Bed and Breakfast (MM)

Bloodkin 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 61,738
12 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, vampires, light consensual BDSM, spanking, whipping, HEA]

Marlais "Moss" Hayden is a young man struggling to survive after being sent away by his impoverished family. A want ad falls into his hands, advertising a position for "bed and breakfast." When he looks into it, Moss realizes the job is to provide sex and blood to kin lord Vane Bloodmoor.

In his capacity as a kin lord, Vane works to control the bloodkin from killing humans during feeding. His life's motto is to always keep control and not lose himself to his instincts. But Moss awakens unfamiliar feelings inside Vane. Intrigued, he offers Moss a job as a secretary and blood donor. Moss is unable to refuse or to resist the bloodkin's allure.

But there are more powerful forces at work. Vane and Moss soon find themselves thrust in a political plot that threatens to destabilize the world order as they know it. Faced with impossible odds, can the fragile bond survive?

Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Bed and Breakfast (MM)
12 Ratings (4.2)

Bed and Breakfast (MM)

Bloodkin 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 61,738
12 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



The butler cracked the door open. “My lord, Marlais Hayden to see you.”

“Let him in,” the man answered, sending shivers through Moss. It took him aback so much he almost missed the butler gesturing him forward. He remembered to walk just as the old man gave him a slightly reproachful look.

As he entered the room, he caught sight of the shadowed silhouette of a male sitting at the desk. The only lighting came from two candle-holders situated next to the bookshelves. The room had a lived-in, but archaic look, at the same time managing to be stylish. After the carvings in the hallway, this study represented a pleasant and relaxing surprise.

But all that lost its importance and the relaxation evaporated when the man spoke again. “Marlais Hayden, is it?”

Moss nodded, the voice sweeping over him like a sensual wave. His knees wobbled and he didn’t know how he managed to remain standing. Get a grip, Moss, he told himself. Remember what you wanted to say.

“Yes, m–my lord,” he stammered. “I…”

He wanted to apologize and explain the situation, but the words got stuck in his throat. “You...?” the man prodded.

“This is a mistake. I didn’t realize the position was for a…for a…” He couldn’t say it. What if he misjudged the entire thing? He’d just insult the master of the house and maybe get in trouble in the process.

Stuck in this room, with this mysterious man, Moss wondered what the hell he’d gotten himself into.


* * * *


Shrouded by the darkness of the room, Vane smiled. This young man was very interesting, or at least, more interesting than everyone he’d seen throughout the rest of the night. They all came knowing exactly what Vane wanted and what he offered. Each of the beautiful young men and women showed willingness and excitement, but in the end, the chosen person always ran away. Vane’s demands seemed to be too much for anyone.

But this new visitor intrigued him. Vane didn’t have much contact with honest, straightforward people, and sweet Marlais was a breath of fresh air. Unlike the whores outside, he wore simple, but clean clothing. Buttoned up, his tunic covered his chest and lower region completely. But no discreet clothing could hide a beautiful body, and Vane took advantage of his position to admire the human. He imagined those long legs wrapped around his waist, Marlais’s deep green eyes shining in passion, full lips swollen with Vane’s kisses. It was a very tantalizing image indeed.

“For a what?” he insisted, secretly enjoying the way the young man fidgeted.

His amusement vanished when Marlais licked his lips. Vane’s gaze immediately went to that little pink tongue, and he found himself wondering how it would feel against his cock. Thankful for the darkness of his office, he adjusted himself in his trousers. “Well, aren’t you going to answer?”

“A–a prostitute,” Marlais stammered.

Vane arched a brow. How much did the young man realize? Did he even understand where he’d come? “That’s not exactly the case,” he answered. Sure, it implied prostitution, but a job with him didn’t just mean selling sex.

Marlais paled. “I…I’m sorry. I saw the people in the lounge and I assumed…”

“You assumed correctly,” Vane cut him off. “But let me explain for a bit. The position is for a ‘bed and breakfast.’ Have you heard of the bloodkin?”

Marlais just gave him a blank look, and Vane barely managed to suppress his shock. He hadn’t expected the young man not to know about his kind. “I see,” he continued after a brief pause. “Well, to be short, the bloodkin—my kind—are a race that has certain abilities and certain needs. We are more powerful than humans, but at the same time, we need blood to sustain ourselves.” They also had vulnerabilities, but Vane wouldn’t go into that.

Marlais’s eyes widened and he shot to his feet. “You! I remember now. Your kind, the bloodkin…You fooled my father. You destroyed my family!”

So the young man had run into Vane’s people after all. Most likely, he just didn’t know details about them. “Sit down, Marlais,” Vane said neutrally. As a rule, he disliked shouting in his house, and more so from a guest. As much as this human drew him, he would not allow Marlais to disrespect him.

At Vane’s tone, Marlais shut his mouth. Even so, he didn’t take Vane’s not-so-gentle offer of sitting down again. “I’m sorry,” he said softly. “I think it would be best if I left.”

“Oh? And where will you go?” Vane inquired. “You wouldn’t have come here in the first place if you weren’t desperate.”

This boy intrigued him more and more and Vane disliked the thought he might have to let him go. Of course, if push came to shove, Vane could just force the human to stay, but he hated using his abilities in such a manner. He refused to sink to the level of most bloodkin, who forgot every rule of propriety in order to fulfill their basic needs. Still, he wanted the boy. Damn it, he wanted him so much he ached.

Marlais looked down, and his lip trembled as if he were about to burst into tears. Vane could smell his fear and shame, and he hated it. He sighed to himself. What was he doing? This boy clearly didn’t have the qualifications needed for a “bed and breakfast.” The thought made Vane wonder what qualifications Marlais did have. Perhaps they could work something out.

