Set Me Free (MFMM)

Pack Law 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,875
56 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves]

Michelle Barclay has just moved to Aztec, New Mexico, from Mullen, Nebraska. At the library where she works, she is cornered against her car by a large, wolf-like dog and then rescued by the animal’s owner, Jonah Friess. Jonah is the lead Alpha of the Friess Pack, sharing the leadership role with his two brothers, Mikhail and Brock. He knows the uptight librarian is their mate, and the brothers set about wooing her into their bed. Michelle is hurt by a jealous female pack member, but instead of being angry with Kirsten, she gets mad with the three Alphas and lets them have a piece of her mind—what she doesn’t realize is that she has just claimed them.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Set Me Free (MFMM)
56 Ratings (4.4)

Set Me Free (MFMM)

Pack Law 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,875
56 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I like the very first paragraph of this book... and then it turns out, it was that great all the way thru! Great characters... except, who really wears a garter belt everyday?
Professional Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Michelle meets Jonah as she is cornered by a huge "dog". Jonah is the one who comes to her rescue. She thinks it odd that the dog's name is the same as his brother, Mikhail. The three brothers know that she is their mate right away and they get together to plan how to make her theirs. Jonah starts to take the lead because he has been the one to have the most interaction with her. Jonah asks her out to lunch and she says yes. He takes her to his house and introduces her to his brothers and a few others. I liked the characters right away. Jonah, Mikhail, and Brock were well written and on the same page the entire time. They all have different personalities but they mesh well and give Michelle what she needs between the three of them. Michelle has to struggle with a few things at first but she is no push over. She may be drawn to the men but she is not going to let them get away with much that she doesn't want, and even some that she does. The plot of the story is really good and interesting. It held my attention without a problem the entire time. There are definite twists and turns that I was not expecting that I loved. The book just drew me in and kept me there. The sex was explicit and pretty frequent but not overly so. The men know right away that they want her for life and so are eager to start everything. Michelle is more reserved because she doesn't know how the relationship would work. There are plenty of emotions involved in the story because of this. They all seem realistic and probable. I really liked the fact that sex was not the only way that the characters were intimate with each other. There is also cuddling and good conversations. This is the first in the series and I would love to read more." -- Lexee, The Romance Studio

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Story excerpt


Michelle had no idea what she’d done to get on the woman’s bad side. She hadn’t even met the woman until she’d come into the library. She watched Kirsten grab a plate of food then storm out of the room without a backward glance. There was a lot more going on here than was on the surface, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to know what it was.

“Have you had enough to eat, darlin’?” Jonah’s voice broke Michelle from her contemplation.

“Yes. Thank you, Angela. Lunch was lovely,” Michelle said as Jonah helped her from her seat and began to lead her from the room. She was surprised when Jonah’s brothers, Brock and Mikhail, followed.

“Would you like a tour?” Jonah asked Michelle, sweeping his hand out to encompass the house.

“Yes, thank you. That would be nice. You have a beautiful home,” Michelle stated as Jonah led her off the hall to a huge living room.

“Does everyone in the dining room live here?” she asked.

“Yeah, they do. We have a lot of business ventures and most of the people here are family, so it just made sense that we all live together. Besides the house is large enough and we all have our privacy as we all live in different wings of the house,” Jonah replied.

“Well, that certainly makes sense.”

“How long have you lived in Aztec, baby?” Brock asked from behind her. Michelle looked over her shoulder to answer Brock and caught him checking out her ass. When he raised his eyes to hers, he gave her a wink and a wicked smile.

“I moved here three weeks ago. I inherited a small cottage from an uncle I didn’t even know I had. How those lawyers tracked me down is a mystery. So anyway, I decided to transfer to from the library in Mullen to here so I wouldn’t have to pay rent.”

“Where does the rest of your family live?” Mikhail asked from her other side.

Michelle turned to him and looked him in the eye. “I don’t have any family. I was raised in a convent and in foster homes.”

“That explains the uptight façade,” Brock muttered behind her.


“Don’t worry about it, baby, just talking to myself,” he replied. Michelle turned back to Jonah as he took her hand in his and led her through the large living room and to a games room. The room was full of handsome men and a couple of women, including the intrepid Kirsten. The woman shot daggers at her with her eyes. Michelle wondered how she was still standing. She should have keeled over from that glare. Mikhail moved up to her side and placed himself between Kirsten and herself. His back was to her. She had no idea what Mikhail had done or said. Even if he had spoken, she hadn’t heard him, but the next moment Kirsten stormed from the room, slamming the door behind her.

“Would you like to see the gardens, Michelle?” Jonah asked, pulling her gaze around to him.

