Animal Instincts (MF)

The Andersons 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,019
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, light bondage, HEA]

When Rex Latimer joins the Greg Stephens Veterinary Practice, Ramona Anderson is fuming. Not only could Rex become her partner, but he's got the keys to the house attached to the practice—a house Ramona had plans to turn into a home for disadvantaged kids. Well, even though Rex is the hottest man alive, Ramona has news for him—he will not buy into the business and “Operation Accommodation” will be a success.

Fresh from a messy divorce, Rex is looking forward to a new life in Silver Creek, Montana. But what he doesn't bargain on is the green-eyed sex kitten that is Ramona. Their working relationship doesn't start well when he mistakes Ramona for the receptionist. Reggie the snake, however, rectifies that mistake. They soon find that house sharing also has its advantages.

But will the appearance of Rex's ex-wife pour cold water on the fire they've started?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Animal Instincts (MF)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Animal Instincts (MF)

The Andersons 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,019
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This is the first book I've read by this excellent author, but it won't be my last.

Although 50,000 words long, I read Animal Instincts in one sitting. Ramona is a strong opinionated young woman, and she doesn't like the idea of Rex Latimer muscling in on her territory. That is, until she sees him. Wow! He's a real looker. He infuriates her further, when he believes her to be a receptionist rather than the co-owner of the veterinary practice.

Written with powerful sex scenes, and some welcome humour, I found Animal Instincts to be an absorbing read. Next one please Ms. Jermy, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Jan Bowles
Professional Reviews

"Dr. Ramona Anderson has plans for her future that include turning the house that is attached to the veterinary practice into a home for disadvantage children. She planned on buying out her partner and making her dreams come true. However, a wrench is tossed into her plans when Rex Latimer has been offered part of the practice and the keys to the attached house—the very one she wanted! Ramona scrambles to come up with a scheme to thwart Dr. Latimer, and she soon enacts “Operation Accommodation”. Dr. Rex Latimer has a divorce under his belt, and he is looking to begin fresh in a new town with a new life. Rex isn’t looking for romance, but he is thrown for a loop by Ramona Anderson when he arrives for his first day of work. Rex mistakenly believes Dr. Anderson is the receptionist and lets her know this as well. Despite the fact that he finds he is very attracted to her, he tries to restrain himself because he had been down that road or romance before and was seriously burned. Ramona isn’t too keen on anything long lasting either given her track record with men. So it would seem that they could just use each other to their hearts’ content! However, Rex soon finds his emotions are engaging, and Ramona isn’t too far behind she just lives in denial. Just when they think its smooth sailing, events and issues from their pasts rear their ugly heads. Animal Instincts was an enjoyable read from the moment that Ramona schemed to implement her plan to dissuade Rex from his. The chemistry and dialogue between Rex and Ramona was intriguing and fun to watch. Animal Instincts seemed to flesh out these two very well as they were introduced in the story. Both Ramona and Rex brought baggage into their new relationship in Animal Instincts, and that was nice as they both struggled to deal with it and trust one another. I liked that Rex showed her from the beginning that he is a good guy, and she can count on him when she has some problems with a patient. I also liked that Ramona saw what she wanted and went for it even though she doesn’t get it right away. Animal Instincts showed that Rex was terribly hurt by his first wife, and I was expecting a lot of drama from that quarter. However, I found that there wasn’t going to be any as that was left dangling in Animal Instincts. I do have to say that I didn’t care too much for some of Rex’s double standards in Animal Instincts, but I went with it and liked the HEA in the end. I also have to say that I never thought of “Smug SOB” as a term of endearment, but it seemed to become one here." -- Vanessa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Story Excerpt


Incredulous, Rex stared at Ramona for what must have been the zillionth time in ten minutes. Were his ears deceiving him? Perhaps they were, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with his eyesight. She was pointing to and explaining in great detail the uses of every instrument on the metal tray between them.

Unsurprisingly, his mind wandered. There was something incredibly sexy about that white coat of hers. Probably due to the fact he’d half seen the gorgeous body beneath. It didn’t require too much effort for him to picture pressing her up against the wall, unbuttoning that coat, and taking her and it to climax heaven.

And that mouth! A mouth that instantly evoked vivid images of dewy, hunger-driven, tongue-tangling kisses.

Swallowing the lust-loaded groan, Rex shook his head and willed himself to concentrate on what Ramona was telling him. Hang on a minute. He knew how to neuter a goddamned cat! He could do it with his eyes closed, though probably not a good idea. “You know, Ramona,” he interjected, his tone brusque and businesslike, “I am qualified. Gained my DVM with honors. I also have degrees in biochemistry, embryology, and animal psychology. Also with honors. Would you like to see the certificates?”