“What did you think the position was for?” he asked.

“I figured it might a servant position or something along that line,” Marlais replied, humiliation thick in his voice.

For some reason, Vane wanted to cast away the young man’s pain. He squashed the urge. He was bloodkin, and a noble breed. He didn’t provide charity.




Vane’s hand felt warm on the small of Moss’s back, and Moss realized he was naked. When had Vane undressed him? He didn’t know.

Obediently, he lay back on the bed, shuddering as the cool silk of the sheets caressed his sensitive skin. Above him, Vane removed his cravat, his eyes raking Moss’s body in clear lust. It aroused Moss to be naked in front of a man still clothed. The way Vane looked at him made his body turn to flame, and he squirmed, his shaft so hard it hurt. “Vane…Please.”

“Don’t worry, my beauty. I have you.”

Vane slowly stripped off his tunic and shirt, revealing a muscled torso and an abdomen that could’ve been sculpted in marble. His hard shaft tented his breeches, and Moss swallowed, desire and nervousness swirling in his stomach.

Now shirtless, Vane wrapped his cravat around his fist, then reached for Moss’s arms. Moss allowed his master to lift his arms and tie them to the headboard with the silk binding.

“Spread your legs, Moss. Come on.” Once more, Moss obeyed, even if he felt self-conscious at being so exposed in front of Vane. His body didn’t care about ridiculous things like propriety, and his hole twitched under Vane’s gaze. Moss clung to the cravat around his wrists in an effort to keep himself from pleading. Vane would decide when to give him the pleasure and when to take it.

It made no sense he should think like this, but it seemed so natural and so normal to surrender to Vane. When Vane caressed his cheek and smiled, the desire to love and be loved swelled inside Moss, so powerful it took over everything. He wanted Vane to mark him, to hold him, to brand him, to kiss him, to take and give and share everything they could ever be together.

At last, Vane joined Moss on the bed. His lips met Moss’s, but the kiss was short, more like a brush of mouths, reassuring rather than passionate. Still, it fueled the flame inside Moss even further, offering just a slight taste of Vane. He wanted more, to really taste Vane’s unleashed passion, to feel it like he did when Vane bit him.

Vane had told him during their first meeting that with bloodkin, sex and feeding often came entwined. Would Vane take his blood now? The thought had intimidated in the beginning, but Moss wanted it now.

Vane’s tongue traveled from Moss’s mouth to his neck. He licked a particularly sensitive spot, the same spot he’d once used to feed. When a slight scrape of fangs scratched his skin, Moss moaned and arched against his master. “Please…”

“Be patient, my beauty. All in due time.”

Lower and lower Vane went, lingering over Moss’s nipples for an inordinate amount of time. The tiny nubs peaked and responded at Vane’s touch, and shocks of pleasures swept through him straight into his cock. The hint of fang provided a delicious hint of pain, and Vane’s tongue soothed the slight ache with sensuous motions.

The slow, seductive sensations worked like drug, and soon, Vane had Moss straining against the bonds. He wanted more, so much more.

Vane gave him exactly that. He lowered his mouth over Moss’s dick, and Moss cried out, the feeling of being engulfed in the wet cavern too much for him to bear. The overwhelming urge to touch Vane swelled inside him, and he pulled on the silk cravat. The material yielded, and Moss lowered his hands into Vane’s hair.

Almost instantly, Vane looked up, his expression dark and foreboding. Moss didn’t even have time to figure out what to do next, because his master flipped him on his stomach and tied him up again. Moss couldn’t even tell what Vane had used. The item didn’t seem to have any real consistency. “You’re so disobedient, my beauty. Not to worry. I’ll teach you your place.”

A harsh slap fell on Moss’s exposed ass, and Moss gasped in pain. The burn sent a peculiar, unfamiliar pleasure through him and pooled straight into his throbbing cock. Another slap fell, this time on the other ass cheek, even harder than the first. At first, Moss took it and wanted more. But when the third slap fell, his enthusiasm started to dwindle. The pain began to overwhelm the pleasure this time, and tears welled in Moss’s eyes.

A few more hits made him whimper in actual pain. And yet, his cock was still hard as nails, his arousal as powerful as ever, or perhaps even more so than before. How could this be?

The slaps stopped, much to Moss’s relief and, shockingly, his dismay. Vane’s tongue licked his ass cheeks, soothing the burn. It felt so good Moss couldn’t help but thrust his ass up in a wordless demand for more. He didn’t make the rules here, but he could only hope his master would give him what he craved.

To his shock, Vane parted his cheeks and licked his crease. Forbidden pleasure exploded through Moss, and this time, he really did moan. “Oh, please, Vane…Master!”

Vane didn’t answer. He just took his time licking in Moss’s most intimate spot, driving him crazy with lust. Just when Moss thought he wouldn’t be able to take it anymore, Vane thrust his tongue into his anus.

Just like that, Moss came all over Vane’s immaculate sheets. With his hands immobilized, he couldn’t even support himself. He’d have collapsed if not for Vane’s arm around his waist.

Behind him, Vane shifted position, although Moss couldn’t have said what his lover was doing. Vane leaned over him, strong hand still holding Moss tight. With their bodies flush together, Vane whispered in Moss’s ear, “Do you want me to fuck you, my beauty?”

Vane’s cock nudged at Moss’s hole, and the thought of being so intimately connected to Vane made Moss harden once more. “Yes! Vane…Please, yes!”




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