Be Still the Night (MF)

Slayer 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 65,397
4 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, vampires, shape-shifters, HEA]

Jason should have known his life was going to change the moment she stepped out of the shadows dressed in all black leather. He really shouldn't have been surprised when she stabbed the man in the alley.

Jason's being drawn into a whole new world where there are vampires, gods, mates, and sisters who turn into wolves and very large cats. Around every corner is a new surprise, but Jason is finding himself getting closer and closer to this mystery woman, and he just can't stay away.

The battle between good and evil is starting up again and he's caught in the middle. He must learn to fight to stay in her world, and along the way he just might learn something about his past he couldn't have ever imagined. Fighting for her heart and his life, Jason knows he will stop at nothing until he wins the battle.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Be Still the Night (MF)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Be Still the Night (MF)

Slayer 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 65,397
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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4 HEARTS: "While out one night, Jason encounters a mysterious woman and his life will never be the same. Persephone has always been alone until she found her sisters. So when she and Jason meet, she isn't sure what to do or what it means for her. As they get to know each other and grow closer, a war is brewing between the sisters and Cordin, an ancient vampire. Be Still The Night by Shannon Reckler was an entertaining and steamy read. The build up to the climax was done so perfectly and it flowed with the rest of the story effortlessly. As I read Be Still The Night, I grew to love each of the characters for their own uniqueness and what each of them contributed to the plot. My favorite character was absolutely Dimitri simply because she was such a rough and tumble, take no prisoners kind of woman. As the story progressed, there were several unexpected twists that took place which made Be Still The Night more thrilling than I thought was possible. Shannon Reckler has a talent for words and creating interesting and likable characters." -- Tanya, The Romance Studio

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A woman who blended in with the darkness just faded into the night. She was dressed in all leather and looked like sex and danger all rolled into one. Her hair was dark and hung around her shoulders and in her face. God, her face. It was incomparable. He couldn’t make out every detail because of the lack of light in the alley, but it wasn’t necessary. He could see her lips perfectly, and all he could think was kissable. She had those lips that always had a shine and begged for a man to lick all her lip gloss off.

He was still staring when she walked up behind the psycho and began to fight him. She surprised him with her strength and speed. She was shorter than the man by at least a foot. Jason took note that that would mean she barely reached his chest. His thought didn’t last long as he noticed her holding her own against the man. Actually, she was winning.

Every time he tried to hit her, she landed a blow that would have dropped any normal person, but this guy just wouldn’t go down. She finally landed a kick that knocked his legs out from under him. Jason stared at her as she straddled the man’s chest. He thought she would land a blow to knock the man out. Instead, she pressed down on him as he continued to struggle, flashing those very wicked teeth and trying to bite her.  It all seemed effortless to her, even as she reached a hand to her belt loop for the dagger he hadn’t noticed before. Without so much as a blink, the woman stabbed the man directly through the heart.

Jason stared in shock as the man literally turned to dust in the street. He closed his eyes and whispered a prayer. He wasn’t at all religious, yet it seemed appropriate in this particular situation. He prayed he was dreaming.

“You’re not dreaming,” the mystery woman said, and damn, her voice was just as sexy as she was. Her voice was slightly husky, but it had a smooth undertone to it, just like a fine whiskey would slide down a man’s throat.

She stood up and walked over to the woman who had fainted on the ground. The victim was still motionless, and he was worried that she was dead. His mystery woman ran her hands over the still body, obviously checking for injuries. After a moment, the victim came to and his mystery woman helped her to her feet.  Everything was silent for a moment, and then Jason heard her whispering to the woman. However, it wasn’t loud enough for him to make out the words. She helped the woman to the entrance of the alley, and then the woman just disappeared around the corner.

The beautiful murderer began to walk back toward him. Jason held his ground, trying to see her face, but with the light behind her, all he could see was shadows.

“You’re not dreaming,” she repeated again.

“Are you sure?” he responded. “It would be perfectly fine with me. This day sucked anyway.”

“Oh, I’m sure.”

Jason was sure he could see her lips twitch.

“But you won’t remember it anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.” She stepped toward him and placed her hands on his temples. He saw her frown deepen the longer she held her hands steady.

“Seriously, this cannot be happening to me,” she whispered.

“Excuse me, but could you tell me what the hell is going on?” Jason raised his eyebrows as he looked down at the tiny woman who had her hands on his forehead. She looked scared and pissed all at once, and considering he had seen her hands kill a man a few seconds ago, he wasn’t sure if he should be worried about her hands on him.

She continued to stand there for a few more moments, never moving her hands from his temples. When he cleared his throat, she jerked her hands away.

“Darlin’? How about a name?” Jason was curious if her name would match her face.

“Persephone, my name is Persephone,” she said.

He saw the look of regret flash through her eyes after she told him.

“My name is Jason,” he told her.

“I know.”

“What does that mean? How do you know?”

“I just do. I need you to come with me.” She looked like she was going to panic soon. Her eyes were jumping around, searching the alley.