Michelle gave a nod and followed as Jonah led her out the side glass sliding doors. Her head was really beginning to pound now, and she wanted nothing more than to get in her car and go home, but she sighed and followed the man who, for some reason beyond her comprehension, fascinated her. She wondered why Jonah had asked her out to his house for lunch. To be honest she didn’t know what he wanted from her but was too intrigued by him and his brothers to care.

Michelle was sick and tired of being a good girl. She wanted to let loose and go wild for a while, just to see what the attraction was and how the other half lived. She knew deep down she was different from how she portrayed herself to the world, but she was too scared to let go. She’d never had anyone in her life to really worry about, but she wanted to keep her polite, cool façade in place in case she met someone and they didn’t like her true personality. She knew that beneath the front she hid behind, she was a real wild woman, but she kept herself on a tight rein. Deep down Michelle was a closet romantic, believing in the happy endings she knew she would never have the chance to experience.

Michelle knew she was in trouble as soon as the pinpricks of light began to form before her eyes. She’d left her sunglasses in her car, and the sunlight was hurting her eyes, making her head pound even more. She knew what came next. She had to leave now before she disgraced herself by vomiting. She turned away from Jonah and slammed into a hard, warm male body. She squinted as she tried to see whom she’d run into but had to slam her eyes shut when the sunlight penetrated her eyeballs and pierced her skull. Pain knifed through her brain, making her reach up and clutch her head and whimper.

“Are you all right, honey?” Michelle heard Mikhail ask from above her. She couldn’t answer. The pain piercing her skull was too bad.


Adult excerpt


Jonah slid his tongue into her creamy flesh and licked her from top to bottom. The taste of her cream sliding over his tongue made him growl into her flesh, then he stabbed his tongue into her tight cunt hole to gather more. He swallowed her essence as he lapped and twirled his longer were-tongue into the depths of her sheath. She was salty and sweet, and he knew he could spend hours eating out her pussy. The sounds she made as he made love to her with his mouth only heightened his need for more. He opened his eyes as he slid his tongue up through her delicate folds and flicked her clit as he saw his brothers sucking on her nipples. He couldn’t see her face because her neck was arched, pushing her head further into the pillow she was resting on.

Jonah sucked her clit into his mouth and pushed one of his fingers into her tight, wet heat. Her vaginal walls rippled around his digit, which had him at the brink of his control. He eased his mouth away from her cunt, withdrew his finger, and moved his body into a sitting position between her splayed thighs. He grabbed the base of his hard cock in his hand and pumped it a few times, before he aimed for her small hole. Her flesh enveloped the head of his cock, and it was pure nirvana. He heard her whimper and knew she was having trouble adjusting to his size, so he reached for her clit and began to massage the small bundle of nerves with his thumb. He groaned as her skin stretched and her muscles relaxed enough for the tip of his rod to slide into her sheath. He held still, letting his mate become accustomed to the intrusion, all the while lightly massaging her clit.

He began to pump his hips, moving only in small, shallow thrusts but gaining a little more depth each time. His brothers were taking turns devouring her mouth and nipples, keeping her arousal at its highest level without pushing her over the edge. He slid in more and more, his thrusting hips taking his cock deeper with every slide and glide in and out of her flesh. He froze when he felt his cock hit her tight muscles and looked down to their joined flesh to see he was only halfway in his mate’s body. He let out a howl of possessiveness and joy, knowing for a fact his mate had never been with another man. He had suspected as much by her uptight persona but hadn’t really known for sure. Until now.

Jonah carefully slid his legs beneath Michelle’s and pulled her thighs wide. He moved his body over hers and shoved his brothers to the side. She looked up at him, her eyes glazed with passion, her lips swollen from his brothers’ kisses, and her nipples moist and hard. He lowered his head to hers and gave her a kiss so carnal they both went up in flames. He held her hips still between his hands as he kissed her, slid his cock head to the entrance of her cunt, and slowly slid back in all the way. He didn’t stop, capturing his mate’s small whimper of discomfort in his mouth, and then froze when he was embedded balls-deep in her tight, rippling cunt.

Jonah released her mouth and stared down into her eyes. When she shifted beneath him with a wiggle of her hips and moaned at the sensation, he couldn’t hold still for another moment. He eased his cock from her body until just his head was inside her, and then he pushed back in. With every slide and glide of his cock in and out of her tight, wet cunt, he slowly increased the pace. It wasn’t long before he could feel his balls slapping against her ass as he thrust in and out of her body. He slid his hands beneath her ass and lifted her hips up into his as he taught her his rhythm. She caught on quickly, and instead of him pulling her into him, he began to knead the globes of her ass as she met him thrust for thrust. He could feel her internal muscles fluttering along the length of his hard shaft and knew she was close. 

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