Blew Moon (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,810
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, public exhibition, bondage, sex toys]

The Reverend Spencer's daughter Sophie has moved away for a taste of life before she settles down. She likes the flavors and is happily spreading her wings.

And her legs.

Nick Barrett, upon meeting Sophie in his store, throws out his rule of never fraternizing with customers. Their first date turns into one of the best nights of their lives. And the best sex.

Sophie and Nick are living together when her father, the reverend, announces his imminent arrival. Nick discovers Sophie hasn’t been truthful with him. He’s hurt when she confirms her father doesn’t know about them, and Nick demands she move out.

Later, he overhears Sophie explaining she doesn’t want to hurt her father but she’s in love with Nick. Nick confesses his love to Sophie in front of her father. Shockingly, her father gives his blessing and the wedding night is hotter than sin.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Blew Moon (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Blew Moon (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,810
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Whew! Sexy read! Loved this story.
Professional Reviews

5 ANGELS: "Sophia just wanted to live a normal life for a while. Growing up as the pastor's daughter was confining and stressful. She loved her daddy, but she needed to get away to learn who she was and what she liked. Moving to Florida was a step in doing just that. She got a job as a bank teller and a little apartment. Life was good for her but her sex life was non-existent. A chance visit to an adult store to buy a toy turned into nights of wet dreams of the store's owner, Nick. When Nick sees the gorgeous blonde walk in his store, the Blew Moon, he's attracted to her like a moth to a flame. After they date for a few months, he asks her to move in and she agrees. Everything is going well until her father comes to town. Sophia wants to hide Nick from her father and when they argue about it, he moves her of his house. Over dinner, she admits to her father that she's in love with Nick and that she won't be moving back or marrying anyone else. But, is it too late? Has she lost Nick with her lies and cover-ups? Being a preacher's child is always hard on the children. They're usually expected to act a certain way and are teased by their peers. The heroine knew she wanted to live her life without the scrutiny and judgment of small town folks. The hero and the father were great, they were accepting of her need to explore and spread her wings. The sex scenes were scorching hot without being vulgar or raunchy. This was a classic love story and I enjoyed reading it." -- Pam S., Fallen Angel Reviews

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Story Excerpt


There were several errands Nick had to take care of this morning, but the presence of a couple of thousand dollars in cash dictated that the bank was his first stop. As he drove he thought about the lovely Sophie. She had said it was her first time in the store. He hoped it wasn’t her last.

Pulling into the bank parking lot, he swung his truck into the business lane and almost ran over the “out of order” sign blocking it.

“Great. Now I have to go inside.” He parked the truck and trudged into the bank. Dangling the deposit by two fingers, he got in line and removed his sunglasses like a good boy. The bozo in front of him wore his motorcycle helmet. Strictly against bank rules. Nick had to laugh at himself. He hoped the motorcycle rider wasn’t about to rob the bank. He waited patiently until he was next in line. Three tellers were busy with customers, and Nick’s hand slipped off the barrier post when he spotted a familiar face at the far window.



Nick let the woman behind him go. She gave him a what-the-hell look but took his turn without missing a beat. He’d wait for an hour if he had to. This turned the tables on sweet Sophie. She would wait on him.

She lifted her head and smiled in the general direction of the line. “Nex—” Smile frozen in place, she stared as he sauntered up to her window.

“I’d like to make a deposit… Sophie.” Giving her his best smile, he waited for her to catch up and say something. Or move. Anything.


She blinked. It was a start.

“My deposit?” He pointed at the bulging blue vinyl bag sitting on the counter.

Sophie swallowed. “I’m surprised to see you. And so soon. How did you find me?”

She thought he’d stalked her. Great. First she thinks I’m a pornographer and now a stalker. He had to dispel that misconception. “Happenstance. Serendipity. Your business drive-through lane is closed so I had to come inside. I never come inside.”

“How long have you been a customer of the bank?” She pulled the blue bag through the slot and started counting.

“About ten years. This is where I got my first business loan.”

Her head shot up, disbelief in her eyes.

