Training Grant (MM)

Hard Hits 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,354
5 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, public exhibition, fisting, spanking, flogging, knife play, sex toys, HEA]
After years of searching for his father, Grant Anderson travels to Cincinnati to confront him. He discovers it isn’t easy walking away. Grant doesn’t plan on staying, but he can’t leave without finding out why his father never wanted him.
Detective Jack Shallow has been sidelined by an injury. As he heals, Jack is forced to rely on his coworkers for help. When he meets Grant for the first time, he’s instantly attracted to the man. Jack is a Dom and only wants Grant as his sub.
Grant can’t deny the attraction he feels for Jack, but he knows he can’t stay. When his father offers him a reason to stick around, Grant accepts. As his attraction for Jack intensifies, Grant quickly discovers that Jack is a Dom who wants him as his submissive. Will Grant say yes or will he run from what he feels for Jack?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Training Grant (MM)
5 Ratings (4.8)

Training Grant (MM)

Hard Hits 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,354
5 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Holy hell this was smoking hot!!!! Loved Jack....yum. and Grant was sweet and sad, loving? love this series this was fantastic
donna b buccella




Rain hammered Detective Jack Shallow’s face. He felt like he was dreaming. Was he dreaming?

The nightmare unfolded out in front of him. Darkness surrounded the old farmhouse they were trying to gain entry into. Rainwater stung his eyes and clung to his eyelashes as he tried to focus on any movement within the house. The signal to move was given by their man leading point. They headed toward the front door of the house.

A shiver of fear ran down Jack’s spine. He felt as though he had experienced this standoff a thousand times before. His heart hammered. He knew he was in trouble. Jack knew he shouldn’t enter the house. Something was going to happen. Good or bad, he knew that he would never be the same. He just knew it. Jack tried to shake off the feeling as his boots slipped in the mud. They rushed up the porch. He looked down the barrel of his high-powered rifle as the SWAT team started to gain entrance into the house. He was bringing up the rear with a bad case of wanting to top from the bottom.

Sweat dripped down his temple as he focused on everything going on around him. He looked at his team leader and nodded. A flash grenade went off inside the house with a bang, disorienting everybody inside. They entered the house quickly, shouting commands for everyone in there to get down on the ground.

Jack could hear the sound of his breathing ringing in his ears as they entered the house. Shouts erupted as people were taken down. It was a good clean sweep of the house. Jack was going through the rooms methodically, looking and searching for anyone else hidden. A man was in the room.

“Get down on the ground! Hands up and get on the ground!” Jack shouted.

The man’s wild gaze locked onto Jack’s. Fear made his stomach go sour as something in the man’s hands was thrown at his face. Jack turned, trying to cover his face, but it was no use. The liquid hit the side of his face, burning his eye and his skin. He screamed as he fell to the ground. Jack blinked several times, trying to shake the fog of pain that was now enveloping him, but he couldn’t. It took several more minutes before he realized that something was very wrong. Whatever was thrown in his face was burning and making it difficult to breathe. Panic welled up in his mind as he reached for his face. This can’t be happening.

Jack rolled to his side, squeezing his eyes tight and opening them again. His eyes watered and burned as though sand had been thrown into them and maybe it had. He could barely see anything in front of him from the tears forming in his eyes. Everything was blurry. After several minutes of trying to fumble for his radio, he called in the emergency. Something was very wrong with him. After several minutes of confusion, he tried to pull himself up off his ass. His face wouldn’t stop burning as though someone had placed something hot on his face.

Someone hovered above him. “Jesus Christ, Shallow. What the fuck happened to you?”

Relief poured through Jack when he heard the sound of David’s voice. “I don’t know what’s wrong. I don’t know what I was hit with. I went down hard. My face is burning!”

“Everything’s going to be okay. We got you,” David said.

Jack felt as though everything was spinning out of control. He was scared and completely frightened of what was about to happen next. His vision, God, his vision. He would never do police work again if he lost his vision. What the hell was going to happen to him? What was he going to do if he lost his sight? All he had was the job. That was everything to him. Hands reached for the right side of his face. Jack tried to fight them away.

Jack awakened on a terrified gasp. He felt as though he were drowning. Sweat wet his body. He was twisted up within his sheets. He blinked his eyes, trying to focus them within the darkness of his bedroom. Since his injury, his right eye had better focus than his left. Despite all the treatment, he still couldn’t see clearly out of one eye. With a shaky hand he reached up, touching the scar that now covered part of his forehead, temple, and jaw. He’d been lucky to turn his face away from the acid attack.

