Valentino's Cowboy (MM)

Brac Village 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,201
59 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, elves, HEA]

Dr. Valentino Prayze was new to Brac Village, only having been there a few months. He was the local vet and loved his work. But when he gets a call from the Lakelands to come look at one of their horses, Valentino finds more than he ever expected.

Abe helped the shifters rescue Cole and Curtis, and knew he couldn’t stay behind and face the wrath of his tribe. After Malcolm agrees to let Abe stay on the ranch, he finds the life isn’t what he had imagined it would be away from his tribe.

He had been passing the time, having a bit of fun, and just plain old lonely when he flirted with the Lakeland men. Now the stakes are high and the flirting actually means something when he realizes that the vet is his mate.

But when he loses his wallet after accidently shimmering into someone's closet, little does he know that the Head Vampire Hunter was the one to find it, and now his sights are set on Abe.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Valentino's Cowboy (MM)
59 Ratings (4.7)

Valentino's Cowboy (MM)

Brac Village 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,201
59 Ratings (4.7)
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5 SWEET PEAS: "This is book #10 in the Brac Village series and gives us Valentino Prayze, Brac Village’s new resident veterinarian and Abe, a fae who resides on the Lakeland ranch. Abe has a low self esteem: he feels that he doesn’t really fit in anywhere and that no one really wants him around. Even though he lives at the ranch he does not believe that the Lakelands truly care for him. He doesn’t see how much they do. He starved for affection and craving attention, but he’s harmless in his quest to seek it out. I am truly glad that Abe finally found his mate, as he seemed to be the most emotionally vulnerable paranormal on the Lakeland ranch. Valentino is a predatory shifter but he’s really quite lovable. He’s laid back, has a great sense of humor and his outlook on life is positive, despite his upbringing. Valentino discovers that he and Abe are mates, but he has his work cut out for him. He has to work through Abe’s feelings of insecurities. Abe accidentally shimmers into an anonymous closet, leaving something vital behind that leads members of a paranormal hunter group and makes Abe a target. You see Valentino shift from the laid back cat to the predatory shifter he really is to protect his mate. The action in this series is heating up big time. The hunters have really stepped up their plan to expose the paranormal residents in Brac Village and eradicate paranormals. I can’t wait to see where this cat and mouse dance between the hunters and the Alpha of Brac Village will lead. Knowing the Alpha, it will not end well for the man behind Kenyon Corporation, the company that’s on this mission to destroy those in the paranormal community. As always, I will point out that this story is not a standalone read. It is a part of a series whose characters cross over between books from other series, so it is recommended that they are read in sequential order to follow the various plots/storylines associated with this story. I definitely recommend this series." -- Kiwi, Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books

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Entering the large barn, Valentino’s eyes swept over the place, the scent of fresh hay and animals filled his lungs. He batted a few buzzing flies away as he spotted Riley Lakeland and headed toward him.

“Dr. Prayze,” Riley said as he met the doctor halfway and shook his hand. “Glad you could make it on short notice.”

“Not a problem,” he answered as he glanced at the many stalls. “I was just having it out with a nutless dog. I could use some fresh air.”

Riley gave him a questioning look before showing him which horse was Buster. Valentino was used to people looking at him oddly. He was told that he had a strange bedside manner. Quite frankly, Valentino was just being himself. He knew he was a little on the quirky side, but he kept himself entertained.

“Pa sent me out here to help you!”

“Not now, Abe,” Riley said over his shoulder. “I have the vet here. Go see if anyone else needs help.”

Valentino turned to see who Riley was talking to and had to do a double take. The blond man standing there reminded Valentino of a wickedly playful angel. The guy’s eyes were the color of a cloudless summer day and his smile made Valentino’s heart jump an extra beat.

Had Valentino seen another set of lips that had been so perfectly made for kissing? They were full, delicious, and very naughty images came to mind. He knew he was openly appraising the man, but Valentino had never met a guy who looked so damn gorgeous before.

Valentino grinned widely and the little twink turned seven shades of red. Now that was a look he really liked. It told him the small man was very interested in him—which was great considering Valentino was just as interested in the guy.

“Abe,” Riley said as he snapped his fingers in the man’s face. “Did you hear me?”

Abe’s eyelids fluttered rapidly as he glanced from Valentino to Riley. Valentino gave an inaudible groan when he gazed into the man’s cornflower-blue eyes. “What did you say?”

Abe was staring directly at Valentino, not once giving any attention to Riley.

“Sorry, Dr. Prayze. Abe tends to be a little friendly,” Riley said to Valentino as he headed toward Abe. “You can get to work and I’ll take care of him.”

Valentino tore his eyes away from the sexy man as he dug into his bag. He had work to do, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t go find Abe once he was done. Valentino was definitely interested. His brain was already starting to imagine what he and the little imp could do together if Abe gave him a chance. And from the way the small guy was staring at him, he was definitely going to have a chance.

“But I’m not doing anything wrong,” Abe protested with a stomp to his foot. “I didn’t flirt with him or try to get his phone number or anything. Why are you kicking me out?”

“Because you are a very distracting man,” Riley replied, his tone filled with slight amusement. Valentino frowned at the jealous feeling that ripped through him.

Admittedly, the little man was sexy, but why would that strong of an emotion grip him for a stranger? Valentino’s sex life had been less than stellar, but he never became jealous—especially when he hadn’t even slept with the guy. It was a very peculiar emotion indeed.

Valentino straightened, unsure of what he was doing and playing with the idea of having a go at Abe. The man was totally worth it. “Come here, Abe,” he said in a casual tone, although he was feeling anything but calm toward the man. He wanted to gobble Abe up. “I could use your help.”