“I had a great business plan, and the bank recognized the potential. I’ve since paid off the first loan and taken out another one to expand my line.”

“Mr. Kirchner gave you a loan to buy—” She glanced around and lowered her head. “Sex toys?”

“Mrs. Porter was my loan officer.”

Sophie dropped her face into her hands. “That’s worse.”

Nick grinned and leaned toward her. “Don’t worry, she’s not a customer.”

Sophie shuddered. “Thank God,” she said fervently. “Let’s get this deposit, um, deposited.”

He loved it. He’d made her babble. The hell with my little business rule about customers.

“Are you busy Friday night?”

Dollar bills went from whipping into a neat pile beneath her busy hands to fluttering gently down in a modernist pattern.


“I’d like to take you out. On a date. Whaddya say?”

She blinked. It wasn’t as good as babbling, but it was close.


“Good. It’s a date.” He knew she hadn’t actually agreed, but at the rate she was going, the Blew Moon would be closed for the night before she responded appropriately. His bank transaction took longer than normal, but he didn’t mind. It gave him time to look at the lovely Sophie, his date for Friday night.


Adult Excerpt


Let me get my breath and I’ll fuck you silly.

“Turn around, sweet.”

Panting, she stared at him. He was the best-looking man she’d seen in a long while. Blue-black lashes framed dark blue eyes while soft black hair curled in the middle of his chest then arrowed down to circle his penis and cover his balls. He was barely sweating. She was dripping down her leg.

“Will you do what I ask?”


He ran a hand over her hair and cupped her chin. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Trusting me.” He pulled a stool from beside the bedside table. “I want you to sit on this stool with your back against the bed.”

A stool. Well, well. Just like home. Except for the man.

“Pull your breasts out of your bra.”

She pulled the half-cups down, and her nipples popped out. Nick stared at them for a moment before continuing.

“Put your head back on the bed.”

This is getting interesting. She couldn’t guess what he was going to do next. Getting aroused all over again, she put her head back.

“Hold your tits.”

She grasped her breasts. He adjusted her hold so she was pressing them together.

Nick dipped a hand into the slick juice between her legs. He then rubbed the secretions between her breasts. He wrapped his right hand around his dick.

Looking up at him, Sophie thought he’d been born in the wrong century. He was a warrior, a master. He had a commanding presence. He held his cock like a sword and looked ready and willing to stab it into someone. Like her. Oh, yeah. She squirmed in the juicy mess between her legs.

As the head of his penis slipped easily between her slicked up breasts, Sophie gasped.

“Look at me,” he said.

They stared into each other’s eyes as his hips slowly pumped, sliding his erection between her soft, wet breasts. A couple of times the head of his dick touched her chin. Her hips undulated in time with his thrusting cock. It was hard, hot, and slippery. She had never experienced making love like this, her squeezing her breasts with a dick tunneling between them.

“I want…” Not having the words, she released her breasts and filled one hand with his testicles and stuffed two fingers from the other one in her cunt. She switched hands, and his pubic hair became sticky as she stroked his balls with the wet hand. Though her breasts were no longer squashed together, Nick continued to pump his hips and rub the head of his dick all over her chest.

“God, you are perfect.”

She smiled.

“I’d like to come all over your face, but that would be impolite. Where do you want my cum, Soph?” He touched her breasts. “Here?” He put a finger in her mouth, and she tasted herself. “Or here?”

“Here,” she said, and petted her aching pussy. Lifting her by her hips, he slid her up on the bed, pushed her legs wide, and knelt between them. Her legs shook with anticipation.

He put a finger inside her. “In here?”

“Yes.” It was a whispery sound even to her ears, but Nick obviously heard her. He held her knees up and apart and slipped his dick deep inside. She moaned. Going slowly, he pulled back and pressed in, all the time touching her all over with his hands. She felt her anus tighten with anticipation. She took hold of her own knees.

“Put your finger inside me again.”

With a demonic grin he slid one finger in her ass and played with her clitoris with the other hand. She was filled up and about to implode. “Hurry.”

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