tight ring of Aaron’s bottom, his cock flexed, demanding he replace that slender digit.

“Please, don’t tease me anymore.” Aaron looked down between his legs. His face was flushed, his eyes were overly bright, and his lips were almost obscenely wet. “I need you.”

Kade had planned a long, lingering seduction, but all bets were off when a scent, what he could only call the scent of his mate’s need, filled his senses.

With one hand, Kade shoved down his sweats and his underwear, exposing the length of his cock. Long, thick, and surrounded by black pubic hair, his cock pointed toward Aaron’s exposed bottom with a hungry, greedy need.

Rising up, Kade stroked his fist over his shaft, coating himself from tip to base with slick lube. Without another thought in his head, Kade planted the tip of his prick against Aaron’s hole. When Aaron’s sphincter quivered around the head of his cock, Kade pushed forward.

Words and images of possession swirled in his mind with teasing scents that were Aaron, all Aaron. The taste and smell of his surrender, of his need, of his willingness to give everything all up to Kade made him mad with lust. Roaring, Kade descended on Aaron, claiming his mouth as he slid his cock balls-deep.

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