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Marked 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 50,648
21 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, whipping, spanking, play piercing, sex toys, HEA]

Ryan Adamson is the beta for Alpha Mustang’s wolf pack. He never has relationships with anyone other than the pack-appointed availables and willing pack submissives, and he likes that just fine. He hasn’t had the best luck with relationships in the past and finds meaningless sex much easier to deal with than a boyfriend. Unfortunately for him, Bradley seeks to change his mind.

Bradley Gage has been in love with Ryan since the wolf-shifter saved his life six months ago. Something inside tells him that Ryan is his mate and the stubborn wolf just needs to admit it. Getting him to admit it, however, might be easier said than done. Getting inked with an "available" tattoo is the start of an unconventional courtship that will test Bradley’s commitment to Ryan and bring him face-to-face with some unexpected aspects of his own past in order to get his happily ever after with the man of his dreams.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jana Downs is a Siren-exclusive author.

Available (MM)
21 Ratings (4.7)

Available (MM)

Marked 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 50,648
21 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters



Ryan needed to blow off some steam in the worst way. A night at Riders would definitely fit the bill. He scanned the room, looking for someone who appealed to his pickiness. He felt like something a little more delicate, so he searched for the tattoos that designated the humans available for his interest. Now that the law was lifted regarding the ability of wolves to mate with humans, the choices should’ve been infinite. However, he had no desire to pick up a human who didn’t know what he was and an equally negative desire to mate. He was just looking for some fun.

A dancer on one of the light-boxes that acted like ministages caught his attention toward the right back side of the room. Low slung leather pants and a lean torso marked with a tattoo of one of the availables made his body stir with interest. Availables were humans who knew about the pack and its laws and made themselves available to the Dominant members of the pack. It was a kink for them for the most part. It wasn’t a paid gig, so it had to fulfill some kind of fetish for them. Most of them were just young guys aiming for some guilt-free, commitment-free sex, and that suited Ryan just fine.

He pulled his gaze upward but kept coming back to the tattoo. The ink was new, a couple days old at most. He frowned. All availables went through Mustang’s shop unless they were imported in from another territory, and then they had to be approved. As a beta in the pack, he would’ve met any new available at least. He couldn’t remember Mustang scheduling a new available for inking in the past few days, and he was fairly certain his brother hadn’t either.

The available turned fully into the light, showing off the front of his lean wiry frame and golden-blond hair. Ryan’s eyes bulged. No fucking way. His feet were moving him across the club before his mind processed what he was doing. Not your business. Not your mate. Not. But there was no way he was leaving the kid up there literally for the wolves. Bradley Gage had been coming into Howlers for several months now and had made no qualms about telling Ryan he was interested. The man had driven him absolutely crazy. His tight little body and aggressive flirtation had posed the worst temptation.

However, when they’d first met, Ryan had been forbidden from pursuing anything by pack law, and he had never felt it was fair what humans had to give up in order to be part of their culture. He still felt that it was asking too much of any human who wasn’t already a part of their world. Pack life, for all its awesome qualities, was consuming. He’d seen more than one available waste away on the outside looking in, craving to be part of the pack but never quite managing it yet still being involved to the point where human interactions dwindled.

Ryan had determined that Bradley was too innocent and far too human to pursue any sort of involvement with. What the hell he was doing dancing half naked at a BDSM club was beyond Ryan’s comprehension.

He had made his way over and looked up into the now-smiling face of his pint-sized tormentor. “What the fuck are you doing here?” Ryan demanded. His aggressive stance and fuck-off expression made the males who had been circling closer to Bradley scatter. None of them wanted to tango with a beta male over an available, not when the room was full of other perfectly good choices of partner.

Bradley smiled, revealing dimples that drove Ryan to distraction every time he grinned. “Looking for you.” The words went straight to Ryan’s cock. How often had he said things like that and how often had fantasies played out in his head after work in an effort to calm some of the instincts to ease himself with Bradley’s sexy body?

“This is a members-only club,” Ryan rumbled, hoping to intimidate the other man. Bradley just smirked. The little fuck.

“The doorman didn’t seem to have a problem once I flashed some ink. Apparently I don’t need a day pass as long as I have this,” he said, motioning to the tattoo on his lower back. Ryan resisted the urge to howl. Of all the things that should be inked into Bradley’s pale skin, “Available” in the wolf-tongue wasn’t one of them. Mine. There was that damnable voice of his again. His wolf needed to shut the hell up when it came to Bradley. He was too innocent and too human to deal with Ryan’s issues.

Ryan had had enough. He reached up and took Bradley’s arm, all but dragging the smaller man off the light box. “You shouldn’t have that. Where did you get it?”

Bradley immediately curled into him, wrapping his arms around Ryan’s waist and looking up into his eyes with unapologetic interest. “At a tattoo joint of course. I know you don’t date anyone who doesn’t sport one. You said I wasn’t part of your world. I’m here to prove you wrong.”