“Tell me again. How did Greg hire you?”

He frowned at her sudden change of subject. “I didn’t tell you.”

“Embarrassed? Or just plain yellow?”

“Y–Yellow?” he spluttered, stunned. Surely Ramona wasn’t still upset about being mistaken for the receptionist? He had apologized. Hadn’t he? “Look, if this is about earlier—”

Ramona cut him off. “Certificates only tell me so much.” She gestured to a nearby razor and stood back. “Why don’t you show me your ‘passed with honors’ skills?”

With a scowl, Rex plucked the razor from the instrument tray and, within twenty minutes, had shaved the fur, cleaned the area, and expertly and neatly neutered Mudge. “Satisfied?”

“You’ll never satisfy me.”

The sneer slipping from his face, Rex felt the blood roaring straight to his cock. Now there was a challenge and a come-on if ever he’d heard one. But what to do about it? While his veterinarian skills could speak for themselves, he wasn’t about to risk his future by allowing his cock to rule his head. And to announce, no matter how subtle, that he could satisfy her would more than likely end with the kick in the crotch and the kick out the door.

He really wanted to buy into the practice. What he’d seen so far had impressed him so much he was willing to pay more than what Stephens had quoted. However, he didn’t need half a brain cell to know Ramona was not keen in having him as partner. It had been an error of judgment on his part to mistake her for the receptionist, and one that Ramona seemed to be taking to the extreme. He could only wonder at the reasons why.

Rex carried Mudge through to the kennels, placed him into a cage, and covered him with a blanket. As he turned to face Ramona, who’d followed him, that luscious mouth of hers curved into a smile bordering on suggestive, he came to a firm decision.

In the one-night stand and fling stakes, Ramona was off-limits. Period. When it came to acts of sexual gratification, he would seek female company from the town and the surrounding area. Rex just hoped they weren’t looking for anything other than a bit of fun and an orgasm because he wasn’t willing to give anything to a relationship that even hinted to a walk down the aisle.


Adult Excerpt


The rapidly diminishing light then made her look upward. Dark and foreboding clouds had bubbled up and were rapidly rolling over the azure sky. “Uh-oh. Speaking of storms…”

The words had hardly left her mouth when a fat raindrop splashed on her nose. There was another splash then another, and then the heavens literally opened. With a squeal, and with Rex close behind her, Ramona dashed toward some nearby trees. Okay, not exactly a smart place to take shelter. However, it was either that or swap pleasantries with “Pain in the ass” Watson at his house, something that neither of them found appealing.

By the time they got to the trees, they were both drenched. “Why couldn’t you have driven here? Ramona grumbled as she placed the medical bag down.

Ah, quit complainin, he said, wringing the rain from his shirt. You ought to go storm chasing. Then you’ll know what real rain is… The words died in his throat when he turned to face her.

Storm chasing? Dont tell me youre one of these morons who gets a boner chasing tornadoes.

Rex had never gotten stiff in a storm, but he sure was getting stiff now. Incredibly stiff. And it had nothing to do with the cool breeze that had kicked up, either. Ramonas T-shirt wasn’t just saturated, it was clinging, confirming his earlier suspicion that she was braless.

The thin cotton fabric hugged her plump breasts like a second skin, her nipples pulled impossibly taut. He grew harder still at the thought of warming those puckered peaks in his mouth, to sample both nature and hot woman. Her gaze was transfixed on his groin, and the thought became an urge, an urge he couldn’t resist.

One breathless moment later, Ramona’s back was against a tree, the chilled, rough bark chafing her shoulder blades as she writhed against Rex, his mouth firmly planted around her fabric-covered left nipple and sucking hard.

A rush of primal greed lanced through him. He wanted her real bad and right now. Fumbling with the button and the zipper and finally managing to undo them, he yanked her denim shorts down and off her legs, the sight of her shocking-pink panties knocking the breath out of him. Take. Your. Panties. Off! he demanded, choking out each word.

Yes. She nodded eagerly, doing exactly as she was told while he unzipped his jeans and sheathed himself in a condom that had appeared almost out of nowhere.

The wind whistling through the branches above them, sporadically bombarded with heavy drops from the canopy of leaves, his nostrils filled with the scent of fresh rain, earth, sex, and their combined heat, Rex ground his cock against Ramona. Then cupping her ass and lifting her, he thrust his hips forward and stabbed into her pussy. She was so, so tight, but felt so, so right, especially when she locked her legs around his waist as he pounded in and out.

Her small squeals of delight robbed him further of air, and he pounded her slickening pussy harder, taking him to the brink. 

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