Cruising with Destiny (MM)

Cruising with Destiny 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,393
5 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, public exhibition, HEA]

While on the ship Destiny, Nate Montgomery finds himself cruising the steam room for sex with a stranger. What he finds instead is his high school obsession with his lips wrapped around his cock.

Recently divorced and out, Steve Wilkinson plans to live his life experiencing as many men as he can, making up for lost time. Or does destiny have another plan?

Sailing the Western Caribbean, they find comfort and passion in each other's arms while reliving their youth and wondering about their future. As the tropical days turn into passionate nights, they realize they are falling in love. But when the ship returns to port, will they still feel the same way?

From Miami to Jamaica to Grand Cayman and back again, love can be found sailing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, but it also can be lost.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Cruising with Destiny (MM)
5 Ratings (4.8)

Cruising with Destiny (MM)

Cruising with Destiny 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,393
5 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This was a fantastic, sweet, sexy and fun story. The characters are so good together and the history between them really brings the story together. I usually don't read MM romance, but honestly this was such a great story that I couldn't put it down.
Lea Barrymire
This was my first Alex Carreras book, but it won't be my last. Mr. Carreras excels at painting a picture with words. This book was set on a cruise ship and its various ports of call. It brought back very vivid memories of a cruise I took last summer. The story was good, the characters well-drawn, and the sex was hot. Nate and Steve kind of knew each other in high school. Nate was a nerd. Steve was a star jock. Steve is now just coming out of the closet. This story didn't hit you over the head with Steve's journey. Instead, it explored the feelings between the two men - their hopes and fears. And did I mention the sex was hot? Good quick read.
Lara Valentine
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "I sometimes feel like the luckiest person in the world because I get to review books and sometimes those books overlap with things I love to do in my free time. Cruising with Destiny takes place on a cruise ship and cruising happens to be my favorite way to vacation. Add it not one, but two hot as hell male leading men who are approaching 40 and I am all over this book! Nate Montgomery has just cut loose his boyfriend whom he found out not only was hooking up with other men but gave him a little something only antibiotics could clear up. He decides to take the cruise they planned together by himself figuring there would be other single guys looking to hook up for some vacation fun. Steve Wilkinson is recently divorced after coming out to his wife and college aged son. He’s on the cruise with his son and his son’s girlfriend. Being newly single and out for the first time he wants to sow some wild oats. Nate and Steve share a steamy moment in the sauna only to meet again later in the dining room. It’s at that point they realize they went to high school together and in fact Steve’s ex-wife saved Nate’s life. Nate of course is grateful but also dislikes her because she had Steve, the object of his desire. They soon find themselves enjoying each other thoroughly. I won’t lie, these guys have hot and heavy sex frequently but it becomes evident that both are starting to develop feelings. I found myself really enjoying both Nate and Steve. They had history which accelerated their relationship but they also are two very different people at very different points in their lives. So, it’s not surprising that they find themselves at odds. Steve’s son, Josh, is a remarkable young man who obviously loves his Dad and wants to see him finally happy. I also love the characters of Adam and Bartholomew whom Nate meets at a Friends of Dorothy gathering on the ship. They are friendly, wise, and so damn fun! (I must admit hubby and I crash these parties often because that’s where the fun and cool people hang out!) Cruising with Destiny is an amusing, fresh, and pleasurable read. I have no doubt that anyone who has ever had a vacation fling or dreamed of a chance with a high school crush will enjoy it as thoroughly as I did!" -- DiDi, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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Nate Montgomery looked on as the young hunk leaned in to kiss his girlfriend once more. The way that they interacted, their intimate whispers and giggling, how she pressed her breasts against his chest while frolicking in the shallow pool, made Nate a little envious.

And a little horny.

The breasts-pressing-on-his-chest part he could live without and did, but the unabashed and playful display of young love he missed. It had been a while since he felt that excited over anyone, the fluttering-in-the-chest-when-the-phone-rang kind of excitement he felt when it was him calling, or preferring to spend endless hours kissing and holding each other tightly instead of getting right down to the business of sucking and fucking.

In his life, it had been more about the sex and not so much about making love. In the gay world, it was expected to suck and fuck by the end of the first date, certainly by the second. It was common knowledge among gays that if you spent your first date watching a movie and making out on the sofa over a bowl of popcorn, more than likely, it would be your last date.

The young man looked familiar, but he couldn’t quite figure out how or why, the nagging feeling threatening to spoil his racing sexual thoughts with the much younger man. His tanned and well-muscled torso shimmered in the afternoon sun, his jet-black hair and vivid, blue eyes striking against the platinum locks and the milky skin of his girlfriend. Judging by his athletic build, he played sports. His was a body shaped by lifelong fitness, not by a random hour or two spent in the neighborhood gym.