“Sugar, I don’t ‘date’ anyone. You are only proving why this can’t happen.” But Ryan didn’t move. His entire being was focused on keeping his reaction to Bradley’s close proximity in check. His body screamed at him to get the human alone and naked. No. No. No. He had to behave.

The first flicker of annoyance played over Bradley’s face. “Oh? And how am I proving it can’t happen?” The little minx hooked his fingers in the loops of Ryan’s jeans and dragged their torsos together so that the hard line of Ryan’s cock was pressed against the equally impressive bulge in the human’s leathers. Shit. Fuck. Damn me to hell and back. “You can’t have chemistry like this with someone and have it mean nothing. I know what you are Ryan.” He looked up at him under hooded lashes. Was the boy wearing eyeliner? Of course he is. His words didn’t even register until Ryan had leaned forward almost to kissing distance.

He blinked. “What?”

“I know you’re a werewolf or whatever. And I want to tell you, I’m game if you are.”




Ryan pointed to his bike. “Lay over the seat, ass in the air.” Bradley obeyed, and Ryan had to put a restraining hand on his erection to keep from shooting his load right then and there. Fuck that was sexy. The blond-haired minx leaning over his motorcycle while Ryan took him had been his most potent fantasy since the boy walked into the shop. What do you know, dreams really do come true. Bradley made another noise of want and arched his spine so that his plump little ass rose in blatant invitation. They would have to be quiet.

The saddle bag on the side of the bike beckoned, and Ryan walked over and opened it. The bandana inside would work nicely as a gag. He folded it appropriately and put a hand on Bradley’s lower back. “Open your mouth, boy,” he commanded. His dick waved in protest. It would’ve much rather have been the one to go inside the boy’s lush mouth. Trying to be patient with Bradley was a test of his sanity. He tied the bandana around Bradley’s head so that the middle of it muffled any sounds the boy could make by virtue of fitting into the boy’s mouth. “Now stay still and take your punishment.”

He switched the slick to his free hand before bringing his other hand down with a crack on Ryan’s unguarded ass. The boy whimpered, arching back into the strike. “Don’t.” Smack. “Ever.” Smack. “Forget.” Smack. “Who.” Smack. “You.” Smack. “Belong.” Smack. “To.” Bradley gave a muffled cry as Ryan’s hand landed again with enough force that the mark he’d made went stark white before filling with a rosy red. Oh Bradley colored nicely.

Bradley started rocking his hips back and forth, swaying the way some subs did when they started to descend into subspace. Yes. That was where he wanted his submissive to be. He wanted him to forget about paintings and stalkers and their future. He just wanted Bradley to feel him in this moment. He squeezed the angry red flesh, and Bradley shuddered. “You’re so beautiful like this,” he admitted, landing another three blows in rapid succession. “Always wondered how you’d look across my bike.” He popped him again, a little lighter this time. “Last three, boy. Take them gracefully and I’ll fill you up right here across my bike.” He switched hands, popping his other cheek for contrast. Bradley continued to rock back into the blows, making little noises of want with each fall of Ryan’s hand. He’d been right. The boy was a natural.

The last strike hit, and Bradley shuddered as Ryan rubbed his hands over the scorching flesh. “Good boy. You did so well.” He imagined that Bradley was just starting to float in a world where everything felt just right. His own body was screaming at him to claim the boy who was submitting so nicely to him. It was almost a compulsion to fuck him at this point.

“I could get addicted to you, boy.” He didn’t know what possessed him to say it, but there is was. He just hoped that Bradley hadn’t heard the guttural admission due to his subspace.


* * * *


He pulled Bradley’s ass apart and smeared some slick onto the eager rosette that seemed to beg for his attentions. Bradley’s whole body was on fire, his nerve endings more alive than he could ever remember them being. He was floating in a world of sensation, and he didn’t think he could get any higher. From the spanking alone he was dancing along the edge of orgasm, but it wasn’t just a focused pleasure on his cock or ass. Was it possible to have a full-body orgasm? Because if so, he was going to have one.

Ryan pushed a finger inside him, and Bradley rocked backward instinctually, clinging to the leather and chrome motorcycle he was posed on. He thanked God for the gag in his mouth that tasted faintly like Ryan as his noises got louder with each subsequent finger fuck. He couldn’t even form words in his mind as his hole was stretched for Ryan’s use. He wanted to be the man’s fuck doll. Whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, as long as this incredible feeling didn’t fade.

“I can’t wait to get you home,” Ryan rumbled, pushing a third finger into Bradley’s ass. “I have so many more things to play with you with.” Bradley whimpered at the images that flickered through his head. He needed. “Going to make you come so much you won’t be able to move after.”

Please! Finally, Ryan seemed to have some mercy and pressed the thick head of his cock against the tight ring of muscle that guarded Bradley’s entrance. How was Ryan even talking at this point? Bradley was fucking mindless. He pushed back, wanting Ryan to shove inside him.

“You all right?” Ryan asked. At least he sounded strained now. Bradley nodded, telling him without words to hurry the fuck up with each backward thrust of his hips. Not fragile. Fuck me. Please.



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