“You give me no answers and just expect me to follow you? I don’t think so.” She was beautiful, but it also appeared she was crazy. He knew he wouldn’t just follow her anywhere.

“I could just make you come with me.”

He looked her up and down, giving her small frame a slow once over, “Darlin’, I don’t think you could make me do anything.” He couldn’t refrain from chuckling softly to himself. When he saw anger flashing through her eyes, he knew he had said the wrong thing.

“Oh, but darlin’ that’s where you’re wrong.” She walked up to him and placed her hand over his heart. The last thing he saw was her smirk as the world went black.




“Guess the cold water didn’t help.” She looked down at his erection, which stood out fully.

“Not with you in here with me, and that damn bench. I can’t get your images out of my head.” He folded his massive arms across his chest.

“Me either.” She reached up and placed her palm on his cheek.

“What are you doing in here, Persephone?” He looked down at her. Then his gaze swept down her body, taking in her full, high breasts, with dark pink nipples, her flat stomach, curvy hips, and her legs that went on forever. She was perfection, in every sense of the word.

“I’m glad you think so.”

“Persephone, you didn’t answer me.” His voice was now husky, and his gaze burned her body.

“I’m meeting you halfway.” She smiled as she went on tiptoes to kiss him.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her body flush against his. She could feel her breasts pressed firmly against his chest, and the friction of her nipples running through his chest hair made a rush of wetness reach her pussy. His lips were firm as he took control of the kiss and plunged his tongue inside her mouth. He kissed her until he was out of air and they both were panting.

“Turn off the water,”he whispered in his mind, while his hand drifted down her body to cup her perfect ass. He lifted one of her legs to rest on his hip, and ground his cock against her, before he let go so she could turn around and do as he commanded.

Persephone whimpered at the loss of sensation, but knew that if she followed his request it would lead to him touching her more.  He picked her up into his arms, grabbed a towel, carried her back to the bedroom, and laid her gently on the bed. The towel was exquisite torture as he dried her off, lingering in a few places.

“My breasts must have had a lot of water on them.”

He grinned at her thought. “Uh-huh, they sure did.”

“Come here.” Persephone could tell the command surprised him, but he crawled up from the end of the bed and settled his body on top of hers.

“You want something, darlin’?” He was smiling that same damn grin again.

“No, I need something. I need you to kiss me.” She shifted her lower body, so that her stomach would brush his cock. He hissed in a breath, and looked down at her.

“Your wish is my command.” Then he proceeded to kiss her thoroughly.

Her hands were on his shoulders, on his back, his arms, just getting the feel of his body, of the muscles she adored. She arched her back when he left her lips to suck on her breast. His tongue swirled round the stiff peak, and then he sucked it deep into his mouth. She moaned loudly, and was granted with his mouth switching to her other breast.


He looked up at her eyes, but didn’t stop his assault on her nipple.

“Jason, I need you.” She reached between them to run her hand up and down his dick. The bead of cum that had leaked out the tip gave some lubrication for her to jack him.

“I know what you need, baby.” His voice was strained. She knew he was affected by her hand playing with him.

He reached down between her legs to cup her pussy. She was so wet, so ready for him. Persephone almost felt embarrassed at how wet she was, it was starting to leak out. He pressed his middle finger in, playing in the moisture a moment, before he ran his finger up to her clit. It was her time to hiss in pleasure.

He plunged two fingers inside her core, and she almost came. He pushed a third in, stretching her, before he withdrew. Her hand was still wrapped around his cock, but she had lost her concentration.

“Darlin’, guide me inside that tight pussy.”

She placed the head of his dick at her entrance and moved her hand away.

“Hold on. This isn’t going to be slow and gentle.”

“I might kill you if it was.”

He looked down into her eyes and swirled his hips so that the tip of him gathered moisture. Persephone couldn’t take it anymore. She arched her back, and his head slipped just past her opening. But he held himself.

“Now, damn it.”

His laughter flittered through her mind, but then all thought was lost as he slid balls deep into her. They both groaned. It was a perfect fit, but then she knew it would be. This man was made for her. She looked into his eyes and knew he thought it, too.

He stayed still for a moment, and Persephone relished how perfect the fit was. Then he started to move, and it got even better. He filled every inch of her and pushed tight up against the walls of her vagina. When he moved, she could feel every part of him.

She rose to meet his every thrust and hung on as he picked up tempo. She tilted her face up to his, and he met her for a kiss. Their tongues mimicked the plunging of his body into hers. She knew she was getting close, but when he reached between their bodies to play with her clit, she lost it. He growled as she clenched around him, but he never stopped the same tempo.

Persephone could do nothing but hang on as he kept pounding into her pussy. She felt herself come down somewhat from the first climax, but knew if he kept going she was going to come again.

As the pressure built up again, her eyes wandered to his neck and the strong pulse that was beating there. She licked her lips. Jason looked down at her and wordlessly tilted his head to the side.



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