Her Game, Their Rules (MMF)

The Martinis and Chocolate Book Club 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,178
24 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, consensual BDSM, spanking, HEA]

After the unexpected death of her husband, Sara Jameson was finally ready to move on with her life. When she finds out he was keeping secrets, Sara travels to his hometown. She hopes that his brother, Jeremy, can help her find the truth.

Jeremy and his longtime lover, Cole, kept their dirty little secret for years—they desired Sara. Now that they have her in their home, they’re going to do everything in their power to convince her to stay.

Sara didn’t expect to find love and passion in the arms of Jeremy and Cole. The trio heats up the nights playing Master and Slave, Pirate and Captive, and Sara’s favorite, Mistress and Slaves. With her men, Sara’s never felt freer to express her desires, especially the naughty ones. Will finding out the truth about her late husband tear the three lovers apart just when they’ve found happiness?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lara Valentine is a Siren-exclusive author.

Her Game, Their Rules (MMF)
24 Ratings (4.3)

Her Game, Their Rules (MMF)

The Martinis and Chocolate Book Club 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,178
24 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A great book
I really loved this book.



Sara pushed away her plate. She was officially stuffed. When Jeremy had returned home from work, he and Cole had loaded her and Jack into their SUV and taken them to Monical’s for pizza. Sara loved the thin-crust pizza, cut into squares. She could only get it when she and Scott visited his family. It was certainly a treat for her first night in town.

Jack had eaten some pizza and a breadstick with cheese dipping sauce. He was sitting on Cole’s lap while Jeremy wiped his face and hands. She felt like a queen. Jeremy and Cole had barely let her lift a finger since arriving.

“Jeremy, I had a meeting at the bank earlier this week. It’s one of the reasons I came up here.”

Jeremy looked up from cleaning Jack’s face. His expression was concerned.

“Is everything okay? Do you need money, princess? I told you when Scott died that you didn’t need to work. The business makes more than enough money to support you and Jack. It was part Scott’s, and now his part belongs to you.”

Sara laid her hand on his arm. He was so sweet to be concerned, but she could take care of herself. “No, everything is fine. I have my salary from teaching, the life insurance proceeds, and the quarterly allowance you send me from the business. I don’t have any money worries. This was about an account that Scott was sending money to. He sent two thousand dollars a month to an account here in Champaign. I assume it has something to do with the business since we aren’t short any money. The only reason I found out is that the account he transferred the money from went to a zero balance. I went ahead and authorized the transfer from my own account for this month.”

Jeremy frowned. “An account here in Champaign? I’m not aware of any account.” He looked at Cole. “Do you know anything about this?”

Cole shrugged. “I’m creative, not an accountant. Check with Steve on Monday. He’ll know. Maybe he and Scott were doing something with expenses and he forgot to stop the transfers. It’s probably no big deal.”

Sara was puzzled. She had assumed that Jeremy knew all about it. “You don’t know anything about it? Isn’t that strange? Do I need to be concerned?”

Jeremy smiled reassuringly. “Not all that strange. I don’t get involved with every single bank account we have. I’ll get the details on Monday from Steve. Do you have the account number?”

Sara pulled a card from her purse. “This is it. You’ll find out?”

“Of course. I’ll talk to Steve when he gets back from vacation. I just remembered he left for a few weeks.” Jeremy tucked the card in his pocket and reached for Jack.

Sara sighed. “You’re spoiling him. He’s going to want to be held every minute when we go home. As it is, I feel like I do everything with one hand. I cook, clean, read, even talk on the phone with him on my hip.”

“We don’t want you to go home. I know Cole mentioned it. We want you to stay here with us. We miss you and we miss Jack. We can help you. You do too much on your own. And speaking of carrying him on your hip, we made a massage appointment for you on Monday.”

Sara was torn between gratitude—her back ached constantly—or being pissed off at their high-handedness. She tried to walk the line between the two.

“I appreciate that, Jeremy. My back does take a beating. However”—she gave them a stern schoolteacher look—“I’m not sure that I’m up for discussing pulling up stakes and moving our lives here. I have a life in Florida. Yes, it’s been hard. But it’s. My. Life.”

They both had the grace to look ashamed. Cole stroked her arm. “We’re sorry, princess. We’re just so damned glad to have you here. We swear we’re not trying to take over your life. We just want to take care of you, pamper you a little. Is that so bad?”

No, it wasn’t bad. It was wonderful. Fabulous. Scott hadn’t been the pampering type. He preferred to be pampered, if the truth be known. She had never minded. She loved taking care of him and making him feel special and loved. He had always shown appreciation for all she did.

But these men in one night had made her feel more relaxed and cared for than she could ever remember being. It didn’t help that she was acutely aware of them. They were both incredibly handsome, incredibly male. Their hard bodies drew her eye wherever they were in the house. They smelled amazing, too. Both smelled manly but different. Jeremy had a woodsy scent, while Cole’s was spicier. She could breathe them in all night. She was embarrassed that her panties had gone quite damp when she was around them. She prayed they couldn’t smell her arousal.