Frustration burned through Jack’s body as he swung his legs from the bed. The memory of the day that nearly killed him replayed like a bad movie within his head. The antiseptic smell of the emergency room haunted his nightmares.




Jack leaned in close, giving him a seductive kiss. He brushed his lips back and forth. Grant moaned. Jack flicked his tongue in deep and fast. He didn’t consider himself a man who loved kissing, but when it came to Grant, things were different. He loved kissing him. It was the most seductive high he had ever had. Jack suddenly pulled away as though cupid had just shot him in the heart. He was not about to fall in love with a submissive again.

“Turn around. Put your hands on the kitchen table,” Jack ordered.

Grant was quick to obey. Jack came in behind him, pulling his ass out and arching his back to expose his rim. Jack was tempted to kiss his way down over Grant’s ass, giving his rim a quick possessive lick, but he resisted. He knew that if he did, he wouldn’t be able to stop. He had other things he wanted to do to Grant first. Jack removed his clothes. He wasn’t sure how far he was going to take this thing, but he knew he wanted to be naked for the first part. Feeling as though he was losing control, Jack eased his hands down Grant’s ass, giving his thick athletic ass a possessive spank that shook his cock up and down, slapping his balls back and forth.

Jack pulled his hand back, slapping Grant on the ass. He spanked him over and over and over again, loving the feel of how Grant relaxed back into his hand, arching his ass out for more. Jack couldn’t resist the urge to slide his thumb down between Grant’s ass cheeks, rubbing his thumb against his rim. His rim was hot and ready for him to take over control. Jack liked the feel of how his lover was giving him everything.

Uncontrollable lust burned through Jack’s body as he leaned down, kissing his way across Grant’s ass cheek. He gave his ass cheek a seductive bite. Jack pushed Grant down by the neck, not stopping until his forehead touched the table. He kissed his way between Grant’s ass cheeks, licking his rim. Jack’s cock punched out, searching for his rim. He kneeled down on one knee, looking at his lover’s rim. Grant’s arms started to shake as Jack flicked his tongue back and forth and around his rim. He kissed him, loving the feel of his rim beneath his tongue. He didn’t normally rim a lover, but he was this time. He loved it. Absolutely loved the taste of his rim against his mouth. Grant moaned, rubbing his ass out for more.

A long time later, Jack stood up, running his hands up over Grant’s abdomen. He pinched his nipples between his thumb and forefingers, giving them a seductive squeeze as he brushed his cock between Grant’s ass cheeks. Grant moaned, arching his back to expose more of his rim.

“Take me,” Grant said.

The sound of Grant begging nearly made Jack come. “Not tonight, babe. I won’t be mounting you tonight. Tonight’s all about power and control and me showing you how good it can be between us.”

“Take me, please,” Grant said.

The temptation to mount Grant was overpowering. He felt like he had no control over his raging cock. Jack bit his lip. “Lie back down on the table.”

Grant did as ordered. Jack walked around the table. “Hang your head off the end of the table.”

Grant slid his head off the end of the table, arching his head back. Jack’s hand came beneath Grant’s neck, supporting his head and neck. Jack positioned his legs wide, pushing the tip of his cockhead against Grant’s lips. Grant licked out his tongue, slipping it around Jack’s big cockhead. Jack slid his cock down Grant’s throat.

He was so close to coming. His cock pushed deep within his mouth. His balls slapped against Grant’s nose. A hungry muffled sound echoed from deep within his lover’s throat. It was exactly what Jack needed to hear. He let go of Grant’s head when he felt Grant’s hand move beneath his neck to support his head. Jack pressed his hot palms on the table, as Grant sucked him. Jack pumped his cock in and out, brushing it slowly down Grant’s throat.

He loved the feel of the tip of his cockhead rubbing against the back of Grant’s throat. He really liked it when his prick slid down his throat. He loved it even more when Grant used his teeth to control the tempo. Grant was obviously trying to show his Dom who was really trying to be the one in control. Jack knew he had to make sure his bratty little sub knew that there wouldn’t be any topping from the bottom. A humming sound echoed through Grant’s mouth, shaking his cock. Jack licked two fingers and reached down, pulling Grant’s big balls aside as he fingered his rim. The humming sound increased as Jack played with his sub’s rim. He fingered him with two fingers, pushing them deep into Grant’s ass.

“Oh, fuck.”

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