Training Levi (MM)

Hard Hits 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,306
6 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Detective Levi Maden is good at breaking SWAT rules. After a bad call in the field that jeopardizes a child’s life and leaves Levi injured, he’s forced into the SWAT retraining program. Levi is not interested in retraining. He knows he made the right call.

Lt. Brayden Temple quickly discovers that his next trainee is in need of more than rules and regulations. Levi needs someone to help him walk through the fear that has suddenly developed from his near-death experience. The last thing Bray expects is the connection he has for Levi. Bray is a Dom and wants Levi as his sub.

Levi wants Bray as his Dom, but is afraid of moving on with a new man. After years of looking, he’s vowed not to have another man until he finds The One. Now, the strong, stoic Brayden Temple has come into his life, refusing to go away.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Training Levi (MM)
6 Ratings (4.5)

Training Levi (MM)

Hard Hits 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,306
6 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I love this series... this one with bray and levi ahhh this was sweet and loving and holy hotness is was sexy as sin!!!!! Cant wait for more
donna b buccella




Detective Levi Maden knew his time was up.

It was like a clock was frozen in time. Everything slowed down and became crystal clear in his mind. These were his final moments on earth. There wasn’t denial or even emotion. He accepted his fate.

The ice beneath Levi’s feet started to crack. There wasn’t the necessary four inches of thickness beneath his feet to carry his weight. Splinter cracks fanned out, popping and cracking the thin ice. Motherfucker, he was going to fall through, but there was no time to worry about his polar plunge into the Ohio River or the fact that it would most likely kill him. Ten feet away a young boy stood on the cracking ice. His gloved hands were wet. Tears and fear kept his eyes trained in wild circles on Levi.

Behind the kid a gray wash of dead trees crowded the embankment. Two of the kid’s friends were there. Ice had fallen that morning resulting in schools closing throughout the city of Cincinnati. That gave kids the perfect opportunity to get into trouble.

Two cardinals chased each other through the dense brush, finding a nearby perch to watch the action. Big, white, fluffy puffs of snow started to fall. Ice popped again, snapping as though a timer was going off.

“I need you to trust me,” Levi said.


“What’s your name?”


On the other side of the embankment, Kody’s friends were watching. Their faces as gray as the wash of sky behind them. Levi edged forward. The rope tied around his waist had been grabbed from the trunk of his car. The people on the embankment behind him were strangers untrained for a water rescue. They held the other end of the rope as they waited for rescue to arrive. Levi probably should’ve waited, too, but he knew there was little time to wait.

“I want you to come to me,” Levi said.

Kody shook his head “no.” Levi edge closer. Up on the Big Mac Bridge arching between Kentucky and Ohio, cars had stopped, lining up on the side of the road. Off in the distance, the wail of sirens cut through the quiet. White puffs of air steamed from the kid’s open mouth. It was fucking cold inside and out.

“It’s going to be okay,” Levi edged forward despite the stinging protest of the ice. “I won’t let anything bad happen to you. I promise.”

“The ice!”

“I know. It’s not thick enough.”

“They dared me!”

“It’s okay. You’re not in trouble. I did the same thing when I was your age.”

“You did?”

He was always taking risks as a young one. “It was why my mom never left me home alone.”

Behind the kid, a frantic parent arrived, screaming Kody’s name. The boy turned. A man grabbed the woman, holding her back from rushing onto the ice.

“Mom! Mom! I’m okay!”

“Don’t move!” Levi warned.

The kid swung his head back around. Behind Levi, rescue was getting organized on the hillside and embankment. Cracks splintered beneath the kid’s feet. Water rushed to the surface, grabbing at the kids gym shoes. Levi’s time was up. It didn’t mean that Kody’s time would be, too.

“Kody, I want you to listen to me. I want you to trust me, okay? Can you do that?”


There was cold, hard determination in the boy’s eyes. He wanted to live. Everything around Levi faded away. There was nothing left but he and the kid. Every time the ice snapped, the kid jumped.

“I want you to run to me. Come to me!”

There was no more time to fuck around. The kid was going to fall through. The rope wasn’t long enough to reach. Everything slowed down as the boy dug his feet into the slippery ice.

“Run to me!”

The boy’s shoes slipped on the ice as he sprinted to Levi. Ice cracked fast, water rushed to the surface. Levi reached out, grabbing the kid by the arms. “Trust me.”

The ice beneath Levi’s feet started to break away. Levi swung the boy around, swinging his feet up off the ice. The kid’s big blue eyes were locked onto his as Levi swung the boy around and off the ice. His feet went airborne. His body horizontal.

“Trust me. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

The ice beneath Levi’s feet shattered. Levi flung the kid across the ice with all his might. The kid slid belly down, forty feet across the ice toward the embankment. The rescue team grabbed the kid as Levi fell through the ice. The rope tightened around his waist, swinging him under the lip of the cracking ice before the rope snapped. Levi’s hands grabbed for the ice he fell through but it was like sliding them down a wet pane of glass. There was nothing to hold on to.