That would be beyond humiliating. Cole and Jeremy had been so good to her. She wouldn’t repay their kindness by embarrassing them with her out-of-control libido. She blamed this on being without a man for so long. Now she had two, one on each side, and her touch-starved body was begging for attention.

“No, it isn’t bad. I’m just not used to it, that’s all.”

Jeremy leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his broad chest. His biceps strained against the short sleeves of his T-shirt.

“Get used to it, princess. We’ve only just begun.”




“What are you two doing? I’m in charge tonight.” She tugged a little harder on the ties but didn’t succeed in budging them at all. She had always fantasized about being tied up and helpless. Her body was reacting to the situation by dripping cream down her thighs and tightening her nipples. Damn.

Jeremy crossed his arms over his chest, highlighting his muscled arms. He gave her a wicked grin. “Well, the thing about that is, you’re not anymore. Cole and I are your Masters now, and from now on, I might add. Not that your little foray into Mistress land wasn’t fun. It was. But things need to return to their natural order. And the natural order in this house doesn’t include me on my knees. Stand up, little slave.”

For a moment, Sara thought about resisting but quickly pushed the thought from her head. This was exactly what she wanted, and they all knew it. She pushed to her knees on the bed and then scooted back to step on the floor, teetering for just a second on her high heels.

“I don’t want you hurting yourself. Cole, help me take these shoes off of her.”

Jeremy knelt down with Cole on the other side, quickly stripping her of her shoes and the thigh-high stockings while they were at it.

“I’m a leg man, honey, and you looked really hot in that outfit, but when I fuck you tonight, I don’t want anything between me and your soft skin.” Jeremy ran his finger across her cleavage.

Cole came up behind her and began tugging at the tie that held her hair. “Where’d you get the outfit anyway? I don’t think Champaign-Urbana has a BDSM store, but I could be wrong.”

“Online. I had it shipped two-day. You didn’t notice it with the presents I ordered for Jack.”

Her hair fell over her shoulders, and Cole raked his fingers through it. “Online, what?”

Sara looked over her shoulder at him in confusion. “What?”

Cole gave her an evil smile. “The correct response is ‘Online, Master.’ Try again.”

Sara took a deep breath. “Online. Master.”

Cole grinned. “Better. Now, Jeremy, what are we going to do with this picture of submission?”

Jeremy was holding in his laughter. Sara knew she hadn’t been very submissive so far. She really did want this, but it was hard to put away the Mistress mantle she had worn only minutes before.

“We’re going to fuck this little slave, Cole. Hard and at the same time. But first I think we could use a little fluffing.”

Sara looked down, and nothing could have been further from the truth. Both men were hard despite the fact they had already come once tonight. Her pussy tingled and her ass clenched at the thought of being fucked together. She had read so many books about it, but it looked like she was going to experience it for herself.

Jeremy gave a lordly wave toward the floor. “Kneel, slave, and suck our cocks.”

Sara lowered her eyes submissively. “Yes, Masters.”

Sara carefully knelt on the floor, and Jeremy’s hand came out to steady her as she lowered herself with her hands still tied behind her back. The men came close to her, one on each side of her head. It appeared that she would be sucking them both and without the benefit of her hands.

She turned her head toward Jeremy. He pushed his cock toward her mouth, and she eagerly sucked him in, lapping at him with her tongue. She heard his groan of pleasure.

“Damn, her mouth is lethal. She sucks my cock as good as you do, baby.”

She licked and sucked for a minute before turning toward Cole. His cock was ready and waiting for her mouth. She lapped at him like an ice cream cone until he tangled his fingers in her hair and gently tugged her where he wanted her mouth.

“Suck me, slave.”

She went back and forth between the men for several minutes, their panting and groans amping up her own arousal. She was the only one that hadn’t come yet tonight, and she was getting desperate.

They finally pulled away and walked a few steps back.

“You must be extremely aroused, slave. You have not had any release tonight. In fact, when was the last time you had release?”

Sara blushed. She wasn’t sure she should tell them about her masturbation in the shower earlier today. She had been so horny watching them get ready for the party she couldn’t help herself.

“Today, Masters, in the shower.”

They both scowled. Shit, she was in trouble apparently.

“You came without our permission? That is not allowed, little slave. Ten for your disobedience.”

Sara almost came on the spot. The thought of being spanked was thrilling. She had been spanked a few more times since that first time with Cole. She loved it, and they knew it.

“Hand or paddle?”

Sara looked demurely at the floor. “Whatever my Masters wish is my wish.”

“Cole, help her up and bend her over the edge of the bed. I’ll get the paddle.”

Cole helped her up and into position. Bent over, legs spread, ass in the air, and pussy on display, she could only imagine the picture she made. She hoped it was an arousing one to her men.

Jeremy came up behind her, stroking her ass cheeks. “Five from me and five from Cole, since you disobeyed us. You’ll count these out, little slave. Understand?”

“Yes, Masters.” Her voice was muffled in the bedcovers.

The waiting was terrible, and then Jeremy gave her the first stroke. It landed with a thud, and the impact sent her up on her toes. Pain bloomed on her ass, to be quickly followed by pleasure. She realized Jeremy was waiting.



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