Nate sat up straighter in his deck chair, watching as the raven-haired hunk slid his hands down his girlfriend’s back, stopping at her bikini-clad bottom, then squeezed for the entire lido deck of the ship, Destiny, to see. He was in love, or least lust, and he didn’t give a damn who witnessed their shameless display of affection.

Her shrill shriek of laughter called the attention of the neighboring ten-stool bar a few feet away.

Damn, thought Nate, wishing his ass was getting the same attention hers was. What he wouldn’t give to get squeezed, or better yet, to squeeze the plump, firm ass of a twenty-something-year-old hunk.

Unfortunately, the reality was, this young man could be his son. Behind the pumped-up muscles and the generous tent in his board shorts, he was really just a kid.


He looked around at the other vacationers, their chairs expertly arranged to face the blazing Caribbean sun, reminding Nate of a row of hot dogs sizzling on a backyard grill. Couples frolicked in the pool and hot tub while others stood in line for the endless smorgasbord laid out around the clock. Even at the numerous bars scattered on deck, couples sipped from their umbrella-decorated cocktails or slammed their colorful shots named after reproductive organs.

There was not one person on deck who appeared single, except for him.

When Nate had planned this vacation with his boyfriend of three months, Rob Stanus, he knew he was taking a risk. Three months into any relationship, things were always good, everyone on their best behavior. And the thought of taking a cruise with Rob made him instantly horny. They could pass the hours screwing in their cabin when they weren’t relaxing in the sun, sipping cocktails.

Rob was hot, and he had the one of the most beautiful cocks he’d ever seen. And the man could go for hours without swallowing the little blue pill first and then waiting the half an hour for it to take effect.

But would their relationship last long enough until the ship set sail? What could go wrong?




Nate squeezed his eyes shut, unsure of what was to come, if anything. As if he was being answered, he felt a hand slide over his thigh and under his towel, finding his cock and balls. Nate went rigid.

Everywhere. His eyes shot wide open, checking to see if they were being watched. The man sitting across was snoring softly, his mouth wide open and his neck craned toward the ceiling.

He turned to face the stranger sitting closer than he remembered. His towel was piled loosely over his cock, and his eyes shut as if he were asleep, but he wasn’t. He was jerking him off. Nate’s cock grew as he gazed at his own cock-covered towel rising and falling from the stranger’s skillful manipulations. He swallowed the lump of hard lust stuck in his throat.

“What are you doing?”

A slow smile crept over the man’s handsome face, but his eyes remained closed. “If you don’t know what I’m doing, then I must be doing it wrong.”

“Uh…you definitely know what you’re doing,” Nate whispered. “But I don’t want to get caught.”

The stranger stroked harder. “That’s part of the fun.”

Nate kept his eyes peeled at the slumbering man as he loosened his towel and opened his legs wider while the stranger stroked his cock with the perfect amount of pressure.

“Relax,” groaned the man. “Enjoy it.”

Nate was enjoying it, but the relaxing part might prove a little more difficult.

The stranger slid closer and bent over Nate’s cock, pushing away the towel before taking it hungrily into his mouth. A groan escaped from deep within Nate. If he were smart, he’d jump up and push the man away and take off, but his silken lips riding his shaft convinced him to stay.

Nate squeezed his ass cheeks together, holding on for the ride.

The man sucking his dick knew exactly what he was doing. His timing and expert lips and tongue made his balls jump and kick begging for release.


He reached down, filling his fists with the man’s head, feeling his short hair scratch along his sensitive palms. At this point, he didn’t care if he got caught, he needed to shoot his load and make a future date so they could do this again, next time under less conspicuous circumstances.

The stranger quickened his pace while clenching his throbbing cock with both hands, riding the length up and down. He pumped faster and deeper, milking the rigid muscle, readying it for release.

Nate watched the expert cock sucking as if he was having an out-of-body experience while still keeping an eye on the sleeping occupant a few feet away, the exhibitionist experience new and thrilling.

His lover’s body was muscular and tanned. It was the body of an athlete, sinewy and defined. His cock was thick and long, swelling to a plump, bulbous head that would bring great pleasure and pain pushing into his hole, he imagined. His balls rested across one thigh, swollen and large and red. Nate wanted to take the sack into his mouth and feel the heft fill him as he slid his tongue over the smooth, round mounds, feeding on them. He had to taste him, to possess him.

Nate was desperate.


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