“Seriously?” Riley asked, his dark eyebrows high on his forehead. “But Abe has no medical experience, Dr. Prayze.”

Valentino tossed a pair of latex exam gloves at Abe. “He doesn’t need any, Riley. All he has to do is stand there and look gorgeous.” Valentino had a very strong urge to purr. He wasn’t sure why though. The flirtatious side of him was coming out, a little too strong.

Riley’s eyes widened as Abe snickered. When the sexy little twink approached Valentino, his senses went wild. His breath froze in his lungs as his heart picked up its pace. Valentino felt his palms become sweaty as his mouth went dry.

Abe stopped walking and shuddered. He stared at Valentino as if he had just discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Abe’s cornflower-blue eyes widened as he gazed up at Valentino. “Y–you’re my mate.”

“Whoa,” Riley said as he took a step forward, wagging a finger at Abe. “That’s not something you should joke around about, Abe. You know mating is a very serious thing.”

“He’s not joking,” Valentino answered as he closed the distance and placed his hand on Abe’s jaw. He smiled down at the fey before he gave his mate a gentle kiss on his perfect lips. “I am Dr. Valentino Prayze. Now come help with this horse, sexy.”

“Pa!” Riley shouted as he walked from the barn. “You’re not going to believe this.”




Abe began to tremble in his arms. Oh yeah. This was too perfect. Easing his hand around, Valentino ran the back of his knuckles over his mate’s erection, the swell of his jeans thick and promising.

Valentino swept his tongue one more time through his mate’s mouth before moving to the man’s jaw, keeping his movements slow, not only enjoying what he was doing, but teaching his mate at the same time.

He coaxed Abe into placing his good hand on Valentino’s chest before he kissed his way down Abe’s throat.

“Valentino,” Abe said breathlessly.

“Right here with you, hon. The only thing I want you to do is enjoy this—nothing more.” He slipped his fingers under the hem of his mate’s shirt, lifting the fabric. “Put your arms up.”

Abe was shaking like crazy, and Valentino was thrilled at the trust Abe was giving him. He lifted his arms up as Valentino removed his mate’s shirt. Tossing the material aside, he ran his hands over Abe’s slim chest, the pads of his thumbs circling small brown nipples.

Valentino gave a low chuckle. “Put your arms down, hon.”

Abe blushed profusely before lowering them. Amazingly, he placed his good hand back on Valentino’s chest without being told. He was learning. Keeping an eye on his mate and his body language, Valentino lowered himself to his knees.

He gazed up at Abe, and his mate looked a bit confused. He had a feeling the confusion was not coming from the fact that Valentino was on his knees, but because he was the one on his knees. “It doesn’t matter to me who does the fucking or sucking, hon—just as long as both of us are being pleased. That’s all that matters.” He winked at Abe before unsnapping his mate’s jeans. “And tonight, I would love to be the one sucking.”

Abe’s blue eyes widened slightly as his pretty lips parted. Valentino couldn’t wait until his mate sucked his cock. He knew it wasn’t going to be tonight, but just the thought of having those sexy lips wrapped around his dick excited Valentino.

“You are so thick,” he said with a purr before pushing his fingers into the waistband of his mate’s pants and tugged on them until not only did they slide down the man’s thighs, but the fey’s cock sprang free.

The girth was amazing.

He took a moment to appreciate the sight before him. Valentino ran this thumb over the clear liquid, gazing up at Abe before sucking his finger into his mouth, his eyes rolling as he moaned. “You taste so damn good.”

Abe’s breathing was quick, his eyes glassy as he watched Valentino as if he held the answers to the universe. His lips turned up into a smile as he slowly began to stroke his mate’s cock. “You like how that feels?”

His mate nodded.

“Well then,” Valentino said, giving Abe a wicked grin. “You are going to really like this.” Valentino parted his lips and sucked Abe’s cock into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the head and moaning at the same time.

Abe began to crumble, but Valentino caught him. His mate was making all kinds of noises as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. That expression stroked Valentino’s ego as he worked the flesh in his mouth. He hollowed his cheeks, creating a tight suction as he began to bob his head.

One hand landed on Valentino’s head, the fingers curling until his hair was being tugged. That only added to the intense pleasure Valentino was already feeling. He wanted Abe’s first blow job to be memorable, and from the way his mate was strangling Valentino’s hair, he was accomplishing exactly that.

“Oh, god…oh, god…” Abe murmured over and over again as Valentino squeezed his ass cheeks, massaging the flesh as his tongue licked up one side of Abe’s cock and down the other. Admittedly, Valentino wasn’t used to such thickness. He had to go slow or choke himself.

He moaned again, knowing the vibrations would add to Abe’s pleasure. His mate grunted, yanking hard on Valentino’s hair. “My…you…oh…”

The fey was losing his mind.

That’s exactly how Valentino wanted him. If the man could think, Valentino wasn’t doing his job. But he could tell that Abe wasn’t thinking. The man was falling apart in his arms and Valentino couldn’t be happier.

Taking a chance, Valentino slid a finger over Abe’s tight hole, circling the small entrance as he swallowed Abe’s cock down his throat—although he had to work the flesh slowly down his throat.

“I…I’m gonna…it’s…”

The man’s broken sentences were just too damn sexy. If his mate was on the verge of coming, Valentino was going to push him over the edge. He pulled his finger away from Abe’s hole, slid the cock from his mouth, and then spat on his finger.

“Get ready, my little cowboy.” Valentino took Abe’s cock back into his mouth, and at the same time, he pressed his wet finger into Abe’s ass to the first knuckle.

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