Water rushed up, pulling him down. Levi kicked to the surface as the icy water numbed his body, but the current had moved him down several feet. There was nothing but a wall of ice above him, holding him prisoner. Levi surfaced to the ice, pushing on it with his hands. He reached for his gun, bracing his feet against the ice. The trigger snapped, but misfired due to the icy chill. The gun slipped from his numb fingers, floating downward to an icy grave. Levi skated his body along the underside of the ice as darkness teased at his peripheral. He’d taken a solid breath before he’d gone under, but it wasn’t enough. The icy water contracted his body, pushing his last breath from his lips.




Levi’s pubic hair was groomed short around his shaft. Bray bit his lip as he watched Levi’s ass move up the stairs. He had a strong, athletic ass that came from hours upon hours of working out. Bray hunted him down the long hallway to the master bedroom. Levi’s home was so much more than Bray had ever expected. Antiques were furnished throughout the house. His bedroom was no exception. His sleigh bed was carved out of oak and appeared to be turn of the century. Heavy curtains draped ceiling to floor. Thick ties held the velvet material aside. A four-foot wide wall separated the two windows.

“Stand facing the wall.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The way Levi said Sir had Bray’s cock kicking to get free. Levi went to the wall were he put his palms against the smooth red finish. Levi spread his legs wide, arching his ass out temptingly. He was such a fucking tease. Bray went to the curtain on the left, taking the tie off. He looped Levi’s left hand into the tie and secured it again to the hook in the wall. He did the same with his right hand and the curtain on the right. Bray tugged on the rope, making sure Levi couldn’t free himself.

Bray took off his messenger bag slung over his shoulder, dropping it onto the bed. He undressed, all the while watching Levi’s muscles begin to glisten with sweat. Bray walked back over, caressing his hands over Levi’s prick.

“Do you want me?”

“Yes, Sir.”


The ass was one of Bray’s favorite parts on a man. He loved how perfect Levi's ass was. Bray rubbed his hand over his perfect behind. He so wanted to spank his lover, but he couldn’t yet. There was more Bray needed to do first. He needed to put Levi’s submission chain on first.

The belly chain was modified to go around Levi’s shaft. Bray had seen it at a sex shop when he was traveling in Easter Europe during his time in the service. He knew he had to have it. The thin chain was the size of a sturdy necklace. Bray had tried it out years ago on himself. It was a fucking beautiful thing to experience. It had felt so good on Bray’s cock.

A shiver went through Levi’s body as Bray slid the chain down over his sub’s dick. He pulled the chain taut around his shaft, lifting his balls to place them in the second beaded loop. He drew the chain around Levi’s waist, connecting it at the top. The ends hung limply between Levi’s ass cheeks. Bray found the leather collar from his bag and wrapped it around Levi’s neck. He went back to the bag and took a black blindfold out. Bray covered Levi’s eyes.

He kissed his way down over Levi’s neck, licking his ear into his mouth. Bray nipped at Levi’s ear, sucking and licking his lobe. His fingers rubbed between Levi’s ass cheeks and down over his anus. He rubbed hard while his right hand reached around to stroke his cock. Bray pulled away when he felt Levi’s cock kick out like he was going to come.

“You do not have my permission to come.”

“No, Sir.”

Bray thumbed his way over his anus again, giving him a stroking caress. Levi moaned, arching out his ass in search of more. Bray chuckled. He was feeling the same way.

“Have you ever been spanked before?”

“No, Sir.”

“Good. I want to be your first.”

“I want you to be my only, Sir.”

Something tightened down painfully in Bray’s heart. It was as though Bray wanted for something he never knew he longed for but always secretly wished he could have.

Bray slid his hand over his lover’s ass, squeezing it tight. He pulled back his hand, slapping Levi’s ass hard. “Do you want more?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You can’t have more until you pick a safe word.”


Bray hooked his finger into the chain, pulling it tight. From experience, he knew the cock ring was tightening around his shaft. Bray slapped Levi ass again and again, watching his balls bounce back and forth. Heat reddened his ass. He loved the way Levi’s cock flexed up hard as though searching for something to sink into. Bray let go of his lover, going back to his duffle. He found the glass toy from the bag. The glass toy was cool to the touch. Bray brought it over to Levi and rolled it over his ass, chilling his heated skin. Levi moaned as Bray thumbed the rim of his anus.

“Oh, fuck, Sir.”

“You like that?”

“God, yes.”

“I can tell you do, babe.”

Bray set the thin glass cock aside. He kneeled down, licking his way up over Levi’s perineum. Bray pulled his ass cheeks open with his thumbs, seeing Levi’s hairless anus. He was hairless and beautiful around his anus. Bray licked the rim of his anus, flicking his tongue up and down and side to side. Levi arched back for more. Bray could feel himself losing control. He gripped the chain, pulling it tight as he licked over Levi’s anus. Bray kissed his way over Levi’s ass, biting him with a loving nip. He stood, slapping Levi on the ass.

Heat moved over Bray’s cock as he slid it up and down between Levi’s ass cheeks, using pre-cum for lube. Levi moaned. Bray pulled away and lubed his cock. He thought about the pack of condoms he had in his bag. At the last second, he grabbed one, ripping the foil and sliding it on. He centered the tip of his cockhead on Levi’s anus. He pushed in slowly at first, but Brayden couldn’t resist to take control fast. Levi cried out as he pushed all the way in fast and hard, owning him.

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